"Fight, Quarren! Fight for Prince Lee-Char!"
Nossor Ri, to the Quarren warriors[src]

Quarren warriors, also known as Quarren guards, and as the Quarren Isolation League soldiers under the Confederacy of Independent Systems, were Quarren soldiers that, as part of the Quarren Isolation League, seceded from the Mon Cala monarchy, and joined the Separatist Alliance. Toward the end of the Battle of Mon Cala, the Quarren defected from the Confederacy and rejoined the monarchy of Mon Cala.

In 18 BBY, during the early rule of the Galactic Empire, Quarren warriors fought alongside the Mon Calamari against the Empire during the occupation of Mon Cala.

Characteristics[edit | edit source]

A Quarren with tan clothing.

While the Quarren warriors[5] shared a similarity in skin color and weaponry, having salmon-colored skin, and using either blaster rifles or UTS Pikes, countless Quarren did not share the same clothing colors. Many bore black armor over black clothing specially designed for underwater living, while others chose to wear red. Blue, tan, and gray were also common colors visible before[1] and after the Battle of Mon Cala,[4] especially for the most active members of the Quarren Isolation League.[6]

History[edit | edit source]

A growing rivalry[edit | edit source]

Nossor Ri and the Quarren oppose the idea of Lee-Char becoming king.

During the Clone Wars, King of Mon Cala, Yos Kolina was assassinated. The duty of maintaining a peaceful coexistence between the Mon Calamari and Quarren was passed on to Kolina's son, Prince Lee-Char. During this time, the Quarren Isolation League, under Chieftain Nossor Ri, believed that the prince was inexperienced and demanded a Quarren king. At the same time, the Separatist Alliance ambassador, Commander Riff Tamson saw his opportunity to stir up the disagreements between the Mon Calamari and Quarren using it wisely. Noticing the anger on both sides, Mon Calamari Guard Captain Gial Ackbar requested that the Galactic Republic send Senator Padmé Amidala and her bodyguard, Jedi General Anakin Skywalker, to help mediate the dispute.[1]

However, the Quarren refused the Republic's intervention and ended all chances of negotiations. Though Ri offered his condolences to the young prince on his loss, ultimately, he turned to war. After learning this, the Republic dispatched a regiment of SCUBA troopers under Jedi General Kit Fisto and Jedi Commander Ahsoka Tano, which would only arrive later on.[1]

A costly battle[edit | edit source]

Battle for Mon Cala city[edit | edit source]

"Search the area for survivors. Secure the perimeter."
―Nossor Ri orders a group of Quarren warriors to explore an area after a fierce battle[src]

The Mon Calamari & Quarren fighting hand to hand with each other.

After both sides had prepared for attacks, Tamson led a large force of Quarren and aqua droids against the Mon Calamari at the city. A deadly battle ensued, in which Quarren warriors were on the offensive. At last, Republic reinforcements arrived. As fights raged in seemingly every place imaginable, both sides suffered heavy casualties. Eventually, the Separatist and Quarren forces were forced to retreat. Shortly after, however, the Separatists unleashed deadly weapons that killed many Mon Calamari and clone troopers. Seeing their chance, the Quarren returned to attack with droids by their side. Gaining the upper hand, the Quarren were able to subdue many Mon Calamari and clones, who were later put into underwater prisons where they were forced to work as slaves. Gungan forces sent by the Republic soon arrived to turn the tide of the battle in favor of the Republic and Mon Calamari. However, Tamson ordered Trident-class assault ships to create a vortex to disable their enemies. This allowed nearly the entire force backed by the Republic to be shattered and captured, though Lee-Char and the Jedi had managed to escape. The Jedi later incapacitated three Quarren warriors.[7]

A Quarren warrior piloting a UTS Pike.

Although Ri believed the battle had been won because Lee-Char had been captured, Count Dooku reminded him that he had entered the war on the side of the Separatists, and it was soon revealed that Lee-Char was to be executed. Tamson later disclosed to Ri his original plan to become the ruler of Mon Cala. After being brought before Tamson and Ri, Lee-Char pleaded with Ri to join the Mon Calamari against the Separatists, to which he received no response. The entire Republic force was brought out in chains to witness a public execution of the prince. During the planned killing, a Quarren warrior informed Ackbar that Ri and the Quarren had decided to ally themselves once again with the Mon Calamari, unbeknownst to Tamson. Ri then saved Lee-Char from an untimely death. By that time, the Quarren had armed their allies; the prisoners revolted, destroying the majority of the droids, though at least one Quarren warrior was shot dead during the ensuing conflict. Lee-Char and Tamson soon came face to face with each other, and Tamson revealed he had assassinated the former King, confirming that the popular belief, the Quarren murdering Kolina, to be false. With those words uttered, the prince killed Tamson using resourceful cunning.[4]

Lee-Char is crowned king of Mon Cala.

With the battle finally finished in favor of the Republic, and the Quarren and Mon Calamari united, Lee-Char was crowned king of Mon Cala.[4]

Occupation of Mon Cala[edit | edit source]

In 18 BBY,[8] during the early rule of the Galactic Empire, King Lee-Char openly resisted the Emperor, under influence from an Order 66 Jedi survivor, because the Jedi believed that this would inspire the galaxy to fight against the Empire. The resistance resulted in an Imperial ambassador being sent to Mon Cala, holding out hope of negotiating with the king.[9]

Two Quarren were present when Ambassador Telvar arrived on the planet, and one Quarren served as a guard for King Lee-Char. Negotiations between Lee-Char and Telvar did not go well, and, soon after Telvar boarded his shuttle to leave the planet, an explosion occurred, in which Telvar was killed.[9] This resulted in the Empire attacking Dac City. At least two Quarren were killed during the initial attack, perishing while defending Mon Cala along with countless Mon Calamari.[3] A massive tidal wave later swept the king away, caused by sea creatures he had unleashed upon the Empire's forces. Fortunately, King Lee-Char was soon found and rescued by two Quarren warriors. Shortly after this, a skirmish ensued in the waters of Mon Cala, where one Quarren was killed.[2] Three warriors were visible blasting numerous stormtroopers dead in a corridor, while another shot enemies directly in Mon Cala's oceans.[10] Later, at least three Quarren were present on Admiral Raddus's ship. After numerous clashes with the Empire, the majority of the Mon Cala force was finally crushed, though several ships, including at least one which had Quarren aboard, escaped the Imperial blockade of Mon Cala after King Lee-Char surrendered. At least two more Quarren warriors survived the conflict, and hid in a cave in a remote area with the acolyte Verla.[11]

Behind the scenes[edit | edit source]

The Quarren warriors first appeared in the Star Wars: The Clone Wars television series episode, Water War, which was released on September 16, 2011.[12] The Quarren were voiced by a number of actors. The warriors were voiced by Phil LaMarr and Dee Bradley Baker, while Nossor Ri was voiced by Corey Burton.[1]

The Quarren warriors were first identified by name in the episode guide for Gungan Attack.[13] They were later referred to as "Quarren guards" in the episode guide for Prisoners.[14]

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