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"I wish my master had not suffered because of me."
Juhani to Revan on almost killing Quatra[1]

Quatra was a female Jedi Master during the Jedi Civil War. She took Juhani as her Padawan and trained her at the Jedi Enclave on Dantooine.


Juhani, a Cathar, had much trouble controlling her emotions and finding peace within herself. Master Quatra devised an unorthodox plan to test her Padawan's spirit. During a lightsaber training duel, Juhani failed her master's test. She lashed out in anger during their training session and struck Quatra down. Though Quatra only received minor wounds, she feigned death in order to test Juhani even more. Filled with fear and guilt at the 'death' of her master by her own hands, Juhani fell to the dark side and fled the Enclave, intent on never returning.

Juhani was later found by a redeemed Revan, meditating in an ancient grove near the old Rakatan ruins. After a brief duel, Revan proved to be the stronger of the two and was able to convince Juhani to forsake the dark side. Juhani returned to the Enclave seeking forgiveness from the Dantooine Jedi Enclave Council. The Council was exceedingly grateful to see Juhani come back to the Jedi Order and praised Revan for his assistance. They also informed Juhani that Master Quatra was not dead after all, but had only been injured in their duel, and that the duel itself was Quatra's last trial for her Padawan.



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