"Please do not fire. I am Q-7N, left here by the builders of this fortress."

Q-7N was a Malagarrian mining droid. He left his home planet of Malagarr when its populace wiped itself out by making the planet a giant reactor, causing huge levels of radioactivity. He began working for a band of pirates, and was used as a security droid; he was left on Yavin 4 to guard their stash of treasure. Q-7N was forgotten, however, and thus he guarded the temple storing the treasure for two thousand years. In 0 ABY, he was encountered by a Rebel, who was attempting to eliminate Imperial activity surrounding the temple. Q-7N had tired of his security role, and decided to help the Rebel battle the Empire. Over the course of several months, Q-7N became heavily involved in the Galactic Civil War, and greatly aided the Rebel war effort.

He helped the Rebels unravel a plot concerning contaminated bacta, and stopped an Imperial attack on Delrakkin City. He also helped the Yavin Four Alliance base escape detection by the Liquidator by aiding in its destruction. After helping to eliminate an Imperial spy amidst the Yavin Four Alliance staff, he received a distress call from Malagarr. Returning home, he found his fellow mining droids eliminated, and then was called to help investigate the attempted Imperial theft of the freighter Stellar Manx. Following a journey to Kwenn Space Station and Bonadan in turn, he found himself back on Malagarr, where Frap Radicon was planning to develop new gravity well projector technology. Realizing that the technology was going to be highly detrimental to the Alliance, and also deciding that Malagarr was too unstable to be allowed continued existence, he destroyed his home planet by detonating the giant reactor, destroying himself in the process.



"They were fools. Despite their technological capabilities, the Malagarrians could not control the radioactive energy from within the planet. In a matter of weeks, millions of Malagarrians died. The few survivors moved underground. In time, they died, too. Only the droids remained."

Q-7N was built by the Malagarrians, a highly evolved race that inhabited Malagarr, in the Unknown Regions. Made of durite and equipped with advanced repulsors and a set of concealed appendages, Q-7N was built with the purpose of mining Malagarr's core, though he also had security capabilities. The Malagarrians had already mined the planet of all natural resources, polluting it in the process. In need of power, they had droids mine the planet's core, and turn the entire world into a giant reactor. Within weeks of construction, millions of Malagarrians perished from the radioactivity, and the survivors built underground installations to survive. Eventually, they succumbed to the radioactivity as well, until only the droids remained.[4][1]

Pirates of Yavin FourEdit

Somehow, many years later, Q-7N found himself on Yavin 4, where the Massassi, under the control of the Sith Lord Naga Sadow, had built massive temples and fortresses.[5] The Massassi eventually died out, but around 2000 BBY, a group of pirates built their own fortress, in much the same style as that of the Massassi, and used it to store the treasure they had amassed in their travels. Q-7N's security skills were called upon to guard both the temples and the pirates who used them for shelter.[3] Eventually, they either departed or died, and Q-7N would go undisturbed for two millennia. He forgot his Malagarrian heritage, and dedicated himself to his security tasks, even without the guidance of a master.[4]

Incursion on Yavin FourEdit

"I am curious. I wish to study your people. Besides, after so many thousands of years, I think I need a vacation."

During the Imperial Period, the Alliance to Restore the Republic set up their main base on Yavin Four, but Q-7N had no knowledge of their existence. In the first few days of the year 0 ABY, Yavin Four suffered an incursion from the Galactic Empire. Captain Skeezer had been dispatched by Admiral Termo to investigate the aftermath of the Battle of Yavin. Skeezer's task force had been forced to land their Carrack-class light cruiser near Q-7N's temple following an attack by Captain Han Solo of the Millennium Falcon. Though Skeezer's troops did not enter the temple, Q-7N kept a photoreceptor on their movements.[2]

General Jan Dodonna dispatched one of his troops to investigate. The Rebel was able to infiltrate Skeezer's makeshift camp, but their cover was blown, and they were forced to enter Q-7N's temple. The Rebel bypassed Q-7N's makeshift battle droids, and made his way to the temple's main chamber. There, Q-7N scanned his image, and confronted him, demanding to know the Rebel's intent. Q-7N was suspicious, as the Rebel bore the white armor of the recent arrivals. When the Rebel referred to his "friends," Q-7N assumed he was in fact aiding the Imperial invaders, and used a trap door to drop him into a pit of treasure. There, Q-7N projected the illusion of two Imperial stormtroopers, and gauged the Rebel's reaction. When he shot the two "troops" for stealing, Q-7N understood his intent was different to that of Skeezer, and decided that the treasure was safe for the time being.[2][6]

After two thousand years, Q-7N had grown tired of Yavin 4. He sought to see the outside world, and the surrounding galaxy, and so requested that the Rebel take him along with him. The Rebel agreed, provided that Q-7N stay close and out of trouble. Watching as the Rebel battled stormtroopers, Q-7N offered to help, activating a nearby battle droid and programming it to attack the Imperials. However, after several paces, the droid collapsed and disintegrated, alerting the Imperials to the Rebel's presence. The Rebel and Q-7N were able to find cover, but the diminutive droid was very apologetic. Blasting his way out of the camp, the Rebel retrieved the speeder bike he had used to reach Skeezer's camp, and attempted to escape, with Q-7N in tow. Skeezer and his troops, however, gave chase, while the Rebel was forced to make a stand. When he was knocked off his speeder bike by blaster fire, Skeezer closed in for the kill, but Q-7N quickly flew at the Imperial captain's hand, disarming him. However, the stormtroopers opened fire on the droid, severely damaging him. The Rebel eventually incapacitated all the troopers, and Skeezer was taken into Alliance custody. Q-7N's chassis was retrieved, and taken back to the Great Temple. There, he was restored to proper condition by the astromech droid, R2-D2.[2]

Excursion to ThyferraEdit

"I know that the little fellow was of some help in capturing the Imperial captain on Yavin Four! But you don't really think that you can get the old thing to work again?"
"I'd app-app-appreciate, if you duh-duh-didn't refer-rrrr to me as an-an-an "old thing""
―C-3PO and Q-7N[src]

Han Solo interrogated Skeezer, and learned that the Death Star I had been carrying a huge shipment of contaminated bacta. Leia Organa believed that the bacta was intended to be used against the inhabitants of a planet that the Empire might have needed for testing. General Dodonna agreed, and believed that discovering the truth of the matter was of the utmost importance. Solo, Organa, Chewbacca, Luke Skywalker, C-3PO, and R2-D2 all set out for Thyferra, where bacta was developed, on the Millennium Falcon. R2-D2 brought along the damaged Q-7N, and finished repairing him while the Falcon was in transit. Q-7N, initially curious, was told that Solo was a former smuggler, and since Q-7N's former masters had been of roughly the same profession, he was put at ease.[7]

The Falcon reached Thyferra, and dropped off the BTL Y-wing starfighter they had in tow on a rooftop in Zalxuc City. Proceeding to the local spaceport, Organa explained that the Alliance had a contact in Zalxuc, Voralla Morbo, who kept Docking Bay 72 set aside for Rebel business. Setting down in Docking Bay 72, Q-7N was excited about working for the Alliance, and relished the opportunity to investigate the bacta scandal. Upon exiting the Falcon, the group was ambushed by Imperial stormtroopers. Q-7N was able to avoid notice by keeping by everyone's feet, before ducking into a small hole.[7]

One of the Rebels managed to free himself, and Q-7N joined the escapee. Due to his knowledge of the labyrinthine temples of Yavin Four, Q-7N was confident he could help the Rebel escape the Imperial compound. However, his "shortcut" caused the Rebel to encounter a group of technicians. While the Rebel was amused by Q-7N's choice of exit, the droid was indignant, claiming that he could not have detected the existence of the Humans. The Rebel made his way to Docking Bay 72, where a stormtrooper discovered that the Falcon may be of interest to Grand Moff Tarkin. News of the Death Star's destruction had not reached Thyferra, and so the Rebel quickly dispatched the trooper and retrieved his datapad. This, however, attracted the attention of the other stormtroopers, forcing Q-7N to find a new method of escape. The small droid lead the Rebel up to the rooftops of the docking bay, and showed him to the Y-wing that had been left earlier.[7]

The Rebel sought only to distance himself from the Imperials, however, and set the Y-wing down nearby. Venturing into Zalxuc City, the pair sought Morbo, and enlisted the services of a local Kubaz. The Kubaz showed the Rebel to a cantina, but the cantina did not allow droids. Unbeknownst to the pair, the cantina was actually the Plastoid Pitt. Q-7N waited outside, while the Rebel ventured in, but eventually threw caution to the wind when he heard the Rebel yell. He discovered his friend standing over the body of a Gamorrean, and the Rebel explained that people were lured into the cantina, captured, and sold for slave labor. Deciding that the cantina was certainly not Morbo's Place, the pair ventured through the underground chambers of the cantina, fighting off guards and avoiding traps.[7]

After defeating an abrasive Brubb, the pair ventured into a hidden stockroom. Sending a pair of Rodian guards tumbling into a vat, the Rebel encountered Plurra, a Vratix slave. Q-7N found the Vratix's tendency to refer to himself as "we" curious, before the Rebel explained the collective mind of the Vratix species. Plurra explained that he made bacta in the warehouse, and after the Rebel defeated the healed Rodians, the Vratix showed him and Q-7N the way out. The Rebel, however, barged straight back into the Plastoid Pitt, and interrogated the Devaronian owner as to the real location of Morbo's Place. Plurra then offered to help the Rebel in liberating his friends, and Q-7N led them back to Docking Bay 72.[7]

The Rebel decided that he needed to get back to the room with the technicians in order to save his friends. Telling Q-7N to float high above the docked Millennium Falcon, he had Plurra create a distraction and lure the Imperials into the open, so he could dispatch them. The Rebel then entered the communication room, bidding all stormtroopers to attack The Plastoid Pitt, where he claimed Rebels had been sighted. When all the troops had left, he contacted the cells, telling his friends to look for Q-7N in the sky and get to the Falcon. The group reunited, and Plurra was sent on his way.[7]

At Morbo's Place, the Rebels met with Voralla Morbo. She was able to tell them that a Carrack cruiser, much like the one commanded by Captain Skeezer, had picked up a supply of alazhi, and were bound for Delrakkin, a remote world beyond the Outer Rim Territories. Believing that the Imperials intended to contaminate the Delrakkin populace, the Rebels prepared to journey to the Outer Rim.[7]

The Delrakkin MassacreEdit

"The Imperials are attacking their own city!"

Upon reaching the Delrakkin system, the Falcon was set upon by T-65 X-wing starfighters, flying in signature Imperial formation. Solo, a former Imperial pilot himself, recognized the formations, and evaded the enemy pilots by flying down into the planet's atmosphere and firing a concussion missile at a cliff face, giving the appearance of the Falcon's destruction. The group quickly realized that they would have to investigate the intent of the Imperial X-wings.[8]

One of the Rebels prepared take off after the fighters with the Y-wing they still had in tow, and Q-7N insisted on going along. The Rebel agreed, and the pair flew towards Delrakkin City, the likely center of Imperial attention. Defeating the Imperial TIE Fighter patrol guarding the city, the Rebel flew up the side of the mountain on top of which Delrakkin City was located. Battling through the Imperial defenses, and breaking through Delrakkin's cloud cover, the pair were given a full view of the high-altitude city, and witnessed the Imperial X-wings razing their own buildings to the ground. The Imperials clearly intended to make the attack look like a Rebel terrorist operation. As Q-7N watched on in horror, the Rebel engaged the enemy fighters, and a harrowing chase through the Delrakkin City streets ensued.[8]

Q-7N, in the heat of the combat, constantly reminded the Rebel as to the amount of enemy ships left active, which began to grate with the Rebel. Eventually, the remaining X-wings rounded on the Y-wing, forcing it to a crash landing in the jungle. The pair continued to be harried by the Imperials however, and were chased through the jungle. Q-7N detected that the Imperials had then chosen to land, and were proceeding on foot. After the Rebel defeated one of the pilots, Q-7N spotted a cave, and the pair journeyed in. As the cave got darker, one of Q-7N's mining utilities, a set of high-powered lights, came to good use. The pair eventually encountered a group of native Delrakkins, who had been forced out of their homes in Delrakkin City by the Empire in years prior. Though the one of the Delrakkins, Untrilla, was welcoming to the Rebel, Gwann, a warrior, was not. Q-7N watched on as the Rebel fought and defeated Gwann in combat, gaining the Delrakkin's respect.[8]

StarDestroyer SWCT

The Star Destroyer Liquidator.

Explaining the situation to the Delrakkins, the Rebel learned that Skeezer had been to Delrakkin in the Carrack, but had masqueraded as a Rebel. He had convinced the natives to help him plant alazhi, in the hopes that he could create a non-Thyferran source of bacta. The natives, eager to help the Rebellion, agreed. The Rebel explained the ruse, but one of the Imperial pilots entered the cave. The Rebel dispatched the pilot, and bade the Delrakkins go warn the others that he might be leaving Delrakkin to investigate the Imperial presence. Masquerading as an Imperial pilot, the Rebel joined the remaining pilot in returning to his station, the Star Destroyer Liquidator. Q-7N stayed well hidden in the cockpit of the commandeered X-wing.[8]

The Rebel, creating a diversion, used the craft to blow up a fuel tank in the Star Destroyer's hangar, before telling the bridge that Rebels had boarded and were disguised as stormtroopers. Q-7N, puzzled by the action, queried the trooper, who told him that he hoped the troops would start firing on one another. Meanwhile, the pair ventured through the capital ship, searching for clues about the bacta scandal. They made it to Admiral Termo's quarters, and stole a pair of holotapes from his safe. Hurriedly escaping the ship in their X-wing, the pair were attacked by TIE Fighters. Using the craters and ravines of Delrakkin's moon to evade the craft, the Rebel returned to Delrakkin upon detecting the Liquidator's jump to hyperspace.[8]

The Rebels and the Delrakkins met at the Falcon, and discussed the Imperial attack on Delrakkin City. Viewing the holotapes, the group witnessed the holographic image of Grand Moff Wilhuff Tarkin talking about gravity well technology, attacks on the Delrakkins, and contaminated bacta supplies. Termo had apparently viewed the tape, attacked the city, and was awaiting the Death Star's arrival, complete with the contaminated bacta supply. The contaminated bacta was then to be used on the survivors of the attack, killing them, and leaving Delrakkin vacant for gravity well experiments. Rebel X-wings were used to discredit the Rebellion and cast them as terrorists in the eyes of the galactic community. The most alarming fact to the group, however, was that Tarkin ordered Termo to go to the Yavin system should the Death Star not arrive on schedule. Departing Delrakkin with the Imperial X-wing in tow, the Falcon sped back to the Rebel base.[8]

Admiral Termo and the LiquidatorEdit

"It doesn't look like there's any way out of this one, Q-7N. Sorry I got you into this."
―Unidentified Rebel[src]

Entering the Yavin system, the Solo detected the Liquidator orbiting Yavin 8, searching for Alliance presence. Setting course for Yavin Four to warn the Alliance, his scanners detected an Imperial probe, and he raced to intercept. The Falcon destroyed the probe, and sent a false transmission back to the Liquidator. Q-7N, who had been waiting in the passenger hold, went to the cockpit, seeing his home of more than two thousand years from space for, apparently, the first time. Closing in on the moon, they were met by the captured Carrack cruiser—under the command of the escaped Captain Skeezer. Skeezer was able to knock out the shielding on the Falcon, but the Rebels resolved to catch him in one of their starfighters.[9]

One of the Rebels elected to pursue Skeezer, and Q-7N, once again willing to see combat, tagged along. The Rebel managed to reach the Carrack, and knocked out its sensor array and defensive capabilities. Skeezer attempted to evade pursuit, and entered a meteor field. The Rebel gave chase, and disabled the Carrack's hyperdrive, but Skeezer had detected the Imperial presence on Yavin Eight. He was able to lure Q-7N and the Rebel there, where the TIE Fighters of the Liquidator were able to attack the intruders. The Rebel was able to evade them once again, and Q-7N spotted the Imperial campsite. The Rebel then proceeded to demolish the Imperial camp, as well as the accompanying fighters and walkers.[9]

After destroying the last Imperial vehicle, an All Terrain Armored Transport, Q-7N spotted an Imperial distress beacon, headed for the Liquidator. The Rebel was able to destroy the beacon, but was caught in the Star Destroyer's grip. Q-7N surmised that the Imperials would be not be looking for a droid, and believed he would be able to elude capture and rescue the Rebel upon his capture. The Rebel agreed, and when he was captured and brought to Admiral Termo's presence, the small droid fired the Rebel starfighter's weapons, ripping through the landing bay and killing a multitude of troopers and hangar crew. The Rebel used the distraction to escape, and Q-7N quickly caught up with him, undetected.[9]

Remembering the layout of the Liquidator from both their last visit and stolen blueprints of Star Destroyers, the pair made their way to the weapons storage room, battling stormtroopers along the way. Retrieving a thermal detonator, the Rebel then made his way to the solar ionization reactor, hoping to destroy the whole ship with a single explosive. Destroying the guard droid outside the reactor room, the pair were met by Admiral Termo and a squad of stormtroopers, demanding the Rebel's surrender. The Rebel refused to comply however, and, dropping the detonator into the reactor, escaped the Admiral's clutches. They made their way to the escape pods, but at the last minute, were once again confronted by Termo. The Rebel incapacitated the Imperial, before getting into one of the pods with Q-7N, and jettisoning it. The Liquidator was destroyed, and the pair landed on Yavin Eight, only to be confronted once again, this time by Skeezer. The Rebel was forced to kill Skeezer, before being rescued by the Millennium Falcon.[9]

Back on Yavin Four, Q-7N was startled by the fact that the Humans were "yelling at us." C-3PO quickly explained that Humans tended to do that when celebrating. Q-7N, at that point, considered himself a member of the Rebel Alliance, and was more than happy to help them in their fight against Palpatine's New Order. The bacta mystery had not been totally resolved, but answers would arise later in that year.[9]

Thievery and Droid RevoltsEdit

"But I sincerely hope your friends didn't try to go on their own. After all…I wasn't the only one who guarded the treasure!"

The droid came to officially serve the Alliance as a translator.[10] One day, at the Alliance base, Q-7N discussed his heritage with C-3PO and R2-D2. Captain Solo overheard this, and his interest was piqued by the fact that the small durite droid had once guarded a vast horde of treasure. Realizing that such treasure could finance the Rebel fleet, and would be able to restore the ships lost at the Battle of Yavin, the Corellian set out for Q-7N's temple. When Organa realized they were gone, she quizzed Skywalker, but the young Jedi-in-training had no answers. When C-3PO heard this, he mentioned that Solo had been nearby when Q-7N was talking about the Massassi treasure.[3]


Leia Organa queries Q-7N about how much he may have revealed to Captain Solo.

When Organa rounded on him, Q-7N explained what he had said, prompting Organa and Skywalker to set out for the temple. Q-7N also reminded the Rebels that he was not the only one who had guarded the fortress. Solo, at the temple, did in fact encounter some of the old Malagarr security droids, but was able to retrieve the treasure, and sell it, much to Organa's ire. She thought he had done it out of selfishness, but he revealed that it was simply to finance a new batch of starfighters for the Alliance.[3]

Shortly after this, Skywalker noted that the Alliance failed to receive a shipment of supplies from the mining world of Vactooine. He, Q-7N, C-3PO, R2-D2, Solo, Organa, and Chewbacca set out to Vactooine to investigate, and discovered that a renegade droid army, under the influence of Olag Greck, had attacked the colony in the hopes of turning into a world of droid factories. Greck's plan was foiled, but Q-7N opted not to actually be involved with the mission this time.[11]

Counter-intelligence workEdit

"An autobeacon, left by our quarry, no doubt, in an attempt to mislead-"
"Look out, Q-7N! …It's more than an attempt to mislead us!"
―Q-7N and Luke Skywalker, upon discovering Rogor's autobeacon[src]

Luke Skywalker defends Q-7N from a booby-trapped autobeacon.

When Captain Solo and Organa ventured off to find Vors Voorhorian in order to purchase new X-wings, Q-7N stayed behind of Yavin 4 with Chewbacca and C-3PO. With no dramas unfolding during their absence, Q-7N kept C-3PO company while R2-D2 was away.[12] When Organa, Solo, and Skywalker returned with a new set of X-wings, the Alliance began to suffer from the presence of a spy. The Rebels, who were searching for a new location to set up a base, found themselves plagued by sabotaged filing systems, and soon their relocation efforts were in disarray.[13]

Attempting to discover the identity of the spy, Organa and Skywalker accused Captain Solo. They knew full well that Solo was not the culprit, but wanted to lull the real spy into a false sense of security. After Solo and Chewbacca had departed on the Falcon, Q-7N received coordinates from them, pinpointing an unauthorized transmission emanating from the jungle. Setting out with Skywalker and Organa to find the source, they came across Alderaanian refugees in the jungle, Darlen and Tolok, who were recently wed. Deciding to leave a tender moment alone, Q-7N narrowed down the location of the transmission, and discovered an autobeacon. Surmising that it was simply an attempt to mislead them, Q-7N ventured in closer to the device to inspect it, but Skywalker quickly grasped him and sheltered him from the ensuing explosion. The beacon had clearly been rigged with explosives, with the intent of killing any investigators who ventured too close.[13]


"That little droid sacrificed himself and his entire world to help us destroy the Empire's weapon. The only person I ever knew who was that brave was Obi-Wan Kenobi."
―Luke Skywalker[src]

The spy was eventually discovered to be Rogor, who had been posing as a Rebel lieutenant. As the Rebels made preparations to evacuate Yavin Four,[13] Q-7N received a distress signal from Malagarr, claiming that his homeworld had been attacked by agents of the Empire.[14] His memory of his Malagarr life restored, he was taken back to his home by Captain Solo, and accompanied by Organa, Skywalker, C-3PO, R2-D2, and Chewbacca. Venturing into the ancient underground caverns, he found nothing of worth, and no signs of life. His fellow mining droids had been destroyed by the Imperials, and so Q-7N saw no reason to remain on Malagarr. Shortly thereafter, the group received a message from Wedge Antilles, who, along with Tycho Celchu and Wes Janson, had been investigating the Stellar Manx. The Manx had attracted seemingly unwarranted Imperial attention at Kwenn Space Station, and Organa decided that Antilles might need their help.[15]

Before they could arrive, one of the Rogue Squadron pilots was able to take the Manx from Imperial hands, and return it to its owner, Kar Lamoran. It had been discovered that the Imperials had wanted an inconspicuous civilian freighter to take to Bonadan in the Corporate Sector, to unknown ends. Disguising themselves as Imperials, the group made their way to Bonadan to make the rendezvous the real Imperials would miss.[15] On the way to Bonadan, Skywalker approached Q-7N, and asked him to help with his lightsaber practice. Q-7N obliged, serving the same role as a training remote.[16]

The Rebels realized that they could not pass off R2-D2, Q-7N, or Chewbacca as Imperials, so they left them in the Millennium Falcon, which was being stored in the Manx's main hold. Outside, a series of events led to Imperial engineer Frap Radicon gaining control of the Manx. His men loaded gravity well projector equipment on board, and the Imperials set course for Malagarr. Q-7N, R2-D2, and Chewbacca were oblivious to the Imperial presence, but R2 suspected something was amiss. Solo, Skywalker, Organa, Lamoran, and C-3PO had been left behind on Bonadan, but they resolved to rescue their captive friends. Q-7N determined that the destination was indeed Malagarr, and transmitted that info back to C-3PO on Bonadan.[16]

Radicon planned to use Malagarr as a testing ground for his new gravity well technology, since the plan to use Delrakkin had been thwarted by Q-7N and the Rebels in months prior. Captain, now General Mordak's troops had cleared the planet of resistance, leaving him free to assemble his new machine. Q-7N and R2-D2 struggled to stop Chewbacca from attacking the Imperials all by himself, but help came in the unlikely form of Mordak and Communications Officer Tix, who had become disillusioned with the Empire. They hoped to defect, and help the Rebellion destroy Radicon's machine. Solo had been able to hijack a Marauder-class corvette on Bonadan, and entered the system as Q-7N and company departed Malagarr on the Falcon.[1]

Mordak explained Radicon's intent to the Rebels, and also clarified that an Imperial craft, a Y-4 Raptor-class transport, had landed troops and supplies on the planet. The Rebels elected two pilots to take the Marauder's IRD-A starfighters down to the planet's surface and destroy Radicon's operation. Q-7N, believing that his services and knowledge of Malagarr would be of service, stowed away on one of the IRDs. He revealed himself to the pilot soon afterwards, and though the Rebel was displeased, he allowed the diminutive droid to tag along.[1]

After making a rough landing through a storm, Q-7N explained to the Rebel that Malagarr held a variety of dangers and traps that could prove dangerous to offworlders. He helped detect the other Rebel pilot, "Scout Two," who had crashed. The Rebel helped Scout Two out of his burning vehicle, but the pilot's leg had been broken. Q-7N and his companion set out on their own, promising to get aid for Scout Two. They encountered a giant worm in the wilderness, but were able to defeat it. They reached Radicon's camp, and infiltrated it, disabling the assembled gravity well projector. Radicon spotted them, however, and the pair were forced to flee. Q-7N led his companion into one of the subterranean complexes, which stored some of the complex Malagarrian technology. Q-7N decided that Malagarr was simply to dangerous to continue existing: even millennia after the Malagarrians destruction, the radioactivity of the planet was still highly lethal. Believing that the destruction of the planet would also eliminate Radicon's gravity well designs altogether, he urged the Rebel to collect Scout Two as quickly as possible. He had initiated the auto destruct sequence for the planet, an action that would also claim his life in the ensuing explosion. The Rebel, after retrieving Scout Two, hurriedly departed Malagarr, but Radicon and his team were left behind, and perished, along with Q-7N, in the destruction of the planet.[1]

Personality and traitsEdit

"For a little droid, he sure was resourceful."
―Han Solo[src]

Q-7N, although built as a mining droid, had a wide range of abilities and skills, which made him, effectively, a multi-purpose droid. He served, successfully, as a security droid for a band of pirates for over two thousand years, warding off any potential intruders and coordinating his fellow security droids. When he joined the Rebel Alliance, his topographical scanning skills as well as his long-range sensors served the war effort well.[1][7][3] His mining capabilities were rarely used in his later life, though they were put to use in the underground caverns of Delrakkin.[8]

He had a highly inquisitive nature, reminiscent of his friend, R2-D2, and was always willing to learn more about foreign cultures and practices.[7] He often found himself in danger, and was generally horrified at the acts of the Galactic Empire, but he was always willing to help those in need.[8][1] Twice, he put himself at risk for the benefit of his allies, and although the first time he was repaired successfully, the second time claimed his life.[2] He looked down upon his creators, the Malagarrians, and derided them, calling them "fools" for lacking the foresight to secure their own safety, and openly criticized their greed and quest for technological advancements.[1]

Behind the scenesEdit

Q-7N was created by Ryder Windham, and first appeared in the game book, Star Wars Missions 1: Assault on Yavin Four. The character would appear throughout the next three books of the Missions series, and would make cameos appearance in the comics found in the accompanying Star Wars Kids magazine. The character was killed off at the end of the series, in Star Wars Missions 20: Total Destruction.

In the Missions books, the player character can be either male, or female. For editorial purposes, this article assumes the player character is male, though it could be female. The majority of characters that the player can play as in the Missions books are male, however.

A seeming continuity error was created by Imperial Spy, which placed Q-7N at the Evacuation of Yavin, and the preceding evacuation preparation. This clashes with Star Wars Missions 20: Total Destruction, which shows Q-7N's destruction, and, subsequently, the Rebels returning to Yavin Four. However, in Imperial Spy, Q-7N does not appear in the last set of frames, which show the Rebels after the evacuation. It is possible that the events of the final Missions arc took place during the events of Imperial Spy, though this has not been confirmed.



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