Template:Majorspoiler Template:Organization infobox The Ten Knights was a group of ten Jedi Knights of the New Jedi Order formed in 44 ABY to located the powerful Dagger of Mortis. Immediately following the conclusion of the Jedi's war with the Lost Tribe of Sith and the destruction of the dark side entity Abeloth, the Jedi decided to arm the future generations against Abeloth's inevitable eventual return. Jedi Grand Master Luke Skywalker knew that the Dagger of Mortis had been used to kill other members of the Ones during the Clone Wars, and though the Jedi had no idea where Mortis was, it was their only hope in permanently killing Abeloth. As such, Skywalker sent the Ten Knights on a mission to find the Mortis monolith that led to the planet Mortis, where they hoped to be able to find the Dagger.


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