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A quarterstaff was a pole of varying lengths, commonly made of light alloys or wood.


The quarterstaff was a simple staff-like melee weapon of ancient design made of wood, plasteel, or a metal alloy.[1] It featured prominently in certain cultures and fighting styles, such as the Echani. The quarterstaff also featured in Stava, a form of martial arts developed by Noghri assassins.

Other weapons were based on quarterstaff design, such as:


Use of this weapon dates back to pre-historic times, well before the creation of the Galactic Republic. Force Adepts would commonly use quarterstaffs imbued with the Force which were able to withstand lightsaber blows.[2] Vodo-Siosk Baas, a Jedi Master, carried a his own personal force-imbued quarterstaff which he used for physical support and combat. Quarterstaffs were also used by Jedi Weapon Masters.

The quarterstaff was possibly used by an amnesiac Revan on Taris. He may have used it before getting his lightsaber and being retrained as a Jedi. It was also known to have been used by Valara Saar.[3]



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