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"Troubled is the planet Mon Calamari. Its races have divided. The droid army of the Quarren Isolation League moves against the Calamari Council."

The Quarren Isolation League was a pro-Quarren Separatist organization based on the world of Dac that allied itself with the Confederacy of Independent Systems during the Clone Wars.

The League was led by Quarren Senator Tikkes. While Quarren had before seldom bothered with representation in the Galactic Republic's government, for the last years prior to secession, the Quarren exclusively represented their planet in the Galactic Senate.


The Quarren mined the depths of the their ocean homeworld for the ores that made the Mon Calamarian floating cities and the starships used by the Mon Calamari. When the Quarren miners aligned themselves with the Commerce Guild, they gained considerable political support. The Commerce Guild was able to secure a Quarren majority on the Mon Calamari Council, and even installed the corrupt Senator Tikkes through several terms in office.

Tikkes - leader of the League.

Later, Senator Tikkes was exposed as a corrupt official during the Separatist Crisis, and evaded Republic prosecution by fleeing into Separatist space. He pledged his planet's resources to the growing Separatist movement, and was one of the founding members of the Confederacy of Independent Systems. But he no longer represented his people, since a pro-Republic Quarren, Tundra Dowmeia, was elected Senator following his removal. The resulting political conflict sparked a civil war on Dac, and Tikkes's supporters became known as the Quarren Isolation League.

A Quarren isolationist.

The League sought to purge all Republic presence from their homeworld, and to achieve those goals, revolted against the planetary government. The Quarren Separatists included Quarren mining barons who had prospered from Commerce Guild funding, and they were able to gain Separatist support in return for continued shipments of raw ores to the guilds. Tikkes also signed a treaty with Count Dooku, which resulted in the League obtaining aquatic assault craft supplied by the Trade Federation and the Techno Union, such as the manta droid subfighters, sub-carriers, and mini-subs.

In the conflict that ensued, the Mon Calamari Knights did their best to defend their cities and the Mon Calamari Council. The Republic, in the form of a clone SCUBA trooper force led by Jedi General Kit Fisto, arrived to participate in the battle. They defeated the Quarren Isolation League at the Battle of Mon Calamari. Despite this, the Quarren continued to support the Separatists. An organization of Quarren exiles—the Free Dac Volunteers Engineering Corps—supported the Separatists by manufacturing warships for the Separatist cause. This league was likely dissolved at the end of the Clone Wars.

One of its command centers on Mon Calamari was Quarren Command Center 12.

During the Clone Wars the league stole from the Mon Calamari the technical schematics of the Recusant-class light destroyer, which then was mass produced in Quarren colony worlds like Minntooine and Pammant for the Separatist forces.


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