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The Q-wing was a predecessor of the Rebel Alliance's BTL-A4 Y-wing assault starfighter/bomber. The latter starfighter bomber craft was significantly more aerodynamic than the Q-wing model, which was swiftly abandoned.[1]

Behind the scenes[]

"X-wings and B-wings standing by."
"Y-wings and A-wings standing by. Report in, Q-wing. Can you hear me?"
―Two pilots speak as rebel starfighters gather in a Robot Chicken sketch[2]

The Q-wing in Robot Chicken

The Q-wing was mentioned in Playdemic's 2020 mobile game, LEGO Star Wars Battles.[1] The 2008 Star Wars parody special of the Robot Chicken television series, Robot Chicken: Star Wars Episode II,[2] which was produced in a collaboration between Lucasfilm Ltd. and Stoopid Monkey Productions,[3] features a sketch involving a Q-wing of the Rebellion being deployed alongside other rebel starfighters.[2]

In the sketch, the Q-wing spins out of control, causing its pilot to vomit before crashing into an asteroid. Shaped like the letter "Q," the Q-wing was oval-shaped, with the ship's round structure enveloping an empty oval area of space into which the cockpit, affixed to the inwards-facing walls of the ship's main structure, protruded. An engine, which was dark in color and emitted orange exhaust, was located directly behind the cockpit, jutting out from the ship's outwards-facing walls. The ship bore white plating with red markings, and its cockpit housed a seat that held a single pilot.[2]


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