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The Quarren Isolation League was an organization with its own soldiers[4] that believed the Quarren should not be ruled by the Mon Calamari monarchy. It was led by the Quarren chieftain Nossor Ri, who believed King Yos Kolina's heir, Prince Lee-Char, was too young to inherit his throne. It received the backing of Separatist ambassador Riff Tamson, Kolina's secret assassin, who sought to exploit the League to conquer Mon Cala.[2]

Tamson spearheaded an attack on the Mon Calamari flanked by aqua droids, Trident-class ships and later Hydroid Medusas.[2] Although they defeated the Mon Calamari Guard, their Republic and Jedi allies, and the Gungan Grand Army,[5] Lee-Char convinced Nossor Ri to turn on Tamson after the Karkarodon revealed he made a deal with Dooku to take control of the planet. After Tamson died, Lee-Char was crowned king with Mon Calamari and Quarren backing.[3]

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