"There was an accident at an Imperial Research and Prison Facility and as a result many...well, most in the area have become infected."
Guri, to a spacer[src]

The Quarantine Zone was a region on the planet Dathomir that was quarantined by the Galactic Empire in about 1 ABY, following an outbreak of the blackwing virus. The virus killed most of the people inside the Zone and turned them into zombies. The survivors established five camps inside the Zone, Camp Alpha, Camp Beta, Camp Gamma, Camp Delta and Camp Epsilon, to live in safety. However, the camps all came under regular attack from the zombies.

Because of the nature of the area, those who survived in the area, regardless of whether they were Rebel Alliance-aligned, Imperial-aligned, or neutral, were awarded with the Quarantine Zone Survivor award.

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The Quarantine Zone was added to the online game Star Wars Galaxies in 2010, as a tie-in to the novel Death Troopers.

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