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One of two quad cannons on the Millennium Falcon.

"Will you look at that? Twin quad lasers. That's, what, a three-year prison sentence right there?"
Joak Quiller, concerning the illegal weaponry of the Millennium Falcon[1]

The quad laser cannon, or quadlaser, was a type of weaponry commonly used on small freighters such as the YT-Series of transports (most notably the Millennium Falcon), XS stock light freighters, or (in theory) Dynamic-class freighters.

It consisted of four laser cannons which could be fired alternately in pairs or individually in rapid succession, making them ideal for starfighter defense. They were very powerful compared to other ship-mounted weapons, and more affordable as well[source?]. They varied in size, from the relatively small versions mounted on the Millennium Falcon to larger variants mounted on smaller warships like the Lancer-class frigate. K-wing assault fighters were armed with quad laser cannons.

Even heavier quad turbolasers were mounted on bigger warships such as the Lucrehulk-class battleship or used as ground artillery.

Quadlasers were illegal under Imperial jurisdiction by the time of the Galactic Civil War, punishable by a considerable prison sentence.[1]

An example of the quad laser cannon was the AG-2G quad laser cannon, of which the Millennium Falcon had two.

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Quad laser gun concept art.


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