"Hello there! I'm Qual'do Herm and a member of the Alliance like you."
―Qual'do Herm[src]

Qual'do Herm was a male Aqualish who worked as a major for the Rebel Alliance in the Hidden Rebel Base on Corellia.

Prior to this, he had studied alien surgery at the Scientarium Academia along with his friend I'klee'trao, who specialized in acoustic technology. He used to be the best surgeon for 10 parsecs around Corellia, but had to stop when he could no longer deal with his nerves.

Sometime during the Galactic Civil War, Herm contacted an individual who had just finished a mission given to him by C-3PO to give a comlink to 'Klee. This was because the company 'Klee was working for was secretly being funded by the Galactic Empire, and the comlink would allow any special information to the Rebellion. When the individual had delivered the comm and returned to Herm, he was rewarded with 200 credits.

Sometime after this, Herm was contacted by 'Klee, who informed him that a secret compound was being delivered to his research facility. He was informed that the compound would be able to make the Imperial probe droids far quieter so they weren't as easily detectable due to their loud whine and chatter. He once again contacted the individual who had delivered the comm, and tasked them with intercepting this compound while it was being delivered by Sergeant Montage. The individual managed to kill both Montage and his two stormtrooper escorts and retrieved the compound, returning it to Herm and earning 250 credits.

Herm was once again contacted by 'Klee, this time being informed that without the compound, which was apparently quite expensive in its prototype form, the Empire was considering putting an end to the project. Both he and 'Klee made a plan to stop the project altogether, again requiring the individual's help. Herm informed the individual that he had to meet with the Imperial Officer who was overseeing the project, a Captain Sargon, and get the blueprints for the new probe droids. The individual managed to do this by killing both Sargon and his stormtrooper escort, and gave the documents to Herm, who in turn gave them to the Alliance High Command.

Unfortunately, sometime after this, the Imperials found 'Klee's comlink and, learning of his betrayal, had him arrested and sentenced to death. For the final time, Herm asked for the individual's help in freeing 'Klee from Imperial captivity. He gave the individual 'Klee's last known co-ordinates and asked him to hurry. Fortunately, the individual managed to free 'Klee and brought him back to Herm just in time for Herm to save his life. Herm once more thanked the individual, and referred them to Wedge Antilles for future missions.

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Qual'do Herm appeared as a non-player character in the video game Star Wars Galaxies, a massively multiplayer online role-playing game developed by Sony and published by LucasArts, prior to its closure on December 15, 2011.

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