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"You have done great things in the name of the light. I am honored to be in your presence. Take my Mark of the Hero and let it remind you of your cause. Do not forget why you fight. Good luck, young warrior."
―A Rodian hermit[src]

Hero of Tatooine sculpture

The Quest of the Hero of Tatooine was a set of tasks set upon an anonymous spacer by an old Rodian hermit living in a squill-infested cave on the planet Tatooine during the Galactic Civil War in 1.5 ABY. The hermit met the spacer while they were exploring his cave home, and struck up a conversation with the adventurer. The hermit told the spacer that if they completed the tasks he gave them, then he would declare them a Hero of Tatooine. The tasks would display the qualities required of heroism. The qualities were intellect, honor, courage, and altruism.

The task of intellect required the spacer to locate a bounty hunter within one of the cities on Tatooine and assist her in locating her target. The honorable task had the spacer locating a married couple of ranchers and ensuring that the pirates they captured were brought to justice. The task of courage required the spacer to locate a wild bladeback boar and end its terrorizing of the citizens of Tatooine. The final task, of altruism, had the spacer assisting a poor moisture farmer in rescuing his family from a criminal organization known as the Sennex. After completing these tasks, the hermit declared the spacer the Hero of Tatooine and rewarded them with the Mark of the Hero.


The old hermit[]

"Well met, traveler. What brings you to my small and lonely abode?"
"I was curious to see who lived here."
"Merely an old man. I keep to myself and tend my books. I think. I philosophize."
―A Rodian hermit and a spacer in the Squill Cave on Tatooine[src]

Around 1 ABY,[6] during the height of the Galactic Civil War, a lone spacer was exploring the Squill Cave on Tatooine. The mariner ventured deep into the underground structure, only to find an old Rodian hermit at the bottom. The star-hopper greeted the old man and they began to chat, their conversation quickly turning to the sad state the galaxy was in. The hermit bemoaned the fact that criminals and pirates traveled freely, that the Old Republic had been shattered, the Jedi hunted to extinction, and that over all this, the shadow of the Galactic Empire loomed overhead.[2]

The Rodian hermit

The spacer agreed wholeheartedly with the hermit's assessment, which pleased the solitary old man. The hermit explained how the galaxy was in dire need of heroes, individuals who demonstrated their devout adherence to the light. The hermit called the spacer brash and young, but told them that perhaps one day they might become such a hero, and the spacer quickly declared that they could become a hero. The hermit was pleased with such noble intentions, but declared them only just that, intentions. He told the spacer that if they truly wished to become a hero, it must be through actions. The spacer asked the hermit just how they might prove their worth as a hero, and the Rodian told the mariner they must travel the wastes of Tatooine, performing acts that demonstrate their selflessness and heroism. He laid down the qualities a hero must have: intelligence, courage, honor, and altruism, and told the spacer that if they were to perform acts which championed these characteristics, he would bestow upon them the Mark of the Hero.[2]

The spacer questioned the hermit on what the Mark of the Hero was, to which the hermit explained that he wasn't always an old man living in a dirty cave in the deserts of Tatooine. He explained that in his youth, he had won many battles against the forces of darkness, and wore the Mark around his neck as a reminder of his cause. He told the spacer that if they proved themselves a hero, if they showed that they wished to carry on the hermit's history of heroic acts, then he would pass the Mark of the Hero onto them. The spacer agreed to take up the hermit's life long crusade, but the old Rodian required a simple test before he would send the spacer onto his heroic undertaking. The hermit had lost a squill skull he had obtained, which he was using for some kind of research. He told the spacer that the squill within the cave had stolen it, and if the spacer returned it, he would set them upon the path proper to becoming the Hero of Tatooine. The spacer searched on through the very rear of the cave, in the nest of a squill and found the skull, which they returned to the pleased hermit. Now believing they were worthy of his test, the hermit told the spacer that they would have to obtain four different marks, each related to the qualities required in a hero: The Mark of Intellect, the Mark of Honor, the Mark of Courage, and the Mark of Altruism.[2]

The Mark of Intellect[]

"Perhaps a bounty hunter needs assistance…or a puzzle needs to be solved somewhere in the galaxy."
―A Rodian hermit[src]

A bounty hunter in need of some intellect.

The spacer first requested information on the task related to the Mark of Intellect, and the old hermit informed the spacer that in order to obtain the Mark of Intellect, they must find one in need of their wisdom. He suggested a bounty hunter in need of assistance, or perhaps even a puzzle that needed to be solved. He told the spacer that they should travel the cities of Tatooine, for the mariner would find what they were looking for within one of them.[2]

The spacer did just that, and searched the many settlements of Tatooine, until they discovered a bounty hunter surrounded by five smugglers and their captain. The spacer greeted the bounty hunter and asked if they could be of assistance, which the bounty hunter did indeed need. She informed the spacer that she had been tracking her target for some time, and knew that her target was among the band of smugglers around her, but didn't know which one. She explained that the one she was after had stolen a crate of equipment, but that no one got a good look at them. She also stated that the crate they stole had a transponder attached to it. Unfortunately, she explained, shortly after arriving on Tatooine, the signal from the transponder went dead, and she assumed the thief had discovered it and destroyed it.[2]

She explained further that after she landed, she rounded up all the known smugglers within the city, and questioned them about the crate. None of them were forthcoming about it, however. She explained that the only one she didn't suspect was the smuggler captain, as she knew him and trusted him, but all the others were simply blaming each other. She asked the spacer to find out who the culprit was, and after some thorough detective work, which involved questioning each smuggler, trying to catch one of them in a lie, the spacer had determined who the culprit was. The spacer informed the bounty hunter, who immediately took the guilty party into custody. Thanking the spacer, she headed off toward the starport, her query in tow. The spacer later discovered an odd sculpture within their pack, which was noted as the Mark of Intellect.[2]

The Mark of Honor[]

"Somewhere on this desert planet, strife between ranchers and pirates rages on."
―A Rodian hermit[src]

The spacer returned to the hermit's desert dwelling and asked him about the Mark of Honor. The hermit explained to the spacer that somewhere out in the dunes, a band of pirates were making trouble for a married couple of ranchers. He told them to seek these two besieged people out, and choose the correct path. The hermit provided the spacer with the coordinates of the pirate's base, and set them on their way.[2]

The spacer arrived at the small desert bunker, and immediately set about infiltrating it, defeating any and all pirates who opposed their entrance. The star-hopper found their way to the bottom level of the bunker and discovered the pirate's leader. After a short battle, the defeated freebooter pleaded for his life, and the spacer relented, but demanded to know why he was terrorizing the ranchers. The pirate leader explained that the only reason he was attacking the ranchers at this point was because they had managed to capture some of his crew during an earlier raid. The leader asked the spacer to free his crew and provided the spacer with the location to the rancher's house, which was outside of Mos Eisley.[2]

The Ranch.

The spacer made their way to the house, and after looking around for a bit, entered the abode. The spacer noted that the house was sensibly decorated and that they could smell baked goods, and they heard faint murmuring in the distance. The spacer was greeted by a startled woman named Helen Goldenfield, who demanded to know why they were in her house and whether or not they were another thug. She threatened to lock the spacer up like the rest of the rest of the pirates, but the spacer quickly convinced the woman that they were not one of the pirates and that they were there to help her. After calming down, she explained that her husband had gone to warn the authorities about both the pirates in their home and the corsair group's presence nearby. The rancher's wife asked the spacer if they would look after the captive pirates in the basement while she went outside to calm down some more, which the spacer readily agreed to do.[2]

The spacer proceeded downstairs to stand guard by the basement door, and while doing so, heard a voice from the nearby intercom. The captive raiders tried to persuade the spacer to let them out, but the spacer refused to do so. After making sure the pirates could not escape on their own, the spacer went back upstairs to inform the rancher's wife of the pirate's intent to escape. The woman was relieved at the spacer's honorable actions, and at that moment, she heard her husband, Roric Goldenfield, finally returning. He entered the house with two Imperial dark troopers who proceeded to arrest the pirates. The spacer was graciously thanked by the ranchers and the spacer decided it was time to leave. On their way back to the hermit, the spacer discovered yet another sculpture piece within their pack, this time etched with "Mark of Honor". The spacer had completed their second test.[2]

The Mark of Courage[]

"You will gain the Mark of Courage by defeating a ferocious beast bent on terrorizing the world."
―A Rodian hermit[src]

A wild bladeback boar.

The spacer returned yet again to the hermit's cave home and requested information on their next task: the Mark of Courage. The hermit explained that Tatooine was home to a ferocious beast, who was bent on terrorizing an already terrorized world. The hermit instructed the spacer to speak to the citizen's of Tatooine, for they would provide the information the spacer needed. The spacer decided to start in Mos Espa, and they began asking the local citizenry about the creature. They were eventually told that the creature must be a local wild bladeback boar that had been terrorizing the town. The spacer began searching the outskirts of the city, and eventually found the boar's home. The spacer quickly launched an offensive at the dangerous beast, and eventually slew it. The spacer noticed that an object on the boar's corpse was glittering, and after further inspection, discovered the third mark within its entrails: the Mark of Courage. The spacer stuffed it into their pack and made their way back to the Squill Cave.[2]

The Mark of Altruism[]

"Somewhere, in the harsh desert heat, a farmer desperately cries out….in need of a hero."
―A Rodian hermit[src]

The spacer returned to the hermit for a fourth time and asked about the final mark, the Mark of Altruism. He instructed the spacer that in order to obtain the Mark of Altruism, they must selflessly help someone in need. He added that somewhere out in the dry desert heat, a farmer desperately cries out in need of a hero.[2]

The Beetle Cave.

The spacer started by asking around in the Tatooine settlement of Mos Taike. One of the residents the star-hopper talked to mentioned that a moisture farmer had been in town recently, asking for help in rescuing his family from a criminal group know as the Sennex, but that he had left recently. The spacer traveled out into the wastes and found the frazzled farmer southeast of Mos Taike. The farmer told the spacer that his wife and child were being held for ransom by the Sennex, and the farmer pleaded with the spacer to help him free them, even noting that he knew where they were being held. The spacer agreed to help the poor man and the farmer transferred the coordinates to the spacer's datapad. The spacer quickly rushed off to the cave where the Sennex had set up. The spacer quickly fought their way through the pirate's nest, finally discovering where the farmer's family was being kept. However, they were trapped behind a large boulder, unable to get free.[2]

Searching nearby, the spacer found an old crate filled with explosives. The spacer, thinking quickly, used the explosives to the destroy the boulder and free the farmer's captured family. The spacer spoke to the frightened mother, assuring her that they were there to rescue her. The spacer convinced her and her child to follow them out, fending off the remaining Sennex along the way. When they finally reached the mouth of the cave, the woman thanked her rescuer, and set off with her child to find her husband. The spacer suddenly felt their pack become heavier, and looked inside to find yet another weird sculpture piece, which was marked with the words "Mark of Altruism". The spacer had passed the final test.[2]

The Mark of the Hero[]

"I have returned from my journeys, my friend"
"I see you bear the Marks of Courage, Honor, Intellect, and Altruism! Can it be? Have I found the one I have sought for so long?"
"Yes, I am the hero you seek."
―A spacer and a Rodian hermit in the Squill Cave on Tatooine[src]

Mark of the Hero

After having completed all tasks set before them and acquiring all four marks, the spacer returned to the hermit's underground home. The spacer informed the hermit that they had returned from their journeys and completed all the tasks he had set upon them. The hermit was at first skeptical, asking the spacer if they were truly the hero he had long sought. The spacer boastfully declared, that yes, they were the Hero of Tatooine. The hermit congratulated the spacer on all the good work they had accomplished and rewarded the spacer, as promised, with the Mark of the Hero, instructing them to let it remind them of their cause, and all the good things they were fighting for. The hermit wished the young warrior luck, and the spacer left the cave, confident that they had done something to make Tatooine a little bit safer for it's inhabitants.[2]

Behind the scenes[]

The Quest of the Hero of Tatooine was a series of quests featured in the 2003 video game Star Wars Galaxies: An Empire Divided.[2] The quests were part of the game's initial content package upon release but were disabled shortly thereafter. They were revamped and re-added to the game with improved content in "Publish 9: Secrets of the Force" on June 29, 2004.[7] It required the help of the Ranger profession to scan the wilds for the various people and creatures needed to complete it. Its reward was a ring with fifty charges that would return you to life if you had died. It could only be used once every twenty-three hours. In addition to the ring, each of the four "Mark" sculptures received during the quest could be dropped in ones in-game house to form a unique, spherical sculpture.[2]

In 2005, after the New Game Enhancements were brought into the game, the quest was broken until 2007 when it was reintroduced, although in a much more simple form. The player is free to perform any of the four different Mark tasks in any order; however, this article puts them in a strict order for the sake of consistency. If the player is a supporter of the Galactic Empire and tells the hermit such when the player initially talks to him, the hermit will refuse to offer his quest and tells them to return to him when their "opinions have evolved".



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