"There's no reproducing of Soldier Speak. Queens have a unique set of vocal cords and resonance cavities, which even Soldiers themselves don't have. Besides that, Soldier language utilizes at least five different resonances and pitch variants, not to mention an entirely different vocabulary from Common Speak."

Quesoth Soldier Speak, also known as Soldier Speak, was a language that was spoken the Quesoth, an insectoid species that resided on the planet Quethold. While Soldier Speak could be understood by both Quesoth Soldiers and some non-Quesoth, only Quesoth Queens had the vocal capacity to speak Soldier Speak. Furthermore, Soldier Speak could not be communicated via comlinks, because comlinks lacked the capacity handle the various difference frequencies Soldier Speak was spoken in, and as a consequence, the Quesoth Queens used loudspeakers to communicate their commands to Soldiers. In 8 ABY, the Empire of the Hand launched an attack on Quethold and during the battle, the Imperial pilot Baron Soontir Fel destroyed all of the Quesoth loudspeakers except for one. The Imperials then used the remaining loudspeaker to play a Soldier Speak recording that ordered the Soldiers to leave the battle and defend the Queen.


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