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Queen of Ranroon was the treasury ship of the ancient warlord Xim the Despot.


This ship was named in honor of Hylei Indrexu Cortess, the legendary Queen of Ranroon.[1]

Part of Xim's battle fleet during the Hutt–Xim conflict, Queen of Ranroon escaped the defeat of his fleet during the Third Battle of Vontor, setting a course for the world of Dellalt. There, the ship's treasure was hidden by its crew in secret vaults, which were situated directly below more easily visible fake vaults.

A secret brotherhood descended from Xim's elite troops, called the Survivors, and a group of Guardian Corps guarded the cache for millennia. Believed lost by the rest of the galaxy, the legendary treasure ship inspired many spacer's legends and unsuccessful treasure hunts.

Han Solo and the Ruurian historian Skynx discovered the treasure in 2 BBY. Unfortunately, the treasure—beam-tubes, kiirium, and mytag crystals intended for Xim's military—was technologically outdated, and only valuable as a historical curiosity.



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