"This one is rather young, is it not, Lord Hethrir"

Lord Qaqquqqu was a member of the Empire Reborn which was lead by the Dark Jedi Hethrir, the former Imperial Procurator of Justice. He was rich and powerful, owning vast resources including starships and having several followers.

During a trade auction with Hethrir in 14 ABY which involved slave trading, Qaqquqqu was present along with Lady Ucce and Lord Cnorec. When he saw the then three-year old Anakin Solo, he told Hethrir that Anakin was rather young for his age to be in the Empire Reborn. Hethrir responded by admitting Anakin was too young though he said that he had to let it grow - or sent him back to the New Republic.

During the meeting, he and Ucce witnessed Hethrir use the Force to murder Cnorec for disagreeing with him. He was later present during a ceremony to sacrifice Anakin Solo to Waru at Crseih Station. Following the death of Hethrir and the capture of Crseih Station by New Republic forces, he was presumably arrested by New Republic Intelligence for his role in the slave trade.



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