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Queshː (pronounciation: /'kwɛʃ/) was a world riddled with toxic waste within Hutt Space, due to a period of geological instability in the past dubbed the Quake. It was discovered by the Galactic Republic during the Great War, but was promptly abandoned due to its poisonous atmosphere.

Geographical features[]

Quesh's surface

Discovered by the Galactic Republic during the Great Galactic War, Quesh's toxic atmosphere made the planet uninhabitable for many lifeforms, and was initially dismissed by the Republic. Years later during the Cold War, however, a young Republic chemist named Bardian Aelto[3] realized potential for some of the chemicals found on Quesh to be used for the Republic, as many of the compounds on the planet closely resembled venenit shadaaga, roughly translated as "Hutt Venom", a primary ingredient in very powerful adrenals.

After this discovery of what Aelto named venenit queshaaga or "Quesh Venom", the planet was swiftly reoccupied by the Republic who began to invest in its production, mining the venom using sustainable methods. However, the Republic engineers were unable to master the process of turning these chemicals into adrenals, so they resorted to an unlikely ally, the Hutts. Three Hutt cartels lent their help in the exchange for a share of the profits. Within a decade, the Republic was fully invested in Quesh's adrenal industry. Despite efforts to keep Quesh a secret, the Sith Empire eventually became aware of the Republic's operation, and its Hutt allies. Branding the three Republic-aligned cartels as traitorous, the Hutts were forced to aid the Empire in an effort to take control of the planet from the Republic.


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