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The Qrephs' residence was a room located inside Base Prime on top of an unidentified monolith. It was the home of the Columi brothers, Craitheus and Marvid Qreph and was where they ran their operation. In 45 ABY, as the Qreph brothers began to explore the monolith and the space–time-warping gate that blocked its entrance, they began to spent more time in their residence. As their operation began to draw attention from the Jedi, the Qreph brothers began creating genetically modified clones to help combat their enemies. Marvid Qreph created a Columi-Human hybrid based on the DNA of his employee Savara Raine and his mother, known as Savara Two. This clone was housed in the Qrephs' residence until the Columi were ready to access the gate.

When the Jedi came to Base Prime and attacked the Qrephs, Savara Raine and their other employee, the Mandalorian Mirta Gev, covered their escape through the base. As YVH-Series battle droids breached Base Prime, Raine was forced to drag the Qrephs through their residence to escape. However, the Qrephs, knowing that Savara Two was in their residence, and not wanting Raine to discover that they had cloned her, refused to enter. However, the continued advance of the Jedi left them no other option, and the group cut their way into the residence. Upon Savara Two's reveal, Marvid betrayed Raine and shot her in the legs with his blaster pistol. The Qrephs then departed through their residence to escape the Jedi.


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