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"It matters which side we choose. Even if there will never be more light than darkness. Even if there can be no more joy in the galaxy than there is pain. For every action we undertake, for every word we speak, for every life we touch, it matters. I don't turn toward the light because it means someday I'll win some sort of cosmic game. I turn toward it because it is the light."
―Qui-Gon Jinn[11]

Qui-Gon Jinn, a Force-sensitive human male, was a venerable if maverick Jedi Master who lived during the last years of the Republic Era. He was a wise and well-respected member of the Jedi Order, and was offered a seat on the Jedi Council, but chose to reject and follow his own path. Adhering to a philosophy centered around the Living Force, Jinn strove to follow the will of the Force even when his actions conflicted with the wishes of the High Council. After encountering Anakin Skywalker, Jinn brought him to the Jedi Temple on Coruscant, convinced he had found the Chosen One. His dying wish was for Skywalker to become a Jedi and ultimately restore balance to the Force.

Born on the Core World Coruscant, the capital of the Galactic Republic in around 80 BBY, Jinn eventually learned the ways of the Force as the Padawan of Jedi Master Dooku before ultimately attaining the rank of Jedi Knight. He would go on to take an apprentice of his own, Obi-Wan Kenobi, who adhered to the principles of the Jedi Code more than his own master. Although their relationship was sometimes tough, the two Jedi overcame early difficulties during a mission to Pijal, which concluded in Jinn turning down a request to join the Jedi Council to continue teaching his apprentice. When the Trade Federation initiated a blockade of the Mid Rim planet Naboo in 32 BBY, Jinn and Kenobi were dispatched to resolve the crisis at the request of Supreme Chancellor Finis Valorum. Influenced by the mysterious Sith Lord Darth Sidious, the Federation launched a full-scale invasion of Naboo, forcing the Jedi to rescue Queen Padmé Amidala after the fall of Theed.

During their journey to the galactic capital, the group was forced to land on the Outer Rim planet Tatooine where Jinn encountered a young slave named Anakin Skywalker. Using a scientific method to gauge the boy's potential, he learned that Skywalker had more midi-chlorians in his blood than any Force-sensitive in galactic history, including Grand Master Yoda. The revelation that he was the result of a miracle birth—a child born of a mother, but had no father—confirmed Jinn's suspicion that Skywalker was the Chosen One destined to restore balance to the Force. Before departing the desert world with Skywalker, Jinn was confronted by Sidious' Sith apprentice Darth Maul. Although their duel was brief, it convinced Jinn that the Sith had returned after a millennium of silence.

At the Temple, Jinn was adamant that Skywalker was the Chosen One and should, therefore, be inducted into the Jedi Order. However, having inspected Skywalker for themselves, the High Council deemed him too old, emotional, and dangerously full of fear and anger. Jinn saw their decision as a temporary setback, but the need to resolve the situation on Queen Amidala's homeworld forced him to set aside his plans for Skywalker. During the Battle of Naboo, Jinn and Kenobi confronted Darth Maul together. While they initially managed to fend off the Sith Lord's attacks, master and apprentice were eventually separated during the lightsaber duel, resulting in Jinn sustaining a mortal injury. Rushing to his master's aid, Kenobi fought and ultimately defeated the Dathomirian Sith, but could not save Jinn. With his last breath, Jinn made Kenobi promise that he would take Skywalker as his apprentice. Having secured Kenobi's word, Jinn became one with the Force, dying with the certainty that he had found the prophesied Chosen One.


Early life[]

"Qui-Gon Jinn would never join you."
"Don't be so sure, my young Jedi. You forget that he was once my apprentice, just as you were once his."
―Obi-Wan Kenobi and Count Dooku[12]

Count Dooku, Jinn's former master.

Qui-Gon Jinn was a male human born on the galactic capital of Coruscant[1] circa 80 BBY.[2] He was taken to the Jedi Temple as a boy[14] for training by the Jedi Order and was assigned to the Heliost Clan where he learned lightsaber combat from Jedi Master Tera Sinube.[10]

When Jinn was twelve years old, he was assigned as a Padawan to Jedi Master Dooku, from whom he learned the ways of the Force.[1][12] He'd spent his last night in the younglings' crèche laughing with his friends, imagining all the adventures he would have as a Padawan, and practicing with his lightsaber in the sparring room until Master Yaddle ordered him to bed.[11]

When the future Jedi Master Eno Cordova first joined the Jedi Order, he became close friends with Jinn, who helped Cordova learn about and get used to Coruscant.[15]

Apprentice to Dooku[]

Becoming a Jedi[]

Around 68 BBY,[16] when he presented himself to his new Master in Dooku's quarters, Dooku observed that Jinn was frightened. After a moment of silence, and with pressing from Dooku, Jinn confessed that he was. When asked why, after looking into himself through the fear, Jinn answered that he was not afraid of Dooku, but of not becoming a Jedi, that he was afraid of failing and of not being worthy. Dooku then summarized it as Jinn being afraid of himself, of a future not being the one he wanted. Jinn confirmed it, fearing that Dooku would reject him for his cowardice. Dooku instead said that it was very wise, surprising Jinn. Smiling, Dooku explained that most Padawans would deny their fear, and even if they admitted it, they would not have Jinn's self-knowledge. Dooku further praised Jinn for his honesty, insight, and intelligence.[11]

To help Jinn understand the Jedi Temple more completely, Dooku then took him throughout most of the Temple, including the Padawans' sparring dojo, a dojo where Jedi Knights trained, and the Great Assembly Room. Jinn also saw the various meditation chambers, which he didn't find as exciting, but still interesting. On the other hand, Jinn spent long minutes in the arboretum, wandering through the trees, ferns, and flowers of a thousand different worlds. Their last stop was the Jedi Archives, where they examined holocrons of various eras, not to study them, but simply for Jinn to learn his way around. While doing so, an ancient holocron, more ancient and of a different shape than the rest, caught Jinn's eye. When he questioned his Master about it, he was shocked by the expression on Dooku's face, almost as if he considered it an enemy. Dooku answered that it was a holocron of Jedi prophecies. Jinn asked if there are Jedi prophets, to which Dooku replied not any longer. He explained to Jinn that the mystics sought undue knowledge of the future, which led them down dangerous paths. The dark side often tempted those drawn too deeply into them. Dooku then finished by saying that is why the Jedi study prophecy no longer, then turned to leave, which meant Jinn had to follow. Jinn then asked Dooku if just wanting to know the future can lead to the dark side. Dooku replied that it takes more than that. This was Qui-Gon's first encounter with the holocron of prophecies, and it would not be the last.[11]

After four months as a Padawan, the Council sent him with his master to Shurrupak to participate in a battle on its surface, which was Qui-Gon's very first. While the shuttle they were in approached the planet under heavy fire, a nervous Jinn reassured himself that he was ready for battle, looking to his Master Dooku as an example to aspire to as a fearless Jedi. As they arrived at Primus Base, Qui-Gon had his first meeting with Rael Averross, Dooku's first Padawan and a famous lightsaber duelist. After greeting each other heartily, Dooku introduced Rael to his new Padawan. While Dooku then conferred with the generals, Rael put one hand on the still-nervous Jinn's shoulder. Rather than comforting Jinn about the battle, Rael instead commented that Dooku is hard to get to know and offered to help Qui-Gon out. Since he was Dooku's previous Padawan, Rael told Qui-Gon that he could ask him any questions that he might not feel comfortable asking Dooku yet and be his sparring partner if he wanted. With his first battle looming ahead, Qui-Gon accepted his offer. As they, too, went to talk to the generals, Qui-Gon felt as though Rael Averross was the link between the Padawan he was and the Jedi Knight he desperately wished to be. He viewed his journey to be easier now that he had a friend to show him the path.[11]

Sometime after that battle, Qui-Gon was doing homework in Dooku's quarters while his Master was in conference with an official from Badtibira. He then had a surprise visit from Rael Averross, who greeted Jinn warmly. Qui-Gon greeted him with a similar warmth, then asked what he was doing there. Rael explained that he had just returned from Shurrupak, then asked what Jinn was doing in Dooku's quarters since he wouldn't be returning for another few hours. Jinn explained that Dooku lets him do his homework in his quarters if he doesn't disturb him. In this case, Jinn was reporting on the different schools of theosophy a century ago. Upon Rael's grimace and questioning, if he had angered Dooku somehow, Jinn admitted that he chose the topic despite knowing that it wouldn't be interesting because he thought it would be easy. It wasn't.[11]

Upon receiving a negative from Jinn if it was too late to change his topic, Rael grinned, and motioning for Qui-Gon to follow him, offered to show him some history worth studying. They went to the Jedi Archives, and together they studied the one and only holocron that had ever interested Jinn: the one that held the ancient prophecies. They were all fascinating to him, and Qui-Gon kept reading, unable to stop. He asked Rael if the ancient mystics had these visions in trances, to which he confirmed. After contemplating these prophecies, Jinn remarked that Dooku said he should ignore this holocron and that he doesn't believe in the prophecies. This confused Rael since Dooku, he said, was the one who introduced Rael to it and that it used to be that one could hardly pry the holocron out of his quarters. Qui-Gon said that he didn't know when or why that changed and that Dooku didn't explain. A surprised Rael said he would ask Dooku about it and remarked that Dooku had changed a lot. Qui-Gon protested, surprising Rael, then said not until he's finished his report. Rael then laughed so loud he received a stern look from Jocasta Nu.[11]

Tracking Shenda Mol and love life on Felucia[]

"I have a little game I play. I need more kills to win—though, of course, I'm only competing with myself. That's the only competition that really matters, you know. More people ought to un­derstand that."
―Shenda Mol, to Qui-Gon Jinn[11]

Jinn and his Jedi Master Dooku became part of a Numidian Prime strike team. They were assembled to track and find the notorious Falleen bounty hunter Shenda Mol. They eventually tracked her at her hideout on the planet Numidian Prime. While searching for her hideout, Mol captured Jinn. Before Mol could kill Jinn, Dooku struck her down with Force lightning to save his apprentice, causing Jinn a degree of concern.[11]

Jinn later confided what Dooku did to Rael Averross, though at the time, Averross expressed that he was not all too concerned regarding his former master's conduct.[11] In 60 BBY,[17] Jinn went through trials on the Outer Rim planet Felucia[18] when he fell in love with someone,[11] beginning a romantic[17] and physical relationship. As the Jedi Code forbade romantic relationships,[11] Jinn found his commitment to the Jedi ways tested, but he ultimately stayed loyal to the Jedi Order.[18] He would, however, keep a Mustafar fire diamond that was given to him on Felucia as a memento.[11]

At some point during his apprenticeship, Jinn met the Wookiee Brennonn and befriended her. They shared many adventures together, with Brennonn saving Jinn on two occasions. During the second of those adventures, events transpired that resulted in Jinn feeling as though they saved each other. He also came to know the Wookiee Balfus.[19]

Rescuing Senator Dagonet's son[]

"Your actions saved many lives today."
"Just thinking in the moment, Master."
"Well, then. You're a much wiser man than I, Qui-Gon Jinn."
"Thanks to your teachings."
―Dooku and Qui-Gon Jinn on his actions during the rescue mission[9]

Qui-Gon Jinn and Dooku were sent on a mission to locate Senator Dagonet's son.

During his time as Dooku's Padawan, Jinn and Dooku had been sent on a mission to rescue the son of Republic Senator Dagonet, who was being held captive by the residents of the Senator's home planet. After their investigation, they discovered that the Dagonet was allowing his people to starve for his own personal greed and corruption. The kidnappers abducted Dagonet's son to protest his inhumane policies and discovered that Dagonet's son was yet unharmed. Dagonet arrived to rescue his son, resulting in a brief shootout between the Senator's forces and the Jedi-backed kidnappers. During a lull in the firefight, Dagonet threatened to burn the entire village down and many others to make an example of them. An enraged Dooku began Force-choking Dagonet with the intent to kill him, but Qui-Gon released Dagonet's son and managed to defuse the situation without any further violence. In the aftermath, Dooku commended Qui-Gon's actions and praised him as a wiser man than him.[9]

Investigating a Conspiracy[]

At one point, both he and Dooku were invited by council member Jor Aerith to join her in representing the Jedi at the annual Coruscant Dragonfire Air Rally in hopes of making a good impression on the Candovant ambassador who had invited her.

Dooku agreed to attend and took the opportunity to teach Qui-Gon some Candovant customs, but while they were there, they ran into Ramil, whom Qui-Gon learned was Dooku's brother, much to his shock. Qui-Gon and Dooku learned that Ramill was was participating in the race. While Ramil did very well in the race, it quickly became apparent his Airspeeder was sabotaged and it crashed. Qui-Gon and Dooku discreetly went to see what had happened, and while there they discovered the Investigator was trying to cover up the incident. Following the man, they found he was working for a Jenet crime boss named Cenevax. Ignoring a message from Aerith asking them to return to the races, they chose to confront and captured the criminal, and while questioning her they realized that she was privy to Council communications, as Cenevax made clear she knew they that had been recalled and were disobeying order by being there. With this information, Dooku deduced that she had a spy on the Council, much to the shock of Qui-Gon.

Dooku and Qui-Gon escorted Cenevax to the Council Chamber, where Dooku made his accusation, and discovered that Jedi Master Braylon was the spy. Further investigation revealed that Cenevax had been blackmailing her with the fact that Arath Tarrex, the latter being Dooku's old classmate and was also shockingly revealed to be in fact her son. Qui-Gon and Dooku confronted and exposed Tarrex, who was then taken into custody for his actions and also for having sold out his mother's influence to criminals. As the Temple guards were escorting Tarrex, Dooku encouraged Qui-Gon to go with them and ensure that the guards treated him well, both of which Qui-Gon agreed to do. Following this event being resolved, Braylon was removed from her seat on the council because of her actions, Dooku joined the Council.

Jinn became a Jedi Knight around 58 BBY.[17]

Master to Obi-Wan Kenobi[]

Becoming a mentor[]


Becoming the mentor to Obi-Wan Kenobi, Qui-Gon Jinn sought to teach him the best he could.

Jinn became a Jedi Master in his own right, a master who developed an independent attitude towards the Jedi Order. Others saw him as a maverick Jedi, one who would disobey the Jedi Code if he felt it was the right decision. Jinn eventually took on a Padawan named Obi-Wan Kenobi, who believed that Jinn could've been a member of the Jedi High Council if he followed the Code,[7] though as Kenobi knew, Jinn had rejected an offer to join.[11] On one occasion, Kenobi watched in silence as his master told the council he disagreed with them. At another point, the master and apprentice sparred, with Jinn complimenting Kenobi's skill. On another occasion, the two visited a plain and overlooked its native creatures, giving Jinn the chance to teach Kenobi about how the Force existed in all the life that surrounded them.[20]

Jinn was able to sense whenever Kenobi was discontent, which proved useful on some missions, yet also annoyed Kenobi.[21] At one point, Jinn and Kenobi traveled to the planet Lah'mu to visit a fortress.[11] Jinn also maintained contact with his old Master after taking on Kenobi and spoke highly of his Padawan to Dooku.[12] While Dooku left the Jedi Order after the invasion of Serenno[10] in 42 BBY,[17] secretly becoming a Sith apprentice to the elusive Sith Lord Darth Sidious sometime later,[12] he was still allowed to visit the Jedi Temple.[22] Dooku's decision to leave the Jedi came as a shock to Jinn, who felt lost for a time as he grappled with feelings of doubt and fear. However, Jinn trusted in the Jedi teachings and himself, which allowed him to recover and replace his shaken feelings with resolve.[23] At some point, Jinn met the Togorian Jedi Jak'zin, who had also looked up to Dooku.[24]

Jinn taught Kenobi as best he could, although Kenobi did not always agree with his master's teaching strategies. Despite his Padawan's clear proficiencies in lightsaber techniques, Jinn held Kenobi to practicing only basic methods, which impacted his apprentice's confidence and their relationship. Although Jinn did so to not rush his apprentice and allow Kenobi to carve out his own distinct style out of mastery of the fundamental cadences, his lack of clarity on his teaching philosophy hurt Kenobi.[11]

At some point, Obi-Wan came up with the idea of a new weapon powered by kyber crystals which consisted of two short-bladed sabers each attached to a thin chain. After hearing this idea from Kenobi, Qui-Gon told his padawan that lightsabers were about how the Jedi wished to be seen, and that was not intended to be a display of power. That lesson resonated with his young Padawan, who would carry it for years to come.[25]

Protecting Duchess Satine[]

"Master Qui-Gon and I spent a year on Mandalore, protecting the duchess from insurgents who had threatened her world. They sent bounty hunters after us. We were always on the run, living hand to mouth, never sure what the next day would bring."
―Obi-Wan Kenobi[26]

Satine Kryze, whom Kenobi and Jinn were assigned to protect

Between circa 41 BBY and circa 39 BBY,[27] a civil war began to rage on the planet Mandalore, with the world's martial traditionalists fighting against a reformist faction known as the New Mandalorians. The leader of the New Mandalorian movement, Duchess Satine Kryze,[28] became a target for the traditionalists, who hired bounty hunters to eliminate her. However, Jinn and Kenobi were sent on an extended mission to Mandalore, where they were assigned to protect Kryze.[26]

Jinn and Kenobi spent a year on Mandalore with Kryze, remaining on the run from the bounty hunters. The three remained unsure of what the future would bring, but they continued their effort to survive, living hand to mouth everyday. During the mission, Kenobi developed romantic feelings for Kryze.[26] Jinn became aware of the unlikely romance between his apprentice and the noble.[21] Eventually, the civil war came to an end, with the New Mandalorians coming to power and Kryze becoming the ruler of Mandalore. Although Kenobi would have left the Jedi and stayed behind to be with her had she had asked him to, Kryze never did, so he and Jinn left the planet.[26]

Mission to Pijal[]

"I've never been to Pijal."
―Qui-Gon Jinn[11]

The mission to Pijal

In 40 BBY,,[17] Jinn and Kenobi undertook a mission to Teth to thwart Wanbo the Hutt. The two Jedi escaped Teth, but not without complications including a key miscommunication between master and apprentice. Upon returning to Coruscant, the Jedi High Council extended to Jinn an invitation to join their ranks, as with Master Poli Dapatian was stepping down by that month's end. Jinn was shocked to be asked due to his disagreements with the Council on various occasions, and while he was initially pleased to hear the offer, he thought of his Padawan, who he would have to pass on to a new master if he were to accept. While it would solve the growing problems between them, Jinn felt guilt at the thought of it and thus told the Council that he would meditate on their proposition.[11]

Meanwhile, a political dispute erupted on the Inner Rim planet Pijal. A performance troupe known as the Opposition that began playing political pranks to protest a treaty signing that would end the absolute monarchy on Pijal, allow the world to join the Republic, and give more power to Czerka Corporation was thought to be making increasingly violent attacks nearing the treaty's signing. Jinn's old friend Rael Averross requested Jinn and his Padawan's assistance to end the dispute and ensure the signing of the treaty. The Council sent Jinn and his Padawan to Pijal to help. However, as the mission began, Kenobi became aware of the offer presented to Jinn regarding the Jedi Council when the two met with Supreme Chancellor Kirames Kaj. Jinn felt great shame at not being the first to tell his Padawan learner. Before they left, Jinn sought out Kenobi and the Padawan's dojo. He attempted to apologize for not being the first to tell him the news and said that he had several reservations that he had to dwell on before committing to the position, but Kenobi made a sarcastic reply. Jinn told his Padawan that he would continue to discuss the matter when Kenobi was in a more rational mood, and when Kenobi quipped again, Jinn sadly said that he supposed that the Force always allowed things to turn out for the best. As they traveled to Pijal, the tension between them grew.[11]

Jinn and Kenobi both were briefed on the situation, learning that Averross served Crown Princess Fanry, who was only fourteen years old, as an advisor and that he needed to protect her from the Opposition as she waited to take Pijal's throne. Jinn and Averross became reacquainted quickly, although Jinn was skeptical of several of Averross's choices during his service, as Averross also loosely interpreted the Jedi Code. As he and Kenobi began to do more investigating on Pijal's moon, they encountered two jewel thieves, Pax Maripher and Rahara Wick. Although Maripher was very abrasive towards Jinn, Wick was more cooperative. Onboard their ship, the Meryx, Jinn recruited the two to help them find the terrorists that posed a threat to the treaty. Shortly after returning, Jinn received a vision of the event, which turned into a bloody battle. He brought it to Averross's attention, but the older Jedi did not share his level of concern.[11]

As their investigation continued, Jinn eventually met with the Opposition's leader, Halin Azucca, and learned that her group was being framed. Although they had peacefully made demonstrations against the treaty, the violent terrorist acts that had alerted the Republic were not caused by Azucca's people. As Qui-Gon learned of the complications surrounding the treaty due to the lack of Pijali representation and the heavy influence gained by the Czerka Corporation, he decided to oppose the treaty himself and refused to act as a Republic representative.[11]

However, eventually, the Jedi discovered that Fanry was deceiving them and had been building a military group called the blackguards, framing the Opposition to restore the full monarchy. At the coronation, she rejected the treaty as well as the Republic's influence, proving herself to having been underestimated by the Jedi. Ready to remove Czerka influence from the system by force, she prepared to attack their ships. Jinn attempted to convince her to stop and prevent the innocent casualties that were the Czerka slaves onboard the ships, but when she refused, Jinn took matters into his own hands, and with the help of Kenobi as well as their two new friends Maripher and Wick, they succeeded in saving the slaves. After the mission, Jinn decided to stick with training Kenobi and declined the offer to join the Jedi Council.[11]

Truths of the Force[]

Discovering the secrets of life after death[]

Sometime during his life, Jinn began discovering the secrets to manifesting his consciousness after death.[29] He traveled to a planet strong with the Force, a world that legend said was the birthplace of life and the origin of midi-chlorians. He learned from five Force Priestesses who had retained their consciousness after death.[30] He learned that, when a living thing died, its life passed through the Living Force and into the Cosmic Force to become one with the Force.[29]

As the Living Force and Cosmic Force existed in tandem, it became possible for one to retain consciousness and physically manifest themselves after death. Jinn was considered worthy of the knowledge of eternal life and secretly began his training to unlock its mysteries fully.[29] He also learned from a Shaman of the Whills that achieving eternal consciousness required absolute selflessness.[5]

Questioning his purpose[]

"Being called a coward isn't what bothered me, Master Yoda. It was being called a great warrior."
―Qui-Gon Jinn[31]
Brin conflict

Qui-Gon during the rescue of Th'er

Jinn began experiencing an inner turmoil over how the Jedi should interact with the Force. Although Yoda sensed that internal debate in the man, Jinn continued on with his Jedi duties for sometime.[31] In 37 BBY,[32] when Jinn and Kenobi were sent to the planet Bri'n to establish negotiations between the the Priestess Th'er of Wood and the Metal Clan, Kenobi stayed within their Eta-class shuttle while Jinn met with the Priestess's rivals. When the Metal Clan instead tried to kill Jinn and the Priestess as a justification to begin cutting down the world's trees, he moved to defend Th'er and escape with her. Deflecting many blaster bolts with his lightsaber, the Jedi contacted Kenobi to start their shuttle and inform him about the failed negotiations. After being surrounded by the Metal Clan, Th'er proclaimed that Jinn was a warrior who could take down all who opposed her, yet Jinn instead used Force jump to escape with her aboard their shuttle, ordering Kenobi to take them to Coruscant so as to protect the Priestess.[31]

Th'er was nevertheless disgusted by Coruscant—viewing it as a city of metal—and demanded Jinn to act as a warrior, ordering him to cut down every member of the Metal Clan. Although Jinn informed her that was not the path of the Jedi Order, Th'er felt Jinn was instead a coward who did not live up to the legends that proclaimed the Jedi to be great soldiers. Greatly distressed at being called a warrior, he returned to the Jedi Temple, where he did not report to the Jedi High Council. Deciding to confront Jinn over his internal turmoil, Yoda located the Jedi Master on one of the Temple's balconies under the pretense of asking for him to report to the Council. Aware that Kenobi had filed his own report, Jinn quickly saw through Yoda's claim, leading to a discussion about how the Jedi should act between the two masters.[31]

Even though Yoda and him had different opinions, they both agreed that Jinn should seek answers. Needing a world full of life to find a deep communion with the Force, Jinn—travelling off Coruscant in his Delta-7 Jedi Interceptor with his astromech droid—trusted the Force to guide him to answers, resulting in him coming out of hyperspace above a charted but unnamed world. After leaving his ship and admiring the planet's beauty, Jinn quickly felt the presence of the dark side on the world and noticed how a spreading darkness was starting to corrupt the planet. Unsure whether the Force wanted him to stop it or learn from it, Jinn continued until he found a temple and sat its throne. Pondering whether he would find light in the dark monument, Jinn entered a frightening Force vision.[31]


In a Force vision, Qui-Gon Jinn learned that unchecked violence would only lead to the dark side.

In his vision, Jinn—his skin and Jedi robes covered in marks—was surrounded by red humanoid beings who grew out of dark tendrils. Although at least one of these beings tried to attack him as he fought, Jinn quickly ignited his lightsaber and cut the beings down, only for the red coloration to vanish from those he had killed. Jinn saw he had murdered Jedi, and the same darkness that he had seen on their bodies began to consume him; by choosing violence, the dark side had gained power over him. As the darkness wrapped across his face, Jinn awoke from his vision horrified, only to see the light side had entered into the monument. He realized the Force had taught him he could find balance that could be achieved without conflict, as unchecked violence would make the Jedi turn into what they sought to confront. In fact, he found that some of the planet's dark corruption had instead formed into flowers, existing in harmony with the light.[31]

Leaving the planet—albeit with new questions about the nature of the Force—and returning to Coruscant, Jinn found Th'er in one of the city world's parks, where offered to help her find off-world allies with whom to fight against the Metal Clan. Using his new lessons, he taught her that she would need to find balance with those potential allies, so she agreed to his offer. During the night, he again met with Yoda on a temple balcony, leading to another discussion about the Force. Speaking with the Grand Master, Jinn defended finding balance in the Force, believing the Jedi could not be too rigid yet could also not give into the dark side.[31]

Continued lessons[]

Life Day[]

Rescue of Qui-Gon Jinn

Jinn and Kenobi face off against Korgan.

At another point between 44 and 32 BBY,[33] Jinn told Kenobi he would be taking him on a training exercise, keeping it secret that they would be going to observe the Wookiees' celebration of Life Day on[19] the planet[1] Kashyyyk in the village of his old friend Brennonn, who had accepted his offer to visit. After entering the village, Jinn advised his Padawan to remain patient after the young man expressed confusion, reminding him to focus on what was instead of what he had expected. Though Kenobi found it hard to focus amid a celebration, Jinn continued their visit, educating his Padawan about Wookiee culture before asking what he made of it. Pleased with Kenobi's answer that it was as if the Wookiees were celebrating the Force, he explained the unconventional training he wanted Kenobi to partake in; he was asking him to focus on the energy of Kashyyyk, given that it was the Force. He then informed his Padawan they would speak with the Wookiees when Kenobi revealed he felt something different.[19]

Suddenly, the two Jedi were interrupted when Brennonn spotted Jinn, resulting in the Wookiee hugging him from how such she had missed him. Jinn shared her sentiment and began to introduce her to Kenobi, only for her to hug him as well. After Jinn explained his history with the Wookiee to Kenobi and thanked her for letting them come, she told him that Balfus was missing. As Jinn inquired about what actions she had taken concerning the missing Wookiee, both he and Kenobi felt a disturbance in the Force; several Trandoshan hunters suddenly attacked the village, launching nets from the trees to kidnap more Wookiees. Jinn and Kenobi fought against the Trandoshans, defeating many of them. However, Jinn himself was eventually captured when he demanded the hunters to surrender. Along with the captured Wookiees, Jinn was taken away by a MSP80 Pteropter hover pod.[19]

Although Jinn, as he was taken away, had told Kenobi it was up to him to rescue the Wookiees,[19] the Jedi Master tried to negotiate the Wookiees' release with the Trandoshans' leader, Korgan. However, Korgan wanted to capture Kenobi too, and Jinn warned him that his greed would have been his downfall. Jinn waited in his cage until Kenobi arrived. Kenobi pretended to surrender but, when Korgan was distracted, he opened Jinn's cage with the Force. Jinn Force-pulled his lightsaber and ignited it. As Jinn was freed, many Wookiees arrived to support the two Jedi: the Trandoshans, being outnumbered, surrendered and freed the Wookiee prisoners. After returning to the village, the Life Day celebration began.[34]

Jedi operations[]

Yoda and qui gon

Qui Gon Jinn and Yoda discuss a disturbance in the force.

At some point before 32 BBY, Jinn and Kenobi were operating near a planet that served as a base of the Flesh Mongers pirate group, flying a pair of Delta-7 Aethersprite-class light interceptors. The two received a message from the planet's surface from Jedi Master Yoda, who asked for assistance. Landing on the planet, Jinn and Kenobi discovered that Yoda had taken out the entire pirate gang to rescue a young Force-sensitive child, known as Lo, as the pirate had planned to sell him due to his Force abilities.[35]

Yoda asked Jinn and Kenobi to escort the infant to the Jedi Temple, with Yoda assuring Lo that he was in safe hands with Jinn. Jinn expressed that he was happy to help out as they had been so close. While the two conversed, Kenobi took particular interest in that Yoda took out an entire room of pirates and was totally in awe. Jinn then proceeded to ask Yoda if everything was all right, to which the revered master replied that he could sense a calling disturbance in the Force that he felt he must follow. Jinn noted that he could not feel the presence himself, but offered to join him on his quest if he so wanted. As Yoda climbed into his starship, he responded that he felt it was simply a calling for him alone and embarked on a mission to a planet in the Vagadarr system, where he became involved in a tribal war between the planet's native inhabitants.[35]

Jedi on Oosalon

Qui-Gon Jinn, alongside Plo Koon and Depa Billaba on Oosalon.

At another point, Jinn—alongside Jedi Masters Mace Windu, Plo Koon, and Depa Billaba—was sent to the planet Oosalon by Supreme Chancellor Finis Valorum due to the actions of the warlord Guattako, who was backed by the Hutt Clan and had kidnapped children to serve as soldiers. Being a planet that had around 80,000 kilometers worth of tunnels, the Jedi would be unable to find the base of Guattako's army, so they made a plan that Windu would be purposely captured, allowing him to send a signal in the Force to lead his fellow Jedi to Guattako. Although Jinn and his fellow Jedi—joined by at least two soldiers—were unable to make it through the tunnels in time to help Windu, the Jedi Master had nevertheless defeated Guattako's army, while the warlord himself had been shot by one of the children he had kidnapped. Thus, Guattako's revolution was thwarted, the children could be return to their homes, and the remaining members of the terrorist army were captured.[36]

War on Naboo[]

Failed negotiations[]

"Is it in their nature to make us wait this long?"
"No. I sense an unusual amount of fear for something as trivial as this trade dispute."
―Obi-Wan Kenobi and Qui-Gon Jinn — (audio) Listen (file info)[7]

Ten years prior to the outbreak of the Clone Wars, the Trade Federation blockaded Naboo and planned to invade it in retaliation for the Galactic Republic's taxation of trade routes in outlying star systems. Unknown to the Republic, the Darth Sidious—secretly Naboo's Senator Palpatine—controlled the Federation and engineered the conflict so he could be elected Supreme Chancellor.[7] Before the blockade, Jinn felt that something was amiss and took Kenobi to the Jedi Archives to read through Senate documents, as they often did whenever Jinn felt something was wrong in the Senate. While reviewing bills concerning the recent tax reforms, Obi-Wan grew listless and Jinn, sensing his apprentice's discomfort, asked him what he thought. Kenobi opined to Jinn that they had too much time on their hands and it was pointless to read the taxation bills. Qui-Gon looked up from the file he was reading and admonished Kenobi, telling him that it was a matter of perspective and that the most important thing to the people who submitted the bills was control. Jinn noted that there was a lot of control to lose between the planets and corporations involved in the tax dispute.[21]

Obi-Wan questioned why they were personally purviewing the bills, and Jinn replied that they were listening so they could act when they needed to. Obi-Wan teasingly asked if they would act with or without orders, which made Jinn smile, though the Jedi Master informed his apprentice that they were likely to be following orders. Kenobi quipped that, because they would be under the Council's alignment, they would be less likely to be involved in local labor disputes. Bothered by Kenobi's comment, Jinn rebuked that they would also be less likely to kick-start romances with the local nobility. The reference to Duchess Satine let Kenobi know better than to treat such things so trivially, and he changed the subject as they continued reading the taxation bills. Jinn's precautions proved useful as[21] Chancellor Finis Valorum dispatched Jinn and Kenobi to Naboo, tasking them with resolving the situation through diplomatic means.[7]


Jinn and Kenobi uncover the Federation invasion force on the command ship.

Upon arriving at the Trade Federation command ship Saak'ak, Jinn and Kenobi were escorted into a conference room, where they were told that Viceroy Nute Gunray would greet them. As the Jedi were waiting, the Federation leaders contacted Darth Sidious, informing him that the Chancellor's ambassadors were Jedi Knights. Sidious ordered their execution, while Jinn could sense the fear that the Neimoidians felt, letting Jinn know this wasn't a common trade dispute. These suspicions were confirmed when the Federation flooded the conference room with poison gas to kill the Jedi. But the two were able to hold their breath long enough for the Federation to open the doors and inadvertently give the Jedi a chance to escape. They fought off the battle droids waiting outside the door and fled through the corridors, where they made their way into the ventilation system.[7]

Moving through the ventilation shafts, the Jedi made their way to the hangar, where they saw the Federation Army preparing to mount an invasion of the planet. After Kenobi quipped that Jinn had predicted that the negotiations would be short, the Jedi stowed away aboard separate ships, which made their way to the planet's surface and planned to warn the Naboo that the invasion was coming.[7]

Rescuing the Queen[]

"The situation here is not what it seems. There is something else behind all this, Your Highness. There is no logic in the Federation's move here. My feelings tell me they will destroy you."
―Qui-Gon Jinn, to Queen Amidala — (audio) Listen (file info)[7]
Jar Jar meets Jedi

Jinn and Kenobi meet Jar Jar Binks.

Once on the surface, Jinn ventured through a forest to rendezvous with Kenobi and encountered a Gungan named Jar Jar Binks, who latched onto him in the chaos of the Federation invasion. This encounter nearly got them killed as they fell to the ground just in time to avoid being run over by a Federation troop carrier. Binks swore a life debt to Jinn for saving him, as Jinn tried to get rid of the Gungan. He finally rendezvoused with Kenobi and planned to find shelter, which Binks offered to give them in the Gungan city beneath the ocean. The Gungan momentarily changed his mind, revealing that he had been exiled and would be punished for returning; however, Jinn and Kenobi convinced him to take them there to avoid the approaching Federation forces.[7]

Binks led the two Jedi into the Gungan city, where how they were immediately apprehended and brought before the Gungan leaders. Jinn attempted to persuade the Gungan leader, Boss Nass, that the Federation posed a threat to them just as much as they threatened Naboo. But Gungan prejudices against the Naboo were too strong for the Boss to care about what happened on the surface. The Jedi Master used the Force to telepathically persuade Nass to give them a bongo aquatic transport that the Jedi could use to reach Theed, the capital of Naboo. Nass was also persuaded to allow Binks to travel with them, as Jinn, claiming the life debt custom, believed the Gungan could be a guide to make it through the planet core and to the capital.[7]

After traveling through the core and evading multiple large sea creatures, they arrived in Theed and rescued Queen Padmé Amidala, who was taken into Federation custody. Together, along with a number of the queen's guards and handmaidens, they made their way to a hangar to take the queen's starship off of Naboo. They were able to board the ship after fighting through many battle droids and took the vessel into orbit where they encountered the Federation blockade. They managed to escape, but the ship was damaged and needed to be set down for repairs. Jinn suggested that they land on Tatooine, a desert planet where the Hutts ruled and the Federation had no presence. Although the queen's lead guard, Panaka, objected because of the danger posed by the Hutts, the decision was made to seek refuge on Tatooine.[7]

Discovery of the Chosen One[]

"Finding him was the will of the Force. I have no doubt of that."
―Qui-Gon Jinn to the Jedi High Council — (audio) Listen (file info)[7]
Jedi reflexes

Jinn chides Binks during a meal with Skywalker and his mother.

Landing on Tatooine, the crew determined they needed a new hyperdrive generator to make it to their final destination: Coruscant, the Republic's capital. Jinn decided to venture out into the local settlement to find a store that would sell a generator. He brought Amidala—masquerading as a royal handmaiden—and Binks along with him. While they were in town,[7] everyone on the Royal Starship was left waiting for Jinn's return, leaving them to worry or read to pass the time.[37] Jinn, Amidala, and Binks arrived at a shop owned by a Toydarian junk dealer, Watto, who had the parts they needed, but would not accept Republic credits for payment. Jinn attempted to persuade him that credits would be acceptable telepathically, but the Toydarian was immune to Jedi mind tricks. Jinn left empty-handed, but not before meeting Anakin Skywalker, a young boy who was a slave of Watto's.[7]

Skywalker followed Jinn and the others, where he warned them that a sandstorm was coming and that they would need to find shelter. The boy knew the group would not make it back to their ship in time and brought them back to his home, where he introduced them to his mother, Shmi, who was also one of Watto's slaves. They all shared dinner, where Skywalker deduced that Jinn was a Jedi, having seen his lightsaber. Jinn revealed that he and the others were on a critical mission for the Republic and stranded on Tatooine until they could repair their ship. Knowing that it could help them escape, Skywalker volunteered to help by racing in the Boonta Eve Classic podrace and give them the profits to repair their ship if he won. Jinn accepted the offer, though Amidala was unconvinced that trusting their fate to someone they barely knew was the right course.[7]

The next day, Jinn spoke to Watto about entering Skywalker in the race with a pod that Skywalker had built in secret, and Jinn convinced Watto that it was the Jedi's pod. The two agreed that Watto would pay Skywalker's entry fee and collect all of the winnings from a potential victory, except for whatever money Jinn needed to repair his ship. If Skywalker lost, Watto would keep the queen's ship. Watto agreed to the condition, and Skywalker set out to begin getting his pod race-ready.[7]

In watching Skywalker work on his pod, Jinn told Shmi he could sense a Jedi's potential in the boy. Jinn wondered who Skywalker's father was and was intrigued to hear Shmi had conceived her son without a father. Later that night, Jinn tested the boy's midi-chlorian count and sent the sample to Kenobi on the queen's ship, who told his master that Skywalker's midi-chlorian count was over 20,000—higher than any known Jedi. Through the supposed virgin birth and the midi-chlorian count, Jinn came to believe that Skywalker was the Chosen One of Jedi prophecy, a being who would bring balance to the Force and stop the Sith.[7]

With the belief that Skywalker was the Chosen One, Jinn knew that he should bring Skywalker to the Jedi temple on Coruscant to be trained as a Jedi. Jinn approached Watto with a new wager: if the boy were to win, Watto would free Skywalker and his mother. Watto scoffed at the idea of freeing two slaves, but he did agree to release one if Skywalker won. However, he left it up to chance and threw a small multi-colored cube; if it landed on blue, Skywalker would be the slave in question. Jinn used the Force to help it land on blue, and Watto agreed to free Skywalker if he won the race—but, according to Watto, the Dug racer Sebulba was sure to win.[7]


Jinn fights Darth Maul on Tatooine, the first known encounter between Jedi and Sith for a thousand years.

The race began later that day, and Skywalker emerged victoriously. Watto, who lost everything betting on Sebulba, freed the boy as per their agreement. Jinn took what profits he needed to repair the ship, gave the rest to Skywalker and his mother, and told them that Skywalker had been freed and could go with him to Coruscant to become a Jedi. Skywalker was unsure about leaving his mother, but he always had dreamed of becoming a Jedi and decided to go. After Skywalker shared a tearful goodbye with his mother, Jinn and the boy set off for the queen's ship to make their way to Coruscant.[7]

Just before arriving at the ship, Darth Maul, a Sith Lord and Darth Sidious' apprentice attacked Jinn. The two fought across the desert floor while Skywalker rushed back to the ship to get help, and the ship made its way to Jinn's location, where he was able to board it and flee Tatooine, leaving Darth Maul behind. Once onboard, he introduced Skywalker to Kenobi.[7]

With its hyperdrive repaired, the ship finally arrived on Coruscant, where Chancellor Valorum and Senator Palpatine greeted the crew. After arriving, Jinn went before the Jedi Council and told the Jedi Masters that he believed Darth Maul was a Sith Lord. The Council was dubious of the claim, as the Order thought they destroyed the Sith a millennium earlier, but they committed themselves to learn Darth Maul's identity. Jinn also revealed that he discovered Skywalker on Tatooine and believed him to be the Chosen One, asking that the boy be trained as a Jedi. At Jinn's request, the Council agreed to test Skywalker to determine if he was eligible for training. Kenobi was skeptical that Skywalker would pass the test given his age, as Jedi began their training at infancy, and worried that Jinn would defy whatever decision the Council made. Despite his Padawan's concerns, Jinn was determined to see Skywalker become a Jedi Knight.[7] After the meeting, he along with Yaddle met up with Dooku who offered him advice. Unbeknownst to both of them, this would be the last time they see each other.[3]

The Council tested Skywalker and agreed with Jinn that he was mighty with the Force, but declined to accept him for training. They believed that he was too old to begin training and dangerously full of fear and anger despite his power.[6] Nonetheless, Jinn insisted that Skywalker receive training, saying he would take the boy as his Padawan learner. Meanwhile, Kenobi could take his Jedi Trials and become a Jedi Knight, as the Jedi Code forbade a Jedi from having two Padawans. The Council delayed the discussion for another time and ordered that Jinn and Kenobi return to Naboo as Queen Amidala was preparing to return to deal with the invasion without the Senate's help. Jinn took Skywalker with him and began giving him some initial lessons about the Force.[7]

The Duel of the Fates[]

"Obi-Wan. Promise…Promise me you will train the boy."
"Yes, Master."
"He…is the Chosen One. He…will bring balance. Train him…"
―Jinn's dying request to Kenobi — (audio) Listen (file info)[7]

Upon arrival on Naboo, the Jedi traveled with Amidala to find the Gungans hiding in a sacred area of the forests. There, the Naboo and Gungans allied to fight the Federation. The queen's handmaiden Padmé revealed herself to be the true Amidala, having masqueraded as a servant while one of her handmaidens, Sabé, portrayed the queen as a safety precaution.[7] Jinn, for his part, had not been fooled by the Queen's disguise since their first meeting, but had gone along with the charade for reasons of his own, which she appreciated as it helped safeguard her life.[37] Together with the Jedi and the Gungans, Amidala put together a plan of attack, where the Gungans would fight the Federation army away from Theed as a diversion, allowing Amidala, her forces, and the Jedi to infiltrate the city with little opposition. Jinn made it clear, however, that while he would protect the queen, he could not fight a war for her.[7]


Qui-Gon was outmatched by Darth Maul, leading to his demise.

As the Gungan army led the bulk of the Federation forces away from the city, Jinn snuck into Theed with the others and fought their way to the palace. Once in the hangar, they were again confronted by Darth Maul, who the two Jedi prepared to fight as the Naboo fought their way to the throne room to capture Viceroy Gunray. Jinn and Kenobi fought Maul in the hangar, with the Sith Lord dominating the duel, though Maul did give ground to lead the Jedi out of the hangar and throughout a palace generator complex. Maul separated the two Jedi by knocking Kenobi down several levels and eventually trapping him behind shielding, leaving Jinn to fight the Sith Lord in single combat without his apprentice. As they made their way through the area, the two combatants were evenly matched. However, Maul eventually countered Jinn with a physical strike from his lightsaber hilt and seized the opportunity since Jinn was off-balance, fatally stabbing the Jedi Master through the torso as Kenobi watched in horror from behind the shielding.[7]

When Kenobi finally reached Maul, he and the Sith Lord engaged in a furious battle, with Kenobi grieving for his master and friend. Maul was able to disarm and knock Kenobi partly down a reactor shaft and kick his lightsaber into it. Then Kenobi used the Force to summon his master's lightsaber, jump out of the pit, and slice the blade through Maul's torso in one swift movement, cutting him in half and sending him tumbling down the shaft.[7] Nevertheless, it was too late to save Qui-Gon through medical intervention; no amount of bacta could heal the maverick Jedi's mortal wound.[38] The Padawan ran to his dying master, cradling him in his arms, and Jinn made his apprentice promise that he would train with Skywalker as a Jedi. With his dying breath, Jinn once again said that Skywalker was the Chosen One and would bring balance to the Force.[7]

Post mortem and legacy[]

Effect on those he knew[]

Funeral and effect on the Jedi[]
"The Council has granted me permission to train you. You will be a Jedi. I promise."
―Obi-Wan Kenobi to Anakin Skywalker, at Qui-Gon Jinn's funeral[7]

Qui-Gon Jinn was given a Jedi funeral on Naboo, memorializing the Jedi Master.

In the aftermath of the battle, in which the Naboo successfully captured the Viceroy and ended the Federation occupation, Kenobi was granted the Jedi Knight rank and insisted on taking Skywalker as his apprentice. Although Yoda disagreed, the Council approved Kenobi's request, fulfilling Jinn's dying wish: Skywalker would undergo Jedi training. Later,[7] Jinn was memorialized[37] when he was given a Jedi funeral on Naboo, where his body was cremated on a funeral pyre. Many delegates, including Queen Amidala, the Jedi Council, and Chancellor Palpatine, attended the funeral;[7] notably absent were his former master Dooku and Jedi Master Yaddle, who, suspicious of Dooku's intended absence, followed Dooku in his confrontation with Darth Sidious in Coruscant.[3] At the funeral, Kenobi told Skywalker that the Council would allow him to be trained and that Kenobi would be his master. Together, the two mourned the death of their fallen friend, as Kenobi vowed that Skywalker would become a Jedi.[7] Amongst the Jedi, Jinn was remembered as a great member of their Order[24] despite his past of disagreeing with the council.[7]

Even though he had always wanted Jinn available as guidance for when he eventually trained a Padawan,[20] and he had wanted time between his apprenticeship and eventual mentorship to decide what kind of Jedi he should be without Jinn by his side,[39] Kenobi upheld his vow to his master dutifully over the years. At one point, when Skywalker was considering leaving the Jedi Order at the age of twelve, Kenobi was intent on following suit. However, he was still going to complete the boy's training even outside the Order. Skywalker, however, chose to remain a Jedi in the aftermath of a mission to the planet Carnelion IV.[40] Even though Kenobi could become easily annoyed by Skywalker—leaving him to question if he had ever annoyed Jinn in similar ways, although he doubted he ever had—he nevertheless befriended[39] and grew close to his Padawan, with the Jedi duo coming to act like brothers.[41]

Although Skywalker remained thankful of Kenobi's teachings, he, at times, pondered how his life as a Jedi would have changed if Jinn had survived; even though he knew the Jedi Order disapproved of attachments, he thought these questions were alright because he believed nothing—not even interpersonal relationships—could ever be fully untethered.[42] As Kenobi later recognized, Skywalker developed a habit of growing very connected to and not wanting to lose anyone he was close with after leaving his mother. Desperate for new connections, he had found one with Jinn, only for the Jedi Master to be taken away from him[39] shortly after they met.[7]

Dooku, still a Sith in secret, eventually learned of Jinn's death at the hands of Maul. Later, on the planet Sullust, Dooku unexpectedly reunited with the Jedi Knight Jak'zin, who noted he had met Jinn before being interrupted by a representative of the SoroSuub Corporation. Later, Dooku, appearing as if he could be compassionate ally, discussed Jinn with the Jedi Knight. Dooku claimed he wondered if his former apprentice would still be alive if he had not left the order, reflecting that the company of Kenobi was not enough to save the late master. The Sith used his speculations to trick Jak'zin into letting him in on the Jedi's mission on Sullust.[24]

Effect on Naboo[]
"His name was Qui-Gon Jinn, a Jedi. He died defending Naboo during the battle for the planet against the Trade Federation. The Jedi memorialized him there, and we honor him as a hero."
―Padmé Amidala, to Bail Organa[37]

Amidala, meanwhile, came to believe that her relationship with Jinn had been an odd one, given that he had seen through her disguise, yet she hoped she would have been able to consider him a friend and ally if he had survived. In the years following the Naboo Crisis, she remained saddened by his death, and she made sure to light a candle of incense for the fallen Jedi during the yearly memorial for all who had died for Naboo. In fact, many others did the same; though few on Naboo had met the Jedi Master, it was believed everyone on the world knew his name, with Naboo like Tonra—who had actually been present for many of the so-called "stories" about what had happened—hearing tales of what he did for their planet. For years after the invasion, the handmaiden Saché continued to incorrectly believe Jinn had been fooled by the decoy act[37] like most had been.[7]


Honoring him as a hero, Padmé Amidala remained saddened over Jinn's death, hoping that they could have been true friends.

Nevertheless, events like Jinn's time on Tatooine were not part of public record, so they were not spread amongst the Naboo. However, Tonra and Sabé discussed such events during a mission to the desert world. Ultimately, the people of Naboo honored Jinn as a hero who had given everything to save them.[37] One of the ways they honored him was by building a shrine to his memory, a shrine which was known to gain some popularity over the next ten years and was visited by Anakin Skywalker shortly before his secret wedding to Padmé Amidala.[43] Several years after the invasion, when Amidala was asked if she would become Naboo's Galactic Senator after her term as queen ended, she looked to the Handmaiden Saché; the Handmaiden remembered when Jinn asked them to go to Coruscant, given that Amidala had have to give a similar wordless signal to her allies.[37]

Having met Jedi, Amidala was unique amongst her colleagues in the Senate, but she nevertheless found the manners of the Jedi Order unsettling. She considered that her reaction to their ways may have ended up different if Jinn had survived. While speaking with Senator Bail Prestor Organa after he too had realized Amidala used decoys, albeit only after seeing Padmé in a guard's uniform while Sabé was acting as the Senator at a gala, she told him about Jinn, feeling a great sadness wash over herself while she explained his fate. Organa responded that he was sorry for her loss, further stating that he realized Jinn's death was an example of the dangerous life that followed her. Having been told Jinn was the only other person who had managed to deduce she used decoys in the midst of the maneuver, Organa admitted he was happy to have found himself in what he deemed to be excellent company.[37]

For a mission to the planet Bromlarch, Amidala and several other senators partnered with Jedi Master Depa Billaba, whom the former queen recognized due to her being present at Jinn's funeral. While she found it odd to interact with a Jedi Knight once more, Amidala also noticed Billaba carried herself very differently from how Jinn had. While she understood all Jedi in their Order would be different, she could not let go of the strange feeling it gave her, as if Billaba looked through her, while Jinn had taken the time to look at her. Soon afterward, Amidala met the liaison Ninui; given that it was the first time the liaison was meeting a Jedi, Amidala noted how she had met Kenobi and Jinn, explaining that the Jedi were people like them, albeit people whose teachings could be confusing to non-Force-sensitives, and Ninui noted she wished to hear the complete story of how she met them.[37]

Surviving as a spirit[]

Though his training had been incomplete, Jinn utilized what he learned from the Force Priestesses to become one with the Force and retain his identity after his death. However, he hadn't fully learned the mystery, so he could not physically manifest himself, only speak as a disembodied voice.[29]

Anakin Vengeance

When Anakin Skywalker prepared to murder Tusken Raiders, Jinn tried to stop him, but the young Chosen One ignored the Jedi Master's voice.

One time that Jinn communicated through the Force was approximately ten years after the events on Naboo. Skywalker had returned to Tatooine to find his mother, about whom he had been having recurring nightmares, and discovered she had been kidnapped by Tusken Raiders. He found her in a Tusken camp, but she died only moments later. In his anger, Skywalker slaughtered all the Tuskens in the camp. Feeling the great pain and distress, Jinn called out to Skywalker through the Force, which Yoda could hear—but not comprehend—through his own meditations. In Jinn's own words, he begged Anakin to listen to his better nature and refuse to give in to his hatred.[43] However, Jinn's pleas were for naught, as Skywalker didn't heed his words in his uncontrolled rage,[12] telling himself that he was only imagining Jinn's presence in that moment.[43]

In the meantime, Dooku, who had remained a Sith and became the Head of State of the Confederacy of Independent Systems, captured Kenobi on the planet Geonosis. While interrogating Kenobi, Dooku—who was also secretly a Sith Lord—expressed his belief that Jinn would have joined his cause if he had been alive. Shortly after that, a conflict known as the Clone Wars began between the Galactic Republic and Dooku's Confederacy.[12] Shortly after the conflict's beginning, Skywalker prepared himself to partake in a secret wedding with Senator Amidala. As part of his preparation, he visited Jinn's shrine on Naboo in partial repentance for having refused to heed Jinn's words during his rage against the sand people, additionally having realized it meant there was a chance his old mentor could somehow see him and offer advice. Although he had told himself he had only imagined Jinn's presence, he knew he was lying to himself. While at the shrine, Skywalker attempted to reach out to the Force in an attempt to connect with Jinn in a similar manner to that previous instance. The attempt seemingly yielded nothing in his senses, which he theorized was Jinn's way of telling him that things could always be made right.[43]

After feeling a sudden sense of calm despite the brewing Clone Wars, he then expressed his thanks despite not knowing if Qui-Gon was responsible for his personal interpretations.[43] During the Clone Wars, Skywalker was promoted to the rank of Jedi Knight and was assigned a Padawan of his own, the Togruta Ahsoka Tano, to whom he recited Jinn's teachings on at least one occasion.[44] Additionally, Jinn's teachings were indirectly passed down to Tano during her apprenticeship, as she was learning from Skywalker, who had learned from Kenobi, who had learned from Jinn.[45] Despite the fact that he was dead,[7] the Confederacy put out a citizen's alert on Jinn and offered a 50,000 credit reward, charging him with conspiracy against the Trade Federation.[46]

The Jedi made an effort to capture Dooku during the war, feeling his arrest could help bring an end to the fighting.[12] During one attempt to capture him[47] in 21 BBY,[48] Skywalker and Kenobi boarded the count's Munificent-class star frigate, yet the Sith Lord managed to escape through a secret hatch. Skywalker pursued, making Dooku shoot Force lightning at the Jedi Knight; according to what Dooku said in a recording he intended to send to Darth Sidious, he knew such an attack would not defeat Skywalker, believing that—because his Padawan Jinn had trained Kenobi, who had trained Skywalker—his personal power had partly been passed down to his foe. He only intended to block the Jedi's sight to enable his escape. Later in the same recording, Dooku—recalling how he, Skywalker, and Kenobi had been captured by the Ohnaka Gang of pirates—again mentioned Jinn, feeling that Skywalker was a fool who did not compare to the apprentices he had trained. Ultimately, Dooku did not send the message to Sidious.[47]


Jinn's appearance to Kenobi on Mortis.

Due to his incomplete training, Jinn's spirit couldn't physically manifest himself, but he occurred in a vision on one known occasion;[49] Kenobi, Skywalker, and Tano, had been lured to the planet Mortis by three beings known as the Father, Son, and Daughter. These beings believed that Skywalker was the Chosen One, as did Jinn, whose vision first appeared to Kenobi to warn him that the beings sought Skywalker and his potential as the Chosen One, to use it for their own means. When Kenobi questioned how Jinn could appear, the figure told him that the planet acted as an amplifier and that it was a conduit through which the Force flowed. The two spoke about Skywalker and his power, with Kenobi having the opportunity to tell Jinn that the late Jedi Master's predictions about Skywalker were true: he was stronger than any other Jedi, yet still could not find balance. Jinn warned that if Skywalker were the Chosen One, then the boy would discover it on Mortis. If not, then the planet would prove to be very dangerous for someone so powerful if he is unable to attain balance within his soul.[50]

Skywalker himself later experienced Jinn's vision. The figure of the late Jedi informed him that he still believed the boy would bring balance to the Force after facing his demons. After the three Jedi escaped Mortis, where the Father professed his belief that Skywalker was the Chosen One,[51] Although it had truly been Jinn who appeared before them,[52] Kenobi came to believe, and told the Jedi Council, that the appearance of his old mentor was simply an illusion, one manifested from their memories by the beings on Mortis; however, Skywalker wasn't as confident, despite Jedi teachings saying that it was impossible for a being to retain their identity after death. The report about Mortis did not change these Jedi beliefs or teachings.[29]

Guiding Yoda[]

"It is I, Qui-Gon Jinn."
"That cannot be. Dead, you are."
"No. I am part of the Living Force, Yoda."
―Jinn communes to Yoda during the Clone Wars[29]

The Clone Wars also saw the return of Jinn's murderer, Darth Maul. Believed to have been killed by Kenobi on Naboo, Maul had survived, replacing his lower body with a cybernetic apparatus.[53] Maul sought revenge on Kenobi for maiming him, and the two fought on several occasions;[54][55][56] prior to the first of these duels, Maul recalled how he had killed Jinn before being cut down himself, proving to Kenobi that his old foe had indeed returned. During the duel itself, he mocked Kenobi by recalling how he had murdered Jinn, making the Jedi Master briefly give into anger to strike against his mentor's murderer.[54] Although Maul was captured during the Siege of Mandalore, which occurred during the waning days of the Clone Wars,[57] he escaped and survived the conflict.[58]


During the waning days of the Clone Wars, Qui-Gon Jinn reached out to Yoda.

It was not until the Clone Wars' waning days that Yoda learned Jinn had retained his consciousness after death. Knowing Yoda was destined to be a significant player in bringing balance to the Force, and that it was Yoda's destiny to complete the training Jinn himself did not, the late Jedi Master spoke to Yoda through the Force. He guided him to Dagobah, the first leg on Yoda's trials, to determine whether he was ready to learn the secrets. Jinn told Yoda about his training and how the Living Force fed into the Cosmic Force, allowing him to return after death. At first, Yoda was only interested in the Clone Wars' truth, asking if he knew the identity of Darth Sidious, but Jinn could only guide Yoda through his trials. The Living Force guided Yoda in the form of a glowing swarm of fireflies. Later they directed Yoda to the planet of the Force Priestesses, where Yoda could continue his trial.[29]

Yoda completed the trials and was deemed worthy of learning the secret of eternal consciousness,[13] as Yoda would one day train the person who would help Skywalker bring balance to the Force.[59] The Force Priestesses instructed that Jinn would guide Yoda's training.[13] After the end of the Clone Wars and the fall of the Jedi Order, Yoda chose to go into exile on Dagobah, but not before telling Kenobi that Jinn had returned from the netherworld of the Force and could guide his former Padawan in learning the secret.[60] However, Obi-Wan was unable to make contact with Qui-Gon until[38] 9 BBY[61] despite sometimes hearing him as a voice in his head.[62] One time during meditation, he felt himself phase out of reality for a few moments. During this time, he felt Jinn commune through the Force with him, with his old Jedi Master telling him to let go.[42]

Guiding Obi-Wan Kenobi[]

"Master Qui-Gon."
"Well, took you long enough."
"Beginning to think you'd never come."
"I was always here, Obi-Wan. You were just not ready to see. Come on. We've got a ways to go."
―Obi-Wan Kenobi and Qui-Gon reuniting[63]

Jinn's lightsaber (bottom right) was taken with Kenobi while he was in exile.

The end of the Clone Wars also saw the fall of Anakin Skywalker, who was seduced to the dark side of the Force by Sidious, becoming the Sith Lord Darth Vader.[60] The fall confirmed the Council's fears about Skywalker's training,[7] but he was still the Chosen One.[64] During Obi-Wan Kenobi's self-imposed exile on Tatooine, where he watched over Anakin's son, Luke Skywalker, he frequently dwelled upon his failure to train Skywalker. At one point, he traveled to Shmi Skywalker's grave and apologized for failing to complete Jinn's promise.[62] Kenobi also had possession of his master's lightsaber during his exile.[65]

Shortly following Anakin's fall to the dark side, Qui-Gon started to push himself to emerge fully in the land of the living[66] instead of remaining a voice.[29] Qui-Gon committed to the effort to ensure that Obi-Wan did not have to spend his following years on Tatooine alone. Overall, it took Qui-Gon nearly a decade before his efforts finally met success.[66] While it was sometime before Kenobi saw his former master again,[63] he often spoke to Jinn[67] but began to fear his master would never appear. In reality, Jinn was always with Kenobi, even if Kenobi was not emotionally ready to see him due to his guilt over Skywalker's fall.[63]

One morning[62] in 16 BBY,[68] when Skywalker was three, Jinn spoke to Kenobi after he awoke from a nightmare, warning him to get to the boy to protect him. Thus, Kenobi raced to the Lars Homestead, where Luke was being raised by his aunt and uncle, Beru and Owen Lars. Once there, Kenobi helped defend against a gang of bandits, yet Owen demanded he never return after the skirmish.[62]

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In 9 BBY,[69] Jedi Master Eno Cordova recounted his friendship and introduction to Jinn to Jedi Knight Cal Kestis.[15]


Jinn appears to Kenobi for the first time as a Force spirit.

In 9 BBY,[70] after Kenobi had another duel with Vader and came to terms with Skywalker's fall, Qui-Gon appeared to Obi-Wan as the latter was riding towards Beggar's Canyon, telling his former Padawan that it had taken him long enough. Obi-Wan showed amazement at his appearance, stating that he had begun to think that Qui-Gon would never arrive. Qui-Gon then clarified that he had always been there, and that Obi-Wan had not been ready to see him prior to that moment. Qui-Gon then asked for Obi-Wan to continue following him, with Qui-Gon disappearing from view as he proceeded further into the canyon, Obi-Wan following shortly.[63] In the years after the Clone Wars, Kenobi and Yoda completed their training to retain their consciousness after death.[71][64] During his time on Tatooine, Kenobi continued to speak with Jinn, telling him about the hardships of living in exile and Skywalker's possible destiny of the Chosen One.[72][73]

After Anakin's fall to the dark side, Jinn continued his training to manifest himself, becoming clearer to Kenobi over the course of his visits to him.[66] The two never discussed Jinn's supposed mistakes whenever he traveled into the mortal universe; Kenobi did not blame his old master for Skywalker's fall, while Jinn thought his old Padawan did.[66] During an encounter with the Wookiee bounty hunter Krrsantan, Kenobi called upon his Master to give him strength to defeat the foe.[74] Kenobi finally killed a resurgent Maul in a duel on Tatooine in 2 BBY,[75] using Jinn's Ataru stance to defend himself against Maul.[76] In 0 BBY,[77] Jinn's voice was heard by Padawan Ezra Bridger during his mission to a place that existed between time and space.[78]

After Kenobi introduced Skywalker to the life of a Jedi, as the droids R2-D2 and C-3PO had arrived on Tatooine with secret plans that needed to be delivered to the Rebel Alliance, Skywalker rushed off to the Lars Homestead, having realized the Galactic Empire's stormtroopers would track the droids to his aunt and uncle.[79] Jinn was compelled to appear after hearing Kenobi call his name, taking on the exact same appearance that he had carried in life and appearing a few centimeters from his former Padawan. Kenobi asked for his guidance, as he feared that the Empire would capture Luke upon his return to the Lars Homestead. Already knowing the circumstances Kenobi was speaking of, Jinn informed him that he had seen Luke's destiny go beyond the current event, listing off possible solutions that would occur, while the surrounding landscape became clearer to him. He spotted the corpses of Jawas, feeling the memory of their deaths wash over him, but was slightly comforted when he noticed R2-D2 and C-3PO; he believed it was the work of the Force, bringing them back to where Anakin's journey had begun.[66]


When Luke Skywalker rushed off to save his uncle and aunt, Obi-Wan Kenobi called out to Jinn for guidance.

The news that Luke would survive relieved Kenobi, yet Jinn knew his former apprentice had no idea how the young man's journey would unfold. When Kenobi confided in him that he found it difficult to give up his exile, Jinn understood it was a symptom of him adapting to the new life, informing him that he would quickly feel like a Jedi Knight when the time came. He also congratulated his former student on remaining steadfast in his devotion to the light side. He also apologized to Kenobi, believing he had failed his Padawan long ago when he made him train Anakin. Kenobi disagreed, arguing that Anakin was the main person at fault for his fall, but Jinn resolved to wait to discuss this matter, knowing that the two of them would be together in the Force soon;[66] in the near future, Kenobi would sacrifice himself to save Luke and be struck down by Darth Vader,[79] and Jinn knew this was coming.[66]

Jinn and Kenobi then both felt Luke's horror at seeing his aunt and uncle, Beru and Owen Lars, dead outside their home. Even so, Kenobi sensed Luke's reaction at a greater remove, while Jinn, due to him being of the Force, could see their burned corpses in front of him, as clearly as he could see Kenobi. Thinking his former Padawan needed guidance, he then told Kenobi that he had made the right choice in choosing not to tell Luke everything about Anakin; he knew Luke could have gone down his father's path if Kenobi had revealed everything, or he could have thought Owen was right about Kenobi being insane, which would have resulted in him being killed with his aunt and uncle. After telling Kenobi to wait to reveal the truth until Luke was ready, Jinn's appearance was very nearly corporeal, the clearest Kenobi had ever seen his master's spirit. Jinn illuminated him in some of the ways he had managed it, all the while, considering that Kenobi did not have long to live. Sensing that Luke would soon return, he bade farewell, telling Kenobi that they would meet again soon. His former student did not understand the true meaning of the statement, and Jinn disappeared, returning to the Force.[66]


Qui-Gon Jinn knew that his former apprentice would fall to Darth Vader aboard the Death Star.

On the DS-1 Death Star Mobile Battle Station, Kenobi was indeed killed by Darth Vader to protect Luke.[79] After his death, Kenobi found himself overwhelmed by visions of the past, present, and future; among the people he saw was Jinn, including when he was slain by Maul and when his voice told him to protect Luke[62] in 16 BBY.[68] While worried about not completing Luke's training as he lived through his past, relived the present, and saw glimpses of the future, Kenobi again heard that Luke had called out to him on the Death Star; hearing Jinn's voice, louder than it had been for years, telling him to go with Luke, Kenobi ensured his spirit would remain with the Jedi trainee. Thus,[62] after his death, Kenobi first appeared as a disembodied voice, telling Luke to flee the Death Star with his friends, and then later to guide Luke through the Battle of Yavin, helping the young Force-sensitive to destroy the Death Star.[79]

Yoda, meanwhile, had hidden himself on Dagobah, staying away from the Empire, but also growing lonely over the years. Fortunately, he knew how to call out to Jinn for company. One of the few personal items Yoda brought with him was Jinn's cloak, which he made into his blanket. Around the time of Kenobi's death, Yoda was preparing to move to the lowlands of Dagobah for the dry season, and he found himself questioning how long ago Jinn had died when he counted his personal items for the journey. He also realized that, while people strong in the Force could sometimes leave an imprint of themselves in what they owned, too many years had gone by for any trace of the Jedi Master to remain in the cloak, if he had ever felt such a trace at all. As he always did, he gathered his cane, several seeds, a pot made by Kenobi, and Jinn's cloak before making his way down to his lowland hut.[80]

As he journeyed, he felt Kenobi and Vader's duel in the Force, taking his focus away as an old Imperial probe droid finally located him. After throwing Kenobi's pot into the droid to destroy it, he sensed Kenobi's death, distracting him as two other probes appeared. One fired and hit Yoda's carrying bag, which he rushed to to protect Jinn's cloak from burning. After taking out the droids, he saw that the cloak was only slightly singed and that his seeds were fine. Afterward, Jinn, currently in the netherworld of the Force, laughed at Yoda, which the Jedi Master sensed. Once Yoda moved back into his lowland hut, he trimmed the cloak, which also meant it better compensated for his shrinking size. Several days after his move, Yoda, missing the friends he had lost, called out to Jinn to appear from the netherworld several times, only to be unable to sense him.[80]

Jinn was in fact preoccupied, so Kenobi instead appeared. During his visit, Kenobi quipped that Yoda's encounter with the probe droids could not have been too dangerous, given that he had saved Jinn's cloak, annoying Yoda. Afterward, Kenobi asked him to train Luke, which Yoda reluctantly agreed to.[80]

The lives and times of Luke and Rey[]

"Every Jedi who ever lived lives in you. We stand behind you, Rey. Rise."
―Qui-Gon speaks to Rey[81]

Skywalker, Kenobi, and Yoda all learned the secret of eternal consciousness.

In the aftermath of the Battle of Yavin, Vader was shot down over the planet Vrogas Vas. During a confrontation with Rebel Alliance forces on the planet, Vader found an ancient Jedi Temple, where he heard disembodied voices of people from his past, including Jinn.[82] A few years later, Kenobi appeared as a physical spirit to tell Luke to train with Yoda on Dagobah. He continued to manifest himself to help guide Luke through his training.[71]

Luke Skywalker Ep 7 SWCT

Qui-Gon Jinn was considered by Luke Skywalker as a member of the Skywalker family due to his deep connection with the Skywalkers' history with the Jedi.

It was on Dagobah that Yoda fulfilled the destiny first spoken of by the Force Priestesses,[59] training Luke to become a Jedi Knight.[71] When Skywalker left his training early to save his friends, Kenobi questioned if the boy was the last hope of the Jedi, hearing Jinn, along with any Jedi whose actions had led to current circumstances, in his voice.[39] Jinn himself later appeared as a vision to Luke in the Living Sea of Gazian, as the imprint of long-past Jedi Master Elzar Mann imparted wisdom upon Skywalker.[83] After Skywalker returned to Dagobah, Yoda died shortly after and passed on into the Force, where he retained his identity. Through the training Yoda gave Luke, the boy confronted and redeemed his father from the dark side, and Anakin killed Darth Sidious. Through this act and his own death, Anakin helped defeat the Galactic Empire, brought balance to the Force, and was able to return as a spirit as well. By killing Sidious and sacrificing himself, Jinn's strongly-held belief was finally proven right; Anakin Skywalker was the Chosen One.[64]

In the years following Anakin's redemption and fulfillment of the prophecy, Luke embarked on a quest to rediscover the Jedi Order's forgotten history in hopes to re-establish it. In his search for Jedi knowledge, Luke learned about the life of Jinn, his relationship with Obi-Wan Kenobi, his encounter with the Force Priestesses, and the role he played in his father's training. While Jinn was not related to the Skywalkers by blood, his close connection to the family was noted by Luke in his book The Secrets of the Jedi, which chronicled the Jedi Order's history.[84]

In 35 ABY, during the Battle of Exegol, Rey heard Jinn's voice among the voices of many Jedi of the past who aided her with destroying the resurrected Darth Sidious for good. "Every Jedi who ever lived lives in you," he told her, adding that they stood behind her.[85]

Personality and traits[]

Ideals and spirituality[]

A unique Jedi[]

"Do not defy the Council, Master, not again."
"I shall do what I must, Obi-Wan."
―Obi-Wan Kenobi and Qui-Gon Jinn — (audio) Listen (file info)[7]

Qui-Gon Jinn was a human male who stood 1.93 meters tall[5] and had light skin, blue eyes,[7] and long,[37] brown hair, along with a brown beard. Though he had risen to the rank of Jedi Master, Jinn did not always agree with the structures and rules of the Jedi Order. Jinn was known to prefer following the spirit of the Jedi Code than the letter and was willing to rebuff the Jedi Council.[7] Where all Jedi knew you could love others as long as you were not possessive, Jinn was less concerned with the dangers of strong connections in comparison to his peers.[45] While he knew the Force could often present more questions than answers, he nevertheless trusted in it and its guidance.[31] As a Padawan,[17] his commitment to the Order was tested[18] by his romantic relationship on Felucia,[17] but he ended up returning to the Jedi.[18] While he did keep a Mustafar fire diamond he was gifted on Felucia for twenty years as a prized possession, specifically keeping it in a pouch on his belt to ensure it was with him every day, he would ultimately give up the stone to Pax Maripher and Rahara Wick, reflecting to himself that it was the memories, not physical mementos, that mattered.[11]


Qui-Gon Jinn was different from his fellow Jedi, having his own views on the Force that could conflict with the opinions of his peers.

While during the Clone Wars other Jedi came to focus on meditation to try to understand the future, Jinn lived in the moment.[5] He believed that one's focus on the future shouldn't compromise their concentration on the present and believed in trusting one's instincts.[7] Jinn was more interested in obeying the will of the Force than caring about climbing the ranks of Jedi hierarchy,[17] leading to his lack of care about joining the Council despite his own apprentice, Obi-Wan Kenobi, insisting he could secure a spot.[7] Jinn further believed that a Jedi needed to interpret the Jedi Code for themself, arguing that otherwise the Code would become a prison.[11][17] Although he was unconcerned whenever someone claimed he was a coward, Jinn came to have a distaste for how many people, even people on Coruscant, saw the Jedi as warriors and political servants. Although Yoda simply thought that people who could not use the Force would be confused by those who could, Jinn was faced with a great turmoil due to his concerns as he understood that the Order's actions reflected who they really were.[31]

Instead of focusing on what he had expected out of situations, Jinn decided it was best to focus on what actually was happening.[19] Jinn took the time to truly look at and understand the people he worked with. In the case of Queen Padmé Amidala, she reflected that he had, at times, looked too deeply into her; Jinn realized that she had swapped places with one of her Handmaidens, making him one of the few people who was ever able to deduce the deception tactic. Keeping it a secret that he knew, he would address his questions to the fake queen, making those around them, like fellow Handmaiden Saché, think he had been fooled. Ultimately, Jinn and Obi-Wan Kenobi taught Amidala that the Jedi were sentient beings like herself, even if she did not understand their teachings.[37]

While the Jedi Council would disagree with his assessment, Jinn believed that the Jedi being based on Coruscant was part of the problem with the Order's perception as warriors and political servants; their Coruscant temple enabled them to become and be seen as a force that served the Republic, even possibly making themselves believe it.[31] Jinn often entered into debates with Jedi Master Mace Windu, but neither of them enjoyed those disagreements.[21] Ultimately, Jinn could be described as being like a maverick when compared to his fellow Jedi. Although it was a rare viewpoint, he was not the only "maverick" Jedi during the late Republic Era, as Master Tu-Anh was also active in the Order. During the Clone Wars, Kenobi compared the two while overlooking Tu-Anh's body after her death.[86] Still, such a defiant outlook towards the council was rare in Jinn's time. Had Jinn been alive during the High Republic Era, Kenobi once reasoned, he would likely have become a Wayseeker,[22] a Jedi who operated without direct council oversight[87] to follow the will of the Force as they felt it.[88]

Respect in prophecies and balance[]

"We must all interpret the Code for ourselves or it ceases to be a living pact and becomes nothing but a prison cell."
―Qui-Gon Jinn, on the Jedi Code[11]

Although the other Jedi of his era thought little of prophecies and argued that looking into the future could be dangerous and uncertain, Jinn respected the prophecies made by the Jedi mystics of old. Even though he had in his younger years, Jinn did not view prophecies to be literal. Nevertheless, he did not take them to be meaningless, and he felt that learning what the ancient mystics believed helped tie the Jedi Order to its history. Still, he did also know that trying to learn the future could be considered a form of control, which could lead to the dark side. Ultimately, he told Obi-Wan Kenobi that explaining his view of the prophecies was "complex."[11]


Qui-Gon Jinn felt that, as a Jedi, he needed to find balance in the Force.

To Jinn, the ultimate purpose of the Jedi was to find balance. Although he once pondered whether the Force wanted him to learn from the dark side, he came to the conclusion that the dark side's corrupting nature made it so it could never create balance.[31] However, much like his argument about the Jedi Code needing to be a living pact instead of a prison cell,[11] he also believed that, if the Jedi Order acted too rigidly in its beliefs, it too could not achieve balance. Thus, he believed that the Jedi needed to make a compromise between both extremes; they could not bend to the dark side, yet they also could not become too rigid. Jinn used his understanding of balance to help the Priestess of Wood, Th'er, telling her how she could find compromise with people who had faced similar struggles to her, which would allow her to enrich her people while also preserving their culture.[31]

Similarly, Jinn displayed a great respect towards Wookiee culture. He saw that their connection to their homeworld was like a balance, further thinking that their Life Day celebrations were a celebration of the Force. He also respected the wisdom held by members of the Wookiee species, knowing that it could teach both him and his Padawan, Kenobi, many things. His understanding of Wookiee culture also helped in conventional problems; he knew it was odd for any Wookiee to be away from their family on Life Day, helping him to realize something was behind the disappearance of Balfus.[19] Even after his death and becoming part of the Force, he continued to respect balance and see it as necessary.[66]

Most other Jedi did not seem to share[89] the same concerns as Jinn about how they should act.[31] According to Snoke during his ongoing seduction of Ben Solo to the dark side, the Jedi believed their rules made them stronger, and so continued to use a seemingly endless series of rules and codes.[89] Much like how Jinn had compared being too rigid to a tree branch that breaks off in the wind after refusing to accommodate it,[31] Snoke told Solo the rigid nature of the Jedi Order helped to bring about its downfall[89] at the end of the Clone Wars.[60] Following his death, Jinn knew of how Owen and Beru Lars took in Luke Skywalker despite the risks of raising the boy; he considered them examples of pure heroism, becoming pained and horrified by their deaths.[66]

Beyond the world of the living[]

"You're very nearly corporeal. I've never seen you appear like this."
"It is a matter of learning to both claim the physical world and detach one's self from it. A matter of finding center, of calming one's soul and giving one's self over completely to the Force. Some Jedi choose to transition between life and death in that way, though I could scarcely have imagined it when I was alive. Even after death, we continue to learn."
"I look forward to learning the art someday. Hopefully in the distant future."
―Obi-Wan Kenobi and Qui-Gon Jinn[90]

Even during his life, Jinn understood that the Force was larger than a single Jedi's connection to it, even believing it was larger than the concepts of life and death.[19] As part of the Living Force,[29] Jinn was able to understand how every aspect of every environment played a part in the great song of the Whills; he saw that nothing was barren, as the Force existed within everything, even understanding how the desert of Tatooine was not truly barren, given everything that made it up.[66]

Although his identity had survived death,[29] he no longer had an "individual existence;" no longer existing as "Qui-Gon Jinn" and instead existing as part of the Force, he was unconcerned with linear time, individuality, awareness, and consciousness, even existing beyond what he believed to be the "crude" language used by living humans. Although he thought being part of the Force was a better state, he nevertheless fondly, but distantly, remembered the vitality of his mortal life. He could leave his unity with the Force to commune with the living, yet such an action caused pain, making the definition of himself separate from the Force. Despite providing a vantage point for the complex physical universe, the pain of entering back into individual existence was only endurable to Jinn because he understood he could return to the Force quickly and because he knew he may be needed. He also found that using his old Padawan's name was worth separating from being one with the Force.[66]

Existing as a fracture of the Force, he understood that his past existence was best summarized by his name, given that it was who he was during his temporal life.[66] He guided Yoda through Dagobah to learn the secret of eternal consciousness; but, Yoda was interested in knowing if Jinn, existing outside of normal time, could tell him Darth Sidious's true identity. Although Jinn hinted that he knew the truth, he explained he could only guide Yoda towards greater knowledge, not provide him with the answers.[29]


Jinn's spirit explains to Yoda how the connection between the Living Force and Cosmic Force helped him retain his identity after death.

Jinn's training to retain his identity after death led him to new philosophies unknown to the Jedi Order at the time. Jinn learned that there were two sides to the Force, a Living Force channeled by the energies of all living beings, and the Cosmic Force into which it fed. It was this symbiotic relationship that allowed the Force to bind the galaxy together and speak to living beings through the midi-chlorians.[29]

After learning how to manifest himself into the physical universe[66] instead of only existing as a voice,[29] he could draw upon the memories of his life, using them to form into a shape that appeared like how his body had. He could feel everything, from his flesh to his robes, form around him; when he was summoned by Obi-Wan Kenobi after Luke Skywalker ran to see what had become of his aunt and uncle, Jinn found that removing his hood came naturally. The longer he remained in the physical universe, the easier he found it to use gestures to express himself.[66]

Jinn thought that the most beautiful type of mastery was learning to let go, such as how Jedi like himself let go from the mortal universe. Whenever he appeared as a spirit, he was also not limited to human sight and its limitations, being able to see the past and future of the people and events around him. Appearing as a spirit required balance and devotion to the Force, with Jinn explaining he needed to both claim and detach himself from the mortal universe. It took nearly a decade of training to be able to enter such a state. The longer he remained in the mortal realm, the more corporeal he became. He was even able to smell the cremation of the Jawas.[66]

Finding human lives incredibly brief and death an inevitable—but almost a neutral—event, Jinn had come to believe that it was one's journey through the Force that mattered. Believing that truths always eventually came out, he was able to know what living people would call the future, as he no longer existed in linear time. When he appeared on Tatooine to speak with Kenobi, he felt the deaths of nearby Jawas, specifically feeling the memory of their helplessness and fear wash over his consciousness. Finding their deaths meaningless, Jinn was comforted by the sight of C-3PO and R2-D2, knowing it proved time to be a circle; the Force had ensured they were present once more on the desert world, making the beginning of a journey its end as well.[66]

Jinn understood that he could never have understood the process of appearing as a spirit when he was alive. Whenever Jinn intended to return to the Force, his awareness spread out, again allowing him to sense how every aspect of a planet fit together to form the system of life. Upon letting go, he again would release his name and form to become one with[66] the energy field that was[79] the Force.[66]

Apprentice of Dooku[]

"I once knew someone, a teacher, a mentor. Someone who I looked to as my guide in all things. He made a choice—he did something that I couldn't fathom. It created a feeling inside me. A doubt and fear that I never thought I could overcome. I was lost for a good while. Shaken to my core. But over time, that fear and doubt became something else—it became resolve. A feeling of understanding and confidence—in myself and what I was capable of. It would have been normal to resent him. To blame this other person's decisions for whatever errors I made. But that would also have been the easy path, a lazy and passive one. […] I trusted myself. I worked harder. I accepted that one man's mistakes would never carry the weight of my own. I studied the Jedi teachings. I interpreted them as best I could. And I listened and learned. We are all flawed, Lizel. We all make errors of judgment. It's how we recover from them that defines us."
―Qui-Gon Jinn talks to Lizel Liit about his thoughts on Dooku after the man left the Jedi Order[23]

Dooku was Jinn's master[12] and friend.[24] Further described by Jinn as a teacher and mentor figure who could guide him through any issue, Jinn was nonetheless shocked by Dooku's decision to leave the Jedi Order, with Dooku's choice also creating fear and doubt inside his former disciple. In that mindset, he found himself lost and made several mistakes. In time, however, those concerns Jinn faced would give way to resolve he described as confidence and understanding. While he suspected resenting Dooku would be a normal reaction, he also decided it was the easy, lazy, and passive path; instead, Jinn turned inward and towards his studies, concluding in the end that everyone made mistakes, yet it was how one decided to respond to those errors that mattered the most. His experience after Dooku's decision and his time healing gave him wisdom he imparted to Lizel Liit.[23]

In secret, Dooku fell to the dark side and became the Sith Lord Darth Tyranus. Afterward, Dooku claimed to Kenobi that he wished Jinn were still alive so the late Jedi Master could have helped him with the Confederacy of Independent Systems. Kenobi rejected the idea that Jinn would have joined Dooku. Still, Dooku told Kenobi that Jinn knew about the corruption in the Galactic Senate and might have joined the Separatist cause—especially if he had learned that the Republic was under Darth Sidious's control. However, Dooku did not tell Kenobi that the Separatists were also under Sith control.[12]

Mentor to Obi-Wan Kenobi and empathetic nature[]

Training the Jedi Padawan[]

"You've been a good apprentice, Obi-Wan. And you're a much wiser man than I am. I foresee you will become a great Jedi Knight."
―Qui-Gon Jinn, to Obi-Wan Kenobi[7]

During his service to the Jedi Order, Jinn took on Obi-Wan Kenobi as his Padawan learner. Although they were able to work well together, both had major differences in their view of the Jedi;[7] the by-the-book Kenobi[17] was more willing to obey the orders of the Jedi Council,[7] being willing to fill out detailed reports of their missions, while Jinn was willing to hold back on such duties, partly because he knew Kenobi would handle them,[31] and disobey the Council.[21] Kenobi and Jinn's conflicting natures initially caused friction in their relationship, but both grew close over time.[17] Though he still did not entirely agree with it, Kenobi came to understand it was normal for Jinn to disagree with the Council, viewing his Master's actions as a viable alternative to their orders, as it avoided giving into absolutes. Even so, he always preferred to have advanced warning when they were to go on unapproved missions, at least because it allowed him to pack.[21]

With a Jedi Master who had a more "relaxed" attitude instead of a rigid reading of the Jedi Code,[39] Kenobi understood that his lessons were often unconventional, but he did not display annoyance with that,[19] even if Jinn's attempts at moving him away from a standard Jedi viewpoint—asking Kenobi to embody the spirit of the Jedi Code instead of a literal reading—instead resulted in Kenobi trying even harder to embody the traditional Jedi spirit.[39] Jinn nevertheless defended his unconventional choices, believing that Jedi could not learn new lessons if they only stuck with their specific teachings. Beyond thinking Kenobi was always well learned in his answers to questions, Jinn also truly trusted his Padawan; when he and many Wookiees were captured on Life Day, he trusted in Kenobi to rescue them.[19] He also felt sustained by Kenobi's strength.[66]


Qui-Gon Jinn and Obi-Wan Kenobi, master and apprentice

Jinn also tasked Kenobi with reading political bills with him whenever he got a feeling that something was wrong. While Kenobi was annoyed by how time consuming the process was, he respected that, and was further annoyed by how, his mentor's feelings on such matters were often correct. Beyond Jinn often being correct, the other reason he went along with it was because his only attempt at "mutinying" against such work it did not go over well.[21] Like most Jedi, Kenobi also did not share his master's fascination with prophecies.[11] Despite their differences, which could make them argue even when they agreed on matters,[21] Jinn remained proud of Kenobi's accomplishments, believing his Padawan to be wiser than himself and foreseeing that his apprentice would become an great Jedi Knight. Kenobi was also thankful for his teachings[7] and, even despite his misgivings, would not give up their friendly arguments for anything.[21]

Beyond being able to sense whenever his apprentice held discontentment,[21] Qui-Gon Jinn had an empathetic nature and tended to take unfortunate life forms under his protection. It was this tendency and his defiance towards the Jedi Council, which often frustrated and baffled his Padawan. When Jinn saved the Gungan exile Jar Jar Binks, who in turn swore a life-debt to him, his compassionate nature was such that Jinn took the hapless Gungan under his wing, much to Kenobi's dismay. His empathy toward all life forms, including the most pitiful and unfortunate, was Jinn's greatest strength.[1] Additionally, he remained understanding and patient with Queen Padmé Amidala.[37] During the short time they knew each other,[7] he never asked for her to do more than she was willing to, and she was left in nearly overwhelming sadness anytime she thought of the Jedi Master after his death.[37]

Kenobi had sleepless nights during his training, partly because he feared Jinn would somehow end up removed from the Jedi Order before his apprenticeship was over. Kenobi had tried to embody a traditional Jedi spirit to keep his master in line with traditional teachings, a reverse of the typical master—apprentice relationship. Despite that,[39] some of Jinn's defiance was passed down to his Padawan, resulting in Kenobi pushing for Anakin to become his apprentice.[7]

Remaining a mentor[]

"Thank you, Qui-Gon. As always, your wisdom sustains me."
"As your strength always sustained me."
―Obi-Wan and Qui-Gon[90]

Even after his death, Jinn continued to help his former Padawan; he gave him guidance during the Imperial Era, warning him whenever he needed to protect Luke Skywalker.[62] When he was called upon during his former student's exile, he did not only see Kenobi as he existed in old age, seeing every other aspect of the man's past and present at once and believing they all made him who he was. In fact, he completed his training to appear as a ghost for Kenobi, as he wanted him to have company throughout his exile. Finding that saying Kenobi's name made the effort to enter the physical universe worth it, he elected to also say "Ben,"[66] which served as Kenobi's alias.[79] He also knew that Kenobi would quickly adopt the persona of a Jedi Knight once more, as soon as danger came, and looked forward to watching Kenobi do so.[66]

Jinn also took to calling him "my Padawan" once more, as he knew Kenobi still had much to learn, as he had learned that death was merely the start of gaining wisdom. Even so, he believed Kenobi already personified the ways of the Jedi, seeing that he had the patience to remain on Tatooine as Luke Skywalker grew up. Although Kenobi did not see himself in a kind light, Jinn also knew Kenobi was special for not giving into the dark side during that time; he was in awe of Kenobi's steadfast devotion to the light, as he remained a Jedi despite losing everyone he loved. Beyond his mentor, Kenobi had lost Anakin, Satine Kryze, Padmé Amidala,[66] Ahsoka Tano, and Clone Commander Cody.[42] He also respected Kenobi's courage in wanting to continue to live despite all he had lost; he was moved by this, but he anticipated the upcoming reunion they would have after Kenobi's death.[66]

He felt that respecting Kenobi's steadfast devotion to the Jedi was something he owed his Padawan because, upon reflection, Jinn also believed he had failed his student, thinking that Kenobi had not been ready to teach Anakin. He thought his mistakes were obvious and wretched, thinking that Kenobi never discussed them with him to spare his mentor needing to hear of them. In reality,[66] even though he did feel Anakin had been thrust upon him and did regret not having more time to figure out his place in the Jedi Order,[39] Kenobi never mentioned the supposed mistakes to his former master because he did not blame him for Anakin's fall. Jinn wanted to discuss these matters with Kenobi once they were both beyond the world of the living, and he agreed with his apprentice's decision to not tell Luke the full story about his father, thinking that the boy needed to learn when he was steady and strong in the Force.[66]

Kenobi felt sustained by his mentor's wisdom, looking forward to learning how to appear as a spirit and never hesitating to call upon Jinn. Whenever Jinn departed from the mortal world to return to the Force, he found that Kenobi became another part of the overall music of life. He intended to show Kenobi the beauty in letting go to be a part of the Force.[66] By the time after his death, Kenobi had come to disagree with the way Jinn had taken Skywalker off Tatooine; the Jedi Master had told the boy he was not on planet to free him from slavery, instead suggesting he leave his mother for a prophecy he had never heard of.[39]

Belief in Anakin Skywalker[]


Meeting the young boy Anakin Skywalker, Qui-Gon Jinn was certain he was the Chosen One.

Unlike Kenobi,[11] Jinn believed in the prophecy of the Chosen One, being certain that the foretold individual would bring balance to the Force.[7] Just as the prophecy foretold,[11] Jinn came to meet a male born of no father, Anakin Skywalker, and he quickly came to believe he was the Chosen One. Though he acknowledged that Skywalker's future contained an uncertain destiny, he did not dwell on the danger the Council saw in Skywalker's potential. He was willing to train him even if the council forbade in. Even in his dying deaths, Jinn remained steadfast in his belief.[7]

Even as a spirit, Jinn continued to believe in Skywalker, quickly asking Kenobi whether he had trained him when they reunited on Mortis. Although he briefly entertained the thought that Skywalker was not the Chosen One, warning Kenobi that the planet was nevertheless dangerous for Skywalker even if he was not,[50] he later affirmed his faith in the young Jedi and his destiny while speaking to him.[51] Skywalker and Kenobi later came to believe their discussions with Jinn's spirit on Mortis were deceptions,[29] but it had truly been their old mentor.[52]

After Skywalker fell to the dark side, Jinn saw it as a fate worse than death. He blamed himself for the creation of Darth Vader, believing that he had placed the responsibility for training him on Kenobi before his student was ready. He concluded that training the boy may have been impossible for even the best of the Jedi, yet Kenobi disagreed;[66] although Kenobi too had once blamed himself for Skywalker's fall, Vader rebutted that idea during their duel on a barren moon, declaring that he himself had destroyed Skywalker, not his masters.[63] As such, Kenobi argued to Jinn that Skywalker—even if himself and Jinn had some blame for his fate—had all the wisdom needed to take the path of the light side, yet he chose otherwise. Despite agreeing with Kenobi's response, he did not feel his mistakes were absolved.[66]

Powers and abilities[]

"Show yourself, can you?"
"I cannot. My training was incomplete. All energy from the Living Force, from all things that have ever lived, feeds into the Cosmic Force, binding everything and communicating to us through the midi-chlorians. Because of this, I can speak to you now."
―Yoda communes with Jinn on Dagobah about eternal consciousness[29]

Jinn was skilled with a lightsaber, but disliked being considered a warrior.

Regarded by his fellows as a great Jedi,[24] Qui-Gon Jinn was sensitive to and had an affinity for the Force. He utilized telekinesis and mind tricks on more than one occasion, using them to help further his goals during the Trade Federation's occupation of Naboo and while attempting to free Skywalker from slavery.[7] He was also skilled in the ability of Force jump, being able to use it to leap high into the air.[31]

While Jinn was disturbed by the concept that he could be seen as a warrior, believing such a title was not what a Jedi was meant to be,[31] Jinn was skilled with a lightsaber. He was able to use his blade to easily defeat battle droids on Naboo and hold his own in his first duel with Darth Maul. During his second duel with Maul, the Sith Lord out-fought the Jedi Master and mortally wounded him after a prolonged fight. Although Jinn fell at the hands of Maul,[7] his influence remained present in his former apprentice Kenobi as well as his apprentice, Anakin Skywalker. When Kenobi and Skywalker confronted Dooku on his ship during the Clone Wars, the Sith Lord noted that he had to be wary of their knowledge and skill since they had been taught by Jinn, who at one point had been his Padawan.[47]

The ability to manifest consciousness after death was, for a time, a skill that other Jedi didn't know. Jinn kept his training with the Force Priestesses a secret, and the Jedi Order continued to believe that death was permanent and one couldn't retain their identity. It was not until towards the Clone Wars that Jinn revealed himself to Yoda, despite his training being incomplete at the time, and Jinn told the Jedi Master that he too could learn to return from death through the Cosmic Force.[29] In this state, Jinn's connection to the Force was not hampered by a physical body; he was of the Force, so could see possibilities and what was occurring in multiple locations at once. As such, he could sense events before they happened. Jinn passed his teachings[66] on to Yoda and Kenobi, who used it and the new philosophies they learned to help guide Luke Skywalker towards his destiny.[64]


Tools and clothing[]


A member of the Jedi Order, Qui-Gon Jinn wore traditional Jedi robes.

Like his fellow Jedi, Qui-Gon Jinn wore the Jedi robes typical of his era, including an optional hooded robe that could easily be removed. During his time on Tatooine, he wore a poncho. Jinn also used a Hush-98 comlink for long distance communication and to transmit a blood sample for midi-chlorian analysis, owned an imagecaster to display holograms, and used an A99 aquata rebreather when swimming underwater.[7]

Jinn flew a blue Delta-7 Aethersprite-class light interceptor, which could be attached to a hyperspace transport ring for lightspeed travel. Furthermore, his starfighter travels were aided by an astromech droid that had a round dome. For their mission to Bri'n, Kenobi and Jinn used a Eta-class shuttle.[31] During the Invasion of Naboo, Kenobi, Jar Jar Binks, and him were given a Gungan bongo submarine to travel through Naboo's planet core.[7]


Qui-Gon Jinns lightsaber - SW Card Trader

Qui-Gon Jinn's lightsaber

The Jedi Master wielded a green lightsaber, that he carried throughout most of his life. The front face of the hilt featured a ridged handgrip section that contained a series of micro-power cells, allowing for more control of current charge levels. The lightsaber had a red button that served as an activation switch. With a hilt length of 28.5 centimeters and a width of 3.8 centimeters, and made of alloy metal, Jinn's lightsaber was less ornate than the lightsaber belonging to his master, Dooku.[91]

Behind the scenes[]

"He's almost like a monk, an old-time warrior who is wise and quite philosophical, yet very skilled in martial arts. He has incredible confidence, as well as a magical quality that enables him to see into the future. He's not really a rebel, but he has his own code."
―Liam Neeson's thoughts on his character, Qui-Gon Jinn[92]
Qui-Gon Jinn Concept Art

Concept art of Qui-Gon Jinn

Qui-Gon Jinn was portrayed by Liam Neeson in the 1999 prequel trilogy film, Star Wars: Episode I The Phantom Menace.[7] The actor reprised his role in three episodes of Star Wars: The Clone Wars; "Overlords,"[50] "Ghosts of Mortis,"[51] and "Voices."[29] Audio of him could briefly be heard in Star Wars: Episode II Attack of the Clones.[12] Neeson was also set to lend his voice to Star Wars: Episode III Revenge of the Sith, and Neeson had hinted at his involvement in early 2005.[93] The scene ultimately appeared in the film's novelization.[94]

Neeson reprised his role again in 2019 in a brief audio cameo in Star Wars: Episode IX The Rise of Skywalker, the final film of the Skywalker saga.[85] He once again reprised the role in 2022 in "Part VI" of the series Star Wars: Obi-Wan Kenobi as a Force ghost.[63] He spoke to director Deborah Chow and she told him that Ewan McGregor would reprise his role as Obi-Wan Kenobi in a series. She explained that when Kenobi was going through a journey, he reached out for help but Jinn was not there. Kenobi would finally see Jinn at the end of his journey. Neeson then said he was definitely onboard with the series.[95] Neeson returned to the role once more lending his voice to the animated Star Wars: Tales of the Jedi, while a younger Jinn was voiced by Neeson's son, Micheál Richardson. In 2024, Neeson said he was too old to return to Qui-Gon Jinn in a live-action capacity.[96]

Compared to the final screenplay, early drafts of The Phantom Menace did not have Qui-Gon Jinn joining Obi-Wan Kenobi until much later in the film, leaving Kenobi as the sole Jedi participant through many of the film's early events, such as the failed negotiations aboard the Trade Federation flagship. Additionally, the final screenplay described Qui-Gon Jinn as being in his 60s, far older than actor Liam Neeson was at the time.[97]


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