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A Qixoni crystal.

Qixoni crystals were exceedingly rare lightsaber crystals of a dark red color.[1]


The crystal was said to enhance one's Force abilities, in addition to enhancing the lightsaber blade's power to a significant degree.[1]


These unique, powerful gems were formed when a planet was consumed as its star went supernova, millennia before the Jedi Civil War. The heat and energy of the star caused metals and minerals in the planet to become fused into crystals which was then blasted into the Qixoni Nebula when the planet was destroyed.[1]

Those few Qixoni crystals that were obtained by the Jedi were discovered to make powerful lightsaber focusing crystals.[1]

During the First Jedi Purge, Sakarie offered a Qixoni crystal to the Jedi Exile in exchange for a starport visa in Iziz on Onderon.[1]

A known crystal mine was in the Dark Side Cave on Dagobah, where Starkiller got his in 1 BBY.

Behind the scenes[]

Despite being non-canon, the player has the option to trade a starport visa for a Qixoni crystal from Sakarie, earning dark side points. The story of the Qixoni crystals can be told by one of the following Jedi Exile's companions: Visas Marr, Disciple, Handmaiden or Kreia; but only if one of them is present in the current party.

A lightsaber with the Qixoni crystal in it can only be equipped by a dark side-aligned character. However, you can overcome this by using the Jedi Exile's Crystal found on Dantooine to allow you to use it as a light sided character. You can also use the Solari crystal in place of the Exile's Crystal.



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