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"He said the Jedi will always have an ally here on Skako Minor."
―"Tech" translating Qin Yazal[src]

Qin Yazal[2] was the Poletec chief of a village on Skako Minor during the Clone Wars. Riding on the back of his keeradak, he attacked Clone Force 99's ship and captured Jedi General Anakin Skywalker in the mistaken belief that they had brought war to his planet. Clone Force 99 and Captain Rex pursued him and helped explain his real enemy was Wat Tambor, and that they had come to rescue their man Echo. The chief offered scouts to guide them to Echo's location after they promised they would leave afterwards.[1]

However, they later returned to the village after being chased by the Techno Union's droids. Anakin managed to convince the Poletecs to fight with them, and, after the droids arrived, a battle commenced. During the battle, the Republic troopers saved the chief's life multiple times, and together they fought off the droid army. After the battle, the chief said they would always have an ally on Skako Minor.[3]

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