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"And you? I assume you asked for a supply officer position?"
"I did, good chance I go it too. The bigger ships are always hurting for supply personnel…"
―Lieutenant Thrawn and Eli Vanto[9]

A quartermaster,[4] also known as a supply officer, was an officer[3] of the Galactic Republic,[1][2] the Galactic Empire,[3] the Alliance to Restore the Republic,[4] Chiss Ascendancy,[5] and Resistance,[6] as well as a position within the Jedi Temple,[7] that dealt with supply logistics. Eli Vanto desired to become a supply officer due to his skills in working with his parents in their shipping company, before his career in the Imperial Military was completely sidetracked when he was assigned as the aide-de-camp of Thrawn.[3]

Cassian Andor used to bribe quartermasters to leave valuables on starships before they came in for scrap.[10]

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