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A model of quadnoculars used by stormtroopers of the First Order

Quadnoculars, also known as quadnocs, were oversized image enhancers. They incorporated a quartet of precision lenses offering enhanced multispectral imaging as well as additional functions such as automatic tracking. Quadnocular models included the Fabritech Q4-E, the NeuroSaav QD4.4 and the TE1.3.


Quadnoculars[1] or simply "quadnocs"[2] came in many different models, some of which included more advanced lenses and were known as electroquadnoculars.[3] Quadnocs generally consisted of four precision lenses,[4] two of which were standard macrobinoculars which worked together with an electronic imaging plate[5] to enhance and magnify an image for the user. Thanks to their advanced systems and depending on the individual model, quadnocs were able to perform advanced functions such as automatic tracking, multispectral imaging and target locking for orbital or ground strikes.[4]


During the Galactic Civil War, on the planet Ivarujar, Ciena Ree used quadnoculars.[1]

In 0 BBY, Jyn Erso and Cassian Andor used a set of quadnocs to view shuttlecrafts carrying cargo crates of Kyber out of Jedha City. Later, Cassian Andor used his quadnocs to view the landing pad where Director Orson Krennic was conducting a meeting with Galen Erso, who perished shortly thereafter.[6]

Prior to the First Order attack on Tuanul, Poe Dameron used his quadnocs to spot the incoming four elite squadrons of stormtroopers headed towards the village.[7]


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