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Quermia was a terrestrial planet located in the galaxy's Outer Rim Territories. It was the namesake of the Quermian species, whose ansestors were settled on Quermia by Arkanian scientists. During the Clone Wars, Quermia was located in Separatist space, isolating it from the Galactic Republic. Though the extensive blockade of Quermia was lifted after the collapse of the Confederacy of Independant Systems, the planet fell under Imperial rule shortly thereafter.


Quermia was a planet[3] located in the galaxy's Outer Rim Territories, in grid square S-5[1] on the Standard Galactic Grid.[5] A terrestrial world, green landmasses and purple oceans were visible on the planet's surface from space.[2] It sat close to the end of the Perlemian Trade Route hyperspace route, which connected it to the planet Makem Te. A separate hyperspace route connected Quermia to the planet Toola.[1] It was located near the planet Troiken, homeworld of the Xexto species.[6]


Long before the Imperial Era, ancient Arkanian scientists settled Quermia with a genetic offshoot of the Xexto species. Named for their homeworld, these were the ancestors of the modern Quermian species.[4] While the origins of the Quermian species were unknown to the larger galactic community, Quermians and Xexto shared so many of the same genetic markers that xenobiologists believed them to share at least a common ancestor. How this came to be was one of the galaxy's greatest mysteries.[6]

Yarael Poof USW

The Quermian Jedi Master Yarael Poof was a native of Quermia.

A member of the Galactic Republic, Quermia was located in Separatist space during the Clone Wars. Isolated, the planet suffered heavily under an extensive Separatist blockade. With the fall of the Confederacy of Independent Systems at the end of the Clone Wars, the blockade over Quermia was lifted. However, the planet fell under the rule of the Galactic Empire, which the Quermians did not usually consider a substantial improvement over Separatist control.[4]


Quermia was the homeworld of the Quermian species,[3] who spoke a language of the same name. After the Arkanians departed Quermia, the Quermians developed a society centered on a largely communal lifestyle, as well as the contemplation of philosophy. The ease at which members of the species were able to communicate and share their feelings and concerns was a contributing factor in how Quermians were able to maintain the long peace of their society. While Quermia's history was not entirely peaceful, strife usually came from outside influence instead of internal struggles.[4]

Yarael Poof, a male Quermian Jedi Master who served on the Jedi High Council during the final years of the Galactic Republic, hailed from Quermia.[3]

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Quermia was first mentioned in the Star Wars canon in Ultimate Star Wars, a 2015 reference book co-written by authors Patricia Barr, Adam Bray, Daniel Wallace, and Ryder Windham.[3] It was originally created for Star Wars: Episode I Insider's Guide, a 1999 Star Wars Legends CD-ROM published by LucasArts.[7]


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