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Quermia was a terraformed heavenly planet and the homeworld of the Quermian species. It was located near the end of the Perlemian Trade Route.


About 17,000 BBY, during the Indecta Era, the Arkanians settled Xexto subjects from the neighboring planet Troiken on Quermia for a genetic experiment. These Xexto became the Quermians. Sometime later on, the Arkanians moved on and forgot the world. Troiken and Quermia were discovered by the Galactic Republic at about the same time, and their inhabitants at first designated Troiken Xexto and Quermian Xexto respectively. The Xexto were at first in denial at being related to the Quermians, and were later outraged when they learned of the Arkanian deception. The two planets joined the Republic at the same time.[4]

Quermia was part of Xim's Empire before its collapse. Around the time of the Jedi Civil War, Quermia was located within space controlled by the Sith Empire.[2]

During the Clone Wars, Quermia was located within Separatist space.[2] After the rise of the Galactic Empire, Quermians were forced to remain in seclusion on their homeworld due to the connections of many of them with the Jedi Order. They eventually rejoined the galactic community during the New Republic era.[4]



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