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"The first transport is away! The first transport is away!"
Romas Navander during the Battle of Hoth[src]

The Quantum Storm was a GR-75 medium transport in service to the Alliance to Restore the Republic.


"That was the ion cannon. Command center says the first transport is away."
"Few more of those and maybe we'll head home ourselves, huh?"
―Rebel troopers Roja and Hazram Namir at Perimeter Outpost Delta[src]

The Quantum Storm was the first Rebel transport to escape the Imperial blockade at the Battle of Hoth. It successfully bypassed the Imperial-class Star Destroyer Tyrant, thanks to the well-timed shots of Echo Base's v-150 ion cannon issued by Toryn Farr.[5]

As the first transport to evacuate the planet, the Quantum Storm carried non-combatant personnel of Echo Base.[6] Imperial defector and Governor Everi Chalis was scheduled to depart on the transport, but stayed behind to help an injured Captain Micha Evon.[7]



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