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Questal was a planet in Questal sector, infamous during the Galactic Civil War as the stronghold of the sadistic Moff Bandor.


Once a quiet agricultural colony, Questal was overrun by mining interests and crime following the discovery of ardanium around 0 ABY. Within a couple of years, Moff Bandor was installed by Emperor Palpatine to bring order to the planet, which he accomplished with widespread arrests and speedy executions. He then promoted the planet's preexisting criminal tyrants to official positions of power, enabling them to continue their reigns of terror.

Late in the Galactic Civil War, a trompa went berserk during a parade honoring Bandor's birthday. The reason for the creature's rampage turned out to be Bandor's Hurlothrumbic Generator, a fear-generating device constructed in secret on Questal under Bandor's order. A group of Rebel operatives were on hand to subdue the trompa, minimizing loss of life and property damage. The same operatives eventually defeated Bandor and disabled the generator.


Moff Bandor's Palace[]

Designed to imitate the Imperial City style of architecture, Moff Bandor's palace stood out as a huge collection of sharp ebony spires located in the center of Gralleenya, Questal's capital. Serving as Bandor's home and seat of government, the palace was protected by a 15-meter-high wall and six stormtroopers guarding the main gates.

Beneath the palace, in a secret testing chamber, was Bandor's functioning Hurlothrumbic Generator, which attracted even Palpatine's attention before it was disabled. Bandor used the generator to torment and mentally crush his enemies, releasing them back into Questal's population, where they would spread rumors of Bandor's mysterious power.


A seamy cantina comparable to the Mos Eisley cantina, Shilley's was located in Gralleenya. Its owner, the Morganian Tan Shilley, employed Gor'telp the Kler'terrian as bartender and Snufftalon the Wookiee as bouncer. Visitors to Shilley's often came in search of information, though newcomers were distrusted and personally evaluated by Shilley herself.

Behind the scenes[]

The depiction of Shilley's in The Game Chambers of Questal includes a wall poster of a skull with the word "Calavera" barely legible beneath it. "Calavera" is Spanish for "skull".



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