Quamin (plural quamilla) were flying predators from the Kidron jungles. They had leathery skin, membranous wings, and a long tail. Their tails had razor-sharp fins, which quamilla used as their primary weapons. Their heads did not contain mouths, instead, quamilla sucked blood and other vital fluids from their prey through an array of spongy feeding vents on their head.[1]

Internally, quamilla had three hearts, large lungs which compensated for Kidron's thin atmosphere, hollow bones, and surprisingly powerful muscles. Redundancy in their internal organs gave them superior endurance, and allowed them to heal quickly from internal injuries. They also had a keen sense of smell, which they used instead of vision as their primary sense. Their tail blades were their main weakness: if a quamin's tail blade broke, it would take a standard week to grow back, during which it would be unable to hunt, and the injured quamin could starve.[1]

Quamilla usually traveled in packs, or flights, of five to ten members. Despite cooperating to kill large prey, quamilla did not seem to get along well. Once they had made a kill, they would frequently fight over the best portions. They would also fight for dominance in the pack. not territorial.[1]

Quamilla would fly silently through the skies, swooping down to attack larger creatures or groups of creatures in waves. They did not kill their prey instantly, rather, they lashed them with their tail fins, then followed their quarry until they collapsed from blood loss. The quamilla then sucked the fluids from their prey, leaving the husks for slorks.[1]

Travelers to Kidron were often advised to be wary when they traveled through Kidron's forests and hills, lest they fell prey to a quamin attack. However, the people of Kidron did find at least one use for quamilla. Quamin tail blades were used as weapons by some Orfites on Kidron, as well as by certain offworlders. They could be tied to poles, woven into whips, or used as throwing weapons. It was said that such blades never dulled, though they could break fairly easily.[1]

A quamilla population was also found on Nal Hutta. In arranging his elaborate trap on Nal Hutta for Jodo Kast, Boba Fett had Dengar round up a number of quamilla which were released to attack Kast upon his arrival. Dengar described the operation as being more of a challenge than some of his hunts, and the quamilla as "lovable leeches".[2]



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