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"During the same outing, I collected Quesoth pottery shards and a piece of tapestry dating to the Neo-Middle Secundus."
―Reginald Danfillo writes in the Smuggler's Guide[src]

The Quesoth were a group that produced pottery. During the reign of the Galactic Empire, senior terrain trekker Reginald Danfillo discovered shards of Quesoth pottery on the site of the Typhojem Excavation on Pashvi. The trekker also discovered a piece of tapestry dating to the Neo-Middle Secundus and a contemporary book that would become known as the Smuggler's Guide, which Danfillo added a report of the excavation's findings to.[1]

Behind the scenesEdit

In the current canon, the Quesoth were first mentioned in Star Wars: Smuggler's Guide, a reference book written by Daniel Wallace and released in 2018.[1] They were originally mentioned as a sentient insectoid species in the 2011 novel Choices of One, which was written by Timothy Zahn.[2]


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