Quesna Base was an Imperial cargo facility and prison base.

Quesna Based often ordered tibanna from Bebel Gas and ion coolant from Kuat Drive Yards. The station's defenses ranged from TIE/LN starfighters to the occasional Alpha-class Xg-1 Star Wings bringing in convoys containing equipment and from a couple of Large Gun Emplacements to the IPV-1 System Patrol Craft Hammer.


Quesna Base was where Emon Azzameen was arrested and imprisoned for "crimes against the Empire." When Aeron Azzameen discovered Emon was arrested, Dunari hired some slicers to discover his location. He then formulated a plan to rescue Emon with the help of Ace Azzameen. Dunari rigged a container of Tibanna gas to blow when brought into the station.

When the two picked up the container from the Stockyard base and brought it to Quesna Base under the guise of an Ocanis Gas delivery, they placed it close to the station so that one of its tugs would pick it up; the container then exploded in the hangar as planned. In the ensuing chaos, Ace,in the YT-2000 Otana, provided cover for Dunari, who was in the Muurian transport Deadman's Hand.

When Emon was rescued, both ships escaped into hyperspace and arrived back at Dunari's Rest.



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