Quantum-crystalline armor, also known as layered molecular armor and more informally known as quantum armor. It was thin, light, and designed to be an impenetrable defense, that can easily withstand any force, regardless of types, magnitude, and/or directions. It was made possible by stacking a few layers of atoms as densely as the laws of physics could permit, and laminating them above another thin film that was as strong, but phase shifted, making the armor completely indestructible

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Quantum-crystalline specifically developed for use on the superweapon known as the Sun Crusher by the scientists of the Maw Installation. The armor's strength would allow the Sun Crusher to survive the force of a supernova, which the weapon was designed to trigger.

When they discovered the secret facility in the middle of the Maw Cluster, Han Solo, Kyp Durron, and Chewbacca were detained by the local Imperial authorities. After enlisting the help of the Sun Crusher's designer, Dr. Qwi Xux, they escaped with the Sun Crusher. Solo took the opportunity to test the quantum armor's strength by ramming the Sun Crusher into the Imperial Star Destroyer Hydra's bridge. The Sun Crusher came out the other side, apparently unscathed.

After deciding that such a weapon didn't fit with its principles, the New Republic disposed of the Sun Crusher within the atmosphere of the gas giant Yavin. Later, under the influence of the spirit of the ancient Sith Lord Exar Kun, Kyp Durron extracted the Sun Crusher from Yavin's atmosphere. The quantum armor had held up to the extreme pressures of the gas giant. Durron then took the Sun Crusher on a murderous rampage. Kyp later claimed that he could have retrieved the Sun Crusher just as easily if it had been disposed of in Yavin's sun instead. The Sun Crusher's armor held strong despite the abuse that it was being put through. However, a Corusca gem traveling at extremely fast speeds within the atmosphere of Yavin managed to put a dent in the armor of the Fast Hand, which was equipped with such armor.

After the incident, Dr. Xux gave the New Republic the Sun Crusher's technical data and other information. The data on quantum-crystalline armor was also used to rebuild the Cathedral of Winds.

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