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"We're going to wipe this city off the face of this planet."
―Yurib Nakan, during the battle of Howlan[2]

Qhulosk was a planet located in the galaxy's Outer Rim Territories, home to the Qhuloskian species. During the Imperial Era, the Galactic Empire operated an Imperial Navy Mobile Base on Qhulosk to assist in a battle against the Qhuloskian inhabitants. After completing his training as an Imperial cadet, Han Solo was briefly stationed on Qhulosk along with his squadron.


A desert[1] planet[2] in the Outer Rim Territories of the galaxy, Qhulosk had two moons[1] and a breathable atmosphere.[2] The rare substance farium could be found on the planet, and was mined out by its inhabitants.[2]


"Bombers in flight. TIE squadron as cover…the local army shall be obliterated in minutes…"
―An Imperial crewman, to Instructor Nakan[2]

The Qhuloskians, natives of the planet, enslaved the Ghular species to work in farium mines, so the material could be used in the construction of their starships.[2]

The battle of Howlan

During the reign of the Galactic Empire, the Qhuloskians resisted an Imperial takeover, leading to a battle in the city of Howlan. Carida Squadron,[1] a squadron of cadets from Carida Academy,[3] were sent to assist, stationed in an Imperial Navy Mobile Base a distance away from the conflict. During the battle, a TIE fighter piloted by Beilert Valance was shot down in the midst of Howlan.[1]

The squadron's instructor, Yurib Nakan, refused to allow a rescue mission, but the cadets, led by Han Solo, stole several speeder bikes and entered the city to save Valance.[1] They found him alive, but were surrounded by Qhuloskians when trying to escape. A group of Ghulars led by Rito killed their Qhuloskian slavers on the grounds that they could escape in a nearby ship's escape pods. Once the squadron returned to the base, Instructor Nakan authorized the bombing of the city, destroying it.[2]


"Ghulars are we. Slave labor to Qhuloskians."

The planet was home to the Qhuloskians,[2] a species of four-armed sentients who spoke a language other than Galactic Basic Standard.[1] The Qhuloskians enslaved another species, the Ghulars, who were forced to operate farium mines. Several Ghulars were able to escape enslavement during the battle of Howlan, in which many Qhuloskian insurgents were killed.[2]


"The cannons are down, but there are thousands of enemy combatants in what's left of the city, Solo."
―Yurib Nakan, to Han Solo[1]

The city of Howlan was located on Qhulosk, and served as a battleground between the Galactic Empire and the Qhuloskian inhabitants. During the battle, the Empire was stationed at an Imperial Navy Mobile Base, which was protected by a deflector shield.[1]

Behind the scenes[]

Qhulosk first appeared in the canon comic Han Solo - Imperial Cadet 4, which was written by Robbie Thompson, penciled by Leonard Kirk[1] and published on February 13, 2019.[4]



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