"Sometimes we must delve into the dark for greater understanding of the Force."
―Quan-Jang counsels Shae Koda on using a Forcesaber.[src]

Quan-Jang was a dark-skinned Humanoid male Je'daii Temple Master living on Tython at the height of the Infinite Empire's reign. The administrator of Anil Kesh, Quan-Jang was a master alchemist and wore goggles over his eyes.

Biography[edit | edit source]

Temple Master of Tython[edit | edit source]

A Force-sensitive Human, Quan-Jang was trained in the ways of the Force by the Je'daii Order on the planet Tython, one of nine planets in the Tython system which made up the Settled Worlds. Appointed as a Je'daii Temple Master, the highest ranking members of the Order, Quan-Jang governed the Great Temple of Science, Anil Kesh. Carrying a Force-imbued blade, Quan-Jang and the other Temple Masters formed the Je'daii Council, meeting via holocommunication within the massive Tho Yor at Akar Kesh.[2]

As the leader of Anil Kesh, Quan-Jang was responsible for the oversight of the experimentation and alchemical research conducted at the Temple, often leading teams of Je'daii on ranging missions into the Riftlands to capture new beasts to study and practice on. When away from the Temple the Cathar Je'daii Master Dam-Powl served as acting Temple Master. During one such mission, Je'daii Journeyer Dalien Brock fled the group and fled into the Abyss of Ruh. Chasing after the rogue Journeyer, Quan-Jang and the others in the party were able to return the troubled Je'daii to Anil Kesh where he killed a fellow student named Skott Yun and fled to the Old City.[3] During his time as Temple Master Quan-Jang believed that the exiled Je'daii Daegen Lok had been his most prominent student before succumbing to madness within the depths of the Chasm.[2]

During Shae Koda's Great Journey, Master Quan-Jang took a liking to the fiery young woman and actively supervised her creation of the rancor-dragon named Butch. As the pair attempted to control the beast, a Force Storm began brewing across the world, sending the rancor-dragon into a frenzy. Hearing a summons within the Force, Koda took off on the beast with the blessings of Master Quan-Jang where she discovered the wreck of the extra-system ship called the Devourer.[2] When the Journeyers who sought out the wreck did not return, Quan-Jang let Rangers Hawk Ryo and Rori Fenn to investigate the crash site himself. Fascinated by the ruins of a very alien escape pod, the group came across Butch and rode her deep into the Abyss in search of the Journeyers Sek'nos Rath, Tasha Ryo and Koda.[4]

Sending word back to the Je'daii Council via holodroid as the storm rendered their comms useless, Quan-Jang continued to search the Abyss for his wayward charges. As the storm worsened Quan-Jang and the other Je'daii were forced to go on foot into the Abyss until they finally found their three Journeyers engaged in a violent duel with a mysterious warrior wielding a sword of light. Noting that the storms vortex formed right over the duel, Quan-Jang sent Fenn and Ryo to assist the Journeyers while he focused his will against the storm. Drawing upon the strength of the combined Je'daii Order whose members were deep in meditation within their respective Temples, Quan-Jang balanced the Force by unleashing a colossal wave of light side energy, vanquishing the storm and rendering the dark side warrior unconscious. Recovering at Mahara Kesh, Quan-Jang and the other Temple Masters agreed to send the warrior Xesh to Bogan to meditate on the light side and return himself to balance on his own.[5]

General at war[edit | edit source]

"Do you think you own death, Shae Koda?! Do you think I can't feel your anger? You forgot what you are, a Je'daii! You forgot the Balance and let the dark overtake you!"
―Quan-Jang implore Koda to see reason during battle.[src]

As the Order began studying the Force Hound's weapon, the Forcesaber, Quan-Jang counseled Journeyer Koda to give into the dark side to activate the weapon. Believing her to be too focused on the light, Quan-Jang warned that she may become unbalanced and that would prove detrimental to her use of the weapon.[6] Following the Force Hound's joining of the Order, Quan-Jang learned from Xesh by studying star charts together at Anil Kesh.[7]

After having some time to prepare, the Infinite Empire invaded the Tython system and began siege the Settled Worlds. Taking up arms and crafting a Forcesaber of his own, Quan-Jang flew into battle on a rancor-dragon during the fight for Shikaakwa. Fighting alongside Ranger Shae Koda, his former protege, Quan-Jang realizes that the darkness he encouraged her to embrace to wield the Forcesaber had completely taken her over and thrown her out of Balance.[8] Fighting on the ground at Ska Gora a short time later in an attempt to raid a on the supposed Rakatan headquarters, Quan-Jang was rescued from Flesh Raiders by Shae Koda and took flight behind her on the back of her rancor-dragon, Butch. When Koda expressed her concern for Xesh, Quan-Jang reprimanded her for her attachment to the man and warned of the dangers of attachment in wartime. Seeing that the front line was breaking due to Daegon Lok's disappearance, Quan-Jang decided to lead the attack on the ground.[9] Joining Tem Madog in leading the attack, the Je'daii were ordered to withdraw by Master Rajivari following the blinding of the Seers by the Rakata and the revelation that the Infinite Empire was preparing to lay waste to Tython.[10]

Withdrawing to Anil Kesh on Tython, Quan-Jang confronted Shae Koda about her attachment to Xesh, a proven traitor and a pawn of the Infinite Empire. Wondering if she could strike down the man she loved in battle, Quan-Jang looked out on the camps of Je'daii surrounding the Temple, waiting for battle. When the Rakata finally arrived, Quan-Jang ordered the pens of Anil Kesh emptied, leading the alchemically-altered Je'daii mounts down to confront the Force Hounds.[11] As the Rakata slipped beneath the Temple in search of the rumored Infinity Gate, Quan-Jang fought alongside Sek'nos Rath as they confronted Flesh Raiders and the Force Hound Trill. Urging Rath not to give into his hatred of Trill, Rath ignored him and fought her until he rendered her unconscious. Picking up the woman, Rath left Quan-Jang to confront the remaining Flesh Raiders alone.[12]

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