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QT-KT, also referred to as Qutee, was an R-series astromech droid member of D-Squad during the Clone Wars. It belonged to Jedi Knight Aayla Secura.


Around 20 BBY, QT-KT and the rest of D-Squad, led by Colonel Meebur Gascon, were given the mission of infiltrating a Separatist ship and stealing an encryption module.

When the squad saw the Parwan doctor Gubacher, he installed in QT-KT a modification that allowed her to release a high-power magnet. This came to use during the mission when the squad had to remove several floating bombs from a room. QT's magnet collected the mines and stored them within herself. She soon used them in combat against the droid security squad that discovered their subterfuge. Once R2-D2 managed to snag the module, D-Squad had to escape as the alarm was being sounded. However, Artoo insisted that they not leave M5-BZ behind. Acknowledging that Artoo was right, Gascon said they would repair him on the shuttle. Artoo and QT then helped move BZ to the shuttle, as D-Squad escaped the dreadnaught without alerting suspicion.

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QT-KT was created as a stand-in for R2-KT, who did not appear in the arc because the Clone Wars crew wanted to avoid audience confusion with R2-D2.[1]

In the blog series From World War to Star Wars, QT-KT alongside the character she was derived from R2-KT's pink coloring as well as acting as a secret weapon was acknowledged as having a precedent during World War II where certain fighter planes, such as one of the Spitfire planes, were colored pink to effectively camouflage them during dawn and dusk to photograph enemy targets without being detected, which had been proposed by Lord Mountbatten for the British Royal Navy.[2]



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