The Qektoth Confederation biochemical agent was developed by the Qektoth Confederation in 8 ABY. The agent was the product of a mating between one of the Confederation's research projects and some unknown technology found at the edge of the Kathol Rift.

The deployment method of the agent was unknown, but resulted in two distinct effects. Firstly, grooves would appear in the walls, floor and ceiling of the target vessel or room. A biochemical energy discharge enveloped the target, causing massive malfunction to computer and electrical systems. Secondly, any person caught within the biochemical field was infected with the agent, which caused intense headaches and full-blown delusions. Infected individuals could die within forty-two hours of exposure from the symptoms, although the timing appeared to vary from case to case. The agent was highly infectious, and could pass from individual to individual even after only a short contact period.

The biochemical field could be repelled with the application of a gray-green goo that protected an individual. After becoming infected with the agent after rescuing Imperial officers from an assault shuttle, the crew of the FarStar raided and Confederation facility to obtain data on the agent. With the information, and the aid of the medically advanced Uukaablians, a cure to the agent was developed.



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