"It'll be fine where it is? Yeah. I guess you're right. ...and by right, I mean you're WRONG! Telling me that it'll be 'fine' where it is, what, you think I'm stupid?"
―Quello to Meetra Surik after the latter attempted a Mind Trick[src]

Quello was a pale-skinned Toydarian landing pad owner who was met by the Meetra Surik after the landing of the Ebon Hawk in the Refugee Sector on Nar Shaddaa. Quello protested that the landing pad was reserved for other clients, but Surik promised to pay him for his troubles. Soon enough, the crew of the Red Eclipse arrived and attempted to take the crew of the Ebon Hawk hostage after confronting Quello, but were fended off by Surik.

Behind the scenesEdit

Within the game, if the player possesses the Affect Mind or Dominate Mind Force power, they can attempt to Force Persuade Quello into letting them stay. Quello fakes like he has been persuaded, only to continue his protest. This is because Toydarians (such as Watto from The Phantom Menace) are not affected by Jedi mind tricks. However, a sufficiently high Wisdom score coupled with the highest Force Persuasion powers can allow the player to succeed in tricking Quello.

Quello was voiced by Andrew Secombe who also voiced Watto.


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