"I race hard, and I think I have good skills, but I just can't afford to keep up with the professionals."
―Queedle to Revan[1]

Queedle Molto was a male Ithorian from Ando who was an amateur swoop racer in Ahto City on the aquatic planet Manaan. In 3956 BBY, he raced on the Ahto City swoop track, and met the mind-wiped Jedi Revan during his visit to Manaan.


During his quest for the Star Forge, Revan met Molto, who shared his troubles with him. Molto was a skilled swoop racer, but he could not keep up with the other racers due to expensive modifications to their swoops. Revan gave him five hundred credits to buy the upgrades. Sometime later, Revan returned to the Manaan swoop track to find that Queedle had become the Sector Champion, and repaid Revan the full amount he loaned him. But Molto's fame was short-lived when Revan himself beat his time and became Sector Champion. Regardless, he was always grateful to Revan for helping him achieve a better place among the swoop racing community.

Behind the scenes[]

Even though he is shown as an Ithorian, he is referred to as an Aqualish by the two Sith troopers who talk outside of the swoop racer administration who also state that his homeworld is Ando. It is possible that Molto was meant to be Aqualish, as Aqualish and Ithorians have the same dialogue audio in the game.

If the player beats Queedle Molto's time and has not already given him the credits needed to upgrade, then Molto quits swoop racing altogether.


Notes and references[]