"It has been far too long since the Sith have had an academy on Korriban."
―Qordis after the Brotherhood of Darkness took Korriban[1]

Qordis was a Human male Dark Lord of the Sith who was one of the highest ranking members of the Brotherhood of Darkness and a supporter of Skere Kaan. A tall, gaunt Human male with a cruel demeanor and a taste for luxury, Qordis was founder and headmaster of the Sith Academy on Korriban during the final years of the New Sith Wars.


"Honor is for the living. Dead is dead."
Darth Bane, as he killed Qordis[1]

Qordis, along with Kopecz and Kas'im, was one of the strongest Sith Lords who pledged themselves to Kaan when the latter formed the Brotherhood of Darkness. It was believed that, by that point, he had been training the powerful Zabrak Sith Sirak for as long as twenty years.[1]

At the Academy, Qordis was heavily involved in the training of the famed Darth Bane, the Sith who established the Rule of Two as the most important Sith tenet. However, Qordis's rivalry with Kopecz, who had brought Bane to the Academy, distanced him from the young apprentice, and possibly brought him to dislike him. This later contributed to Bane's decision to destroy the Brotherhood. After Bane defeated Sirak in an lightsaber duel, Qordis forbade Bane from his private studies with Githany and the archives. Bane however, angrily confronted him, and stormed off to the Valley of the Dark Lords where he believed he would be able to learn of the ancient Sith's power. Qordis initially expected him to die, but Kas'im convinced him that Bane would return. Upon his return, Qordis presented Bane with a synthetic crystal which he claimed would be more powerful than the one powering the lightsaber presented to Bane by Kas'im and also that of the Jedi. Qordis had also promoted Bane to the rank of Dark Lord of the Sith as part of Kaan's orders and in an attempt to bring Bane back to the Brotherhood. Bane, however, openly defied Qordis and proceeded to declare the Brotherhood weak and that Kaan was leading the Sith down the path of ruin. He took Qordis' ship, the Valcyn, and took off, headed to Lehon.[1]

Days later, after killing Kas'im and surviving being poisoned by Githany, Bane headed to Ruusan. There, Qordis saw the power his student was able to unleash and approached him clandestinely, petitioning him to overthrow Kaan and take control of the Brotherhood. Qordis claimed that since many of the former students from the Korriban Academy still looked up to him, he could help Bane by convincing them to pledge their loyalty to him (Bane) as the new leader of the Brotherhood. Bane, who planned to destroy the Brotherhood, was disgusted at the very idea of controlling it. He used his powers to lift Qordis in the air and slowly clenched his fist, crushing the Sith's body and denying him an "honorable" death in battle, as Qordis had requested.[1]


Bane would later learn that Qordis had embezzled funds from the Brotherhood to help pay for his avarice, and that he used the InterGalactic Banking Clan to store the funds, which Bane would later tap into. Sometime during Qordis' life, he acquired the Scroll of Freedon Nadd and made notes within containing the location of the Tomb of Freedon Nadd, which much like his embezzled funds, came into the hands of Bane after being found by his apprentice, Darth Zannah.[1]

Qordis would later appear to Bane as part of his imagination caused by damage done to him by the thought bomb. On Onderon's moon, Dxun, this would cause Bane to lash out with the Force and critically damage the Valcyn, resulting in Bane's near death.[1]

As Bane emerged from Nadd's tomb, Qordis no longer bothered Bane as Bane had symbolically vanquished both Qordis's and Kaan's spirits from his healed mind.[1]

Personality and traits[]

Qordis was a cunning and manipulative Sith Lord, but was also known for his pettiness. He was willing to let Bane's talent go to waste and destroy himself merely because it was Kopecz who brought Bane to the Academy. Even after death, he was willing to kill Bane, the last member of his order out of spite.[1]

Qordis surrounded himself with wealth, with the intention of making others envious. He also had no qualms about stealing from the Brotherhood that he had sworn loyalty to, merely to line his own coffers.[1]

At the Academy he was known for his favoritism, holding Sirak in high regard. He dismissed the past and viewed himself and the Brotherhood as the only way of achieving the full power of the dark side.[1]

Qordis was described as being even taller than Bane, with talon-like nails and sharp teeth. He had a strange unnatural complexion, described as chalky. He was usually clad in a dark robe that hung off him.[1]



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