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"A true Knight, Qui-Gon is. Forever on his own quest."

Qui-Gon Jinn was a Force-sensitive highly respected, yet maverick and unconventional Human male Jedi Master, who lived during the last decades of the Galactic Republic and was most notably responsible for discovering Anakin Skywalker, the Chosen One of the Jedi prophecy, and bringing him into the Jedi Order. An adherent of the Living Force, Jinn always kept his focus in the moment and often clashed with and even openly defied the Jedi High Council. Born in 92 BBY, Qui-Gon Jinn was raised at the Jedi Temple on the galactic capital of Coruscant before being apprenticed at the age of ten to Jedi Knight Dooku. After years of training under Dooku, Jinn achieved the rank of Jedi Knight and—after successfully training a Padawan of his own, a farmer's son named Feemor—became a Jedi Master himself. Shortly after that, Jinn took on a second Padawan, a prodigy named Xanatos, whom Jinn had himself discovered and had brought to the Jedi Temple earlier. Jinn was marveled by his Padawan's prowess so much that he turned a blind eye to Xanatos's flaws, namely his desire for power.

However, Jinn was faced with his Padawan's true nature during a mission to stop a civil war on Xanatos's homeworld of Telos IV. During the mission, Xanatos fell to the dark side of the Force and sided with his father Crion, the power-hungry Governor of the planet, who had orchestrated the insurgency to further his own goals. In order to stop the war, Jinn had to confront Crion, who was accidentally killed in the process. Xanatos fled from the planet, swearing revenge on his Master. Devastated by his apprentice's betrayal, Jinn blamed himself for Xanatos's fall, believing in his inability as a Master and renouncing his earlier success with Feemor. Jinn swore never to take another apprentice, until he crossed paths with a Jedi trainee named Obi-Wan Kenobi during a mission to the planet Bandomeer in 44 BBY. Jinn took Kenobi as his third apprentice, starting their long training together. Over the course of the next twelve years, Jinn and Kenobi participated in numerous missions across the galaxy, most notably fighting side by side against Xanatos, who attempted to exact revenge on his former Master. Ultimately, the fallen apprentice took his own life when cornered by Jinn and his new Padawan on Telos, ending that dark chapter in Jinn's life.

In 32 BBY, Jinn and Kenobi were assigned by Supreme Chancellor Finis Valorum as ambassadors to the Trade Federation, which had recently blockaded the planet Naboo in protest against the recent taxation laws introduced by the Galactic Senate. The Trade Federation, led by Viceroy Nute Gunray, however, attempted to dispose of the Jedi, launching an invasion of Naboo. Escaping to the surface of the planet, Jinn and Kenobi saved the Queen of Naboo, Padmé Amidala, agreeing to escort her to Coruscant in order to report the Trade Federation's act of aggression, but their ship's hyperdrive was damaged, forcing them to make a stop for repairs on the lawless world of Tatooine. It was under the twin suns of Tatooine that Jinn discovered Anakin Skywalker, a young slave boy with great Force potential, who helped the Jedi obtain the money to buy the replacement T-14 hyperdrive generator by risking his life at the Boonta Eve Classic podrace. Convinced that the boy was the Chosen One who was supposed to bring balance to the Force, Jinn secured Skywalker's release from slavery and brought him to the Jedi Temple, narrowly escaping from an attack by the Sith Lord Darth Maul in the process.

Believing that Kenobi was ready to become a Jedi Knight, Jinn asked for Skywalker to be assigned as his new apprentice. However, the Jedi Council refused Jinn's request, believing Skywalker to be too old for Jedi training and potentially dangerous. Jinn then accompanied Amidala back to Naboo, helping her to liberate her world from the Trade Federation. During the battle, Jinn and Kenobi faced off against Darth Maul, and the Jedi Master was struck down by the Sith, before Kenobi cut him in half. With his final words, Jinn asked Kenobi to train Skywalker as his Padawan. Following the battle, Kenobi was promoted to the rank of Jedi Knight, and Skywalker was accepted into the Jedi Order. Kenobi fulfilled his promise to his later Master, training Skywalker for the next ten years. Even though Jinn died on Naboo, he continued to have great influence on the future of the Jedi. Having long ago learned how to preserve one's consciousness with the Force, Jinn remained as a Force ghost, eventually passing the secret to Kenobi and Grand Master Yoda. Even though Skywalker fell to the dark side—becoming the Dark Lord of the Sith Darth Vader and leading to the fall of the Galactic Republic, the rise of the Galactic Empire in its stead and the near-destruction of the Jedi Order—he eventually fulfilled the prophecy just as Jinn had foreseen, killing his Sith Master Darth Sidious and returning to the light in his final moments.



Early life and apprenticeship

Childhood at the Jedi Temple

"He will be a great Jedi Knight."
―Dooku, on his apprentice Qui-Gon Jinn[src]

Qui-Gon Jinn was a Human male[4] born in 92 BBY[2] on a terrestrial planet.[1] Within the first six months after his birth,[14] Jinn was identified as a Force-sensitive and was taken from his homeworld to the galactic capital of Coruscant to train at the Jedi Temple and become a Jedi.[4] He maintained some ties with his planet of birth, however, and even obtained a special smooth Force-sensitive stone from his home planet's River of Light as a keepsake, while he was no older than thirteen.[1][4] At the age of eight, Jinn participated in a training exercise at a Coruscant lake along with his class. The younglings scaled a nearby cliff with cable launchers several times, learning to keep their balance. The trainees were to repeat the same task a week later, albeit without the cable launchers and under the supervision of a Jedi Master as part of their Force training. Jinn, however, did not want to wait for another week and, after everyone else had left, he remained at the lake, contemplating to climb the cliff alone. His thoughts were soon interrupted by a young girl from his class called Tahl, who playfully dared Jinn to race her to the top of the cliff. Jinn tried to use the Force to help him in the ascent, but that day, Tahl felt a deeper connection with the Force and beat Jinn to the top. Although his pride was somewhat hurt, the young Jinn did not show it. He and Tahl then jumped from the cliff into the cool water of the lake, enjoying the refreshing feeling. At that moment, Tahl saw someone coming in their direction. Since the two of them were supposed to be in meditation and not playing in the water, Jinn and Tahl hid behind a rock and saw Grand Master Yoda passing them by. Both barely restrained each other from laughing, and Yoda walked away without noticing the two.[15]

Jinn spent much of his youth at the Jedi Temple.

After that incident, Jinn and Tahl vowed to be friends forever. The two indeed became the best of friends over the years,[15] along with other trainees, including Clee Rhara. Jinn and Tahl would often find themselves in arguments that even ended in scraps, but that never hurt their friendship and only made it stronger.[16] At one point during his training at the Temple, Jinn snuck into one of its spires, taking in the cityscape of Coruscant. Fascinated by its beauty, from that day he dreamed to explore the ecumenopolis from bottom to top. On rare occasions, the trainees were permitted to leave the Temple under escort of chaperons, making visits to the Senate Building, the Courts Building and the Municipal Authorities Building. During those early trips to the city, Jinn changed his mind about Coruscant, realizing that much of the planet was artificial, its natural beauty buried long ago by the massive city.[17]

By the time he was ten years old, Jinn was considered one of the most promising of the Temple's students.[8] During that time, Jinn participated in the Exhibition Day, a tournament among the older Temple students, where they demonstrated their skills to Jedi Masters. The last exercise of the day was a lightsaber tournament; Jinn easily defeated his opponents and made it to the final, where he faced against Tahl. The two engaged in a fierce duel for an extended period of time, gathering a lot of attention from the observing Masters. Ultimately, Jinn was able to defeat Tahl, although after the battle she maintained that she had deserved to win that day.[15] Jinn's lightsaber skills did not go unnoticed, and Jedi Knight Dooku was impressed by Jinn's prowess with the weapon. Craving to achieve perfection by having the best possible Padawan at his side and dreaming of surpassing Yoda as the greatest Jedi alive, Dooku chose Jinn as his apprentice.[8] Dooku was an outspoken and an unconventional teacher, who was barely in his early twenties,[2] and the two had a very distant relationship,[8] Jinn viewing his Master as intimidating and intent on teaching his own future Padawan in a different fashion.[18]

Despite their lack of connection, Jinn and Dooku did enjoy some recreational activities together, like playing smashball, with Jinn considering it an easy victory to play against his Master. Shortly after being taken as a Padawan by Dooku, Jinn received a present from his Master—a copy of the third edition of the book called The Jedi Path: A Manual for Students of the Force, which served as a guide for Jedi trainees. That particular copy of the book had been passed from Master to Padawan in succession; Dooku had received it from his own Master, Thame Cerulian, who had, in turn, received it from Yoda. All three previous owners of the book had made their own notes inside the book, noting their experiences and thoughts on topics presented in the guide. Jinn continued the tradition, continuously making notes in the book while training under Dooku. It was from the guide that Jinn first learned of the Ancient Order of the Whills, a secretive Force-using organization.[18]

Padawan of Dooku

"Betrayal is part of life, Qui-Gon, and we can't always see it coming."
―One of Dooku's lessons to young Jinn[src]

Qui-Gon Jinn as a Padawan

Jinn and Dooku participated in a number of missions, going to isolated outposts in the Outer Rim Territories and various dreary planets.[8] As was customary for the Jedi at the time, Jinn and Dooku visited the planet Ilum to collect a lightsaber crystal for Jinn's lightsaber. There, Jinn encountered vicious gorgodon creatures native to the planet.[18] When he was just a little over fourteen years of age, Jinn met Didi Oddo, the owner of Didi's Café on Coruscant and a well-known informant among the Jedi. Eventually, the two of them became close friends, and, despite Oddo's close connections to the underworld, Jinn trusted him completely. He held no liking for Oddo's cooking, however.[19] By that time, Jinn had achieved much progress in fulfilling his childhood dream, having explored much of Coruscant, yet still not coming close to exploring all of it.[17] During his training, Jinn also encountered a variety of non-Jedi Force-using groups, including the Cruthauses and the Boughtine.[18]

When Jinn was sixteen, he and Dooku were assigned to escort Senator Blix Annon on a diplomatic assignment. There had been an increase in pirate activity recently, and many senators had been kidnapped while traveling between their homeworlds and Coruscant and had been held for great ransoms. All the kidnappings were performed by the same pirate, whose identity was unknown, and who remained elusive time and again. Annon was an important senator and a friend of the Jedi Order, so when he asked the Jedi for protection, the Jedi Council assigned Jinn and his Master to guard the Senator while he traveled aboard his personal cruiser; not used to luxury in his travels, Jinn was awed by the ship's rich furnishings. During their journey, the Jedi stumbled upon another ship drifting in space and emitting a distress call. A young girl spoke through the comlink, claiming that her name was Joli Ti Eddawan, the daughter of Senator Galim Eddawan from the planet Tyan. She told Jinn and Dooku that her ship had been attacked by the pirate, the pilot and everyone else aboard had been killed, and her father had been taken away. The girl also said that her ship's systems were failing and oxygen level was falling. Dooku, suspecting that this might be a trap laid by the pirate, told Annon's aide Eero Iridian—who was also Dooku's childhood friend—to check Senator Eddawan's current whereabouts. Consulting the cruiser's computer, Iridian found out that Senator Eddawan had indeed been scheduled to arrive at the port station Alpha Nonce the day before, but he never did.[8]

Dooku then ordered Annon's pilot to approach the drifting ship slowly and to stay out of its laser cannons' range. Jinn, feeling that the girl was in danger, was willing to go ahead and rescue her, but Dooku was still unsure that the distress call was genuine. Dooku's suspicions turned out to be right, as the other ship suddenly came to life and revealed a battery of previously hidden turbolasers, which opened fire at Annon's cruiser; the pilot was surprised and failed to react, forcing Dooku to grab the controls and pull the cruiser away from the line of fire in the nick of time, and a firefight erupted between the two ships. Annon's cruiser was outfitted with two types of shield—a particle shield that protected against turbolaser fire and an energy shield protecting against laser cannons. Such combination offered good defense but had one major downside, for in order to fire Annon's own laser cannons, the particle shield had to be dropped. Jinn soon noticed that the attacking vessel fired at the cruiser every time the Jedi dropped their particle shield; that required great reflexes and precision on the part of the enemy pilot. The cruiser's energy shield eventually malfunctioned and the armor plating peeled off, allowing the pirate to blast the cruiser's docking bay doors and to land his ship inside. Jinn and Dooku rushed to the docking bay, only to find battle droids rolling from the pirate's craft.[8]

The two engaged the droids, but the machines used smoke grenades, covering everything in sight with smoke. Suddenly, Joli's voice was heard again, begging the Jedi to rescue her and saying that she was forced by the pirate to stand on his ship's ramp. Despite Dooku's urging not to listen to her, as that was most likely another ruse, Jinn risked his life and fought his way to the ramp to save the girl. Dooku soon caught up with him, and they boarded the pirate ship. Inside, however, they found only a recording rod with Joli's prerecorded voice. Realizing that the pirate had already slipped aboard the cruiser, Jinn and Dooku hurried to a safe room, where Iridian had been supposed to take Annon to in case of any potential danger. Inside the room, they found Iridian lying unconscious and Annon nowhere to be found. Returning to the docking bay, they saw Annon in shackles, being pushed into the enemy ship by the pirate, whose face was hidden behind a helmet. At the same time, the cruiser's systems began to fail because of the damage the ship had sustained during the battle. The two Jedi leaped onto the pirate ship's ramp; Dooku deflected the pirate's blaster shots with his lightsaber and began slowly advancing on him. The pirate, however, performed a maneuver that disoriented Jinn's Master. The pirate managed to slip into his ship and raised the ramp, causing both Jedi to fall on the cruiser docking bay's deck.[8]

As the pirate safely retreated with Annon in his custody, Jinn and Dooku were left aboard the crumbling cruiser. First, they checked on Iridian, and after ensuring that his injuries were not fatal, they went to help the cruiser's pilot. Jinn managed to repair the cruiser's sublight mainframe control, allowing the pilot to land the ship on Voltare, a nearby spaceport planet. Having delivered Iridian to a local medical clinic, the two Jedi returned to the ship and started planning their next course of action. Standard procedure dictated that they should contact the Council, but Dooku—having recognized the pirate as Lorian Nod, his fellow Jedi trainee and former friend at the Jedi Temple–turned bitter rival—decided to proceed with the investigation without consulting the Council, unwilling to admit to the Council members that Nod had outwitted him. Jinn was not told about Dooku's discovery either and was even ordered to maintain comlink silence. Although Dooku did not tell him about Nod, Jinn still felt anger emanating from his Master. Analyzing the battle on the cruiser, both Jedi noted that although Annon had claimed that his equipment had been of the highest possible quality, the energy shield had failed, and the armor had began to peel off after taking only minor damage.[8]

Jinn and Dooku concluded that the cruiser's systems had been sabotaged, and the pirate had been aware of the fact. Upon checking the reports of all the other kidnappings, Dooku noted that in all cases, pilots had reported various malfunctions on their ships. Deciding to check where Annon's cruiser had been outfitted with the security devices, Jinn and Dooku visited Iridian in the clinic, who told them that the cruiser's upgrades had been done by the renowned Kontag corporation. Dooku raised Kontag's officials on the comlink, but they did not tell much. Jinn's Master decided to infiltrate the company's headquarters on the planet Pirin, and the two Jedi soon arrived there. Lying to the company's representative, Sasana, that the Jedi Order was considering a purchase of security upgrades from Kontag, Jinn and Dooku asked her to show them the Kontag factory. Having thoroughly inspected the facility, the Jedi noticed signs of both prosperity and decline. A large client base was maintained, but little to no actual work was being done in the facility. Dooku realized that the Pirin factory was just a sham, and the real work was being done elsewhere. Analyzing a sensor suite he had taken from a Kontag landspeeder during the tour, he found a factory mark buried in it, which pointed to Von-Alai, a once-icy planet transformed into a barren wasteland by the toxic waste produced by a vast number of factories.[8]


"So what did you learn from the mission, Padawan?"
" Many things."
"Name the most important one, then."
"That you will withhold facts from me that I need to know.
―Jinn and Dooku, after the incident with Lorian Nod[src]

After they reached Von-Alai and entered the factory, Jinn, to his shock, discovered that child labor was being practiced there, which was forbidden by the Republic laws. Jinn tried to convince his Master that they had to help the children, but Dooku was preoccupied only with their mission. Confronting one of the factory's managers, Dooku threatened him with a promise to report all the violations he had seen and to shut down the production. Under those threats, the man revealed the name of the corporation that owned the factory, Caravan, which Dooku recognized as the name of Nod's model ship he had built at the Temple. As Jinn and Dooku turned to leave the factory, they were surprised to find Iridian waiting for them, who claimed that he had followed them in order to help them find Annon. The aide said that he had found a worker who might know where the pirate's hideout was. The Jedi followed Iridian, but the aide wandered away and disappeared, and the Jedi were instead confronted by several Eradicator-series battle droids. The Jedi ignited their lightsabers, but after Jinn realized that a battle inside the factory could harm the children who were working there, he deactivated his weapon. Dooku was determined to fight, however, and Jinn had to convince his Master to stand down. Grudgingly, Dooku followed his Padawan's example, and both Jedi were taken into custody by the battle droids.[8]

Jinn with his master Dooku, and Jedi Masters Yoda and Tyvokka

Jinn and Dooku were drugged, taken to an unknown location, and handcuffed to the floor. After Jinn awoke from the effects of the drug, Dooku finally decided to tell him about Nod. Jinn was puzzled and disappointed that his Master had withheld such important information from him, but he tried not to show his feelings. Remembering Iridian's sudden disappearance, Dooku also realized that his friend had been in league with Nod all along; Iridian hoped to use the money raised from the kidnappings to finance an election campaign for the post of senator. At that moment, Nod himself showed up, and Jinn accused him of using children to work for him. Nod casually replied that the children were the only ones who could support their families, and if he were to fire them, they would starve, but Jinn was not satisfied with this answer, believing that there was another way. Nod further explained that he had been kidnapping senators just to earn some money and to retire peacefully. Iridian then burst in, accusing Nod of killing Annon; the Senator had just died of a heart attack. The two began to argue, and the panicking Iridian pulled out his vibroblade. Dooku, however, used the Force to pull the vibroblade out of Iridian's hands and used it to cut loose of his cuffs. Jinn's Master then Force-pulled his lightsaber that was stored nearby and attacked Nod, while Iridian fled from the site. Defending with a blaster and his own vibroblade, Nod slowly moved toward Jinn's lightsaber—which was also kept close—and grabbed it.[8]

As Dooku and Nod engaged in a lightsaber duel, Jinn, still tied and helpless, cried for his Master to release him. Dooku, however, was too enraged and immersed in the battle and did not hear his Padawan's pleas. Only when he was ready to deal a fatal blow did Dooku hear Jinn's desperate cry and stop his hand. He finally released his apprentice, and they took both Nod and Iridian into custody. The two returned to Coruscant, not speaking a single word on their return journey. After handing the two criminals to Coruscant security, Dooku told Jinn to learn one lesson from their mission—that the day would come when his friends would betray him.[8] Unbeknownst to the Jedi, the plot to replace Annon with Iridian had been secretly instigated by Darth Tenebrous, the current Dark Lord of the clandestine Order of the Sith Lords. The replacement of Annon was to be another step in the Grand Plan, the imperative designed by the Dark Lords to bring the galaxy under Sith control. Although Jinn and Dooku had unknowingly foiled that particular scheme of the Sith, they did not find out about Tenebrous's involvement in Annon's kidnapping.[20]

Some time later, Jinn and Dooku embarked on their final mission as Master and apprentice. The mission lasted for two years, and it was difficult and dangerous. Exhausted and weary, the two returned to the Jedi Temple, where Jinn was ready to undergo his Jedi Trials. At the landing platform, Jinn was greeted by Tahl, and the two friends shared a warm embrace, which irritated Dooku, who had stopped believing in sincere friendship a long time ago. As they walked together to meet the Jedi Council, Dooku commended Jinn on being a great Padawan, but he also said that Jinn had one major flaw, namely his trust and connection to other people. Dooku reminded Jinn that in the end, he would always be alone, and that betrayal was inevitable.[8] Around 72 BBY,[21] Jinn was granted the rank of Jedi Knight. After the knighting ceremony, Jinn kept his Padawan braid, preserving it with his copy of The Jedi Path. Although he stopped making notes in the guide, Jinn made sure to keep it safe to pass it eventually to his own apprentice.[18] Tahl also became a Jedi Knight, although their Jedi duties prevented them from seeing each other for years, and they only heard of each other's promotion.[15] After Jinn was knighted, he kept very little contact with Dooku, viewing their past relationship strictly as that of a Master and his Padawan. Although he respected Dooku's training, he did not heed his Master's final lesson, unwilling to live without trust and friendship.[8]

The fall of Xanatos

Attaining Mastery

"Xanatos. He is gifted. I would consider carefully, however. I'm not sure he's the right one for you."
―Tahl, warning Jinn against taking Xanatos as his apprentice[src]

Feemor, Jinn's first apprentice

In his first year as a Jedi Knight, Jinn and three companions were exposed to a theta storm. Jinn survived by luck, while the three with him failed to reach shelter in time and died slow, excruciating deaths over the course of two days.[22] At some point in his life, Jinn saw the giant trees in the Silver Forest of Dreams on the planet Kubindi. Their leaves reached up to twenty meters in width, and they floated like giant rafts when they fell.[23] When Yoda suggested that he take a Padawan learner, Jinn chose not to rush things and contemplate on that, in the meantime performing solo missions for the Order.[15] During his travels, around 66 BBY,[24] Jinn discovered a three-year-old[25] Force-sensitive boy from the planet Telos IV named Xanatos—the son of Crion, the wealthiest man on Telos. Jinn performed Xanatos' midi-chlorian count, finding out that the boy exhibited strong connection with the Force. Although he did not want to part with his child, Crion allowed his son to be taken away, and Jinn, after some hesitation, brought Xanatos to the Jedi Temple for training. Xanatos proved to be a brilliant student, one of the most promising trainees to come to the Temple in many years, but his brash personality and desire for power led him to clash frequently with other students and caused Yoda to express concerns about him. Jinn overlooked the boy's flaws, however, seeing them as mere childish behavior that Xanatos would eventually outgrow.[13]

As time passed, Xanatos' creative mind and tech-savvy attracted Jinn,[26] and he began considering to take Xanatos as his Padawan. Before making a final choice, the Jedi Knight decided to undertake one more mission. He made a stopover at the barren world of Zekulae, where he was waiting for his transport. Stopping at a café to have a drink, Jinn witnessed an argument between a local Zeku and a Human, whom he recognized as Tahl, who were playing sabacc. Tahl claimed that the Zeku had cheated; the latter was angered by the statement and reached for his weapon. Jinn did not want to endanger Tahl's mission by intervening and waited to see how the situation would resolve. Tahl easily disarmed the Zeku and, after ordering her opponent a drink, she noticed Jinn and joined him. The two talked for some time, remembering their time at the Temple, and Jinn told her that he was thinking about taking Xanatos as his apprentice. Tahl advised Jinn to consider his decision carefully, believing that he and Xanatos were not the best match. Returning to her mission, Tahl then left the café.[15] While Xanatos trained at the Temple, Jinn took[11] a farmer's son named Feemor[12] as his first Padawan, successfully helping the apprentice to become a Jedi Knight. Feemor's knighthood saw Jinn promoted to the rank of Jedi Master.[11][27]

Before long, Jinn took Xanatos as his second apprentice, training him for several years.[13] The two participated in numerous missions, and on one occasion they traveled to the planet of Ilum to obtain some valuable Adegan crystals for Xanatos' lightsaber.[28] On another occasion, Jinn and Tahl were together in the Landor system,[12] known for high levels of pirate activity.[13] Jinn found himself in a predicament there and found a way out of it thanks to Tahl.[12] In 53 BBY,[29] when Xanatos was sixteen, Jinn and his Padawan were sent on a mission to stop a tyrant from overtaking a world in the Outer Rim Territories. The tyrant followed a strategy based on an equation that dictated that disruption plus demoralization and distraction equaled devastation. The pair succeeded in their mission, and the tyrant was killed.[26]

A brilliant student

"Each Jedi apprentice brings something unique to the Temple. Even at a young age, Xanatos stood out. His intelligence was fierce and quick and agile. He was a leader. I thought he was the most promising boy to come to the Temple in many years. So did Yoda. Yet Yoda had questions. As Xanatos grew and I took him as my apprentice, I resented Yoda's hesitations. I thought Yoda was questioning my judgement. Of course, he was questioning the boy. He saw something that I did not. When Yoda suggested one last mission, I was glad. At last, I thought, I can prove to Yoda that I was right. Xanatos will prove himself, prove what I'd seen all along."
―Qui-Gon Jinn[src]

Jinn in a training duel with Xanatos

Jinn was extremely proud of his Padawan's lightsaber skills and Force mastery that nearly equaled his own, and he felt that Yoda's hesitations about Xanatos meant that Yoda was questioning Jinn's own judgment.[13] Shortly after the mission to stop the tyrant,[30] Xanatos easily passed preliminary Jedi tests, and Jinn was ready to welcome him as a Jedi Knight.[13] During that time, Jinn and Xanatos were joined by Jinn's first Padawan, Feemor, in a training duel at the heart of the Jedi Temple. Feemor and Xanatos both attacked Jinn but could not breach his defense. Xanatos then told Feemor to attack from Jinn's left side. Although the Jedi Master repelled the attack, it made him lose the grip on his lightsaber, allowing Xanatos to knock it out of Jinn's hands and win the fight. Xanatos boasted about his victory, priding in his noble ancestry and stating that Feemor had been destined to lose the duel due to his humble origins. Jinn was forced to reprimand Xanatos and console Feemor. After Feemor left, Tahl entered the training grounds, saying that Yoda had sent her to escort Jinn and Xanatos to the Council chamber to receive a new assignment, a mission to the Telos system. Soon, Yoda, Xanatos, Tahl, and Orykan Tamarik—a Jedi Padawan who had recently lost her Master, Casieck Akinslesh, and was temporarily assigned to Tahl—stood before Masters Yoda and Micah Giiett.[12]

Yoda and Giiett explained to them that Xanatos' homeworld of Telos IV was on the brink of civil war following the death of Liora, a revered peace prophet, in what looked like a political assassination. A group of insurgents opposed Crion,[12] who now ruled the planet as a governor, having built on wealth and power through Telosian scientists' research.[13] Yoda chose Tahl because of her knowledge of the system, and Jinn was chosen due to his calm and compassionate demeanor. The Grand Master also made it clear that the mission was meant as a test for Xanatos and Tamarik. Xanatos protested against going to his homeworld, saying that the Council should send a diplomat like Dooku there instead, but Yoda told him that if he was not ready to undertake the mission then the Council would assign Tamarik to Jinn instead of him. As Jinn and Xanatos parted ways with Tahl and Tamarik and were going down on a set of stairs from the Council tower, Xanatos suddenly leaped over the edge and landed on a thin pole. Jinn followed his apprentice and tried to calm Xanatos down, who believed that the Council had already decided to replace him as Jinn's Padawan with Tamarik. Jinn told Xanatos that Telos IV was his weakness and in order to become a Jedi, he had to confront that weakness.[12]

Jinn, Xanatos, Tahl, and Tamarik soon departed for Telos on a transport. While Jinn piloted the transport, he expressed to Tahl his concern about the fact that the Council had decided to send two Masters to Telos, which meant that the situation was more dire than they had claimed. However, Tahl said that she had asked Yoda to send her with Jinn, as she believed that she would find some old Jedi Civil War–era holocrons on Telos. When Jinn told Tahl that he had felt his connection to the Force grow when visiting significant sites from Jedi history, such as Telos, Tahl said that she experienced similar feelings in places where some key event was to take place, such as the planet Naboo,[12] a feeling that would prove prophetic years in the future.[3]

When the Jedi transport reached Telos and Jinn piloted it toward the Thani city-state, a missile was fired from the ground and hit the Jedi's ship, making Jinn lose control of the vessel. He initially panicked, but Tahl calmed him down, and by using the Force, they managed to crash-land the ship. As the four Jedi emerged from the transport, they found themselves under attack by a group of rebels on speeder bikes. Jinn and Tahl used their lightsabers to deflect the band's blaster fire. Meanwhile, Xanatos, who had misplaced his lightsaber, tried to reach for the blaster of one of the fallen attackers, but found himself looking at the barrel of another enemy's gun.[12]

At that moment, Crion and his men arrived and helped the Jedi defeat the attackers. When the fight was over, Crion welcomed the ambassadors and his son to Telos.[12] Xanatos' emotions were stirred by that meeting; Jinn saw that, but Tahl advised him to let the boy sort out his feelings by himself. Crion's advisor, the Ithorian Hukowl An Devi, then flew the four Jedi to their apartments in a landspeeder.

Some time later, while Tahl went to a local library, An Devi took Jinn, Xanatos, and Tamarik to the site of Liora's death. She had fallen from the top of a large tower. Xanatos was jealous of Tamarik's presence, but Jinn told him that she could learn more from both of them, instead of going with Tahl to the library. When Jinn and the others arrived at the site, they were confronted by a group of mourners who did not want the Jedi to interfere in Telos' business, and the Jedi barely made their way through the crowd. At the top of the tower, Jinn and the Padawans tried to use the Force to sense the circumstances of Liora's death, but the only thing they felt was a dark shroud which made Tamarik lose consciousness. However, Jinn also sensed that a person "who was a Jedi, and at the same time not yet a Jedi," had been somehow involved in Liora's death.[31]

Later, aboard the New Citadel Station surrounding Telos, the four Jedi attended the mourning ceremony for Liora. During the ceremony, Jinn and Tahl shared their experiences on the planet. Jinn told Tahl about his investigation of the murder scene, while Tahl, who had recently survived an attack by a group of insurgents, told him that one of the escaping rebels was dressed as an Antarian Ranger, a member of the special forces that trained with the Jedi and who were based nearby on the planet Toprawa. Tahl also said that she did not want Tamarik as her Padawan.[31] Xanatos left the New Citadel Station with Nason, his sister, whom he had met during the ceremony, while Jinn joined Crion in his shuttle. When Crion expressed his grief over the fact that Xanatos was lost to him, Jinn stated that when Xanatos became a Knight, he could be assigned to Toprawa to the Antarian Rangers, and Crion could see his son more often. During the conversation, Crion called the Antarian Rangers "mercenaries," which Jinn found odd as the Rangers did not have such reputation. Back at their apartment, Xanatos, who had overheard Jinn and Tahl's conversation about Tamarik, once again had an outburst. Now aware that Tahl did not want Tamarik as her apprentice, he felt that Yoda had planned from the start to leave him on Telos and to have Jinn train the girl instead. Jinn once again had to calm his apprentice, telling him that if he wanted to return to Coruscant, he had to help him find Liora's killer.[32]

The strife

"Civil war broke out. Suddenly, people were dying. The situation was out of my control. And all because I did not see clearly what Xanatos was capable of."
―Qui-Gon Jinn[src]

Dairoki, the failed Padawan whom Jinn saw on Telos

Jinn told Xanatos about the Antarian Ranger who might have been involved in the murder; Xanatos wanted to relay the news to Crion, but Jinn asked him to keep that information secret for now. Instead, Jinn began his own investigation. He disguised himself as an elderly arms dealer and contacted the insurgents, telling them that he had a shipment of weapons he needed to move. Jinn hoped to meet an insurgent leader named Welleques, but his contact turned out to be a young man[32] named Pon,[33] who escorted him to a supposed meeting place with Welleques. Focused on maintaining his disguise and scrambling the boy's thoughts with the Force, Jinn did not notice two more insurgents, who had recognized him as a Jedi, until they told him not to move. A fight broke out, but Jinn soon emerged victorious, killing the two attackers and leaving only[32] Pon.[33] He used the Force to assure the young man that nothing untoward had happened and told him that he would take the "arms dealer" to Welleques that night. Shortly afterward, Tahl send a message to Jinn, asking him to meet her near Crion's palace.[32]

When Jinn arrived, however, Xanatos, Tahl, Nason, Crion, and a few of his guards were fighting a group of insurgents led by an individual with a disfigured face, whom Jinn recognized as Dairoki,[32] a former Jedi Padawan, who had never completed his training.[33] During the fight, Nason was killed and Dairoki rushed to her side, attacking his own men. The insurgents were soon defeated, but Dairoki retreated. When Jinn asked Tahl if she had known of the attack when she called for a meeting, she replied that she had not and had intended to tell Jinn that she was being recalled from Telos[32] to the Landor system to confront the local pirates who had captured[33] the pilot[13] Stieg Wa. Tamarik was to remain with Jinn, since Landor was considered too dangerous for her. After the attack, An Devi confronted Jinn, showing him a lightsaber they had found near one of the dead insurgents—left there on purpose by Dairoki—and accusing the Jedi of withholding the information regarding the involvement of the Rangers. Jinn replied that he did not have all the information yet and said that he would try to find more details.[33]

However, Xanatos defied his Master; instead of helping him in the investigation, he went to his father to protect him, telling Jinn to take Tamarik with him instead in his continuing investigation. Guided by Jinn's Force command, Pon soon took him, in the old man disguise, to meet Welleques. Welleques and his band tried to kill the offworlder so that they would not have to pay for his weapons. As they drew their blasters, Jinn tore off his disguise and attacked the band, killing everyone except for Welleques. He grabbed Welleques and asked him if the Antarian Rangers were involved in the insurgency, and the man told him that the entire corps was indeed involved. Before Welleques could tell more, he was killed by a shot in the head fired by the Antarian Ranger from a roof. When Jinn reached the spot the Ranger had stood on, the sniper was already gone. Crion was quick to make the news of the Antarian Rangers' involvement in the insurgency public, claiming that their involvement was part of a larger conspiracy involving the Toprawan government. All diplomatic ties to Toprawa were suspended and all citizens of Toprawa currently on Telos were told to leave the planet. Crion's chief of staff additionally claimed that the Rangers had been implicated by agents working with the government, hinting at the Jedi on Telos.[33] When Jinn confronted Xanatos regarding those accusations, Xanatos replied that he was certain that the insurgency would soon fade away. Jinn did not think so and apologized to Xanatos for asking him to keep secrets from his father. Xanatos once again got mad at Jinn, telling his Master that he never wanted to come back to Telos, and he asked Jinn to find Nason's killer, so that they could go back to Coruscant. Xanatos then left Jinn and moved in to live with his father at his palace for the rest of their stay. Soon enough, Crion announced that the people of Telos should react to the increased acts of insurgency. Conflicts among the population erupted, sparking the civil war on Telos.[33] As the fighting escalated, Jinn decided to go to Crion's palace, apologize before Xanatos, and return to Coruscant with his Padawan. Tamarik wanted to go with Jinn, but he forbade her to do so.[34]

Jinn accidentally kills Crion.

However, before Jinn could depart to the palace, Minister An Devi appeared at his doorstep. Dairoki, no longer wanting to take part in the insurgency after the death of his love, Nason, had come to An Devi and revealed that Crion had been, in fact, manipulating the insurgents. He had played on the Telosian population's feeling of nationalism, planting links between the Antarian Rangers and the local insurgents, so that the people of Telos, convinced of offworld intervention, would surely not forgive the rebels. Crion's goal had been the escalation of violence in order to strengthen his rule, and he had achieved it with the civil war raging on the streets. An Devi made a public announcement, exposing Crion's machinations and uniting the people of Telos IV against the governor, who was locked in his palace, surrounded by his loyal guards. Jinn infiltrated the palace, hoping to take Xanatos away from the violence and bloodshed.[34]

Fighting through the governor's guards, Jinn soon reached Crion himself, who was armed with a sword and a blaster. Suddenly, Tamarik appeared at the scene against Jinn's orders and joined the fight. She was quickly disarmed by Crion, who prepared to kill her. Determined to protect the young Padawan, Jinn struck Crion with his lightsaber, making him lose his balance and fall into a pool of hot embers located at the lower level of the palace. The Jedi Master followed the governor there, trying to wake him as he landed, but Crion was already dead. Enraged by his father's death, Xanatos attacked Jinn, knocking his Master's lightsaber out of his hands; the weapon fell into the fiery ashes and was destroyed. Xanatos confronted the defenseless Jinn, who tried to plead with his Padawan, but the boy had fallen to the dark side of the Force and did not listen. Having regained her lightsaber, Tamarik tried to protect Jinn, but Xanatos easily parried her attacks. Jinn then Force-pulled Tamarik's lightsaber and engaged Xanatos in a duel. During their fight, Xanatos accused Jinn of murdering Crion. He then took his dead father by the hand and pressed Crion's ring—bearing their family symbol, a full-circle—to his right cheek.[34]

The ring, broken in the fight and searing hot from the embers, created a prominent scar in the shape of a broken circle on Xanatos' cheek. At that moment, the people of Telos stormed Crion's palace, and Jinn returned the lightsaber to Tamarik in case the crowd attacked them. However, the crowd proceeded directly to Crion's body, carrying it away as a trophy. During that proceeding, Jinn had lost sight of Xanatos, who disappeared into the crowd and escaped. With Crion's death, the civil war on Telos IV came to an end, and the last insurgent groups were ready to lay down their weapons. Deeply affected by the loss of his Padawan, Jinn did not contact the Council with a report for a long time. When he finally did, the Council promised to provide him with a Kaiburr crystal,[34] a powerful Force relic,[35] so that he could build a new lightsaber to replace the one he had lost on Telos. Jinn lied to the Council members regarding Xanatos's fate, telling them that his Padawan had died in an attack on Crion's palace. Unwilling to return to Coruscant, Jinn arranged for An Devi—the new governor of the planet—to send Tamarik back via special transport. Jinn himself took a starfighter and departed for parts unknown.[34]

Devastated by failure

"I cannot help feeling that if I'd been a better Master, he wouldn't have turned to the Dark Side."
―Qui-Gon Jinn[src]

Upon finally returning to the Temple, Jinn blamed himself for Xanatos' fall and even went so far as to renounce his success in training his first Padawan,[36] Feemor.[12] referring to Xanatos as his first apprentice.[36] Jinn spent hours in meditation and consultations with Yoda, who, along with the other Jedi, became aware of Xanatos' true fate, but it did not help him to reconcile with Xanatos' betrayal.[15] He vowed never to take another apprentice, but as the Jedi Council kept asking him to reconsider his decision, he came to the Temple every year. There, he spent a few hours watching the pupils, and then he left alone.[23] Tahl tried to comfort Jinn by accompanying him on a training exercise to the world of Ragoon VI to hopefully relax and take his mind off Xanatos. The two spent time climbing mountains, and Tahl tried to explain Jinn that he could not control everything in his life, but even she could not put him at ease.[15]

In 52 BBY, Jinn was reunited with his former Master, Dooku, on an assignment to Dooku's homeworld of Serenno. There, the Serennian Count Vemec presided over the negotiations involving the Muun Damask Holdings corporation, headed by Magister Hego Damask, and the representatives of the planet Celanon. The issue revolved around the proposed construction of an Aqualish-manufactured hyperwave repeater in Celanon space. The repeater would expand the reach of the HoloNet galactic communications grid into the Corporate Sector, a vast region of space located at the galaxy's Tingel Arm. However, the placement of the transmitter would necessitate changes in the hyperspace routes. In compensation for that, Celanon demanded that ships entering Celanon space from the systems of the upper Hydian Way trade route would be required to pay significant transit taxes.[20]

On Serenno, Jinn met the Muun Hego Damask, the public alter-ego of the Sith Lord Darth Plagueis

Jinn and Dooku were overseeing the debate, alongside Jedi Masters Sifo-Dyas and Jocasta Nu. The Celanon delegation initially protested to the presence of Dooku, since he was Serennian by birth, but after Jinn's former Master assured them that he had severed all ties to his homeworld when he became a Jedi, the proceedings finally began. After four hours of negotiations that led to nothing, Vemec called for a break. Jinn, Dooku, and Sifo-Dyas were then approached by Hego Damask, who expressed concern that in the absence of any resolution, the outlying systems would suffer the most. Jinn, however, ever blunt in his words, implied that discontent in the outer systems was in keeping with the plans of Damask Holdings, which, for a long time, had been supporting the Trade Federation—a powerful commerce guild—and other cartels that exploited backwater worlds to the point of ruination. Many times when the Jedi had to resolve conflicts that stemmed from that, Damask's name surfaced in their investigations.[20]

Damask denied Jinn's accusations, stating that Damask Holdings was merely trying to bring progress to the outlying worlds, and any damage done to the worlds in question was just a minor setback. Damask, in turn, said that the Jedi surely must have faced similar dilemmas when trying to uphold the Republic's laws, but their task was easier since they had the Force to rely upon in their decision-making. Although Jinn still did not agree with Damask's methods, he ended the conversation, leaving the Muun to talk to Masters Dooku and Sifo-Dyas. Little did Jinn know that Damask was, in reality, the Sith Lord Darth Plagueis, the current heir to the Order of the Sith Lords. Jinn's accusations of Damask Holdings's operations were actually correct, as discontent in the backwater worlds was one of the goals of Plagueis's Grand Plan.[20]

For the next few years, Jinn returned to solo missions, although he was occasionally paired with Tahl.[37] In 49 BBY, Jinn served as an escort for Baron[38] Kindoro,[39] the ruler of the planet Vena. While traveling in Republic space, the Baron unexpectedly died of heart failure. However, his wife, Baroness Omnino, blamed Jinn for her husband's death and did not trust the Jedi Order—and Jinn in particular—afterward.[38] In 47 BBY, Jinn and Tahl were sent on a mission to the planet Apsolon. For a long time, the civilization of the planet had been split between the wealthy minority called the Civilized; and the Workers, who comprised the majority of the population. The Civilized had ruled the planet through the Absolutes, a secret police, while the Workers had been oppressed.[37]

The Workers tried to change the situation, and, after a nearly bloodless revolution, the Absolutes were disbanded, a new leader came to power—a Worker named Ewane—and the planet was renamed "New Apsolon" to symbolize the new direction. Jinn and Tahl were assigned to observe a safe transition to a new form of government. During the mission, Tahl developed a close bond with Ewane's daughters, Alani and Eritha. The mission was an overall success and went relatively smoothly. After all the formalities were done with, Jinn was ready to leave, but Tahl wished to remain on the planet, worrying for Ewane and his girls' safety and suspecting that the Absolutes could have remained as an underground organization. Jinn admitted that she could be right, but he also told Tahl that it was not up to the Jedi to deal with the problem. Jinn's words convinced Tahl, and she reluctantly agreed to leave the planet.[37]

During his lifetime Jinn also encountered a number of dissident Jedi groups. One of them was the Potentium, a controversial sect of Force-users formed decades ago by the former Jedi trainee Leor Hal, who believed that the Force was inherently good and it was the intent with which an action was performed, not the action itself, that made it evil. Jinn and senior Jedi Council member, Korun Jedi Master Mace Windu, had a run-in with a group of followers of Potentium at some point before 44 BBY.[40] Another faction that Jinn was acquainted with was led by Jedi Master Djinn Altis, a maverick Jedi who led a splinter faction of Jedi who did not follow some of the Jedi Order's strict tenets. The Altisian Jedi were free to have romantic relationships and even to marry and have children. Members of the faction were also not limited to having only a single Padawan and could have any number of apprentices at any given time.[41] Jinn also at some point participated in the expansion of the Jedi chapter house on the ice-covered planet Rhinnal, overseeing the delivery of building materials to the planet.[42] Jinn was also acquainted with the Jedi Sharad Hett, before the latter left the Jedi Order to return to his family in 47 BBY.[43]

At some point of his life, Jinn started unraveling the secrets of manifesting one's consciousness after death.[44] He eventually located a planet strong with the Force. According to legends, that planet was the very birthplace of all life in the universe and the place of origin of midi-chlorians,[45] microscopic life-forms that lived within each individual in a state of symbiosis with them and allowed the Jedi to feel the Force.[3] There, Jinn encountered five Force Priestesses, who had retained their own consciousness after death.[45] Jinn learned that, when a living thing died, its life passed through the Living Force and into the Cosmic Force to become one with the Force. As the Living Force and Cosmic Force were intertwined, it thus became possible to retain one's consciousness and physically manifest oneself after death. The Force Priestesses considered Jinn to be worthy of the knowledge of eternal life, and he secretly began his training to fully unlock its mysteries.[44] Jinn furthered his studies of that art by learning from a Shaman of the Whills[10] that achieving eternal consciousness required absolute selflessness.[46]

Taking another apprentice

The perilous journey

"Qui-Gon Jinn, I will be thirteen in four weeks. You are my last chance to be a Jedi Knight."
―Obi-Wan Kenobi begging Jinn to accept him as his apprentice[src]

Obi-Wan Kenobi, the boy who wished to become Jinn's apprentice

In 44 BBY, Jinn was asked by Supreme Chancellor[23] Kalpana[4] to go to the planet Bandomeer on a mission. He was not told any details about his assignment there other than that the mission required his personal presence, and his specifically. Before going to Bandomeer, however, Jinn agreed to observe a tournament among a group of the Temple's older students. One of the training duels he witnessed that day was fought between two young boys, Bruck Chun and Obi-Wan Kenobi. After a brief fight, Kenobi emerged as the victor. Jinn took notice of Kenobi's fighting skills, although he also noted that the boy fought too viciously. When the duel had ended, Jinn expressed his concern regarding Kenobi's dangerous style to the boy. As Jinn turned his back and prepared to leave, however, Kenobi called him and asked to be taken as his Padawan. The boy went on to explain that he would be thirteen in four weeks, and if he were not be chosen as a Padawan by that time, then he would be sent to the Agricultural Corps, which was considered a demarcation of inability among other Jedi trainees.[23]

Jinn replied that he would not train Kenobi, because he believed that the boy had too much anger in him and there was a chance that he might turn to the dark side. Jinn walked toward the door, but Kenobi sprang to his feet in a last desperate attempt to convince the Jedi Master that he would not turn. Jinn ignored the boy's pleas and walked away, heading to the Temple's Map Room, where he hoped to relax. On his way there, Jinn could not forget the sight of Kenobi's despairing face, but he tried to convince himself that he had made the right choice and there was danger in the boy's training. Inside the Map Room, Jinn's contemplation was interrupted by Yoda, who walked in and started talking about Kenobi, telling Jinn that he should have thought about taking the boy as an apprentice. Unwilling to discuss that topic, Jinn said that he would consider taking a Padawan next year, but Yoda did not believe his words. The Grand Master then informed Jinn that Kenobi had also been assigned to Bandomeer to work as a farmer there. Jinn was very surprised and suspected Yoda of being involved in such a coincidence, but the elderly Master assured him that it was the will of the Force.[23]

Soon thereafter, Jinn boarded a transport to Bandomeer. The ship, called the Monument, carried two rival groups aboard—the small Arcona Mineral Harvest Corporation led by the Human female Clat'Ha and the powerful Offworld Mining Corporation that was led by Jemba the Hutt and was well known for its ruthless and oppressive methods. Jinn soon discovered that Kenobi was on the same ship and had been beaten by one of the Hutt members of Offworld after he had accidentally stumbled into their territory while trying to find his cabin. Jinn decided to visit the boy in the ship's sickbay and tended to Kenobi's wounds. Seeing Jinn at his side, Kenobi believed that the Master had changed his mind and decided to take him as his Padawan. Once again, Jinn was forced to decline, telling Kenobi that their missions were different. Meanwhile, an Arcona entered the sickbay, introducing himself as Si Treemba and offering to be Kenobi's friend; Si Treemba had come to consider the boy a hero, believing that Kenobi had received his injuries because he had chosen to fight against Offworld. Soon enough, Clat'Ha also came in, telling Jinn and Kenobi that someone had tampered with the Arcona's equipment and had sabotaged three tunneling machines by removing all thermocoms, the equipment necessary to operate the machines.[23]

Clat'Ha suspected Jemba of being involved in it, but the Hutt soon appeared himself, claiming that he was innocent. Jinn told Jemba that he believed in his personal innocence, but hinted that one of Jemba's men might have done it. Jemba and Clat'Ha started arguing, each accusing the other, and Jemba claimed that Clat'Ha had sabotaged the machinery herself in order to frame Offworld. Jinn intervened, trying to convince both sides to calm down. Angered, Jemba left, promising to kill Jinn should he take Clat'Ha's side. Kenobi did not understand why Jinn had let the Hutt go, but Jinn explained that the Jedi should protect only those who could not defend themselves, and he felt that Clat'Ha could do so. Kenobi expressed his desire to start an investigation to find out who had sabotaged the machinery, but Jinn strongly forbade him to do so and left for his quarters. Later, while he was resting in his bed, Jinn sensed that Kenobi was in danger. He was surprised to find that such a bond had formed between them, despite Kenobi not being his Padawan. Jinn fought with that feeling, telling himself that the boy should deal with his problems himself and continued to rest. The next day, while sharing a drink with Clat'Ha in the Arcona's lounge, he met Kenobi and Si Treemba. Kenobi confessed to him that he had disobeyed Jinn's orders and had gone along with Si Treemba to the Offworld side of the ship to investigate the thermocom theft. During their investigation, Si Treemba had been captured and Kenobi had been forced to rescue him; it had been at that moment that Jinn had sensed him being in danger.[23]

Nevertheless, Kenobi could not find any proof of Offworld's involvement in the thermocoms' theft. Furthermore, Clat'Ha explained that Kenobi's efforts were in vain, since the missing thermocoms had been found lying in a barrel of lubricant. Unbeknownst to the others, it was Jemba who had in fact stolen them, but after Kenobi had come looking for the parts, the Hutt had decided to discreetly return the thermocoms back. Jinn rebuked Kenobi, telling him that his intervention could heat up the tension on the ship. At that moment, the Monument started shaking, having come under attack by several pirate warships. Jinn quickly ordered Kenobi to check if the Monument's pilots were still alive, and if they were not, to take the ship's controls and get them to safety, while he distracted the pirates. Making a stand in one of the ship's corridors, Jinn, assisted by Clat'Ha, managed to hold off the invading vicious Togorian pirates for some time, but he was eventually slashed across the back of his shoulders and down to the ribs by the pirate captain's vibro-ax. Moreover, one of the pirate ships opened fire, breaching a hole in the Monument's hull near the site where Jinn fought the pirate.[23]

Jinn's wound was very grief, and he was almost killed by the Togorian captain, but he was saved by Clat'Ha, who shot the pirate with her blaster. Jinn then quickly closed a blast door, sealing the corridor from the hole and thus avoiding being sucked into the vacuum of open space. Meanwhile, Kenobi and Si Treemba—who had been forced to take control of the ship because the pilots had been killed—managed to defeat the pirates in space combat, destroying one warship and forcing the others to retreat. However, the Monument had been heavily damaged during the raid, and Kenobi was forced to crash-land it on a nearby planet, on a shore near an ocean. Jinn waited until others were attended to before requesting a medical droid to bandage him in his room. After the boy rejoined him, Jinn asked if he had felt anger or fear during the battle, and Kenobi honestly admitted that he had, but he had also understood that he had been killing the pirates only to save the lives of those aboard the Monument. Such words showed Jinn that Kenobi grew stronger in the Force, yet Jinn felt strangely dissatisfied, as he realized that he might have actually wanted the boy to fail.[23]

Standing together

"I'll be glad to leave this place. I saw too much death here."
"You did well. I felt the Force move in you"
―Kenobi and Jinn, after the battle against the draigons[src]

Jinn and Kenobi were then informed by Si Treemba that in the aftermath of the pirate attack, Jemba had stolen all dactyl, a yellow-colored ammonia crystal essential to the survival of the Arcona. Jinn confronted Jemba, but the Hutt angrily explained that he had taken the dactyl as payment for the fact that Offworld had fought the pirates, while the Arcona had been hiding in their cabins during the attack. Jinn tried to use the Force to reason Jemba, but he was too weak as a result of his wound and could not persuade the Hutt to return the dactyl. Having sensed Jinn's attempt at using the Force, Jemba started laughing, which angered Kenobi. Jinn had to calm the boy down, explaining that anger was his true enemy. Jemba then offered the Arcona to work for Offworld, promising to pay them with the dactyl that he had stolen from them. One by one, the Arcona walked over to Jemba's side, until Kenobi persuaded Si Treemba not to do so. Following their commune instinct, everyone else followed Si Treemba back and left Jemba.[23]

Later that day, still angered by Jemba's actions, Kenobi offered to assassinate the Hutt, but Jinn explained him that killing was not the Jedi way. The recent events left Kenobi with an impression that Jinn was reconsidering to take him as a Padawan, but the Jedi Master denied that again. That time, however, Jinn suddenly felt incredibly sorry for Kenobi, as he realized that he had finally crushed the boy's dreams at becoming a Jedi. During the night, Jinn tried to concentrate on healing his body, but time and again he found his thoughts returning to Kenobi. As a result, he slept restless and woke up early, witnessing a yellow haze coming from the nearby hills, but before he could figure out what that was, he saw the Arcona panicking. One of them informed Jinn that a tide was coming in, one that could easily swamp the ship. Because of that, everyone needed to evacuate into caves located in the hills. Jinn then suddenly realized that the yellow haze was coming from the stolen dactyl that had been hidden by Jemba in the caves.[23]

Jinn and Kenobi battle the draigons

He decided to return the dactyl to the Arcona and, after informing Clat'Ha of his intentions, started climbing up to the cave with the dactyl, only to be attacked by one of Jemba's henchmen, Grelb. Fortunately for Jinn, the native draigon creatures assaulted Grelb and his Whiphid associates, providing the necessary distraction for the Jedi Master to reach the cave. As he was loading some of the dactyl into his cloth sack, Jinn suddenly felt that Kenobi was calling him in the Force. The boy had been informed of Jinn's plans by Clat'Ha and was begging Jinn to return quickly, as the Arcona had started to feel the effects of dactyl withdrawal and were on the brink of death. Realizing that the boy needed him and following the call of the Force, Jinn leapt from the cave and fell onto the back of a draigon. With the help of the Force, the Jedi Master managed to persuade the draigon to carry him to the caves where the Arcona and Offworld had taken shelter.[23]

As he flew there, Jinn noticed that the other draigons were heading to the caves as well, intent on devouring everyone inside. Using the Force, Jinn warned Kenobi about the incoming danger, and the boy came out to face the beasts at one of the numerous entrances to the caves. While the young Jedi fought the draigons, Jinn rushed to deliver the dactyl to the Arcona. Meanwhile, both Jemba and Grelb tried to kill Kenobi, but Grelb's shot missed Kenobi and accidentally killed Jemba instead; Grelb himself was killed by the draigons. Having delivered the dactyl, Jinn joined Kenobi in his fight against the furious beasts. Kenobi's strategy involved killing a large number of draigons, so that their stacked bodies blocked all entrances to the caves, thus protecting those inside from the remaining living beasts. The two Jedi fought fiercely with their lightsabers; the Force pulsed between them, and they were instantly aware of each other's actions. Kenobi and Jinn were also assisted by the Arcona and Clat'Ha, who picked off any remaining draigons that had managed to pass through the deadly barrage of Kenobi's and Jinn's lightsabers.[23]

Witnessing the remaining Offworld employees following the late Jemba's last foolish orders to defend their entrance to the cave from the outside, the Jedi convinced them to follow Kenobi's strategy, and the Offworld miners agreed. The battle continued until nightfall, and eventually the draigons retreated. The victory was a costly one, however. Over three hundred Offworld miners and eighty-seven Arcona had been killed by the draigons. The remaining members of Offworld were impressed by the Arcona's bravery during the fight and allowed them to take back the rest of the dactyl. Clat'Ha then made an unexpected proposal to the Offworld employees, offering to buy their contracts and let them work for the Arcona. The temporary head of Offworld, Aggaba the Hutt, agreed to that offer. The battle proved Jinn that he had underestimated Kenobi. Still, the Jedi Master was not sure if the Force had chosen Kenobi as his Padawan. Remembering an advice given to him by Yoda a long time ago, Jinn decided to wait with his decision.[23]

Shadow of the past

"If you have plans for Bandomeer, you should know I am here to stop you."
―Jinn to Xanatos[src]

After putting an end to the tense situation, the two arrived on Bandomeer aboard the repaired Monument and were greeted by a local police officer, who handed Jinn a note, which welcomed him to the planet. Much to his shock, Jinn discovered that it was signed by Xanatos, his fallen Padawan.[23] The note seemed to imply that Xanatos was on the planet, but Jinn was not sure, believing that Xanatos could have merely wanted to confuse him. Jinn also began to experience nightmares, wherein he was trapped at some place called "Core 5," although he did not understand where it was located or what the dreams meant at all. After several days spent in the capital city of Bandor, Jinn and Kenobi were ready to proceed with their separate assignments. Bandomeer was a desolate world, devastated by mining operations and stripped of its natural resources. Most of the planet's landmass was left barren and unsuitable for farming, so food had to be imported from other worlds. The local government, however, had recently decided to change the situation and to reclaim the lost land. The AgriCorps assisted in that task, replanting large areas with plants to form the so-called Enrichment Zones. Kenobi was to be sent to the biggest Eastern Enrichment Zone to work as a farmer. On the other hand, Jinn only knew what the Jedi Council had told him about his own mission. Apparently, he was chosen to act as a guardian of peace at the government's request, although he did not know the specifics.[13]

Years after their fateful duel, Jinn met his former Padawan, Xanatos, on Bandomeer

Most of the native Meerians had worked for a long time in the mines owned by Offworld, hoping to earn the necessary sum of money to leave the desolate world. Offworld treated the workers unfairly, however, keeping most of the money to itself. Because of that, when the Arcona had arrived to Bandomeer, many Meerians had allied with them. The Arcona and the Meerians had formed a cooperative mine, called the Home Planet Mine, sharing all the profits equally. However, Offworld was known to make any competitors disappear, and Jinn suspected that he had been hired to protect the Meerians from Offworld. Jinn and Kenobi soon went to meet the planet's governor SonTag and the leader of the Home Planet Party VeerTa at the governor's receiving room. The Home Planet Party wished to replant the planet's fields and end Offworld's influence on its economy, and it had entered into a partnership with the Arcona in the Home Planet Mine. At the meeting, Jinn was surprised to hear from SonTag that the government had not requested his aid, but they were glad that he had come, since they believed that Offworld might not allow the Arcona to operate freely. Jinn was then requested to act as a Jedi mediator at a meeting between the Home Planet Party and Offworld, and he agreed to help.[13]

The meeting was originally scheduled to take place at the Home Planet Mine, and, after Kenobi had left for the Enrichment Zone, Jinn set off there. He was intercepted by SonTag on his way, who informed him that the meeting place had been changed to a more formal one. Jinn and SonTag soon arrived at the receiving room, where they met with VeerTa and Clat'Ha, the latter acting as a representative of the Arcona. The representative of Offworld came soon afterward, and he turned out to be none other than Xanatos himself. Xanatos displayed a very friendly demeanor, acting as though he was glad to see Jinn, calling him an old friend. Xanatos admitted that he had went astray from the Jedi path, but he had changed since joining Offworld. He assured VeerTa that Offworld would not interfere with the Home Planet's operation and even offered to donate ten percent of his company's income to the Bandomeer reclamation effort. Jinn did not trust his former apprentice, and neither did Clat'Ha, but SonTag and VeerTa appeared to believe Xanatos' words. Suddenly, an explosion somewhere outside rocked the meeting. Looking out of the window, Jinn saw smoke coming from the Home Planet Mine. Accusing Xanatos of orchestrating the explosion, VeerTa lunged at him, but Jinn stopped her, knowing that a fight would not help them find the truth.[13]

Xanatos assured everyone that Offworld had nothing to do with the explosion, and SonTag's eventual investigation appeared to prove his words, as it was found out that a mixture of gases had built up and special sensors had failed to warn about it. In an unexpected gesture, Xanatos offered Offworld's money to help rebuild the mine. Still, Jinn sensed that Xanatos was not being sincere and was playing some kind of game. Later, Jinn was contacted by Kenobi, who had found a secret Offworld stash of mining supplies on AgriCorps' territory. The door to the storage had been protected by the Force, and inside Kenobi had found a box with a symbol in the form of a broken circle. Kenobi suspected that Offworld was up to something, but Jinn saw no proof that Offworld was interfering with the AgriCorps operation and ordered the boy to return to his duties. Meanwhile, Offworld kept their promise and provided money and droids, and the Home Planet Mine was quickly being rebuilt. Moreover, it was discovered that the explosion had blasted deeper into the ground, revealing a vein of ionite, one of the most valuable minerals in the galaxy. VeerTa proposed to show Jinn the ionite and took him to one of the mine's underground levels, labeled Core 6. Remembering his nightmare, Jinn asked if there was a Core 5, but VeerTa replied that they did not have the technology to dig that deep.[13]

VeerTa later told Jinn about her plan to use Offworld's donated money to secretly mine ionite instead of rebuilding the mine. In case Offworld tried to undermine them, she asked Jinn to join the Home Planet Mine's board of directors, believing that Offworld would not go against a Jedi. As it was forbidden for members of the Jedi Order to participate in any profit-bringing operation, Jinn had to decline. He asked VeerTa about the box Kenobi had told him about, and she replied that she had seen similar boxes in other Enrichment Zones, but she believed them to be some sort of AgriCorps equipment. Jinn was still worried by Kenobi's discovery and decided to begin an investigation, starting by checking what position Xanatos held in Offworld. The official files, however, showed only mere figureheads and had no mention of Xanatos, so Jinn decided to infiltrate Offworld's headquarters and to look for information there. Using a mind trick on a Hutt guard, he secured passage to Xanatos' office. He browsed through several datafiles, but most of them were encrypted, and those that were not contained no useful information. However, Jinn also saw the logo of Offworld, formed by two broken circles, and he realized that Xanatos was not simply an Offworld employee—he was the head of the corporation. Based on that information, Jinn began to suspect that Xanatos was planning to take over Bandomeer. Returning to his quarters, he contacted Yoda, informing him of his suspicions. Yoda, however, only made Jinn question his unwillingness to let Kenobi help him in his investigation. Yoda's words made Jinn realize that he had been wrong, and he tried to raise Kenobi on the comlink, but the latter did not respond.[13]

Jinn duels Xanatos.

At that moment, Clat'Ha burst in Jinn's quarters, telling him that Si Treemba had contacted her with information that Kenobi had disappeared. Si Treemba had seen only that the unconscious Kenobi had been dragged by Offworld guards in an unknown direction, but Jinn was certain that Xanatos had personally orchestrated the boy's kidnapping. Jinn knew that Xanatos was overseeing an Offworld mining operation at the outskirts of Bandor. Hoping to take advantage of his former apprentice's overconfidence and prove his guesses, he waited until Xanatos had left the administration building and confronted him outside. Jinn conversed with Xanatos, making him lose his temper and admit that he was heading Offworld and was planning to overtake Bandomeer. Xanatos also revealed that he had kept his lightsaber even after leaving the Order, and he attacked Jinn with it. During their fight, Xanatos armed himself with a second lightsaber, the one that Jinn recognized as Kenobi's. Jinn realized that Xanatos had indeed kidnapped the boy and therefore decided to break the fight and rescue Kenobi. He grasped the boy's weapon out of Xanatos' hands and retreated, while Xanatos laughed in his back. Jinn went to Si Treemba to see if he could tell anything else about Kenobi's capture, but the young Arcona had seen only as Kenobi had been dragged away from the Enrichment Zone's dome during the night.[13]

However, one of the Meerians working at the Enrichment Zone, RonTha, admitted that he had broken protocol and remained in the dome that night to pick some fruit in the orchard. After seeing Kenobi being taken away by several people led by a cloaked figure, he had followed them and had seen them taking a boat. Upon hearing that information, Si Treemba realized that Kenobi had been taken to the deepsea mines, and Jinn persuaded RonTha to give him a boat to go there. As Jinn crossed the Great Sea of Bandomeer and approached the mines, he witnessed a group of guards pushing Kenobi with electro-jabbers toward the sea, having caught him trying to find another box with the broken circle logo and attempting to inspect its contents. As the guards pushed the boy from the edge, Jinn saw someone at a lower platform quickly fashion some kind of a sling. As Kenobi was falling, Jinn saw that he did not display fear and was determined to meet his end as a Jedi. Jinn used the Force to help Kenobi fall into the sling, and once the boy did, he was grabbed and taken to the lower platform by a long-armed creature. Jinn parked his boat and soon met with Kenobi and the creature, whom the boy introduced as his new friend, a Phindian named Guerra. Kenobi explained to Jinn that he and Guerra were both wearing electro-collars that would blow them up if they were to leave the mine. Jinn temporarily deactivated Kenobi's collar with the Force, but before they could deactivate Guerra's collar as well, Offworld guards attacked them, and the Jedi were forced to retreat, but not before Guerra told them that the transmission signals for the collars were being emitted from a security office at the Bandor harbor. Telling Guerra to hide in the mine and promising to deactivate his collar, Jinn and Kenobi left on the boat.[13]

A nightmare come true

"You would have died for me. Your courage is extraordinary, even for a Jedi. I would be honored to accept you as my Padawan, Obi-Wan Kenobi."
―Jinn finally makes up his mind to take Kenobi as a Padawan in the wake of the events on Bandomeer[src]

Once they were in safety, Kenobi told Jinn that he had spoken with Xanatos, who had accused Jinn of betraying him. That led Jinn to finally tell the story of Xanatos' fall to Kenobi. Reaching mainland, the two Jedi stormed the security office where the transmitters were located and deactivated Guerra's and Kenobi's collars. When Jinn tried to take the collar off Kenobi, however, he was unable to do so. He tried to cut it with his lightsaber set on low power, but it did not work either. Unwilling to risk the boy's life by trying a higher setting, Jinn gave the boy the transmitter linked to his collar for safekeeping, and decided to try to take the collar off in Bandor. The two set off to the capital city to confront Xanatos, taking a security landspeeder. However, they were followed by Xanatos himself in another landspeeder, who attacked them with laser cannons. Jinn maneuvered his speeder, but he and Kenobi were eventually forced to disembark and take shelter inside the Home Planet Mine. Jinn realized that Xanatos was leading them into a trap, but he also believed that he needed to foil whatever plan Xanatos had prepared. Jinn hoped to use a newly fixed turbolift to go to what they believed was the lowest level of the mine, Core 6, thinking that Xanatos did not know that the lift was operational. Jinn planned to circle Xanatos and escape, and the two Jedi soon reached Core 6.[13]

Xanatos was planning to destroy Bandomeer with ion bombs in order to exact his revenge on Jinn.

Xanatos, however, emerged from a tunnel which should have been blocked according to VeerTa. Kenobi engaged Xanatos, forcing him to retreat further into the mine, with the two Jedi hot on his trail. As they followed Jinn's former pupil, the Jedi noticed that they were going deeper into the mine. Kenobi was hesitant to pursue Xanatos further, but Jinn believed that it was too late to turn back. The two eventually reached a glowing sign that read Core 5, and Jinn realized that VeerTa had lied to him and had been in league with Xanatos all along. The lights suddenly went out and Xanatos attacked the two Jedi. They dueled for some time, but eventually Xanatos retreated in a turbolift, while all the exits suddenly shut close. Xanatos gloated on the comlink, saying that he had recreated the conditions of the first explosion, and that the gases were building up for a blast even more powerful than the first one.[13]

The two Jedi found themselves trapped inside Core 5, just like in Jinn's nightmare. Believing that an explosion could break open one of the sealed doors, Kenobi was intent on triggering his collar and killing himself so that Jinn could escape, but Jinn did not allow it, believing that there was another way. Jinn was nevertheless astonished by Kenobi's bravery and even inadvertently called him his Padawan. Noticing a broken circle symbol on the door, Jinn used the Force to connect the circle, and the door opened. He and Kenobi raced back up the tunnel to the turbolift, as an emergency signal advised them to evacuate, but then Jinn noticed one of the boxes with the broken circle symbol nearby. Remembering that Xanatos always made sure to have a back-up plan, he inspected the box and found out that it contained an ion bomb, a powerful explosive device equipped with a precise ion clock. Jinn realized that Xanatos had lied about the gases building up; instead, he had planted the bombs throughout Bandomeer and was intent on destroying the entire planet just to have his revenge and kill Jinn. The bombs were chain-linked, however, meaning that if one of them was deactivated, the rest would not go off. Jinn believed that he would be able to disarm the bomb, but there was little time for him to do so.[13]

Jinn reflected on Xanatos' desire to kill him out loud, surprised that it even eclipsed his fallen student's craving for wealth, as the explosion would also destroy all the ionite. After Jinn mentioned ionite, however, Kenobi remembered something, quickly gathered several ionite slabs, and put them around the bomb; the bomb's timer then stopped, leaving Jinn enough time to disarm the explosive. Kenobi then told Jinn that while he had been imprisoned in the deepsea mines, he had learned from Guerra that ionite carried a neutral charge, making most instruments in the vicinity freeze. After Jinn deactivated the bomb, the two returned to the governor's office, where Jinn revealed to SonTag that VeerTa had been in league with Xanatos. VeerTa claimed that she had done so in favor of Bandomeer, believing that Offworld's secret backing would be profitable for the Home Planet Mine. She had helped Xanatos to smuggle boxes with explosives to the planet, but she did not know of their contents, and she was surprised to know that Xanatos had tried to destroy the entire planet. VeerTa was taken into custody, and Jinn and Kenobi returned to their quarters, where Jinn discovered another note written by Xanatos, who had left it in case Jinn survived his trap. In the note, Xanatos promised his former Master that they would meet again. Upon reading that note, however, Jinn did not feel anything beyond determination to fight Xanatos' evil, having finally overcome his psychological issues in the course of the mission. Impressed by Kenobi's spirit and his willingness to die for him, Jinn offered the boy to become his Padawan, and the latter agreed.[13]


"Landing here was no accident, Obi-Wan."
―Jinn, to Kenobi, after landing on Phindar[src]

Jinn and Kenobi's starship to Gala was piloted by a Phindian.

Jinn and Kenobi were soon dispatched by Yoda on their first official mission as Master and apprentice. The pair were to go to the planet Gala to oversee political elections there. For a long time, Gala had been ruled by the Beju-Tallah dynasty that had managed to unite the planet's three peoples—the city people, the hill people, and the sea people—and had brought prosperity to the planet. However, the dynasty had then become corrupt, stripping the planet of its wealth and leaving the people on the brink of revolution. The dying Queen Veda realized that, and instead of giving the throne to her rightful heir and son, Prince Beju, she decided to organize an open election. The Prince, however, was not happy with the Queen's decision, believing that it was his birthright to rule the planet. Therefore, Jinn and Kenobi were to oversee that the election went smoothly and to prevent any possible interference from Beju. On the day of Kenobi's thirteenth birthday, they were ready to embark on the mission. Moving through the streets of Bandor, the two reached a hangar where a ship awaited them, and Jinn decided to drill Kenobi in a Jedi exercise, "Attention to the Moment Gives Knowledge," which involved Kenobi closing his eyes and reciting by memory everything he had just seen to the tinniest detail.[1]

Kenobi made a slight mistake, however, and Jinn realized that the boy was distracted with thoughts about his birthday; Kenobi believed that Jinn had forgotten about it. The Jedi Master had not, and he reached for his pocket, giving Kenobi his special stone as a present. The boy was baffled by the seemingly useless gift but accepted it with gratitude. Jinn also asked his Padawan if he had taken time to reflect on his past as all Padawans were required to in accordance with Jedi tradition, and Kenobi honestly replied that he had not. Jinn and Kenobi then boarded the starship that was waiting for them, finding out that it was piloted by a Phindian, who reminded Kenobi of Guerra. For some reason, the pilot behaved rudely toward the Jedi, which surprised them. The Phindian then raised ship and set a course for Gala. Jinn and Kenobi reflected on the friends they were leaving on Bandomeer, namely Si Treemba, Clat'Ha, and Guerra, but the Phindian pilot, irritated by their conversation, purposefully shook the ship, and the Jedi opted to remain quiet for the rest of the journey. Soon enough, the ship jumped to hyperspace, leaving Bandomeer behind. Halfway to Gala, however, a warning signal began to blink on the pilot's console, and the pilot told the Jedi that there was a fuel leak and they had to land on the nearest planet.[1]

Once they returned to realspace and set course to a nearby planet, the three were contacted via comlink; a voice ordered them to identify themselves or be destroyed. When the Phindian pilot requested an emergency landing, the person they were talking to denied the request. Jinn asked the Phindian if there were other planets nearby, but the pilot replied negatively. At that moment, starfighters appeared to escort the Jedi's ship to the planet. The pilot wanted to fight them, but Jinn decided that it was best to comply. Under the escort, the pilot landed their starship on a landing platform, where a detachment of battle droids awaited them. Jinn believed that the battle droids would not harm them, but when the Jedi emerged from the ship, the droids opened fire. Jinn and Kenobi quickly dealt with the droids, but upon returning to the ship, they found that the control console had been hit by blaster fire and disabled. Moreover, the communications were jammed, and the Phindian pilot was nowhere to be found. Realizing that their landing on the planet was not an accident, Jinn came to believe that the pilot would find them himself. The Jedi then proceeded to a nearby city. Observing that the planet was populated by Phindians, and taking into account that they were close to Gala before the emergency landing, Jinn correctly concluded that the Jedi were on Phindar, more specifically, in its capital city, Laressa.[1]

It soon became evident to the Jedi that something was wrong in Laressa; all the shops were closed, assassin droids were everywhere, and all the Phindians appeared afraid of something. Some of the Phindians looked especially strange; their faces displayed nothing and there was only blackness in their eyes. The Jedi also saw a group of Phindians dressed in metallic silver coats, who passed them by, and the locals were quick to step out of their way. Then, a gold landspeeder appeared, carrying two golden-robed figures surrounded by dark-side aura. Jinn and Kenobi quickly hid in an alley to avoid being detected and decided to go to the market. Once there, they saw a single shop opening and offering bread. As the mass of Phindians rushed to the shop, Jinn and Kenobi almost lost each other in the confusion, but they were suddenly approached by their pilot, who told them to follow him. The pilot led them through city alleys and streets until they reached a small café.[1]

The two Jedi were surprised to find Kenobi's friend Guerra inside the café, who said that he had reached Phindar by hiding inside the Jedi's starship. Guerra introduced the Jedi to the pilot—his brother, Paxxi Derida. Paxxi revealed that he had deliberately dumped all the fuel from their starship in order to lure the Jedi to Phindar. The Derida brothers told Jinn and Kenobi that there was a death warrant placed on their heads by the Syndicat, the organization that controlled the planet, for organizing a black market. The Syndicat was controlled by the gangster Baftu and his associate Terra, the two persons that the Jedi had seen in the gold landspeeder. According to the Deridas, the people on the streets who did not display any emotions were "the renewed," people whom the Syndicat considered enemies. Those people had been mind-wiped and stripped of all their memories; most of the renewed were sent off-planet, while others were released to roam Phindar, and members of the Syndicat placed bets on how long those people would survive. After hearing that story, Jinn was outraged at such injustice. The brothers went on to tell the Jedi that the apparent food shortage had been faked by the Syndicat as a means to control the Phindians. Guerra and Paxxi, however, knew where the Syndicat was keeping the supplies, and as such, asked the Jedi to help them steal those goods, claiming that they had a key to the vault and that they intended to use those supplies to show the Phindians that the Syndicat was depriving them of food. However, Jinn suspected that the Deridas actually wanted to obtain the Syndicat's treasures, which the brothers said were stored at the same place.[1]

The break-in

"Let me get this straight. You want two Jedi to help two common thieves steal a treasure from a bunch of gangsters?"
―Jinn, reacting to Guerras' plan[src]

Jinn was reluctant to help Guerra and Paxxi, but he was unable to come up with a final decision as their conversation was cut short by the sound of approaching assassin droids. Hoping to escape the droids, Guerra and Paxxi led the Jedi through a hidden passageway hidden behind the café's fireplace, and they reached the building's roof. The group tried to lose their pursuers by jumping from one roof to another, until they ran into a Phindian female, Kaadi, a member of the resistance against the Syndicat and the daughter of the café's owner Nuuta, who had been renewed and had been sent to the planet Alba-16. Kaadi informed the four that the Syndicat had increased security both because they knew of the Jedi and the Deridas' presence on the planet and because they were expecting an important visitor—Prince Beju of Gala. As Kaadi explained, Beju and the Syndicat were planning to form an alliance. Hoping to reclaim his rule over Gala, Beju had created a fake shortage of bacta, a vital medical supply, on his home planet. Beju was to return from Phindar to Gala with the Syndicat's bacta. He would thus be hailed as a hero, while the Syndicat would essentially take control of Gala like they had done with Phindar. Sensing the Living Force pulsing between the Derida brothers and impressed by Kaadi's brave efforts to openly fight the Syndicat, Jinn decided to help them with their plan. At night, the Jedi helped Guerra and Paxxi break into the Syndicat's headquarters by using mind tricks on the guards. Inside, they found a Phindian woman, Duenna, who was the Deridas' contact inside the building and who led them to a lower level of the headquarters, where all the supplies were supposedly stored.[1]

Qui-Gon Jinn, Jedi Master

However, when the Jedi and the brothers reached the storage room, they found it empty, and soon guards riding on speeder bikes and assassin droids attacked them. To make matters worse, movement-triggered disruptor beams came on-line, capable of killing anyone instantly. Jinn and Kenobi engaged in battle with the speeder-mounted guards throughout the lower levels of the headquarters. They defeated both the assassin droids and the guards and also uncovered a door when one of the speeders crashed into a hidden switch in a wall. Guerra and Paxxi planned to hide the guards' bodies to avoid being detected, but suddenly the comlink of one of the guards activated, the person on the other side of the line requesting a report. Using the Force, Jinn impersonated a Syndicat guard and replied that they were performing a routine check. He also requested to shut down the disruptor beams, and the man on the comlink did so, but also warned "the guards" to evacuate premises before the lockdown that was scheduled to occur in ten minutes.[1]

Following that, the Jedi and the Phindians entered the newly discovered door, which led to a Syndicat sanctuary containing emergency supplies as well as the entrance to the Syndicat treasury. However, at that point, Guerra and Paxxi revealed one important piece of information that they had not told Jinn and Kenobi. After they had been branded criminals, the Syndicat had confiscated all their goods. Among the things that the Syndicat had confiscated from them was the anti-register, a device that could undo the action of a transfer register, which served as a method of recording transactions in the galaxy. The anti-register had been invented by Paxxi and potentially cost a fortune, as it allowed its user to seize any product and break into any security system. The Deridas had planned to find the anti-register among the stored supplies and use it to break into the treasury; however, the Deridas' belongings were not in the sanctuary. As the lockdown was going to occur soon, the Jedi and the Deridas decided that it was best to evacuate and return later when they would have found where the rest of the supplies had been moved to.[1]

At the main level, they were met by Duenna, who informed them that she had just discovered that the supplies had been moved to warehouses by the spaceport. She also warned them that Baftu and Terra had recently returned, and soon enough, Terra's footsteps and voice were heard nearby. Signaling the rest to remain still, Duenna went to meet Terra before she could reach their position and could find the Jedi and the Derida brothers. Duenna distracted Terra, who suspected that the elderly woman had contacted Paxxi and Guerra, but Duenna claimed that she had not. After promising to kill the brothers and mind-wipe Duenna should she see Guerra and Paxxi, Terra left. That allowed Jinn, Kenobi, Guerra, and Paxxi to slip into the Syndicat guards' clothes and slip out of the building undetected. When Kenobi asked the Deridas why Terra suspected that Duenna had contacted them, Guerra and Paxxi revealed that Duenna was, in fact, their mother. Not only that, but Terra was also their sister, who had been renewed when she was only eleven years old and who had been working for the Syndicat since then. Willing to stay with her daughter no matter what, Duenna had decided to work for the Syndicat as well.[1]

Following their escape from the Syndicat headquarters, Jinn, Kenobi, Paxxi and Guerra went to Kaadi's house to plan their next move. The following night, the Jedi and the Deridas set off to the spaceport warehouses in order to retrieve the anti-register, under the guise of delivering a cargo to the warehouse. To that end, Guerra and Paxxi had filled two containers with old circuit parts and labeled the containers "Bacta" and "Medpacs." Disguised as Syndicat guards, the Jedi and the Deridas split into two groups; Guerra went with Kenobi, and Paxxi accompanied Jinn. According to their plan, they started looking for the anti-register from the opposite ends of the warehouses and were to meet in the middle. Kenobi and Guerra eventually found the device, but their cover was blown and Kenobi allowed himself to be captured by the Syndicat security in order to give Guerra time to escape with the device. After they returned to their hideout, Jinn became angered at Guerra for leaving his Padawan, but he had to admit that Kenobi had done the right thing and reclaiming the anti-register had been their highest priority. Jinn was willing to go to the Syndicat's headquarters and rescue his Padawan, but Guerra explained to him that the night would come soon and the headquarters would be locked down, and even the anti-register would not be able to break them in. There was no way Jinn could save Kenobi that night, and that made him feel helpless.[1]

Liberating Phindar

"You are worrying, Jedi-Gon. You should not. Everything will be smooth. Paxxi and I have always been lucky."
"Yes so, we guarantee this. The Syndicat will be weakened, maybe collapse, and Prince Beju will take off with no bacta and no alliance. Just so!"
―Guerra and Paxxi, to Jinn[src]

The next day, Guerra and Paxxi contacted Duenna and asked her to meet them at the marketplace in order to find out about Kenobi's status and to plan his escape. However, during their meeting, Duenna told Jinn that Kenobi had been renewed and had been transported off-planet. Stricken by that news, Jinn returned to Kaadi's house along with the brothers. For some time, he just sat there motionless, feeling that he had failed his Padawan. Still, he felt that he should not give up and planned to strike at the Syndicat the next day, when, according to Duenna, Beju was due to arrive. Kaadi would rally people to break open the Syndicat's warehouses, providing the distraction for Jinn and the Deridas to break into the treasury using the anti-register and to steal the Syndicat's treasures. Kaadi would then distribute food and weapons among the Phindians and see to it that the locals saw as Baftu delivered bacta to Beju's ship. When the time came, Jinn, Guerra and Paxxi hid inside the Syndicat's hangar wearing their stolen armor and waited for Beju's arrival. The Prince's ship soon arrived, but, to Jinn's surprise, the "Beju" that disembarked from it was in fact Kenobi in disguise.[1]

Baffled, Jinn reached out with the Force and sent his Padawan a mental signal. To his relief, Kenobi replied mentally, indicating that he had withstood the memory wipe. Unbeknownst to his Master, Kenobi had pretended that the renewal procedure had been successful. He had been then transported to Gala, where he subdued Beju while the Prince was preparing to depart for Phindar and, aware of the fact that none of Baftu's men had seen Beju in person, Kenobi took his place. With that new development, Jinn decided to wait with his plan, letting Kenobi proceed with his own. Jinn then heard as Kenobi, impersonating Beju, met with Baftu and ordered him to show the bacta he had promised. Realizing that Kenobi was buying him time, Jinn changed his plan and told the Deridas to contact Kaadi and to tell her to delay her attack; they would strike at the treasury first. After once again tricking the guards and using the anti-register, Jinn, Guerra and Paxxi broke into the Syndicat's treasury, filled with gems, spice, currencies, and rare metals. As the three could not carry all the treasures out of the building, they decided to hide it in a supply closet nearby until they could find a transport.[1]

Jinn and Kenobi during their time on Phindar

As they prepared to leave the headquarters territory and attack the warehouses, Jinn and the brothers watched as Terra recognized Kenobi and accused him of being a spy, since she was the one who had ordered his renewal. Jinn was ready to come to his Padawan's assistance, but Kenobi handled the situation himself. Continuing to play the role of Beju, he was able to convince Baftu that Terra had mistaken him for someone else, and everyone proceeded to the treasury after Kenobi insisted on inspecting it. Jinn then ordered Paxxi to go and help Kaadi with her attack on the warehouses, while he and Guerra followed Kenobi, Baftu, and Terra to the vault. Once Baftu saw that the treasury had been robbed, he, remembering how Terra had accused "Beju" of being a spy, suspected that Terra had done so to distract him from the vault which she had robbed. Beju then ordered assassin droids to kill her; the droids fired their weapons at Terra, inflicting a mortal wound, and Baftu and Kenobi left the sanctuary, going to the warehouses to pick up the bacta. Jinn and Guerra then rushed to check on Terra but found her dying. However, before her death, Terra recognized Guerra as her brother. As grief-stricken Duenna entered the sanctuary and started racking Terra's body, Jinn and Guerra left to the city, fearing that Kenobi would be in danger if the enraged Phindians saw bacta loaded into "Beju's" ship. The two stopped only to pick up Kenobi's confiscated lightsaber from a weapons stash nearby.[1]

As fighting broke out on the streets between the armed Phindians and the Syndicat members, Jinn and Guerra quickly ran to the warehouses, meeting with Paxxi and Kaadi, but Kenobi was nowhere to be seen. Finally, Jinn noticed his Padawan standing beside Baftu, surrounded by guards. Seeing as Kenobi slipped a blaster from one of the guards, Jinn used the Force to contact his Padawan and coordinate their next moves. Jinn ignited both his and Kenobi's lightsabers and tossed the latter to its rightful owner; leaping over the guards, Kenobi caught the weapon in midair and attacked the guards, much to Baftu's shock. Jinn joined Kenobi in his fight, successfully reducing the lines of the guards protecting Baftu. The Jedi's success encouraged the Phindians, and they attacked the enemy with newfound strength. Guerra attempted to kill Baftu with a bowcaster, but the Syndicat's leader used one of the guards as a living shield and ran, with Guerra and Kenobi in pursuit. Meanwhile, Jinn remained to help Paxxi, who, along with Kaadi, was surrounded by guards. Kaadi was attacked by one of the guards, prompting Paxxi to throw the anti-register at the enemy, saving Kaadi but destroying the device, but Paxxi was injured himself. Jinn helped Kaadi deal with the attacking guards and then directed a medic to help the injured Derida.[1]

Jinn then rushed to the spaceport, where he looked on as the Phindians tried to recover the bacta from the half-loaded Beju's ship while taking fire from Baftu, his guards and assassin droids. Guerra and Kenobi were in the midst of the fray. Jinn was ready to join the fight, but Baftu suddenly turned and ran toward Beju's ship in an attempt to escape. After Guerra reasoned with Beju's guards, saying that their leader had betrayed them, one of the guards tackled the Syndicat's leader, allowing Guerra to take him into custody. Baftu's guards defected to the rebels, while the two Jedi destroyed the assassin droids, and the conflict drew to a close. However, Beju's ship lifted off; the Prince had escaped from the cargo hold where he had been imprisoned by Kenobi. Sensing that the Prince's fate laid elsewhere, Jinn told his Padawan to let the ship go. As life slowly settled on Phindar, Yoda contacted Jinn and Kenobi and asked them to remain on the planet until a provisional government was set up.[1]

By the next week, a coalition of former council members and the last official governor of Phindar took over the internal affairs, with elections scheduled for the next month. Most of the Syndicat guards—who had been mind-wiped by Baftu—returned to their families in an attempt to regain their memories, while Baftu himself and his most trusted lieutenants were being held in a high security prison. To commemorate the fall of the Syndicat's regime, Paxxi used the remains of the anti-register to erect a monument on the marketplace of Laressa. As they prepared to leave Phindar, Jinn and Kenobi met with the brothers for the final time. Jinn believed that one of them should run for governor in the next elections, but the Deridas could not decide which one of them should do so. Paxxi offered the Jedi to fly them to Gala, but Jinn, hoping to reach his destination that time, declined and decided to pilot the transport ship himself. As they walked toward the ship, Kenobi told Jinn that it had been Jinn's Force-sensitive stone that had helped him withstand the renewal. The Jedi Master shrugged, telling his Padawan that he had not known that the stone was Force-sensitive, leaving Kenobi to wonder whether Jinn was joking.[1] Taking a shipment of the much-needed bacta, Jinn and Kenobi embarked for Gala.[47]

Royal intrigues

"Don't worry, Padawan. You can handle the mission here until I return. Be alert for palace intrigue. Trust no one here. There is a disturbance in the Force. I don't know where exactly it lies."
"But what will I tell them when they ask where you are?"
"It's simple. Tell them I'm still here."
―Jinn and Kenobi, as the former prepares to leave on a search for Elan[src]

Jinn and Kenobi brought a cargo of the much-needed bacta from Phindar to Gala.

When Jinn and Kenobi reached Gala's spaceport and disembarked from their craft, they were greeted by a man in a speeder, who had been sent by Queen Veda to escort the Jedi to the Grand Palace of Gala. Wanting to inspect the surroundings and attune to the Force in order to attain a better understanding of the mission, Jinn declined the driver's services, and the two Jedi walked to the palace on foot, leaving the ship filled with the bacta at the spaceport. As they walked toward the palace through the streets of the planet's capital city of Galu, Kenobi expressed to Jinn he was worried that Beju might react aggressively when he would see the Jedi who had foiled his plans on Phindar. Jinn assured his Padawan that Beju would not bring that topic up, as he would not risk revealing that he had faked the bacta shortage. Jinn, however, still believed that Beju would see them as enemies and, as such, the two had to stay alert. Jinn's and Kenobi's conversation was then interrupted by a sound of shouting in the streets, and they soon saw an approaching crowd of supporters of Deca Brun, one of the two candidates opposing Beju at the upcoming election. Another crowd soon appeared, the one supporting Wila Prammi, the other opposition candidate. A fight erupted between the two groups of Galacians, and the two Jedi were caught in the middle of it. Jinn and Kenobi were attacked, but they were able to escape.[47]

The two soon reached the Queen's palace, where they were greeted by Veda herself. Jinn felt that the Queen's presence in the Living Force was very dim, as if she were gravely ill. Noticing Jinn's worried look, the Queen admitted that she was, in fact, dying. Veda went on to explain that she wanted Gala to become a democracy after her death, as she believed that that was what the people of Gala needed. Monarchy had already proven itself ineffective after corruption had spread throughout Gala's Council of Ministers during the thirty-year rule of King Cana, Veda's late husband. However, if Beju were to win, he would retain the monarchy. Beju had few supporters, though, since Brun was the favorite, a hero to the Galacians. On the other hand, Prammi was more experienced in politics. Due to her status as the Queen, Veda could not publicly support any of the opposition candidates, and she was afraid that Beju might interfere in the election process, which could lead to a civil war if the people suspected that the elections had been unfair. Veda also revealed to the Jedi that overseeing the elections was not the actual reason she had invited them. She told Jinn and Kenobi about Elan, the secret daughter of Cana and Tema, a woman from the hill-people faction of the Galacian population. As Elan was born before Beju, she was the true heir to the throne.[47]

However, Elan was unaware that she was actually the King's daughter, and she was leading the hill people, who did not recognize any authority. Both Brun and Prammi had tried to court the hill people to sway them to their side in the election, but the hill people had refused to participate in the elections, just as they had not recognized Veda, and prior to her, Cana, as their ruler. Veda wanted to notify Elan of her true heritage and see if she truly had the Mark of the Crown, a special mark that was bestowed upon the true heir to the throne and could only be recognized by the Council of Ministers. Beju reportedly did not have the mark; however, as the winner of the governmental elections had the right to open the Council to elections, the Council supported Beju, knowing that he would not exercise that right. As such, the Council members did not plan to test Beju and see if he had the Mark of the Crown. Veda realized that Elan would not meet with her, but the Queen hoped that the Jedi would find a way to set up a meeting with her. However, there was one major obstacle to that. Since the Council of Ministers had been against inviting the Jedi to Gala, Veda had had to negotiate. According to her agreement with the Council, the Jedi were forbidden to leave the city of Galu during the entirety of their mission.[47]

At that moment, Beju burst into the Queen's throne room, along with the head of the Council of Ministers, Lonnag Giba. Beju demanded the Jedi to leave the planet. Telling Veda his own version of the events on Phindar, he claimed that the Jedi had led the Phindian rebels in an attack on his ship and had stolen the bacta he had planned to bring to Gala. Jinn remained silent and did not tell the Queen the true story of what had happened on Phindar. Veda insisted that the Jedi should stay as peacekeepers and negotiated a compromise with Beju; the Jedi were prohibited from leaving the palace without an escort. Beju agreed to those terms and assigned a young boy named Jono Dunn as the escort. Again Jinn did not protest, believing that it was better to leave Beju with a sense of security and a feeling that he could control the Jedi. After the meeting with the Queen was over, Jinn wandered off to the palace gardens, thinking about Elan. As he reflected on Elan's choice to live among the hill people, Jinn realized that she was no different from himself, who had willingly chosen the life of a Jedi.[47]

Kenobi soon found Jinn in the garden and asked him if he believed Veda's intentions regarding Elan. Jinn replied that there was a chance that the Queen had been lying and in fact wanted to use the Jedi to bring Elan to her, kill her, and, with potential opposition to the throne eliminated, safely proclaim Beju king. However, Jinn still believed that they needed to meet with Elan in any case. As such, Jinn told Kenobi that he was leaving to meet with the hill people. Because the Jedi were prohibited from leaving the palace, Kenobi was to create an illusion of Jinn still being somewhere in the palace. With that arranged, Jinn slipped out of the palace and embarked on a journey to the hills to find the hill people and Elan. While he was absent, Kenobi went into Jinn's quarters each morning before dawn and disarranged the sheets on his bed so that it appeared that Jinn had slept there. Kenobi also ate Jinn's meals when they were delivered to the Jedi Master's quarters, and he constantly came up with excuses to explain his Master's absence; he usually told Beju and Giba that Jinn was meditating, resting, touring the gardens, or otherwise unavailable.[47]

Search for an heir

"I have been thinking of what I will leave behind when I die. I travel from world to world. My connection to each is so fleeting. What is my legacy?"
―Qui-Gon Jinn[src]

In the meantime, Jinn was on his way to the hills. Jinn first found a ride in a speeder that took him to the outskirts of the city, then a kind farmer took him far on a turbo cart, then a young teenager gave him a lift on a speeder bike. On the third day of his journey, Jinn finally reached the hills. The terrain became harder to traverse, and Jinn's comlink stopped working—being secretly jammed by the hill people—preventing him from contacting his Padawan. Sensing that a storm was going to erupt soon, Jinn started looking for shelter when he caught a glimpse of several landspeeders headed his way with hostile intent. The speeders were piloted by local bandits, who attacked Jinn. Activating his lightsaber, Jinn engaged in battle with more than a dozen landspeeders, using large rocks as cover. Attacking the speeders one by one, Jinn managed to destroy or otherwise damage several vehicles, but he was himself injured when two errant blaster bolts collided and shattered a large rock in pieces, one of which hit Jinn badly in the chest. Drawing from the Force, Jinn sobered and was ready to continue the fight, when he witnessed a swoop bike heading toward him; Jinn believed that it was another bandit coming to join the battle, but the swoop's pilot—whose face was covered with black cloth—suddenly took out a bowcaster and attacked the bandits, giving Jinn the distraction necessary to take down one more speeder.[47]

More swoops soon appeared on the horizon, and the remaining bandits retreated, with some of the swoops in pursuit. The first swoop's pilot, pointing the bowcaster at Jinn, demanded to know who he was, and Jinn replied that he was a Jedi Knight sent by Veda to find Elan. To his surprise, the swoop pilot took off the cloth hiding her face, revealing herself to be Elan. Elan behaved with distrust toward Jinn, accusing him of using the rocks—which were sacred to the hill people—as cover, and refusing to hear the reason he had come to her. However, seeing that Jinn was badly wounded and would not survive an approaching storm, she decided to take him to the hill people to spend the night and heal. At the hill-people encampment, Jinn was surprised to find out that Elan was also her people's healer, when she visited him to attend to his wounds. As she applied bandages to his wounds, Jinn told her about her true heritage. Elan did not believe his words, suspecting that it was a trick to lure her into the city and imprison her. She denied the fact that her mother ever visited the capital and refused to return to Galu no matter how hard Jinn asked her to reconsider her decision. However, Elan did agree to stop jamming Jinn's comlink and to allow him to contact Kenobi.[47]

Jinn during his search for Elan

When Jinn contacted his apprentice, Kenobi told him that he suspected that the Queen was being poisoned, which worsened her condition. Kenobi had taken a sample of her tea to a scientist named Mali Errat, who had used a substance analyzer to find traces of a strange compound in it. Jinn advised Kenobi to stay alert and tell the Queen about his discovery so that she ate only the food she prepared herself. Jinn suspected that Dunn might be responsible for the poisoning, but Kenobi, who had befriended Dunn, did not think so. When Jinn told him that Elan was a healer accustomed to various poisons, Kenobi, in turn, suspected her, but Jinn denied the accusations. He told his Padawan that he would stay with the hill people for a few more days, pretending that his wounds were healing slower than they actually were. The next morning, as Jinn once again tried to talk to Elan, the two witnessed a large number of proton tanks approaching the settlement. Elan urged him to leave, but the Jedi refused to leave her people unprotected. Elan then quickly drew a battle plan. Jinn and the hill people were to ride swoop bikes toward the tanks and lure them away from the village and into the Moonstruck Pass, where they would fall into a trap.[47]

As the battle began, Jinn followed the hill people on his swoop and led the tanks according to the plan to the Moonstruck Pass, which resembled a large bowl. When the swoops appeared to be cornered, the ice covering the Pass collapsed under the tanks. Elan's people dug out the enemy soldiers from under the snow and flew them to the camp and kept them under guard. At that moment, Jinn met one of the hill people's elders, Domi, who knew Elan's mother and her adoptive father, Rowi. Domi confirmed that Elan's mother had once visited Galu and had worked at the palace; Jinn realized that Elan had lied to him because she was afraid of actually being royalty. Jinn interrogated one of the captured officers, who revealed that the tanks had been sent by Giba, who had claimed that the hill people were savages who planned to sabotage the elections. Jinn realized that Giba planned to take over the government and was planning to kill Elan. Believing that Giba had to be stopped, Jinn managed to convince Elan to go with him to Galu and participate in the elections. When Jinn and the hill people arrived at the capital, Jinn found his Padawan waiting for him at the palace gates.[47]

While Jinn had stayed at the camp, Kenobi and Veda had been confronted by Beju and had to reveal the Prince the truth about Elan. In a series of events that followed, the enraged Beju had tried to arrest his mother, forcing Kenobi to flee from the Palace. The Padawan then sought shelter with Deca Brun, but Kenobi discovered that Brun had secret ties with Offworld and Xanatos. Kenobi was imprisoned; he managed to escape, but he lost his lightsaber in the process. It also turned out that Jinn had been right in his suspicions regarding Dunn; it was the boy who had been putting poison in the Queen's food, using dimilatis, a herb found in the palace gardens. Dunn's family had been the palace servants for many generations, and the boy was afraid to lose that position when the new administration came along. Upon discovering that, Kenobi slipped back into the palace to deliver the antidote made by Errat to the Queen, but was confronted by Beju and engaged him in a sword fight, which was interrupted by Council member Viso. In an attempt to prove to Beju that Veda had told the truth about Elan being the true heir, Viso performed the special ritual on Beju and confirmed that there was no Mark of the Crown on him. Beju accepted that judgement and issued an order to arrest Giba, although he suspected that Giba might have a backup plan.[47]

After Jinn returned to the palace Giba soon indeed revealed himself, claiming that the Prince did not have the authority to imprison him, but Veda reiterated her son's order. Unexpectedly, Giba brandished Kenobi's lightsaber, but Jinn easily evaded his blow and disarmed him. As guards arrested Giba, the Minister tried to convince Veda that it was too late for elections, claiming that the hill people had arrived to occupy Galu. Giba tried to convince everyone present that in order to evade civil war, the royal house had to throw its support to Brun. Kenobi, however, explained that Giba had been in league with Brun; afraid that Beju might lose the elections, he had made a deal with him, promising to find him funding from outside sources—which he did by introducing Brun to Offworld—and in exchange Brun would find him a place in his government. Brun was unaware that Offworld was planing to exploit Gala's natural resources. Kenobi's lightsaber served as proof of his accusations, since Brun's men had confiscated it from the Padawan, and the only way Giba could obtain it was if he had ties to Brun. Jinn was both surprised and proud that his Padawan had managed to accomplish so much alone.[47]

Beju dropped out of the elections, but not before exposing Brun's alliance with Offworld and Giba, and threw his support to Wila Prammi. Elan did the same, and Prammi was voted the Governor of Gala. Jinn and Kenobi oversaw the peaceful transition to a new form of government. Refusing to become a Princess, Elan decided to return to the hills, although she had forged a bond with Prammi and would not isolate herself as she had done before. Before leaving the planet, Jinn visited the former Queen Veda—who was getting better—one last time. As they spoke, the Queen noticed sadness in Jinn, and the Jedi Master replied that he was struggling to understand what he would leave as a Jedi when he died. In response, Veda showed him the peaceful streets of Galu, and a realization came upon Jinn that he would be remembered for bringing peace to the planet. He also realized that Kenobi, who was becoming more and more extraordinary, would be another legacy of his. With that realization, Jinn and his Padawan left Gala toward their new mission[47] in a starfighter they borrowed from Veda.[48]

Walking separate paths

The never-ending war

"Yet they go on fighting. The hatred never stops."
"And who do our glorious leaders defend? Only the dead."
Cerasi and Nield talking about the war[src]

The pair's next mission was to the war-torn planet Melida/Daan. For many generations, a civil war had been raging there between the planet's two peoples, the Melida and the Daan. Weeks prior, the sides had come close to signing a peace treaty, and Tahl had been sent there as a guardian of peace, but she was injured when war broke out again and was captured by the Melida. Jinn and Kenobi were sent to the planet to rescue Tahl and were supposed to meet their contact, a Melida named Wehutti, who had agreed to smuggle them into the capital city of Zehava. Jinn and Kenobi approached the planet in the starfighter, and Kenobi landed it inside a canyon, where it could not be detected. They then headed toward Zehava from the west as they had been instructed. There, Wehutti was supposed to be expecting them near a Melida controlled gate. When they reached the gate, however, they saw that it was under the control of Daan forces and was being protected by a particle shield. Jinn then decided to look for an unguarded spot to enter the city and possibly find Wehutti. They also saw many large black buildings, which they decided to avoid. Moving near the city walls, Jinn used the Force to search for an opening in the shield; once they found it, the Jedi tried to use carbon ropes to climb over the wall. However, they accidentally triggered a trap hidden under the dirt and fell underground.[48]

The planet of Melida/Daan, engulfed in a centuries-long conflict

Jinn and Kenobi found themselves in some sort of holding cell, although Jinn deduced that there must be another way out, since there were no bones or remains of others who had fallen in. Igniting their lightsabers, they used the illuminating light to look around and soon found a crack in the wall. They used the lightsabers to cut through it and squeezed through the opening into a narrow tunnel; the Jedi sensed something evil there. Suddenly, they were attacked by a warrior armed with a blaster. Kenobi tried to attack him, but when his lightsaber passed through the warrior's body without doing any harm, the Jedi realized that that was a hologram. The holographic warrior related his story—his name was Quintama, Captain of the Melida Liberation Force, who had fought in the Twenty-First Battle of Zehava. Kenobi found a gravestone with Quintama's name on it, indicating that he had not survived the battle. As Jinn and Kenobi found more and more gravestones and saw more holograms, they realized that they were within some kind of memorial to fallen warriors. The Melida and the Daan had erected those mausoleums to keep the memory of the conflict alive, instead of trying to put it to rest. Having inspected the mausoleum, Jinn and Kenobi found a door and left the building, exiting near an overarching cliff.[48]

As soon as they emerged, however, the Jedi were attacked by snipers firing from the cliff. Jinn and Kenobi leaped over a nearby wall and found themselves near the heating and cooling units for the mausoleum and storage tanks filled with proton fuel. One shot from the snipers could ignite the fuel, so Jinn and Kenobi realized that it was dangerous for them to stay. They jumped over an opposite wall into a ravine. Hoping to surprise the snipers, the Jedi made their way around the cliff and scaled it from the other side. Jinn and Kenobi attacked the four snipers, disarming three of them. The final one, a one-armed man, pointed his blaster at Jinn but then tossed it aside after recognizing him as a Jedi; the snipers had initially thought that Jinn and Kenobi were Daan. The one-armed sniper was Wehutti, who explained that he had been looking for the Jedi for days in the sector occupied by the Daan in the Twenty-Second Battle of Zehava. He and the snipers had not left the occupied territory because they were determined to protect the Hall of Evidence, as the mausoleum Jinn and Kenobi had left was called. Wehutti explained that the Daan currently controlled the outer parts of Zehava, having surrounded the Melida in the so-called Inner Hub. Although officially, cease-fire had been declared, fighting still continued.[48]

When Jinn asked the man about Tahl, Wehutti assured him that the Melida had come to realize that holding a Jedi would not help their cause and were almost ready to release her. Believing that it was no longer safe for them to stay up on the cliff, Wehutti sent his companions—Moahdi, Kejas, and Herut—back to the Inner Hub. Wehutti himself escorted Jinn and Kenobi to the Melida territory through the ravaged parts of Zehava. As they approached the Inner Hub, however, Jinn's instincts told him that Wehutti was going to betray him and Kenobi. Once inside the Hub, the Jedi noticed that no middle-aged people were seen on the streets; everyone they had encountered were either elders or Kenobi's peers. Wehutti explained that the Middle Generation had been nearly wiped out by the wars. The Jedi also noticed graffiti on the walls, signed by a group called the Young, although Wehutti dismissed the Young as an insignificant gathering of children. Wehutti then took Jinn and Kenobi to the Melida headquarters, where he asked them to leave their lightsabers at the entrance. Jinn and Kenobi pretended to follow Wehutti's orders, only to reclaim their weapons without their guide noticing. When Wehutti led the two to the Melida Council and loudly announced that he had brought more Jedi prisoners, Jinn and Kenobi drew their weapons. The Melida guards opened fire, and the two Jedi retreated into a series of corridors.[48]

Realizing that they were being tracked by motion sensors, Jinn and Kenobi escaped through a window located in one of the rooms into a courtyard, only to face a large wall that was rigged with explosives. The Jedi had no way of escaping, but then suddenly a small sewer grate was pushed back, and a small arm beckoned for them to follow. Their rescuer, a girl named Cerasi, escorted Jinn and Kenobi through the sewers to an old resting ground, where they met an armor-clad young man. The latter introduced himself as Nield, the leader of the Young. Nield explained to the Jedi that the Young were seeking to stop the fighting between the Melida and the Daan, and he told Jinn that the Melida Council had been planning to take him and Kenobi hostage to force the Jedi Council to back the Melida government. Nield offered his help to Jinn and Kenobi in finding Tahl, but asked for their help in stopping the war. Jinn, however, was not ready to take sides until he heard all sides of the conflict, and so he requested to speak with the Daan. Nield, who was himself a Daan, agreed to lead the Jedi to his people, and he did so along with Cerasi. Through a series of tunnels, Nield led the Jedi to Lake Weir, the last body of water within a thousand kilometers, now serving as a place for a large repulsorlift-held Hall of Evidence. The Jedi followed Nield inside the Hall of Evidence, where the boy mocked the holograms of his ancestors, believing that they had fought and lost their lives for nothing. Nield's speech visibly moved and stirred Kenobi, which worried Jinn, since the Jedi were supposed to stay neutral.[48]

Losing another apprentice

"You must choose, Obi-Wan. You can go with me now, or stay. Know that if you stay, you are no longer a Jedi."
"I have found something here more important than the Jedi code. Something not only worth fighting for, but worth dying for. You may go, Qui-Gon Jinn. But I will stay."
―Jinn and Kenobi, during their standoff at the Jedi starfighter[src]

Having shown the Jedi that the Daan were no different from the Melida, Nield proposed a plan to rescue Tahl. The Young would launch diversionary attacks with fake weapons in both Melida and Daan sectors and capture both sides' weapon storage facilities. Both sides would think that the opposite side had attacked them and would respond accordingly, allowing Jinn and Kenobi to rescue Tahl in the confusion. All he asked from the Jedi was that they did not nothing and waited until Cerasi led them to Tahl. Realizing that Nield outmaneuvered him, and aware that Tahl was injured and required immediate attention, Jinn agreed to the plan. Upon returning to the Young headquarters, Jinn restlessly waited as the Young developed strategy for their attacks. He offered his help, but the Young declined. Unwilling to rely on the Young completely, Jinn then left to explore the tunnels on his own, leaving Kenobi with the Young. Later that night, Kenobi approached Jinn, telling him that Nield and Cerasi had asked him to share their quarters. Jinn wished his Padawan good night, but soon he saw Kenobi, instead of going to sleep, leaving with Nield and Cerasi. He did not stop his Padawan, letting him make his own choices, although Jinn was stung by the fact that Kenobi kept secrets from him. That night, Kenobi helped Nield and Cerasi in a series of strikes against the Melida and the Daan, who were collectively known as the Elders by the Young.[48]

Nield's passion about his cause was crucial in turning Jinn's Padawan to the Young.

When the three finally returned, Jinn did not confront Kenobi about his sneaking out, instead focusing on their mission. As the Young prepared to attack the weapons storages, Cerasi led Jinn and Kenobi to a military barracks where Tahl was being held. Although she was not supposed to stay, Cerasi decided to help the Jedi. Cerasi distracted the Melida who were guarding Tahl, saying that she was Wehutti's daughter and claiming that the Daan were attacking the building. She then ran away and feigned blaster fire, distracting the guards and allowing Jinn and Kenobi to defeat the guards and break into the room where Tahl was being held. To his shock, Jinn discovered that Tahl was very weak and completely blind, so Jinn had to carry her in his arms. As they tried to escape, more guards appeared, but they were too distracted by Cerasi's simulated blaster fire, and the three Jedi escaped the same way they had come. As they made their way to the Young's base, Kenobi asked Cerasi why she had claimed to be Wehutti's daughter, and she revealed that she had merely told the truth.[48]

Witnessing their conversation, Jinn noticed that the two deeply bonded, and the Jedi Master realized that Kenobi must have felt very lonely because of not having friends his age. Cerasi then promised the Jedi that she would safely lead them out of Zehava once the fighting died down. Jinn believed that Kenobi would probably want to stay and help the Young, but he was certain that his Padawan would obey him. At that moment, Nield returned with the news on the fight. The Young's raid on the Daan weapons storage had been successful, while the Melida had destroyed their own storage so that the weapons did not fall into Daan arms. The Young had subsequently sent a message to both sides, revealing that it had been them who stood behind the attacks and issuing an ultimatum for peace. As the Young celebrated, Jinn contacted Yoda, filling him in on Tahl's rescue and the still volatile situation on the planet. Yoda replied that he was not ready to risk the lives of the three Jedi by asking them to help put an end to the conflict and requested Jinn to bring back Tahl to Coruscant as soon as possible so that she could receive proper treatment.[48]

Meanwhile, when the Elders had not replied to the requests for peace, the Young declared war on them and asked the Jedi for help. Kenobi was willing to help his newfound friends, but Jinn was determined to follow through with Yoda's orders and return Tahl to Coruscant. The night before they were scheduled to leave, Jinn woke up to find that Kenobi had once again gone to help the Young. Jinn let it pass, intent on following with a plan of his own. Leaving Tahl under the care of a girl named Roenni, he called a meeting between the Melida and the Daan Councils. He tried to plead with their leaders, Wehutti, and a Daan named Gueni, warning them not to underestimate the Young and urging them to create a coalition government, but both sides did not listen. At that moment, reports started to come through to the Elders of deflection towers—structures that generated particle shields preventing entry into the city—being destroyed one by one by the Young; that was done thanks to Kenobi's assistance, who had allowed the Young to use the Jedi's starfighter. The Elders then decided to join the Melida and the Daan forces against the Young, but Jinn again pleaded with them to sue for peace instead. The Elders seemingly agreed and set up a meeting place.[48]

When he returned to the Young with the news, Nield and Cerasi refused to go to the meeting, suspecting that it might be a trap set up by the Elders. Jinn reprimanded Kenobi for taking their fighter to destroy the deflection towers, thus possibly leaving the Jedi without their only means of escape and endangering their mission. Kenobi was unmoved by such words, replying that he had felt that it was right to break the rules and that he had found his place with the Young. As Nield had predicted, the offer for the negotiations had been a trick, as the unified Elders attacked the Young with previously hidden starfighters. While Jinn made preparations in order to leave the planet immediately, Kenobi rushed to help his friends fight the battle. Jinn escorted the injured Tahl to the starfighter, and soon Kenobi appeared there as well. However, he had come not to go with Jinn, but to take the starfighter and assist the Young in the fight. Jinn did not allow him to do so. Both Jedi stood their ground, and the situation became so tense that they ignited their lightsabers and were one step from dueling each other. Jinn then issued a final ultimatum to his Padawan; he could either go with him, or stay on the planet and cease to be a Jedi. Kenobi chose the latter option, surrendering his lightsaber to Jinn, hurting him deeply with that act. Without saying a word, Jinn boarded the starfighter and left, while Kenobi returned to the Young to fight against the Elders.[48]

A thief among the Jedi

"Word we have received. Won the war, the Young have. Forming a government, they are. Understand now do you, Obi-Wan's decision? Fighting for a lost cause, he was not. A planet ruler, he has become."
"Then he is more foolish than I thought
―Yoda and Jinn, discussing Kenobi's decision to stay with the Young[src]

Upon returning to the Jedi Temple and delivering Tahl to the care of Jedi healers, Jinn avoided talking about Kenobi, believing that the boy had broken his trust and no longer considering him his Padawan. Just like after the loss of Xanatos, he once again swore to never take another apprentice. Two weeks later, however, he agreed to participate in a fight against the Temple's advanced students. One of the duels he fought was against Bruck Chun, the boy whom Jinn had witnessed duel Kenobi before departing for Bandomeer. Distracted by his thoughts about Kenobi, Jinn did not pay much attention to the fight and nearly lost it, but he eventually concentrated and defeated Chun. As they exchanged ceremonial bows, Jinn noticed a familiar gaze in Chun's eyes, who approached his thirteenth birthday and wished to become Jinn's apprentice. After the fight, Jinn went straight to the Room of a Thousand Fountains to seek solitude, but Yoda found him there. The Grand Master found a way to make Jinn talk, trying to tell him that maybe Kenobi's decision was not foolish or traitorous as Jinn had believed. Yoda then informed Jinn that the Young had won the war and were in the process of establishing a government.[49]

Jinn and Tahl together led the investigation on the Jedi Temple thefts.

Later, Jinn was called before the Jedi Council. Although he believed that the Council members would try to reprimand him for abandoning Kenobi, they instead told him about a series of thefts that had recently occurred in the Jedi Temple. Jinn was assigned to discreetly investigate the matter, without alerting the younger students and was assigned Tahl as his partner. When Jinn visited Tahl, she revealed that she had been told that her loss blindness was irreversible and permanent. This prompted Jinn to try helping her in everyday activities, but Tahl insisted on doing things herself, as she had been working on improving her hearing and other senses in the course of the past weeks. She also introduced 2JTJ, a navigation droid that was assigned to her by Yoda and which irritated her by constantly giving her directions. When their conversation touched upon the topic of Kenobi, Jinn displayed anger at his Padawan, although Tahl made it clear that she herself did not hold any grudge against Kenobi. The two then finally decided to proceed with their investigation. One of the thefts had occurred in a semi-restricted area, and some student records were missing, so Jinn and Tahl decided to start by checking who among the Temple's students had access to the registry.[49]

They found out that only old Jedi Master Tun and his two student helpers had the necessary access, and the students never accessed the files without Tun. Moreover, the list of stolen items looked completely random at first glance. Among the things stolen were a tool box from the servo-utility unit, holographic files and computer records for students with names A through H, a teacher's meditation robe, and a fourth-year student's sports activity kit. The string of seemingly petty thefts suddenly became serious when senior training rooms had been vandalized and all lightsabers—including Kenobi's—kept there by the elder students had been stolen. When Jinn and Tahl inspected the training rooms, among the torn tunics, they found an inscription written in red paint on a wall in a tone mocking Yoda's pattern of speech that stated the Jedi's time would come and that they should beware the intruder, who called himself "trouble." The Jedi decided that the time had come to alert all the students about the situation. The entire Temple was put on high alert, with security checks being established and students having to obtain passes for nearly every activity.[49]

Jinn and Tahl also talked to Chun, who had been the last to leave the training rooms before the incident. Chun had been recently reprimanded for his display of anger, so he was a suspect in the theft, although there was no evidence against him, and Jinn suspected him as much as nearly everyone. Both Tahl and Jinn felt a disturbance in the Force in the Temple, and Jinn was fearful that it was not a student who stood behind the attacks, but an intruder. Soon enough, rumors spread that an intruder had been spotted inside the Temple. Jinn then realized that the Temple's security was flawed, since it relied on the fact that no Jedi would allow an intruder in, and, as such, little security was maintained inside. The intruder had to have been assisted by someone from the inside. Jinn and Tahl soon heard as the Emergency Code Fourteen was announced over the intercom system, which called the two to a small conference room, where they found Yoda. He informed them that the Healing Crystals of Fire, one of the greatest treasures of the Jedi Order, had been taken from their holding room. Yoda warned the two investigators that he sensed that the thief was planning to use the crystals for destructive purposes and urged them to complete their investigation as soon as possible.[49]

After meeting with Yoda, Jinn decided to go back to his room, where he kept a datapad with notes. Jinn was afraid that his datapad might have been stolen as well, but when they entered the room, Jinn found nothing unusual there there and saw the datapad lying where he had left it. However, Tahl's improved smell picked up a scent of an intruder who had been in Jinn's quarters. That gave Jinn an idea regarding how to track the intruder. Jinn and Tahl compiled a list of two hundred and sixty-seven Jedi and non-Jedi staff, who had access to the stolen goods and who did not have alibis. The two then started interviewing each one of them, so that Tahl could try to pick up the scent she had smelled earlier from one of them. Finally, Tahl reacted when they were interviewing Bant Eerin, a Mon Calamari girl and a friend of Kenobi's, although it became clear for Jinn and Tahl that she was innocent. However, Tahl soon realized that the smell was not coming from a person but rather from the Temple's lakes and Eerin smelled the same because she often explored the lakes.[49]

Jinn then decided to enlist the Mon Calamari's help in searching the lake for any clues. Eerin soon found a water-proof container underwater, and Jinn helped her to bring it onto the surface. When they opened it, they found most of the stolen items, including the lightsabers, although the crystals were not there. Jinn decided to use the crate to track the intruder, and he had it returned underwater. Having come to find a pattern in the thefts, Jinn and Tahl deduced the approximate timing of the next incident and laid in hiding near the lake, waiting for the culprit to come and hide the stolen goods. They waited for five hours, until finally, Bruck Chun appeared and dove underwater. When he emerged and left the lakeside, Jinn followed him, hoping that Chun was going to a meeting with the outside intruder. As he left, Jinn instructed Tahl to stay behind. However, Jinn soon heard 2JTJ's voice, which startled Chun, and he left; Tahl had followed Jinn after her enhanced hearing had picked up someone following Jinn, while 2JTJ had come looking for Tahl. Tahl then revealed the most startling news—the person who had followed Jinn obviously knew his way around the Temple's premises. With their trap partially successful, Jinn and Tahl could return all the stolen goods to their owners; Jinn himself took Kenobi's lightsaber.[49]

A change of heart

"Will you ever take me back, Qui-Gon? I know I am meant to be a Jedi. I'll never doubt that again."
"I know you are meant to be a Jedi, too. But whether you are meant to be my Padawan again is not so clear."
―Kenobi and Jinn, after the resolution of the hostilities on Melida/Daan[src]

Jinn was soon summoned by Yoda, and when he arrived, the Grand Master activated a holographic message from Kenobi. The latter revealed that Cerasi had been killed in a crossfire between the Elders and the Young. Now each side was blaming the other for her death and hostilities could erupt again. Kenobi had lost his command and status in the ranks of the Young after he had opposed Nield's decision to demolish the Halls of Evidence. He was confused, scared, and did not know what to do, so he requested Jinn's help. At that moment, a realization hit Jinn, and he understood what Yoda and Tahl had been trying to tell him—that he had not been betrayed by a Jedi, but by a boy who had been overtaken by passion and had been trying to protect his friends, and that boy deserved Jinn's understanding. With that realization, Jinn departed for Melida/Daan.[49]

Cerasi's final message before her death helped to finally stop the fighting on Melida/Daan.

When Jinn arrived on the planet, he greeted Kenobi coldly and calmly, although he realized that it hurt the boy. Jinn inquired into the state of affairs on the planet, and Kenobi told him that both the Young and the Elders were amassing forces in preparation for war. Nield had the support of Mawat and his band of Scavenger Young, a division of the Young who lived in the country, and was seeking to sway the remaining members of Melida/Daan's Middle Generation to his side as well. In turn, Wehutti did not command his forces and did not want to see anyone after Cerasi's death. Jinn and Kenobi visited Wehutti, trying to tell him to convince the Elders to stand down. However, Wehutti was in a state of despair, constantly reliving the day of Cerasi's death and wondering whether he was the one who had fired the lethal shot, and he was of no help to Jinn and his former Padawan.[49]

Trying to convince the grieving Kenobi that Cerasi's death had not been his fault, Jinn took him to a fountain plaza where the girl had been shot. The Jedi Master asked the boy to concentrate and remember objectively, putting aside his feelings for Cerasi, what had happened that day. Kenobi recalled that the day had been gray and overcast, but he also said that he had spotted a glimmer of sunlight coming from a roof. Jinn then suspected that that glimmer might have been a shot fired from a blaster. Jinn continued to guide Kenobi toward unraveling the mystery, asking him how the Elders and the Young could have obtained weapons that day if all had been confiscated following the conclusion of the war. In order to find an answer to that question, the two went to a warehouse where the Young Security Squad had kept the weapons. As they walked there, Jinn realized that he had forgiven Kenobi, although he still was not sure that he would take him back as a Padawan if the latter asked.[49]

They found the warehouse deserted, guarded only by two Young girls, Deila and Joli, who initially did not want to tell anything to Kenobi, who had been branded an outsider by Nield. However, not wanting another war on their hands, Joli told Jinn and Kenobi that Mawat had secretly armed both factions that day, hoping that a war would break out and Nield would be blamed responsible, allowing Mawat to secure power for himself. He had also put sharpshooters on the roofs in case Nield or Wehutti backed down; it had been one of those sharpshooters who had killed Cerasi. Jinn and Kenobi realized that they needed to inform Nield that he had not been the one responsible for killing Cerasi, and to tell him of Mawat's treachery. Hoping to find Nield quickly, Jinn and Kenobi split up, with Jinn handing Kenobi's lightsaber back to him. Hoping that Kenobi had more chances of locating Nield, Jinn went to Cerasi's quarters in the tunnels, where he happened to find a holographic message disc with a message recorded by Cerasi on the morning of her death, where Cerasi pleaded for peace to finally come to her planet.[49]

With that disk, Jinn rushed to the fountain plaza, only to find a battle raging there. Mawat and the Scavenger Young had attempted to demolish the Hall of Evidence, but Kenobi and Nield, who had been convinced by the former to change his views, tried to stop him along with the mainstream Young. Jinn then activated Cerasi's message, playing it aloud for both sides to hear. Cerasi's words convinced all participants of the fight, including Mawat, to stand down. The leader of the Scavenger Young admitted that he had been wrong and retreated from Zehava with a few of his followers to the countryside. Jinn's negotiation skills helped Wehutti and Nield to come to an agreement and form a joint government. Kenobi had realized that his destiny was with the Jedi Order, and he was ready to return with Jinn. When he asked the Jedi Master if he would take him back as Padawan, Jinn replied that it remained to be seen. As the two Jedi prepared to depart Melida/Daan, Jinn received a disturbing message on his comlink—the Temple was under siege and an attempt had been made on Yoda's life.[49]

Saving the Jedi Temple

"Your precious Temple is doomed! When that idiot Miro Daroon powers up the last link in the system, the whole fusion furnace will blow. The Temple will implode. Did you really think I'd allow the Jedi to follow me? What you revere can destroy you. Haven't you learned that yet? You can't be sure, can you, Qui-Gon? Will you allow your precious Padawan to die just to kill me? He tried to get away from you once. Why don't you get rid of him for good?"
―Xanatos taunting Jinn during their duel[src]

Jinn and Kenobi arrived at the Jedi Temple, finding it under even tighter security than it was before Jinn left. They even had to undergo a retinal scan before they were allowed to enter the Temple from the spaceport level. All arrivals and departures were being monitored, and no one was allowed to leave the Temple except under extreme circumstances. The Temple itself was in a state of disarray. Tech worker Miro Daroon was struggling to keep all Temple systems running, but every time he fixed something, he found another malfunction. Jinn and Kenobi entered the Jedi Council chambers, where they were informed of the specifics of the attempted murder of Yoda. The Grand Master had been inside the Room of a Thousand Fountains when his Force sense warned him about an explosive device located there. Yoda's hesitation saved his life when the device exploded under a bridge. Mace Windu told Jinn that the main suspect, Chun, had not left the Temple, but one of the other students had found a note that read that Masters should meditate on the murder attempt, and that next time, the intruder would not fail.[26]

Kenobi was asked to provide any information on Chun's possible course of action, but the boy did not have anything to say. Instead, he offered to conduct his own investigation, but the Jedi Masters forbade him to do so, since he had not been yet restored as a Jedi. Kenobi tried to apologize for his actions on Melida/Daan, but the Council members told him that apology could not make up for his violation of the Council's trusts. Kenobi was then sent to his old quarters, while the Council members remained to speak with Jinn in private. However, Bant Eerin soon came in, urging the Jedi Masters to assist Kenobi; when she and Kenobi had traveled to the Lake Level they watched as a hover car had come out of its shaft, threatening the lives of Jedi Master Ali-Alann and ten younglings. Kenobi remained behind to watch over the hover car in case it fell. The Council members arrived at the scene and used the Force to keep the hover car aloft, while Jinn went to assist Kenobi, who had began extracting the children through the hover car shaft one by one.[26]

Jinn and Kenobi, no longer Master and Padawan, protecting the Temple together

After everyone was rescued, the Council members and Jinn commended Eerin on her efforts, but reprimanded Kenobi for acting alone and endangering the children's lives. Daroon analyzed the hover car, coming to a conclusion that the incident had been an act of sabotage, albeit one specifically designed to scare, but not kill the children. Jinn himself concluded that the stolen items had not been random but had been used by the intruder. The teacher's meditation robe was probably used by the culprit to travel about the Temple freely, while the toolbox had been used to dismantle the hover car's repulsorlift engines. Students records with names A through H were most likely stolen to conceal some fact about Chun. Only a student's sporting gear seemingly held no significance. Also, Yoda revealed to Jinn that the Jedi Order had undertaken a secret mission from the Senate and had agreed to store a large shipment of crystalline vertex, a highly valuable material, in the Temple's treasury room. Jinn announced to Yoda that he would start an investigation by talking to Daroon, and that he would coordinate his efforts with Tahl. Yoda then hinted Jinn to also accept help from Kenobi, despite the fact that the Council had forbidden him to interfere in the Temple business.[26]

As Jinn walked to the tech center through the Room of a Thousand Fountains, he sensed the dark side of the Force and saw the remnants of the destroyed bridge. He suddenly realized that the intruder followed the same maxim as the tyrant Jinn had stopped years ago—disruption plus demoralization plus distraction equaled devastation. The petty thefts were the disruption, the theft of the Healing Crystals of Fire and the attack on Yoda were the demoralization, and the various malfunctions throughout the Temple were the distraction. When Jinn arrived at the tech room to consult with Daroon, Kenobi followed him there. Remembering Yoda's advice, Jinn did not tell the boy to leave. Daroon told the two that he had been forced to close two wings of the Temple as the sabotage was growing worse. The technician could not keep up with all the problems, which bothered Jinn, since Daroon was a brilliant tech expert. The Jedi Master realized that the intruder must have been not only someone with a hatred for the Jedi, but also a technological wizard; the latter fact helped Jinn conclude that Xanatos was behind the attacks.[26]

Jinn understood that Kenobi could help him, so he turned to the boy and asked for his help openly. Jinn and Kenobi went to Tahl's quarters and told her about their discovery. Their conversation was interrupted by Jedi trainee Siri Tachi, who had been questioned by Kenobi earlier and who remembered more facts about Chun. She told the three that Chun had somehow discovered the identity of his father, who was a powerful man on Xanatos' homeworld of Telos IV, and Chun had bragged about that fact. Jinn then assigned Tahl to search for any information on Xanatos and Offworld, while he and Kenobi proceeded with their own investigation. As soon as Jinn and Kenobi left Tahl's quarters, they ran into Eerin, who had noticed that all the attacks had taken place near water; she deducted that Chun and Xanatos used a series of water tunnels in their diversions. That also explained the theft of the sporting kit, as it contained several breathers.[26]

Jinn asked Eerin to show them the tunnels, and the Mon Calamari agreed, giving the two a pair of breathers she had brought along. Eerin led the duo to the Temple's water purification tanks, where the water flooded the tunnels every twenty minutes and was then drained again. Jinn, Kenobi and Eerin followed a service tunnel and followed it until they were suspended on a catwalk above the water purification unit. Suddenly, Xanatos emerged from the water and began taunting Jinn, but the Jedi Master retained his calm. Jinn and Kenobi did not attack Xanatos, knowing that their lightsabers would short out if they touched the water Xanatos was standing in. Xanatos then attacked them himself, jumping onto the catwalk and clashing his lightsaber with Jinn's. Eerin, meanwhile, dove into the water and swam to call for help. Jinn and Kenobi tried to lure Xanatos back into the water, so that his own lightsaber shorted out, but then the time came for the water to come through the tunnels, and Xanatos allowed himself to be taken away by the torrent. Knowing his former Padawan's tactics, Jinn was certain that Xanatos had been trying to lure him and Kenobi away from something.[26]

When Jinn and Kenobi inspected the surrounding area, they found Xanatos' means of escape, a parked airspeeder. At that moment, Eerin arrived with Temple security, who confiscated the speeder, stranding Xanatos in the Temple. Analyzing Xanatos' behavior and words he had said, Kenobi came to a conclusion that in addition to Chun, the Dark Jedi had an informant within the Jedi Temple. Kenobi suspected Tahl, but Jinn trusted her wholeheartedly and ruled her out immediately. Jinn then went to Tahl to see what she had found, and she showed him her discovery; Offworld was on the brink of bankruptcy following a failed mining operation. Jinn then realized that Xanatos' reason for coming to the Temple was not only revenge, but also the vertex with which he would be able to finance his corporation. When Tahl's droid 2JTJ entered the quarters, Jinn remembered that the droid appeared around the same time as the thefts began, so he suspected that 2JTJ might be the spy. Tahl feigned a conflict with the droid and deactivated it, allowing Jinn to dismantle it and find a transmitter hidden inside.[26]

Duel with the Dark Jedi

"Will you allow your precious Padawan to die just to kill me? He tried to get away from you once. Why don't you get rid of him for good?"
―Xanatos, taunting Jinn during their duel at the Jedi Temple[src]

Jinn hoped to use the transmitter to lure Xanatos to him. He and Kenobi found two men with a similar build to their own—Ali-Alann and Kenobi's friend Garen Muln, asking them to disguise themselves as Jinn and Kenobi. At that moment, however, Tahl discovered that Eerin had disappeared, and Jinn's comlink came to life, with Xanatos talking on the other end. Xanatos revealed that he had captured Eerin and had tied her and placed her underwater, where she would eventually drown unless Jinn returned Xanatos' airspeeder. Kenobi was deeply affected by Eerin's kidnapping, who was his closest friend, but Jinn consoled him and asked to behave like a Jedi if he wanted to become one once again. Although things had changed with Eerin's disappearance, Jinn was still determined to proceed with his original plan. Jinn and Kenobi recorded a voice track on their comlinks, talking about how they would provide Xanatos with the speeder while search teams would try to trap him and Chun.

Kenobi duels Bruck Chun, who had sided with Xanatos.

They then handed the comlinks to Ali-Alann and Muln, while Jinn and Kenobi went to lay a trap for Xanatos and Chun. Ali-Alann and Muln, disguised as Jinn and Kenobi were allowed to be recorded along with the fake transmission by the reactivated 2JTJ, thus ensuring that Xanatos received the recording and did not suspect anything. Meanwhile, Jinn and Kenobi went to the Treasury Room. Daroon would have to deactivate all systems, including security, for a brief period of time, so that he could fix all programs. Jinn knew that Xanatos would try to seize the moment and attempt to steal the crystalline vertex. Jinn and Kenobi laid in ambush, and when Daroon deactivated all systems, Xanatos and Chun appeared. The Jedi Master and his former Padawan ambushed the two thieves, but Xanatos unexpectedly took Chun hostage. Jinn and Kenobi attacked Xanatos from two sides, and the Dark Jedi shoved Chun aside, ordering him to kill Eerin, and Chun bolted away to execute his new Master's orders. Jinn ordered Kenobi to follow Chun, while he engaged his failed student. Their duel continued up to the Jedi Council room, where Xanatos shattered a window and leaped out onto a platform outside. Jinn followed suit, intent on killing Xanatos in order to stop him once and for all.[26]

As they ferociously fought each other, Xanatos began taunting Jinn, saying that he had a backup plan, and that as soon as Daroon reactivated the air circulation system, the entire Temple would be destroyed. Although he did not fully believe his words, Jinn still hesitated for a moment, allowing Xanatos to jump onto a passing air taxi. In the next second, Jinn was faced with a difficult choice; he could either follow Xanatos and potentially let the Jedi Temple be destroyed and Kenobi be killed, or he could try to save the Temple and let his fallen student escape once again. Jinn chose the latter option and rushed toward the tech center, meeting Kenobi on his way; the boy had rescued Eerin, while Chun had died when he accidentally slipped and fell onto some rocks during a duel with Kenobi. With time running out, Jinn and Kenobi went through a gas duct in order to reach the tech center faster. They risked their lives, as if Daroon decided to test the gas transport system when he powered up the air ducts, the two would be killed by toxic gas.[26]

The two reached the tech room just as Daroon was ready to activate the air circulation system. Ordering him not to do so, Jinn and Kenobi began searching for the booby-trap. Remembering that Xanatos taunted him with the fact that the Jedi would be destroyed by the object they revered, Jinn climbed down to the power core and retrieved the stolen Healing Crystals of Fire from the fusion furnace, which would have served as a massive power source if the system had been started and would have began a chain reaction that could have truly destroyed the Temple. At the resolution of the conflict, Tahl met with Jinn, trying to convince him that maybe taking Kenobi as his Padawan again would not be so hard as he thought, telling him about the artisans from the planet Aurea as an example of people who excelled in transforming broken things into even more beautiful pieces of art. Tahl's words gave Jinn some food for thought, but he still did not make up his mind.[26]

Soon, both he and Kenobi were summoned before the Jedi Council. Kenobi had requested not to be taken back to the Order immediately, but rather to be given probation, and he was granted that wish. Jinn, in turn, asked permission to pursue Xanatos. Although the Council members did not forbid him from doing so, they strongly discouraged Jinn from proceeding with his plan. Still, Jinn had made up his mind and was determined to find Xanatos and stop him at last. Kenobi reacted to Jinn's decision by offering to come with him.[26] Although the boy's decision did not please the Council, they allowed him to accompany Jinn.[50]

Return to Telos

"He knows we're here"
"Yes. Let's find UniFy. We must move as quickly as we can."
―Kenobi and Jinn, on Xanatos[src]

As the two prepared to leave the Temple and stood on a landing platform, ready to take a shuttle that was going to take them to a spaceliner port, Jinn tried to explain to Kenobi that the boy did not have to go, but Kenobi was adamant in his decision. Following Xanatos, Jinn and Kenobi went to the failed Padawan's home planet of Telos IV, taking a luxury cruiser to the planet. Once there, Jinn wanted to begin his search with UniFy, a corporation that Tahl had discovered to be a front for Offworld. While on the liner, Jinn and Kenobi heard rumors of a game called Katharsis, but they did not pay much attention to it. When the liner landed at the capital city of Thani, Telosian security came aboard, searching for some escaped criminals. Jinn wanted to exit the ship unnoticed, as he realized that Xanatos had bribed many officials who could tip him off if they saw Jinn and Kenobi. Therefore, the two slipped to the liner's kitchen, which was due to receive new supplies. Once there, they picked up containers with food and attempted to blend in with the kitchen staff, successfully exiting the liner and reaching a cargo hauler used to deliver the supplies to the ship.[50]

However, they were spotted by the spaceport security and had to run, blending into the crowd passing through the city streets. Once there, Kenobi noticed billboards advertising Katharsis as an easy way to make money. The Telos security were not willing to give up their pursuit, and Jinn and Kenobi once again had to run, entering a large domed building where most people were headed to and where Katharsis took place. Inside, they found out that Katharsis was a major gambling event on Telos. Katharsis involved the Telosians betting on contestants participating in a series of violent sports. The winners of the challenges advanced to face even harder tests, until the last round. Only three Telosian people were allowed to bet on the final round, with the winner claiming a large sum of money. The three bettors were chosen weekly out of all citizens by a special government-run lottery.[50]

Jinn and Kenobi did not have time to get more information, as they witnessed Telosian security inside the Katharsis dome. Unsure whether the security was looking for them or the escaped prisoners, Jinn wanted to bluff his way out with the help of the Force. However, as the security closed in, a young man offered Jinn and Kenobi seats inside his private box. When the two accepted and took their places, the box detached and floated away from the security. Their rescuer introduced himself as Denetrus, a currently unemployed tech worker. He explained that Katharsis had been introduced by UniFy when the Telosians protested against high taxes. Most of the proceeds from Katharsis allegedly went to the restoration of the planet's natural parks and preservation of land. As Katharsis began, Kenobi and Jinn were surprised to see Vox Chun, Bruck Chun's father and the treasurer of Telos, giving an opening speech.[50]

Jinn and Kenobi, during the search for Xanatos

Chun said that if no one would claim the main prize that day, then the next time the pot would be the biggest it had ever been. In that case, the prize would be presented by Telos' First Citizen and main benefactor. Much to Jinn's surprise, that benefactor turned out to be Xanatos, who was introduced by Chun, as the crowd began cheering and thundering Xanatos' name. Xanatos had been successful in convincing the Telosians that his father had been innocent in the instigation of the civil war on the planet, and the citizens now hailed him as a hero. When Katharsis began, Jinn was shocked by its cruelty and the Telosians' bloodlust. After the first round was over, Jinn and Kenobi asked Denetrus to direct them to UniFy offices and left him alone. As they neared the exit from the Katharsis dome, Jinn felt a surge of the dark side and soon witnessed Xanatos in one of the passageways. Although Xanatos did not see them, it was clear that he had felt Jinn's presence as well.[50]

When the two returned to the streets of Thani, Jinn and Kenobi noticed a large number of buildings built on Xanatos' donations and bearing his name. Denetrus then caught up to them, saying that he had decided to escort them to the UniFy building. As they made their way, Jinn noticed his and Kenobi's face on a wanted poster; they were the criminals the security had been looking for. When the three finally reached UniFy's office, Jinn lied that they had an appointment scheduled there for the next day. Denetrus then offered to let the two stay at his place. Although Jinn found his overly helpful behavior suspicious, he decided to accept the invitation. When they approached Denetrus' quarters, however, they noticed Telosian soldiers moving nearby. Jinn suspected that Denetrus had led them into a trap and drew his lightsaber, but the man claimed that he would never betray a fellow criminal. Denetrus revealed that he was a petty thief and he had believed that the security had come for him inside the Katharsis building. He then led Jinn and Kenobi through a series of secret passageways to a garden. The security, using speeder bikes, caught up to them, forcing Jinn and Kenobi to use their lightsabers to deflect incoming blaster fire. Denetrus then led the two through a drainage pipe to a basement. Jinn wanted to part ways with their unfortunate rescuer, but Denetrus promised to take them to a safe place, and Jinn agreed, believing that the only person who could help two criminals hide was another criminal.[50]

Denetrus led Jinn and Kenobi to the residence of Andra, the leader of Preserve Our Wild Endangered Resources Party or POWER Party. POWER opposed the current Telosian government, believing that UniFy was exploiting the Telosian Park of Sacred Pools for mining. However, the Telosians were too preoccupied with Katharsis to worry about their land. Jinn supported Andra's worries, telling her that UniFy was a shell corporation for Offworld. If they could infiltrate UniFy's offices and prove their connection to Offworld, Andra hoped that that would expose UniFy's plans. Fortunately for them, Denetrus had forgotten to return several ID badges when he had been working for UniFy, so he had access to the offices, and he offered his help in browsing through the company's files. Neither Andra nor Jinn trusted the criminal's motives, but he assured them that he wanted to help Andra. Denetrus had also managed to obtain several gray jumpsuits that the lower-status UniFy workers wore. Disguising themselves, Jinn, Kenobi, and Denetrus entered the UniFy building. When they were stopped for a security check, they showed the ID badges, and Jinn used a mind trick on a security guard to lower his suspicion, allowing the three to reach a restricted area containing computers with access to the needed files. Dividing the three hundred relevant files between the three of them, Jinn, Kenobi, and Denetrus searched for any clues, but all useful information was hidden behind a large number of trivial notes.[50]

Soon, a security alarm was triggered, and the computers suddenly froze. Panicking, Denetrus told the Jedi that he was going to go investigate and abandoned the two. Moments later, Jinn and Kenobi were arrested by Telosian security under Galactic Criminals Act and transported to the Central Booking Station. There, they were recognized as wanted criminals and were thrown into prison, although the security guards did not find their lightsabers. Jinn asked to be allowed to contact the Jedi Temple, but his request was ignored. Kenobi wanted to use the weapons to cut through the prison doors, but Jinn believed that they would not be able to handle the guards outside, so he instead decided to bide his time. Jinn also remembered that just before the computers froze, Denetrus had been looking the files on Katharsis; Jinn believed that the criminal's entire motivation to come to the UniFy offices had been to find a way to profit on the game. As days passed by in the prison, Jinn apologized to Kenobi for bringing him to Telos and admitted that he had been too harsh to him after what had happened on Melida/Daan. Their conversation was cut short, as Xanatos entered the cell, telling the two that they had been sentenced to death after Xanatos had testified against them on several made up charges, including Kenobi's killing of Bruck Chun.[50]

Showdown with Xanatos

"Was Xanatos your biggest failure? Will his death haunt you, as he hoped?"
"Does Bruck's death haunt you?"
"No. But I carry it here."
"It is the same for me, I think. It will not haunt me—not the way Xanatos hoped it would. Xanatos chose death. It was his nature to choose the dark path. But it will take some time for me to feel peace about it. I cannot help feeling that if I'd been a better Master, he wouldn't have turned to the Dark Side. Yoda would tell me that as a Master, I cannot make a Padawan a success or a failure. I can only guide."
―Kenobi and Jinn, preparing to depart Telos after Xanatos' death[src]

Jinn and Kenobi were soon led to their execution that was to take place in the prison courtyard. They were suspended in an energy cage above a mass of angry people, as Xanatos overlooked from nearby. The two were to be released on a scaffold, where they would be put on a pair of slabs and beheaded by vibro-axes. While preparing a plan to escape their predicament, Jinn noticed Andra and Denetrus in the crowd, riding swoop bikes. As soon as the cage was lowered onto the scaffold, and the energy bars retracted, Jinn and Kenobi leaped out, their lightsabers ignited, and jumped onto the swoops. As Jinn and Kenobi covered their backs by deflecting blaster fire with lightsabers, Andra and Denetrus outmaneuvered pursuing guards, and the four successfully escaped. Once inside Andra's home, Jinn confronted Denetrus regarding his looking at the Katharsis files, and the criminal revealed that he had discovered that UniFy controlled the game, not the Telosian government. When he tried to find a way to rig the game, he found out that it had already been rigged; the winner of the final event had been selected by UniFy after he or she promised to give half the winnings to the company. Other contestants were provided with faulty equipment, making them lose the challenges.[50]

Jinn and Kenobi watch as Xanatos commits suicide

With that new development, Jinn came up with a plan of action that he hoped would expose Xanatos's true motives, the connection between UniFy and Offworld, and the effect Katharsis was having on the economy of Telos IV. His plan was twofold—the first phase had Denetrus infiltrating UniFy's systems again and setting himself up as one of the bettors on the Katharsis's major event. During that time, Andra and her followers would investigate what was happening to Telos's sacred places. Andra, however, revealed that she was the lone member of the POWER Party, as the others had left after the destruction of a team with similar objectives. Kenobi volunteered to go with Andra, although Jinn was hesitant to let the boy go on the dangerous assignment, he realized that he had to trust him. Taking a pair of swoops, Kenobi and Andra sped toward the sacred places, while Denetrus, aware of the winner of Katharsis, Kama Elias, set himself up as one of the three selected bettors who were allowed to place bets on the final event.[50]

Jinn and Denetrus went to the Katharsis dome, where the Jedi Master hoped to expose Xanatos, but he also kept a pair of swoops nearby in case the Dark Jedi ran away and they had to pursue him. Kenobi soon contacted Jinn, informing him that he and Andra had found evidence that the sacred places were being used for mining operations, although there was not enough evidence to connect them to Offworld. Jinn told Kenobi to head back to the Katharsis dome, but the boy said that he had one more matter to attend to. In fact, the boy was just ashamed to admit that he had lost his means of transportation and was hoping to find a new one. As the second round of Katharsis began, Jinn started worrying for Kenobi, who did not show up. However, the boy and Andra soon returned, handing Jinn a recording rod with the evidence. Jinn went to a technician's booth, where he used the Force to order a technician to show the recordings on the rod after Xanatos' speech at the end of the contests. As the final round approached, the three winners of the lottery were announced, Denetrus among them. Elias won the final round, and Denetrus, having placed a bet on him, won the pot. Xanatos began his ceremonial speech, and the technician transmitted the images from Kenobi's recording rod, which showed the devastated sacred places.[50]

When the crowd noticed the images, the people demanded an explanation from Xanatos, who managed to convince them that he had been framed and gave an order to transmit Jinn's and Kenobi's images on the screen. The two were recognized in the crowd and captured. At that moment, however, Denetrus demanded his winnings from Xanatos. The latter gave him a box of crystalline vertex. Denetrus, overcoming his greed, told the Telosian Governor present at the event to read a durasheet he had given him before the contests began. The Governor did so, reading aloud Denetrus' fully correct predictions on the course of the game. Denetrus then explained to the Telosians that Katharsis had been rigged, exposing Xanatos' entire scheme. Tensions rose again, and when Xanatos failed to calm the crowd down again, he took the heavily modified swoop belonging to the game's winner and sped away. Breaking free of the distracted guards, Jinn and Kenobi boarded their own swoops and followed Xanatos, who, they realized, was heading to the sacred pools.[50]

When they reached the entrance to the Park of the Sacred Pools, they saw Xanatos' swoop, out of fuel. Although the gate was closed, Kenobi led Jinn through another secret road into the park. Once there, they saw Xanatos on his way toward Tech Dome D, where a transport off-planet awaited him. Jinn took a gravsled lying nearby and caught up with Xanatos, separating him from the Tech Dome. Xanatos sped toward the pools filled with acid—a result of UniFy's mining operations—where he turned around and attacked Jinn, engaging him in a duel and saying that Jinn would not be able to kill him; the Jedi Master replied that he did not intend to; he wanted to bring Xanatos to justice. Kenobi soon joined the fight, but Xanatos distracted him by making him remember Bruck Chun's death. Xanatos then kicked Kenobi onto the ground and leaped forward, preparing to kill him.[50]

Drawing on the Living Force surrounding him, Jinn stopped Xanatos in midair, and the duel resumed, with Kenobi rejoining the fight. Fighting as one, Jinn and Kenobi cornered Xanatos at a pool of acid. At that moment, Andra and Denetrus arrived on the other shore of the pool by swoops, drawing blasters and promising to have Xanatos put on trial. Realizing that he had no way of escape, Xanatos spoke to Jinn, saying that he was his biggest failure and Jinn would have to live with that. With that said, Xanatos stepped back and fell into the pool of acid. Jinn reached out with his hand, trying to stop him, but it was too late, and Xanatos died in the acid.[50] Respecting all life, even that of his enemies, Jinn took his time to mourn for Xanatos' passing. Such gesture deeply impressed Kenobi.[51] With Xanatos' death, life turned for the better on Telos. UniFy was exposed as a front for Offworld, the Governor who had turned a blind eye on the company's activities resigned, the government apologized to the people and called for special elections, Katharsis was stopped, Vox Chun was put in jail, and the Telosians set off to rebuild their damaged land.[50]

Andra and Denetrus helped clear Jinn and Kenobi of all charges. Thanking them, the two prepared to depart from Telos, sharing their experiences on the deaths of Bruck Chun and Xanatos. Jinn admitted to Kenobi that although Xanatos' death was a disturbing experience for him—one which he would always remember—it would not haunt him as Xanatos had hoped. Jinn also confessed that he and Kenobi had bonded and were destined to be Master and Padawan, no matter the opinion of the Jedi Council. Still, Jinn offered Kenobi to help him settle the matters with the Council and promised to spend some time in the Temple with Kenobi, who was required to do so on the terms of his probation. Jinn understood that he and Kenobi had different temperaments and that they would clash again in the future, but he was now looking forward to it.[50] Soon enough, Kenobi's probation was lifted, allowing him to once again officially become Jinn's Padawan. The two spent a lot of time both at the Temple and on various missions across the galaxy, helping wherever they could, and improving their ties even further.[52] As a symbolic gesture, Jinn gave his copy of The Jedi Path to Kenobi, continuing the tradition of passing it from Master to Padawan.[18]

Strengthening the bond

A familiar face

"How strange life is. The galaxy is so immense, but I can't get away from the Jedi. They have destroyed my life once again."
―Lorian Nod, after Jinn and Kenobi exposed his schemes[src]

While returning from a routine training mission on an overcrowded freighter, Jinn and Kenobi disembarked on the planet Junction V, when the freighter stopped there for fuel. Hoping to stretch their legs and get some food while the freighter was being refueled, they proceeded to the streets of the capital city of Rion. They were surprised to discover that every visitor had to register with a local security force. Sensing a disturbance in the Force on the planet, Jinn contacted Tahl, who was at the Jedi Temple, via comlink, asking her to provide any information on the planet. She revealed that Junction 5 had a long-standing rivalry with its moon of Delaluna. Several years ago, the people of Junction 5 had discovered that Delaluna had been developing a superweapon, called the Annihilator, capable of wiping out entire cities. The citizens of Junction 5 had been living in a constant fear of attack from Delaluna and the entire planet was kept on a constant state of high alert.

Lorian Nod, a former Jedi whose schemes Jinn foiled twice

A security force, called the Guardians had infiltrated every aspect of the citizens' lives, monitoring all their communications and arresting a large number of people, allegedly to prevent Delaluna's spies from undermining the government to prepare for the Delaluna's invasion. As such, the Guardians effectively controlled the entire planet. However, Delaluna denied the existence of the weapon and any plans for an invasion, and the negotiations between the governments of the two planets were stalled. Tahl advised Jinn and Kenobi to stay alert and do not try to interfere in the matter. Instead of immediately registering with the Guardians, Jinn decided to go to a local cantina to get something to eat and gather intelligence in case Jedi presence was requested on the planet in the future. While in the cantina, they overheard a conversation between two men talking about a woman, who had supposedly been killed and whose death had been covered, and a grieving man named Jaren. Kenobi wanted to investigate the matter, but Jinn told him that nobody had requested their help, so they should not interfere.[8]

The Jedi were then confronted by a Guardian, who requested their passes. When they told him that they did not have any, the officer ordered them to come with him and register at the Registry Office. Not wanting to cause any trouble, Jinn and Kenobi complied. When their passes were finally made, Jinn and Kenobi were greeted by a person whom Jinn did not expect to see—Lorian Nod, the former Jedi and criminal whom Jinn and Dooku had captured decades ago for the kidnapping of Blix Annon. Nod had served as an informant for the Coruscant Security Force inside the prison, which had granted him early release. He had subsequently come to Junction V, his homeworld, and helped the government form the Guardians, which he was the head of, in order to battle the Annihilator threat. Nod offered to provide the two Jedi with escort to their transport. Jinn declined the offer, but Nod did so nonetheless. As two Guardians escorted them to the transport, Jinn asked them why he had seen more and more security arriving on the streets. The Guardians replied that an enemy of the current regime, Cilia Dil, had escaped from prison. When the Guardians refused to tell Jinn what Dil's crime was, he decided to escape from their escort.[8]

When they were passing near a utility vehicle unloading cargo from a repulsorlift platform, Jinn used the Force to topple the boxes, creating confusion, which allowed the two to escape from the guards and blend with the pedestrians. Jinn decided to find Dil and learn what was happening from her. As they had no idea where to find her, Jinn believed that their best bet was to create a situation where she would find them herself. The two soon discovered that the woman they had heard people talking about in the cantina earlier was Dil, and Jaren was her husband. Jinn and Kenobi located the house Jaren lived in, but found that all entrances were being monitored by the Guardians. The two decided to wait, and soon workers returning from their shift crowded the streets. A woman and two little children approached the building Jaren inhabited. Jinn and Kenobi then offered her to help with her bags and hold her children, thus appearing as members of the family to an outside observer. They entered the building and located Jaren in his apartment. When they asked him about Celia, he, not trusting the two, replied that he had not seen her. Jinn, introducing himself and Kenobi as Jedi, took Jaren's comlink and entered the codes for his own comlink. Telling Jaren that Celia could contact them if she needed help, the two left.[8]

Fortunately for the Jedi, the Guardians were preoccupied with finding Celia, so little effort was placed into tracking the two, and they did not have a hard time hiding until Celia contacted them, as Jinn had planned, and set up a meeting place. When they met her in person, Jinn told Celia about Nod's connection to the Jedi and promised to help her in any way he and Kenobi could. Celia then revealed that she had organized a mission to Delaluna with the purpose of infiltrating the moon's Ministry of Defense and Offense and stealing the plans for the Annihilator. If any weak spot to the weapon could be found, the citizens of Junction V would feel safer and would overthrow the oppressive Guardian regime. As they spent the night in Celia's safe house before embarking on a mission, Kenobi felt that they should contact the Council, but Jinn did not want them to know, having learned back from his training with Dooku that certain independence from the Council during a mission was sometimes necessary. The next day, Jinn, Kenobi, Celia, a security expert named Stephin and a weapons specialist named Aeran boarded a transport and used it to reach Delaluna.[8]

They entered the Ministry by showing their passes. Once inside, Celia, who had received the layout of the building from a sympathizer on Delaluna, led the group to the Weapons Development Wing, but her identification card did not work, although it was supposed to; the entrance to the wing was now protected by a retinal scan and a daily code. Stephin did not have the equipment, nor the time, necessary to crack the code, so Jinn came up with another plan. He hoped to use a computer to remotely access the files kept in the wing. The only one who possessed access to all files in the computer was the Ministry's director. However, an assistant set behind a desk near the director's office, and the team did not know whether the director himself was inside the office. Jinn then came up with a plan to lure them both out. Taking Kenobi with him, he went to the Internal Security Office. Finding a lone guard inside the office, Jinn introduced himself as a security consultant from Constant Industries, and Kenobi as a new employee, who had been assigned to take the guard's place. Confusing the guard, the Jedi managed to convince him that a security drill was about to take place, and the man activated it.[8]

Jinn and Kenobi then rejoined with the rest of the infiltration group, slipping into the director's office, while a stream of people exited it, having heard the alarm. Stephin utilized his computer skills to get into the director's files and looked for the information on the Annihilator. However, the only file he managed to find was labeled "misinformation"—the Annihilator did not exist, but Delaluna's officials took advantage of the rumor so that the weapon discouraged any potential enemies from attacking the moon. The fact that the Annihilator did not exist also meant that there was no need for the Guardians on Junction V. At that moment, the group was attacked by several security droids. The group fought back, with Jinn using the Force to incapacitate a security guard, and they slowly retreated from the office with the copied documents on the Annihilator and left the Ministry through an emergency exit, which was open because of the drill. The group successfully reached their ship, evading security patrols, and set off toward Junction V.[8]

Qui-Gon Jinn

While aboard the ship, they realized that the rumor of the Annihilator had been spread by Nod, since it appeared around the same time that he had come to power, and since the Guardians had benefited from that rumor the most. Ciran Ern, Junction V's president, was said to be Nod's puppet, so getting the information to him was useless. Therefore, Jinn decided that their best bet was to make the information public through the local communications system. However, the system was controlled from the main Guardian compound, and the only way for the group to get in was to get themselves arrested. The only member of the team who did not have a warrant on her head was Aeran, so she left them, promising to alert the local resistance to be on a lookout for a major announcement. The remaining four behaved themselves the same way Nod hoped they would; Celia and Stephin tried to reach Jaren in his home, while Jinn and Kenobi went to a known resistance meeting place.[8]

Soon enough, they all were arrested and escorted into the Guardian compound, although Jinn and Kenobi used the Force to prevent the guards from finding and confiscating their lightsabers. Once inside the compound, the Jedi used their weapons to cut a hole in the door of their cell, and the four proceeded to the communications center, hoping to patch into the feed when Nod would give an annual security update on the Annihilator, which would be broadcast throughout Junction V. When they broke into the communications office, and Stephin began working on the computers, an alarm was sounded, and the two Jedi had to fight against waves of security droids as Nod began his speech. Stephin successfully made it so that the records proving that the Annihilator did not exist were be shown on the screen during Nod's speech. When Stephin doubted that the people would believe the images alone, Kenobi, without consulting Jinn, ordered Stephin to leave the audio feed from the studio from which Nod was giving the speech online.[8]

Security guards started to come in, and Jinn instructed his Padawan to try not to kill anyone. As more and more guards appeared, and Nod continued lying about the Annihilator's destructive capabilities, the documents flashed on-screen. Nod started denying the information, claiming that it was a lie, but one of his guards noted that the documents had an official Delaluna seal. The guards attacking Jinn and Kenobi were distracted by the files and stopped fighting, and the two Jedi made their way to Nod's studio. The leader of the Guardians ordered his men to arrest the two, but his guards received an order from President Ern to arrest Nod; Nod's denial of the information on screen—which was clearly shown to be legitimate—had convinced Ern that Nod was lying. Once again Nod was captured by the Jedi and was returned to prison; Celia became a public hero; the Guardians were in disarray, and Ern promised to disband them altogether. As they prepared to leave Junction V, Jinn commended Kenobi on his decision to leave the audio feed online, which had ultimately helped expose Nod. The Jedi Master was convinced that the events on the planet had helped him and Kenobi to make the final step toward healing the rift in their relationships after the Melida/Daan affair.[8]

Guided by the Living Force

"Obi-Wan, this universe is full of creatures who act without the slightest understanding of what drives them to do what they do. My actions are determined by the will of the Living Force. I fed that poor, little brute because he was hungry. I killed him because if I had let him kill me, I would no longer be able to do my work as a Jedi."
"You didn't kill him because you didn't want to die?"
"When the Force tells me the time has come for me to die, Obi-Wan, I will die willingly."
―Jinn and Kenobi on Arorua[src]

One night, Jinn sensed fear inside his Padawan. When he asked what Kenobi feared, the latter replied that he was fearful of disappointing Jinn. Warning him of the dangers of attachment, Jinn told Kenobi a tale of ancient Jedi Master Shang-Troy Thanabo, who, while on a mission to find Force-sensitive recruits to the Jedi Order, discovered two twins powerful in the Force. Thanabo trained the two and became deeply attached to them. As the three of them explored the galaxy, the twins fell in love with a woman, but grew jealous of each other and engaged in a ferocious battle. When Thanabo tried to calm them, he was accidentally killed. The twins continued fighting, until their rage engulfed the entire planet in a blast of Force energy, and it became a star. Jinn explained to Kenobi that because of incidents such as that one, the Jedi shunned attachment.[53]

Jinn and Kenobi fighting the silan

The same year, Jinn and Kenobi journeyed to the planet of Arorua, which was teeming with life. Once there, the two set up camp in a hut located under the roots of a large tree and went to explore the jungles separately. Jinn felt the call of the Living Force, which guided him toward a Moggonite named Mosko Bolpa, whom he rescued from a blagwahr snare. Jinn and Bolpa soon met with Kenobi, who had narrowly escaped from a squollyhawlk creature. Jinn and Kenobi brought Bolpa to their camp, fed him, and allowed him to rest his injured leg. Bolpa, however, was rude and ungrateful toward the Jedi, giving them orders and complaining about everything. Such behavior irritated Kenobi, and he asked why Jinn had decided to bring the Moggonite in the first place, to which the Jedi Master replied that by helping him, they were helping the Living Force itself.[54]

In the middle of the night, Bolpa slipped away from the camp and returned with more of his kin to kill the Jedi and steal their belongings. Once awakened, Jinn and Kenobi activated their lightsabers and killed all the attackers. Certain that more Moggonites would follow, and unwilling to kill any more of them, Jinn and Kenobi set off to find a new place to camp. As they walked, Kenobi asked why Jinn had treated Bolpa with such respect and then killed him without remorse. Jinn replied that he had been simply following the will of the Living Force, and that if Bolpa had killed him, he would have been unavailable to perform his duty as a Jedi, so he had to kill Bolpa instead. They soon approached a mountain, which they believed to be a suitable location for a camp.[54]

However, as Jinn and Kenobi approached it, they felt uneasy. They found a sacrificial altar to the silan, a giant creature believed to be mythical that lived in the mountain. Although Kenobi wanted to walk away, Jinn felt that Living Force was driving him forward, and he listened to it. He told Kenobi not to go with him, but his Padawan did not let him go alone and went with him. They soon entered the dark lair of the silan and were attacked by the creature. After a brief fight, the silan was dead. Later, while they were sitting at a campfire, Kenobi asked Jinn if taking the silan's life was right, because it felt wrong to him. Jinn replied that the will of the Living Force was beyond their understanding, and that he did not like killing the creature as well. He explained to Kenobi that the latter, as a Jedi, would be called to perform tasks he would rather not do, but he should not fear, as he was in the hands of a higher power, the Living Force itself.[54] At one point, Jinn told Kenobi about the centuries-old Jedi Master Fay, calling her beautiful and ageless.[55]

Meeting new friends

"Many weapons can kill, but only the lightsaber can inspire such extremes of hope or fear. And I shall add that I will be forever glad that only Jedi carry lightsabers."
―Dexter Jettster[src]

Jinn and Kenobi encountered Dexter Jettster on Ord Sigatt for the first time.

Using a transport ship on loan from the Galactic Senate, Jinn and Kenobi embarked on pilgrimage to the planet Ilum, where Kenobi was to find a focusing crystal for his lightsaber from one of the caverns. The last time Jinn had been inside that chamber was when he had trained Xanatos, so the place stirred some painful memories in him. Having found a suitable blue Adegan crystal, Kenobi replaced his previous crystal—taken from a storage in the Jedi Temple—with it. While the Padawan reassembled his lightsaber, Jinn was distracted by his thoughts of Xanatos and forgot to speak ceremonial words about the importance of the crystal until Kenobi reminded him. Jinn then apologized to his Padawan for ruining the moment, and Kenobi accepted the apology. After Kenobi tested his new blade, Jinn's comlink came online; the two were assigned a new mission. Jinn and Kenobi were to go to the planet Ord Sigatt in the Outer Rim Territories, where a refinery ship and its crew had gone missing. The ship, the Hardy Harrow, was from the planet Denon and was owned by Denon-Ardru Mutual; it was supposed to pick up a shipment of carvanium from Ord Sigatt. When the ship did not arrive at the planet, the Denon Senator had notified the Jedi Council and requested help. Ord Sigatt Spaceport did not have anything to report on the missing ship, and no reports of pirate activity or space weather anomalies were recorded.[28]

Upon landing on the planet, the two Jedi were confronted by a pair of guards, who asked if the two carried any weapons. Using a mind trick, Jinn convinced the guards that he and Kenobi were unarmed traders. The two were cleared to go to the planet's streets. Once there, Jinn and Kenobi noticed that none of the people they saw carried any weapons, although the intelligence report on the planet did not say that weapons were prohibited. Spotting a bar nearby, Jinn went there, hoping to gather more information. When he returned, he watched as Kenobi drew his lightsaber in an attempt to defend a boy who was being assaulted by several guards, who, just like the ones at the spaceport, were employed by Denon-Ardru Mutual. When Kenobi used his lightsaber to destroy one of the guards' blasters, they recognized him as a Jedi and immediately surrendered without a fight, much to the delight of Ord Sigatt's population, since Denon-Ardru Mutual had overtaken the planet's government and had confiscated all weapons in the name of their law.[28]

The Hardy Harrow, revealed to merely have been an unmanned drone barge, had been stolen and its transponder removed by the four-armed Besalisk Dexter Jettster and several of his accomplices, who had been trying to fight back. Kenobi had discovered all that information from Jettster, who told him everything as soon as he realized that he was dealing with a Jedi. Kenobi, in turn, relayed that news to Jinn, although he withheld the information on Jettster's involvement in the theft, or his running blasters out of his bar. All of Denon-Ardru Mutual's guards surrendered and departed Ord Sigatt on the Hardy Harrow, although without the carvanium.[28]

The Senate and Jedi Council were not pleased with the Denon Senator, who had sent Jinn and his Padawan to reclaim an unmanned drone barge and who was revealed to be helping Denon-Ardru Mutual maintain their monopoly on the carvanium from Ord Sigatt. Jinn and Kenobi remained on Ord Sigatt for several more days to help return the local government to normal, spending a lot of time with Jettster. The two were deeply impressed by the Besalisk's intelligence and memory, as well as his outstanding cooking. During one of their meals together, Jettster told Kenobi that the true power of the lightsaber was not in its ability to cut almost through any material, but in the fact that merely the sight of a lightsaber could inspire great fear and awe in the enemy. Jinn and Kenobi soon left Ord Sigatt, although the friendship between Kenobi and Jettster would flourish in the years to come.[28]

A father's revenge

"I believe I can help put some questions to rest."
"Ah, now will we hear what the Force told you, Qui-Gon?"
"No, you will hear Bruck Chun's own words. As I told you, I knew Xanatos well. He did not trust anyone, even those under his power. He would not have trusted Bruck. He would have made sure that the boy was under his complete control when he sent him back into the Temple to do his work. He would have access to all of Bruck Chun's conversations because he would plant a listening device in the one thing that a Jedi is never without."
―Jinn proving Kenobi's innocence to Sano Sauro[src]

During this time, Jinn also took sensory lessons from Tahl in order to improve his olfaction and other methods of perception, just like she did after she had been blinded.[52] He also learned that Tahl planned to take the young Bant Eerin as her Padawan. However, Tahl suddenly changed her mind and went on a solo mission on behalf of the Jedi Order, without providing Jinn with any details regarding her mission, which bothered the latter. Meanwhile, the father of the deceased Bruck Chun, Vox Chun, was pardoned for his crimes against the state of Telos. The man demanded to come to Coruscant to received a report on the death of his son. The Jedi Council granted Chun's request and informed Jinn and his Padawan about that decision, instructing Kenobi to be the one to relay the truth about Bruck's death to his distraught father.[16]

After the Council meeting was over and everyone, including Kenobi, left, except for Yoda, Jinn spoke his worries about doubts regarding Tahl to the Jedi Master. Yoda informed Jinn that Tahl had been dispatched to Centax-2, a satellite of Coruscant, where the Jedi Order was operating an experimental pilot program under the guide of another one of Jinn's friends, Clee Rhara. Rhara admonished that the Order should have an operational starfighter force and she used Centax 2 to repair old starfighters donated to her by the Senate and to train new Jedi pilots. The project had a lot of popular support among the Jedi, although the Jedi Council was split on the matter of its effectiveness and necessity. However, Rhara had recently reported that there had been many cases of mechanical failure of the starfighters, indicating potential sabotage, and Tahl had been dispatched to investigate. Deciding that the most courteous thing would be to meet Vox Chun personally when he arrived, Jinn and Kenobi went to meet the man at the Temple's landing pad, where they were surprised to discover that in an attempt to unsettle them, Vox also brought his second son, Kad, a splitting image of the late Bruck, as well as a mysterious man called Sano Sauro.[16]

Upon landing, Vox declined any polite offers of refreshments and discussion, instead demanding to be taken to the site of his son's death immediately. Upon arrival to the Room of a Thousand Fountains, the elder Chun and Sauro began interrogating Kenobi on the details of his duel with Bruck, asking who had drawn his lightsaber first and clearly insinuating that Kenobi had murdered Bruck in cold blood. Kenobi defended himself, saying that Bruck had been trying to kill Eerin on the orders of Xanatos and that he had tried to avoid killing Bruck during their fight. After Jinn handed Bruck's lightsaber to Vox, the man and his entourage left the Temple, leaving Kenobi emotionally drained due to having to remember the duel with Chun. In an attempt to ease his Padawan's mind, Jinn offered him to go help Tahl on Centax 2, much to Kenobi's delight, as he was excited at the prospect of meeting his friend Garen Muln, who had been a member of Rhara's program.[16]

The death of fallen Padawan Bruck Chun was put under investigation by his father.

Upon arrival at the starfighter base, Jinn met Tahl, who did not want to discuss anything regarding her decision to not take a Padawan, and she informed him that there had been rumors in the Senate that Rhara had been sabotaging the starships herself in order to prove that her project needed more funding and newer ships. Rhara denied the accusations, and she informed her friends that she had restricted the maintenance access to the starfighters to only two personnel members, who had had to pass strict Senate security checks. Still, even after those measures had come into effect, there was yet another accident. Jinn believed that one of the two crew members was the saboteurs, and he had an ally in the Senate who had forged his security pass, a theory which also explained the rumors accusing Rhara. Before Jinn could begin his investigation, he was contacted via comlink by Yoda, who informed him that Vox Chun had convinced the Senate to form a special committee to investigate Bruck's death, with Sano Sauro acting as the prosecutor trying to prove that Kenobi's actions were murder and not self-defense. Jinn and Kenobi had to return to Coruscant to act as witnesses at the hearing, alongside Eerin.[16]

The committee consisted of fifteen Senators and was led by Senator Pi T'Egal, a known friend of the Jedi. Jinn was the first witness called to answer the hearing, and he was questioned by Sauro regarding the events of the Temple. Despite Sauro's best efforts to present Bruck as the victim, Jinn honestly relayed the events surrounding Bruck's actions leading to his death. Eerin was the second witness interrogated by Sauro, who twisted her words and made her confess that she was not sure how close to death she had been before Kenobi arrived to rescue her. The committee then announced a recess, stating that the investigation would continue the next day. However, believing that there was nothing left for him to say to the Senators, and trusting Kenobi to handle the situation himself, Jinn decided to return to Tahl, arriving back at Centax 2.[16]

Jinn and Tahl went to the starfighter hangar to question the two suspects, the mechanics, the Twi'lek Haly Dura and the Human Tarrence Chenati. Since the last accident had occurred with the starfighter's ionization chamber, the two Jedi questioned the mechanics regarding it, but they claimed that they had checked the ionization chamber's status via a nearby control panel, and since it had showed that the system had been normal, they had not worked on it before the accident. After the interrogation, Tahl revealed to Jinn that she had smelled a strange industrial smell coming from Chenati. Returning to the hangar after the mechanics had left, they returned to the hangar, where Tahl used her increased sense of smell to inspect the various conductors and greases being stored there. Eventually, she matched a conductor called X-112 to the smell she had picked up earlier from Chenati. X-112's only purpose was as a conductor in the ionization chamber, which indicated that Chenati had been lying and that he had worked on the system that had malfunctioned.[16]

Deciding to check Chenati's credentials more closely, Jinn and Tahl used the base's computer system. At first, the man's dossier seemed impeccably clean, but then Tahl had an idea, and she checked the records of deceased people, discovering that the real Chenati had died more than twenty years ago and that the mechanic they had met was an impostor, a Senatorial agent known as a "no-name." Contacting his Padawan, Jinn informed Kenobi that he would be delayed on Centax 2 and might not make it to his trial. The next day, Jinn and Tahl informed Rhara of their suspicions, instructing her to keep the students and the other mechanic away from the hangar during Chenati's shift, while they tried to apprehend the impostor. However, Chenati had arrived at the hangar earlier, and as the two Jedi attempted to flank him, he noticed them and drew a blaster pistol, opening fire at them. Jinn's first instinct was to protect Tahl from blasterfire, much to the woman's dismay, who maintained that she did not require protection despite her blindness. Chenati then boarded a starfighter, starting it toward Tahl.

Instead of trying to stop Chenati, Jinn again went to protect Tahl, but she avoided the starfighter by herself as Chenati escaped from the base. Tahl then reprimanded Jinn for choosing to aid her and sacrificing the chance to stop their target. Tahl's droid, 2JTJ, then arrived at the hangar. During a conversation, Jinn remembered a listening device hidden inside the droid by Xanatos during the Jedi Temple sabotage. That drew Jinn to realization that Xanatos had mistrusted anyone, and he believed that Xanatos had placed a listening device inside Bruck's lightsaber to keep a close eye on him at all times. Arriving at the proceedings in the midst of Sauro's interrogation of his Padawan, Jinn puled the lightsaber from Vox Chun and extracted a small disc from it. The disc contained a recording of Bruck's sinister threats toward Eerin during his fight with Kenobi. That new evidence was enough for the Senators to declare Jinn's Padawan not guilty, although the Chun family was still dissatisfied with the outcome. Jinn and Eerin left the hearing room, leaving Kenobi, who was confronted by Kad, claiming that in his eyes Kenobi would always be a killer.[16]

The journey continues

A child missing

"The mother is frightened."
"The father as well. He hides it slightly better."
"I am afraid that with every step we take, we violate the Council's wishes. We are interfering. We could make enemies here."
"A child is missing. Never mind that she is Force-sensitive. Her parents are obviously terrified. The situation has changed. And it is because of our presence. If we had not come, the child would be safe."
―Adi Gallia and Qui-Gon Jinn, discussing the situation on Kegan[src]

Jinn's Padawan and Siri Tachi, during their joint training exercise

As part of Kenobi's training, Jinn, along with fellow Jedi Master Adi Gallia and her new Padawan Siri Tachi, arranged a cooperative exercise at the Jedi Temple. The point of that exercise for the two Padawans was to open up and allow reading each other's intentions in order to defeat training droids. However, the teamwork between the two Padawans was hard to achieve, and they simply destroyed the droids each by themselves, thus failing the exercise. After the exercise, Yoda entered the training room, informing the four Jedi that the Order had received a summons from the remote Outer Rim planet Kegan. Parents who were thinking that their child was Force-sensitive asked the Order to send a Jedi to the planet to confirm that suspicion. Since Kegan was a planet cut off from the rest of the galaxy and its people did not welcome outsiders, the matter was very unusual and delicate. Seeing an opportunity to establish diplomatic ties with Kegan, the Order decided to send four Jedi on the mission. Jinn, Gallia, and their Padawans were chosen as these four Jedi, much to Kenobi's dismay, who did not look forward to working with Tachi, believing her to be too self-centered and closed.[52]

After landing on Kegan, the Jedi were greeted by a man and a woman, who introduced themselves as V-Haad and O-Rina, the Hospitality Guides, assigned to introduce the visitors to the planet and its sole city. Another couple of Keganites was also present at the scene, V-Nen and O-Melie, the parents of O-Lana, the supposedly Force-sensitive child. The parents were strangely nervous, which did not escape the Jedi's eyes. The Hospitality Guides explained to Jinn and his companions that O-Lana was in V-Nen's and O-Melie's house and offered to transport the emissaries there. On their way to the pair's dwelling, V-Haad told the Jedi about Kegan's way of life. The planet was ruled by the Benevolent Guides, V-Tan and O-Vieve, who had been responsible for driving the planet into its isolationist state. The Benevolent Guides were aided by an Advising Circle in maintaining the General Good, a set of beliefs and principles that the Keganites adhered to. When the Jedi noted the absence of children in the city, their guides answered that on Kegan, children were sent to school at a very early age to study.[52]

Finally arriving at their destination, Jinn and Gallia requested the Hospitality Guides to allow them to see the child privately. However, the Guides insisted on staying, claiming that the child's parents had asked them to be present during the examination. V-Nen and O-Melie confirmed that, although they did so as if they had been forced to agree. Jinn did not trust the Hospitality Guides, noting that the very existence of such a position on a planet that did not welcome visitors was strange. He realized that he should not reveal his suspicions just yet, and so he allowed the Guides to stay. The child was being looked after by O-Yani, the child caregiver of that dwelling quad, a special position held by certain Keganites. The caregiver looked after the children assigned to them, so that the children's parents could work and have time for themselves. When the child was brought to the Jedi from her caregiver, Jinn noted that she was hungry and so she was brought back to O-Yani to be fed.[52]

The Jedi took this time to talk to O-Lana's parents and the Hospitality Guides. Jinn and Gallia tried to explain that in case O-Lana was truly Force-sensitive, she would require to be taken away to be cared by the Jedi, as her powers would make her special. However, V-Haad and O-Rina did not want to hear any of that, saying that all Keganites were equal and the very idea of someone being "special" conflicted with the teachings of the Benevolent Guides. Once again, V-Nen and O-Melie agreed with everything the guides said, although Jinn saw that they clearly did so against their will. After their conversation was finished, V-Haad and O-Rina offered to escort the Jedi to their assigned quarters, but Jinn requested to walk there instead with V-Nen and O-Melie in order to know each other better. The Hospitality Guides could not refuse their request, but they would walk there as well. When the Guides were not listening, Jinn told Kenobi and Tachi to deliberately wander off at the first opportunity, so that V-Nen and O-Melie would follow them and leave the Jedi Masters and the two parents alone. The Padawans were to use their time to discreetly gather more information about Kegan.[52]

Jinn was worried that Gallia might disapprove of his idea, since he suspected that Yoda had sent Gallia to monitor his tendency to act on the whim of the Force. However, Gallia did not object. While walking to their destination, Jinn asked why Keganites did not travel to other worlds, and the Guides replied that the Keganites had everything they needed and importing trade or sharing knowledge would be harmful to the General Way, a statement that Jinn found odd. As soon as they reached Kegan's marketplace, Jinn seized the moment to create a distraction by knocking over a tool rack, allowing Kenobi and Tachi to slip away in the confusion. Noticing the Padawan's absence, V-Haad and O-Rina insisted on finding them, although they evidently did not want to leave V-Nen and O-Melie alone. Before they left, the Hospitality Guides told O-Lana's parents to remain at the marketplace, with a hint of threat in their voice. As soon as the Guides left, the parents admitted that they had made a mistake by inviting Jedi and asked the two Masters to leave for their own safety. However, Jinn and Gallia asked V-Nen and O-Melie to go see O-Lana again and at least determine her Force-sensitivity, assuring them that the Jedi would take full responsibility before the Guides.[52]

When they arrived to pick up O-Lana from O-Yani, she told the four that the child had been taken away by the Medical Circle Guides for a supposedly routine check. The parents were worried, since O-Lana had just passed her check recently, and they had to be notified if their child was to be taken away. At that moment, the Hospitality Guides found them, scolding V-Nen and O-Melie for leaving the marketplace. As he had promised, Jinn took full responsibility for disobeying the Guides. V-Haad and O-Rina assured the frightened parents that they would put all effort into finding O-Lana. They also informed Jinn and Gallia that they had been unable to find their Padawans. Continuing on with their ruse, the two Masters lied that they had been unable to contact Kenobi and Tachi via comlinks either. Jinn then asked permission from the Hospitality Guides to search for the Padawans personally, knowing that the Guides could not decline and that they would be unable to monitor their activities.[52]

Adi Gallia, Qui-Gon Jinn's companion on Kegan

Having bought themselves the opportunity to explore Kegan freely, Jinn and Gallia left O-Lana's house. They tried to contact the Padawans, but this time, they received no answer for real. Thinking that the Padawans were simply unable to answer, Jinn decided to try to infiltrate the Medical Circle and access Kegan's records in order to find out more about O-Lana's disappearance. Once there, they again ran into V-Haad and O-Rina, who said that they had assigned another team to look for the missing child. However, Jinn managed to take advantage of the situation, forcing V-Haad and O-Rina to take him and Gallia to the Benevolent Guides themselves in order to ask permission to access Kegan's archives. Jinn and Gallia soon met with the Benevolent Guides, O-Vieve and V-Tan, at the Central Dwelling and tried to receive permission from them to search for Kenobi and Tachi. However, O-Vieve and V-Tan insisted that they should not worry and proceed to guest quarters at the Central Dwelling. O-Vieve assured Jinn that the Keganites would find the Padawans.[52]

Realizing that arguing with the Benevolent Guides would not do them any good, Jinn and Gallia left the audience chamber and instead tried to slip out of the Central Dwelling undetected and go talk to V-Nen and O-Melie again. Smelling food nearby, Jinn followed the smell to the kitchen, knowing that all kitchens had an exit necessary for waste disposal. Jinn's plan worked, and the Jedi soon met with V-Nen and O-Melie, only to hear that the V-Nen had to leave for work at the Communications Circle. However, Jinn noticed that O-Lana's parents were giving them signals through eye contact, and, as he saw a skyhopper buzzing overhead, the Jedi realized that the Keganites were being constantly monitored. V-Nen's mention of the Communications Circle was a hint to the Jedi, asking them to come there. Jinn and Gallia did just that, and met V-Nen and O-Melie there, in a safe room, where anti-surveillance equipment had been installed. O-Lana's parents were finally able to explain the entire situation to the Jedi. The speeders Jinn saw flying overhead were unmanned auto-hopper vehicles equipped with audio and visual surveillance devices. Also, transmitters were installed inside the Keganites' homes, linked directly to the speeders.[52]

The planet's population was living under constant monitoring, a result of an originally anti-crime measure. It all started because V-Tan and O-Vieve were known to have prophetic visions, many of which came true. In one of those visions, O-Vieve saw the Jedi, claiming that an evil force would engulf those close to them. The Benevolent Guides also said that Kegan would be destroyed should one Keganite leave the planet. Once Kegan isolated itself and ceased any trade, the planet switched to a bartering economy. Petty theft soon erupted, so the Benevolent Guides offered to implement the surveillance speeders as a way to fight crime. The notion was implemented, but in time, the speeders evolved into a means of controlling the entire population. Despite the Hospitality Guides' earlier claims that every citizen of Kegan had a right to vote on any matter, V-Nen explained that the Benevolent Ones were the ones who decided the subject of the vote, so Kegan had only an illusion of democracy.[52]

Fighting deception

"This world was a puzzle to me. I still don't understand how an entire planet could place its trust so blindly in visions and dreams."
"I'm not surprised. All living beings find comfort in a truth that makes their lives easier to bear. Here on Kegan the people did not have the strife or hunger that we've seen on other planets. Why should the people question a system that brought them ease and comfort?"
"But their freedom was an illusion."
" We do not know if 0-Vieve and V-Tan's visions were wrong, Padawan. O-Vieve's vision of the future was clouded, but that doesn't make it invalid. Perhaps she just misinterpreted what she saw."
―Kenobi and Jinn, as they prepare to leave Kegan[src]

V-Nen and O-Melie were a part of the anti-isolationist group, a faction of Keganites that opposed the Benevolent Ones' rule and believed that isolation was bad for the planet. The surveillance, however, made it hard for the members of the group to communicate freely, as those who asked why the could not travel beyond Kegan were punished by being sent to dangerous jobs, and otherwise being treated unfairly. Doubting the Benevolent Guides' visions, V-Nen and O-Melie decided to contact the Jedi, wanting what was best for their daughter. V-Nen and O-Melie—who asked the Jedi to call them Nen and Melie, since the Jedi's fates were now twined with theirs—expressed their concern that Lana might have been taken to the Learning Circle, where all the Keganite children were taken from the streets. Upon hearing that, Jinn started to suspect that his and Gallia's Padawans might have been taken to the Learning Circle as well.[52]

Jinn was intent on helping Nen and Melie in finding their daughter, as well as the two lost Padawans. He realized that in order to do that, the monitoring speeders had to be disabled first. The Jedi Master knew that auto-hoppers were controlled by a central instruction processor, or CIP. Nen and Melie confirmed that, saying that the CIP was located in a guarded building nearby. Jinn planned to go and disable the CIP immediately, thus forcing the speeders to be recalled for repairs and buying some free movement and speech for both the Jedi and the anti-isolationists. Gallia initially objected to Jinn's plan, believing that it went against the Jedi Council's non-interference policy, but she eventually agreed with his plan. The two infiltrated the CIP building by using a mind trick on a security guard so that he would let them in. Once there, Gallia reprogrammed the auto-hoppers, directing them back to landing sites and effectively shutting down all surveillance for a few hours.[52]

As Jinn prepared to leave the building, he noticed a door marked "central instruction file records." The Jedi decided to take a look, discovering recorded files on every citizen of Kegan, as well as the mention of a Re-Learning Circle. Strangely enough, there was no record on Lana, as though she did not exist. Returning to Melie and Nen's dwelling, they tried to find out if the two knew anything about the Re-Learning Circle. They did not know anything beyond the fact that it was some sort of training facility where children were taken to and never heard from again. At that moment, O-Yani, the caregiver, entered the house. Six years ago, her son, V-Onin, had been taken to the Re-Learning circle. O-Yani did not know where it was located, but she had a parting gift from her son, a wildflower, sent to her soon after the boy was taken. Melie identified the bloom, which grew only on the highest plateau of Kegan, which was where the Re-Learning center must have been located. As Jinn and Gallia prepared to depart for the plateau, however, six Enforcement Guides entered the dwelling, arresting the Jedi on the charges of mind control of Nen and Melie.[52]

Jinn was responsible for discovering the future Jedi Olana Chion on Kegan.

Jinn and Gallia were brought before Judgment Guides and were informed that they were to be deported from Kegan. Once they were escorted to their ship, whose weaponry and defense systems had been disabled, the Benevolent Guides appeared to tell the Jedi that no harm were to be done to them. When Jinn asked O-Vieve what would happen to the Padawans, she replied that they had been taken during the Truant Sweep and were held at the Learning Circle. She assured Jinn that the Padawans would be safely delivered to Coruscant. Not content with that, Jinn promised to return with an investigative force to retrieve the Padawans. In response, O-Vieve told Jinn why Kegan was living in isolation. She and V-Tan had seen a vision of a great evil that would invade Kegan. That evil would somehow spread from the ranks of the Jedi and would possess an army of masked soldiers and a device capable of destroying entire worlds.[52]

O-Vieve once again told Jinn that he would see his Padawan only after the Keganites sent him away. She then ordered Jinn and Gallia to leave, threatening to shoot down their ship should they remain in Kegan's atmosphere. The Jedi soon took off, escorted by four starfighters. Noticing that the starfighters were fairly old, Gallia decided to try to outmaneuver them. She threw the Jedi's ship in a series of loops and maneuvers. The fighters attempted to pursue, but soon one fighter spiraled out of control, the second one was damaged by friendly fire, while Gallia managed to lose the remaining two. Jinn commended Gallia, wondering if Yoda had sent her because of her flying skills and not to keep an eye on him and Kenobi. Gallia replied that Yoda never asked her to watch over Jinn. The joint mission was meant to teach Tachi cooperation.[52]

Gallia landed the ship at the high plateau, where they noticed a large compound, the Learning Circle. After looking through every building as well as checking with the Force and finding nothing, Jinn and Gallia believed that the Padawans had been relocated. The Masters decided to come back to Nen and Melie and see if they had made any progress. As they turned to leave, however, Jinn felt his Padawan's presence nearby, despite the fact that all he could see was a field of grain. Jinn realized that Kenobi was being kept underground. Before he could do anything, he and Gallia were attacked by a number of Security Guides. The two Jedi drove the attackers into a nearby utility shed and locked them inside. They then proceeded to look for an entrance to the underground compound and, soon enough, found it.

Jinn and Gallia raced down a ramp inside the facility—the infamous Re-Learning Circle—just in time to see Kenobi and Tachi under attack by more Security Guides. The Padawans had purposefully disobeyed their teachers at the Learning Circle in order to be taken to the Re-Learning Circle and save their newfound friend V-Davi, who had been reassigned there earlier. Once there, the Padawans liberated V-Davi and found O-Lana as well and were now trying to escape. Jinn and Gallia quickly defeated the guards and were finally reunited with their Padawans. The Keganites soon found out about the Re-Learning Circle's cruel methods of discipline. There, children were hidden away and were put in solitary confinement either due to disobedience or having a chronic ailment. They were then taught wildly inaccurate facts about the galaxy, portraying it as outright dangerous and evil, in order to cultivate strictly xenophobic mindset. The entire population of Kegan revolted against such methods; V-Tan and O-Vieve were voted out as Benevolent Guides; the Learning and the Re-Learning Circles were closed; a new ruling council was appointed; and it was decided to send an envoy to the Galactic Senate.[52]

In the meantime, the Keganites would request medical and scientific advisors to the planet to bring it up to date with the latest discoveries. Nen and Melie decided that it was best for Lana to be trained as a Jedi, while the orphaned Davi would stay as their newfound son. Lana's parents thanked the Jedi for restoring justice to their planet. As Jinn and his companions prepared to leave, Kenobi expressed his confusion as to how an entire world could blindly trust visions and prophecies. Jinn replied, however, that perhaps O-Vieve's visions had some grain of truth in them, and she only misinterpreted them. As the sun came up, Jinn was blinded for a moment, after which he saw Kenobi's features dissolve and twist into that of a lone old man standing on a desolate planet. At first he thought that he saw a vision of himself in the future, but then he realized that perhaps the old man was Kenobi. Before Jinn could come to a conclusion, the vision was already gone. Promising each other that should they indeed face evil and darkness ahead they would fight it together, Jinn and Kenobi left Kegan, along with Gallia, Tachi, and the new Jedi Initiate, Lana,[52] who would eventually change her name to "Olana Chion" to distance herself from the naming customs of her planet.[56]

Arrival on Rutan

"It's an interesting solution to the problem of maintaining peace between two old enemies. The thinking is that the leader of each world will not attack a planet where his or her child is residing. But the plan has a flaw that the rulers didn't take into account."
"What is that?"
"Feelings. Loyalties are formed in your heart, not born in you. Emotion can't be ruled. Both leaders thought that if their children were with them for their first seven years, that would ensure their loyalty. But one can be loyal to one's home planet and yet want a different life."
"Like Prince Leed. He has lived on Senali for almost ten years. He does not want to return to Rutan."
"Or at least Leed claims he wants to stay on Senali That's what we're here to find out. His father believes the Senali are forcing him to stay. That's why the Senate fears that the two worlds will go to war again."
―Jinn and Kenobi, discussing the treaty between Rutan and Senali[src]

Some time later, Jinn and his Padawan were dispatched by the Jedi Council on another assignment to the planet Rutan and its orbiting satellite, Senali. Senali had originally been Rutan's colony for many years, but after a long and difficult war with Rutan—surprisingly won by Senali—it had gained independence. Since the war had been so devastating to both planets, a unique peace treaty was agreed upon. Upon reaching seven years of age, the firstborn children of the rulers of both Rutan and Senali were exchanged between the ruling families. There, the child would be raised until the age of sixteen, then brought back to their home planet, while another member of the ruling family took his place, until another generation was be born. The idea behind the peace treaty was simple. The leaders of both planets would not dare to attack the other faction knowing that their child was being kept there. However, Prince Leed, the son of the Rutanian King Frane, had been living on Senali for ten years and had no desire to come back to his home planet. Thinking that his son was being forced to stay by the Senali, Frane requested assistance from the Jedi Order, lest the two planets would once again engage in a war.[57]

The planet Rutan, the site of Jinn's and Kenobi's mission

Jinn and Kenobi traveled to Rutan on a battered starship on loan from the Senate. Having finally reached the planet after a three-day journey, they noticed that they did not have enough fuel to make it to the royal landing palace, they decided to land at the King's royal grounds on the outskirts of the capital city of Testa, certain that Frane would refuel the ship so they could fly it to the landing platform later. After landing, Jinn and Kenobi took their survival packs and prepared to walk to Frane's palace. However, as soon as they stepped out of the starship, Jinn felt the ground beneath his feet trembling. They soon saw that this was caused by a herd of animals, the kudana, going on a stampede. Looking at the sky, the two Jedi noticed several seeker droids, which were pursuing the kudana.[57]

They realized had landed right in the middle of a hunt, which was a popular sport on Rutan, with a competition being held every year for the title of the planet's best hunter. King Frane always ended up first at the competition. Knowing that they were now being targeted by the droids as well, Jinn and his Padawan decided to flee along with the kudana, using the Force to connect to their minds. The two Jedi then leaped onto the kudana and swung their lightsabers, destroying the seeker droids. Jinn and Kenobi then dismounted the creatures, and the animals calmed down and walked away, leaving the Jedi standing alone. Soon, the two Jedi were confronted by a group of Rutanians riding the hud creatures and led by King Frane himself. Frane was furious at the Jedi for scaring away the kudana herd and even threatened to sent them away and declare war on Senali. However, Jinn reminded him that seeker droids had been outlawed on Rutan so as to provide equal chances in the hunt for the entire population.[57]

Impressed by the fact that Jinn so bluntly exposed his cheating, the King calmed down and invited the Jedi to his palace to discuss the situation with his son. Inside the palace, Jinn and Kenobi met Frane's younger son, Taroon. Not believing the sincerity of the holocomm he had received from Leed, Frane accused the Senali King, Meenon, of coercing his son to stay either by threatening or brainwashing him. In response, Frane had imprisoned Meenon's daughter, Yaana, on Rutan. As the next step, he saw no further choice but to declare war on the neighboring planet, but Jinn convinced him to let the Jedi meet with Leed and learn everything from him firsthand. During their conversation, Jinn could not help but notice that Frane spoke so highly of Leed, but seemed to pay no attention to Taroon.[57]

Jinn promised to try his best to convince Leed to go back, but he warned Frane that he would not try to force him to stay on Rutan against his will. Frane wanted to send Taroon with the Jedi to Senali in order to deliver a threat of war and to take Leed's place once the elder son returned home. Jinn wanted to take Taroon with them anyway, thinking that the brotherly affection would help them find common ground in the situation. He used the situation to his advantage, however, seemingly protesting against taking Taroon with them and agreeing only on the condition that Frane would release Yaana. Once the agreement was secured, Jinn, Kenobi, and Taroon departed for Senali.[57]

The prodigal son

"I am Qui-Gon Jinn and this is Obi-Wan Kenobi. We are here to ensure that you are not being forced to remain or manipulated."
―Jinn introduces himself to Leed[src]

Once they landed on the planet, the trio were greeted by Meenon himself, who informed them that they would be unable to meet Leed, as the boy had gone into hiding, not wanting to be taken to Rutan against his will. Jinn then decided to search for the boy, asking Meenon to allow them to see the family that had brought Leed up. Meenon directed the Jedi and Taroon to his sister's clan, the Banoosh-Walores, who lived in the main city of Senali, built on floating docks and platforms on the Clear Lake nearby. Once they reached the Banoosh-Walores' dwelling, Jinn and his two young companions were introduced to Meenon's sister, Ganeed, and her large family living there. Ganeed explained that they had no idea where Leed was, as he had left them a note saying that it would be better if the clan did not know his whereabouts. When Jinn tried to learn something about Leed's favorite occupations so as to find some clues where he might have gone, he was presented with a variety of conflicting information.[57]

Ganeed's sons, Hinen, Jaret and Tinta, claimed that Leed loved swimming and sailing. Jaret's wife, Mesan, reminded everyone that Leed liked to go to the forest, although the rest of the family could not remember if he went there only in spring or summer. At the same time, Ganeed's husband, Garth, suggested that Leed could have gone back to Rutan by himself. Finally, when the Jedi asked Ganeed's daughter, Drenna, who was the closet age to Leed, everyone else started hurrying to set the table and start eating. Jinn found that behavior odd, and believed that the entire family and Drenna in particular knew more than they were telling them and were simply trying to confuse the Jedi. Jinn, his Padawan, and Taroon left the clan and waited nearby. Soon, Drenna came out, and Jinn decided to follow her, thinking that she might lead them to Leed. They followed the girl all the way out of the floating city and into the mainland, but Drenna realized that she was being followed and tried to lose Jinn and his companions. However, Jinn used the Force to keep up with the girl.[57]

Jinn and Kenobi were trying to locate Rutanian Prince Leed on Senali

They soon found themselves in a cove with a curving beach, in an area surrounded by sheer cliffs. Soon enough, they lost sight of Drenna as she disappeared behind the curve. At that point, Jinn noticed that the surrounding waters were churning—a tide was coming, and Senali was notorious for its deadly tides. Waves thundered against the cliff wall, threatening to smash them against the rocks; they had been led into a trap by Drenna. If Jinn, Kenobi, and Taroon tried to run back they would be trapped. Therefore, Jinn decided to run to the far end of the cove and swim the rest of the way when the water would catch up to them. However, Taroon could not swim, since, as most of the Rutanians, he disrespected the Senali, considering them primitive savages. Since Senali was mostly covered in water, and the Senali were so closely tied to it, the prejudice stretched to swimming as well.[57]

As such, Jinn had to change his plans. Scanning the cliff near them with electrobinoculars, he noticed a tiny fissure in the rock above, just enough for his and Kenobi's cable launchers to find purchase. They propelled themselves up with the launchers, hoping that the water would not reach them. However, the tide moved up to them quickly, and they could not climb higher. The three were unexpectedly saved when another cable was shot down from above and someone asked them to grab it. Having been brought to the top of the cliff via the cable, Jinn, Kenobi and Taroon were surprised to find that their savior was none other than Leed. Leed apologized for Drenna, saying that she did not mean to kill the Jedi and Taroon and was only trying to protect him.[57]

Jinn sensed Drenna nearby and was not surprised when she emerged from the shadows of overgrown tress nearby. She said that now that the Jedi had witnessed that Leed was not being kept on Senali against his will, they could leave. However, Jinn asked Leed to come to Rutan and tell his father that he would not go back personally. Leed refused, afraid that Frane would force him to stay on Rutan. Jinn replied that they would not leave Senali without Leed either, so the Prince had no choice but to take them to his shelter, located across the sea, not far away from the Nali-Erun clan. When Jinn tried to talk to Leed, the boy explained that he had found himself on Senali, feeling that Rutan was no longer his home. His father refused to understand that, so he stopped all communication with him. Taroon was angered by such words coming from his brother. In his opinion there was nothing on Senali worth staying for.[57]

Taroon thought that Leed had abandoned his home planet in favor of strangers. The brothers had a tense argument regarding their views, with Taroon deciding that he would not stay in Leed's place even if the latter did decide to come back. When Jinn asked his Padawan later that night what he thought personally of Leed's decision, Kenobi evaded the question, but Jinn chose not to push the matter. In the morning, Leed told his guests that he was out of food, and Drenna explained to them that according to Senali customs, they would have to procure food for themselves and go fishing together with Leed. Taroon was hesitant, due to him not being able to swim, but Drenna promised to teach him. Taroon made fast progress in his learning, and after successfully catching some fish, the five had a meal.[57]

After finishing it, they discovered that they had more than enough fish left, so Leed and Drenna decided to share it with the Nali-Erun clan, who had been struggling to find food for some time due to having a rivalry with the Homd-Resa clan that controlled the surrounding seas. At the end of the day, Taroon's hatred toward the Senali seemingly started to fade away. He apologized before his brother for his words and promised that he would not oppose Leed's decision to stay. Leed, in turn, agreed to come back to Rutan to speak to his father in person. Taroon then agreed to take Leed's place on Senali until the latter returned. Although the mission seemed to have been resolved, Jinn was still wary as the group went to sleep. Jinn's suspicions proved right when the Jedi were waken up in the middle of the night by the sounds of the rippling water. The Jedi witnessed a group of Senalis paddling a boat away, carrying a bound and gagged Leed.[57]


"I think calm is called for, as hard as it is to find it. Neither Senali nor Rutan wants a war."
―Qui-Gon Jinn, trying to diffuse the heated tensions between Rutan and Senali[src]

Following the kidnapping, Taroon and Drenna accused each other for having orchestrated it. Taroon, once again filled with anger at the Senali, claimed that the kidnapping was a ruse, while the Senali were hiding Leed. Drenna responded by saying that the Prince could have been kidnapped by King Frane's men and brought back to Rutan. Jinn also tried to find out why the Senali would kidnap Leed, and Drenna revealed that some groups on the planet were against the idea of Leed staying permanently among them. Taroon insisted on contacting his father immediately and informing him of what had happened. Jinn, though hesitantly, agreed to do so. Angered, Frane ordered Taroon to return home immediately and issued an ultimatum. If the Jedi did not find Leed within the next twelve hours, he would declare war and invade Senali in order to search for the Prince personally. In the wake of this news, Jinn and Kenobi opted to inform Meenon of Frane's threats and went to his residence.[57]

Qui-Gon Jinn with his lightsaber at the ready

However, the Senali King was already aware of the situation, and was intent on fighting for his world if needed, especially considering that Yaana was still on Rutan. Jinn convinced the King to give them some time to try to find Leed, free Yaana, and avert the conflict. Meenon agreed and informed Jedi of a group that could have been behind the invasion, the Ghost Ones, a recently emerged nomadic clan that had no single camp. When Jinn asked for a tracker to help them find the Ghost Ones, Meenon responded that Drenna was the best tracker they could hope for. Upon returning to their camp, Jinn and Kenobi found that Drenna was gone, and Taroon informed them that she had slipped away shortly after the Jedi had left to meet with Meenon. The three soon spotted her swimming in the distance, trying to follow the trail of Leed's captors. Asking Taroon to go back to Rutan in accordance with his father's demands, Jinn and Kenobi then donned their breathing apparatus and followed Drenna, eventually catching up to her.[57]

Drenna explained that she was using the rocshore fish in tracking down the boat that carried Leed away; the rocshore were easily scared and buried themselves in the sand for some time after a boat passed overhead. Drenna, knowing where to look, was following the mounds. Drenna led the Jedi to a small island, believing that the kidnappers were there. On the island, the three indeed found Leed, tied to a tree branch, while his kidnappers were sleeping, nested in the tree branches. The Jedi and Drenna tried to move silently and free Leed, but the kidnappers woke up and sounded an alarm. Armed with dart shooters, they attacked the trio, but the Jedi managed to free Leed and capture the attackers underneath a boat. Leed informed the Jedi that he did not know who the kidnappers were, as they did not speak to him. Jinn, however, noticed that among their equipment were breathing tubes, something the Senali did not need to use, as well as seeker droids with Rutanian royal crest embedded on them. Also, the group's skin was smeared the clay, possibly hiding the fact that they did not have tiny scales that were exclusive to the aquatic Senali.[57]

Thus, Jinn came to a conclusion that the kidnappers were Rutanian, although he did not share his discovery with his Padawan yet. Realizing that they needed to act quickly, before the infuriated Taroon expressed his theory that Leed's kidnapping was a ruse to Frane, the four rushed to the main city and boarded the Jedi transport. Jinn informed both Meenon and Frane that Leed was safe, but the latter still demanded to see his son in person. Jinn, Kenobi, Leed, and Drenna arrived on Rutan. Although Leed informed Frane that he had decided to stay on Senali on his own free will, the King still did not believe him. He insisted on Leed staying on Rutan and eventually fulfilling his destiny as the new king. Although Leed proposed that Taroon become the new King, Frane did not agree, refusing to uphold his bargain with Jinn and release Yaana. He threatened to keep Meenon's daughter imprisoned unless Leed started his royal training. Jinn realized that the only way to settle the situation was to release Yaana and thus remove her as Frane's bargaining chip.[57]

Fortunately for the Jedi, Leed knew where the girl was being held. Although Kenobi was hesitant to intervene, Jinn believed that rescuing the hostage was right, especially since the Prince was on their side. Leed explained to the Jedi that last year, when he was on vacation on his home planet and told Frane about his intention to stay on Senali, his father imprisoned him for a day as punishment. That day, a bird flew into the facility, tipping its sensors to falsely inform the guards of a massive breakout. The sensor system had to be shut down until the bird was caught. As Leed was being released, he noticed that when the guards changed shifts, they removed their weapons belts in the weapons supply room, where the new guards put on their weapons belts. When the sensor system was shut down, however, the weapons supply room went on automatic lock down, a precaution against a real breakout. If the Jedi could replicate the bird intrusion and force a sensor system shutdown during the guard shift changeover, they would have to deal with only a limited number of guards with no access to additional weaponry.[57]

Instead of the bird, however, Leed planned to use Drenna's talent with a dart shooter that fired small, almost untraceable darts. Once inside the prison, Drenna would use it to shoot darts at the sensors, triggering the alarm. In order to get inside the prison, Jinn formulated a plan to get the group arrested. Leed split off from them, going straight toward the prison under the pretense of doing an inspection. Meanwhile, Jinn, Kenobi, and Drenna went to a park in the middle of Testa and started cooking food and placing a survival tent, in defiance of the planet's laws against cooking outdoors. Two guards soon came up to them, but they did not want to prolong their work day by arresting the three. Therefore, Jinn had to use the Force to suggest the guards to take them to the prison.[57]

Using another mind trick, Jinn prevented the guards from confiscating either the Jedi's lightsaber or Drenna's dart shooter. Once inside the prison on the charges of loitering, the three were taken to a cell. On their way there, Drenna, pretending to cough, fired her dart shooter at the motion sensors to trigger the alarm. After the three were locked inside their cell, Leed, who performed his fake inspection, ordered the guards to shut down the sensor system so as not to infuriate Frane. Just as planned, the shutdown came at the moment when the guards changed their shifts. Using their lightsabers, Jinn and Kenobi cut their way out of their cell. Along with Drenna, they reached Yaana's cell, guarded by a lone guard, who was promptly disabled by a shot from the dart shooter. Having released Yaana, Jinn and his companions escaped the prison, using a mind trick to convince the guard at the exit checkpoint to let them go.[57]

Making peace

"Well, there won't be a war. I'm sorry for Leed. But at least the planets remain peaceful."
"You are wrong, Obi-Wan. The mission is not over. And I fear the two worlds are closer to war than ever."
―Kenobi and Jinn, following Leed's decision to remain on his home planet[src]

Reuniting with Leed, Jinn and his companions hurried through the streets of Testa to the Jedi transport, but once there, they came under fire from a group of attackers. Jinn, Kenobi, and Drenna quickly destroyed several guard droids that fired at them, but their starship was destroyed in the firefight, and they were ultimately cornered by Frane and his royal guards along with several nek battle dogs. Jinn did not want to let Frane to have Yaana imprisoned again, but the King was intent on doing whatever he wanted. Seeing that he had no choice, Leed finally submitted to his father's wishes and agreed to stay on Rutan. Still, Frane wanted to keep Yaana as leverage against Meenon. Drenna then offered to stay in place of Yaana, since Meenon's condition to avoid war was the return of his daughter. The Rutanian King agreed to let Drenna take Yaana's place, after hearing that she was Meenon's niece, and assured that even though she would be kept under close control, she would not be imprisoned.[57]

Finally, Taroon was to take Leed's place on Senali. With that, Frane—having noted Drenna's hunting skills—assigned the girl to his hunting lodge, while he departed along with Leed on a hunt. Jinn once again asked about Kenobi's thoughts on the situation, and the Padawan confessed that he sympathized with Leed's cause, but he changed his mind after hearing Frane's arguments. Kenobi did not want to reveal his thoughts, afraid that they would remind Jinn of Kenobi's decision to stay on Melida/Daan and leave the Jedi, and that the Jedi Master would start questioning Kenobi's loyalty to him. Although Kenobi believed that their mission was over, although not the way he wanted it to end, Jinn was convinced that their work was not done, telling Kenobi about his discovery regarding the true nature of Leed's kidnappers. Having recently heard from Frane that Taroon was the keeper of the King's supply of seeker droids, and remembering the seeker droids among the kidnappers' supplies, Jinn concluded that Taroon was behind his brother's kidnapping on Senali. After Yaana was sent back home, the Jedi Master decided to talk to Taroon, believing that the latter must have found a reason to stall his departure to Senali.[57]

Taroon planned an attack on his father's nek battle dogs' kennels.

Jinn and Kenobi indeed found Taroon in the Royal School of Leadership's tech room, claiming to have been packing some equipment needed for his trip to Senali. After being questioned by the Jedi, however, Taroon admitted to having been behind the kidnapping in order to punish his brother for what Taroon believed to be a betrayal. Hiring some of his Rutanian friends, he arranged for their passage to Senali, where they sewn disorder and established their identity as the "Ghost Ones." Once Leed was kidnapped, Taroon arranged for an attack on Rutan and planted evidence that would point to Leed both being the leader of the Ghost Ones and the instigator of the attack. That would lead to Leed both being banished from Rutan and being unwelcome on Senali any longer. In turn, Taroon would become the next King. Taroon revealed that the attack would be carried out by reprogrammed seeker droids during Frane's hunt. Instead of tracking the kudana, the droids were to home in on the nek battle dog kennels and blow up, killing the dogs.[57]

Taroon believed that the attack would be purely symbolic, as no person would be hurt, and Frane would not declare war on the Senali. However, Jinn—having saw the attraction Taroon had developed to Drenna on Senali—informed him of the girl's assignment to the hunting lodge, which was located near the nek kennels. Terrified at the prospect of Drenna being hurt by the explosions, Taroon realized the errors of his ways and departed along with the Jedi to undo what he had set in motion and save Drenna. Using Taroon's transport, the three reached the lodge, only to see Drenna approaching the nek kennels as the seeker droid approached. Warning the girl of the danger, Jinn and Kenobi leaped into action, destroying the droids one by one with their lightsabers, since the droids were programmed not to emit the full explosion unless they hit the ground. Drenna, quick to react, assisted in the destruction of the droids by using her crossbow. After the droids were dealt with, Taroon confessed of his scheme to discredit Leed to Frane, telling his father that he wanted to rule the planet.[57]

Frane, impressed by Taroon's cunning and ingenuity, agreed to let him become one and allowed Leed to return to Senali. Jinn and Kenobi, using a starship gifted to them by Frane in replacement for the one his men had destroyed, brought Leed to Senali. There, Kenobi told Jinn that after spending the entire mission in a state of confusion regarding his thoughts on Leed's decision, he had finally made up his mind. Kenobi was now certain that Leed's place was on Senali, although he was still pained by the memory of his decision to leave the Jedi Order. Jinn comforted his Padawan, telling him that he should put the Melida/Daan affair behind. Jinn explained that that mission was just part of the learning process that taught Jinn as much as it taught Kenobi, and led the Jedi Master to expand his own ideas.[57]

The Stark crisis

"You! You laid hands upon my person! What do you mean in doing this?"
"Saving your life. Something evidently pleasing to neither of us, but necessary. Do exactly as I tell you and you may live a little longer."
―Nute Gunray and Jinn, on whose shoulders fell the unfortunate task of protecting the former during the Stark Hyperspace War[src]

Iaco Stark, the pirate who provoked the conflict

That year, an opening became available on the Jedi Council. Some, such as Jinn's friend Kel Dor Jedi Master Plo Koon, thought Jinn worthy of the seat, but Tyvokka, a respected Wookiee Council member, strongly opposed Jinn's candidature because of his rebellious nature. Instead, Tyvokka recommended Koon himself, his former apprentice, for the Council. However, Koon did manage to convince his former Master to take Jinn and Kenobi with them on a mission to the planet Troiken in the Qotile system. There, a meeting was to take place between Stark Commercial Combine, a pirate organization led by Iaco Stark, and the Trade Federation.[58]

Stark had been attacking supply convoys and selling the stolen goods at a price lower than the Trade Federation demanded. When a processing plant for the alazhi bacterium on the planet Thyferra exploded, a galaxy-wide shortage of bacta occurred, since alazhi was crucial in the production of bacta and was principally found only on Thyferra. In the light of that development, Stark began attacking Federation supply ships carrying bacta. In response, the Federation requested the Republic to allow them to increase its battle droid army. Ranulph Tarkin, senator from the planet Eriadu, proposed to create a central Republic military force, but Senator Finis Valorum opposed that idea, believing the very idea of a central army to go against Republic's principles.[58]

The summit at Troiken was supposed to take place between Stark, Nute Gunray, the Neimoidian representative of the Trade Federation, and Senator Valorum, and was aimed at resolving those differences and finding a peaceful solution to the crisis. Jinn, Kenobi, Tyvokka, Koon and Adi Gallia, who was a friend of Valorum's and served as his advisor, were all present on Troiken as mediators. Stark made the other sides wait for his arrival, until finally entering the negotiations room with a large entourage, who took Jinn and the others at blaster point. Kenobi reached for his lightsaber, but Jinn told him to wait for a signal from Tyvokka. Stark explained that his spies had told him that the meeting was in fact a trap meant to destroy the Combine. A Republic fleet under the command of Tarkin, carrying a number of soldiers, was on its way to Troiken.[58]

Valorum tried to explain to Stark that Tarkin was acting without Republic authorization, but Stark replied that the signal to attack had come from the room they were in. Unbeknownst to the others, it was Gunray who had sent the signal, since he was in league with Tarkin, as the latter had promised him to deal with Stark. However, Stark revealed that he had attached a navcomputer virus to the signal, and Tarkin's fleet found themselves scattered. Some ships emerged from hyperspace in the middle of a planet or a star, others fell into a black hole or returned to normal space far from the intended location.[58] Only a third of the ships, including Tarkin's flagship, the Consular-class cruiser Invincible,[59] reached Troiken, but they were ambushed there by Stark's fleet. With that revelation, Stark demanded all other parties to surrender. Tyvokka realized that Stark had planned his gambit long before he learned of Tarkin's trap. The Wookiee Jedi Master then literally turned the tables on Stark and his men, and a fight ensued. Tyvokka told Kenobi to protect Gunray and ordered Gallia to watch over Valorum, while he and Koon fought Stark's men.[58]

Jinn and Kenobi protecting Nute Gunray

Jinn joined his Padawan in defending the Trade Federation representative, telling his Padawan not to use excessive force on the pirates. Jinn then asked Gunray to activate his escort of HKB-3 hunter-killer droids—which had been standing idly—to assist the Jedi in the fight. However, panicking, Gunray ordered the droids to kill everyone present. The droids opened fire, wounding Tyvokka, while Stark and a few of his remaining gang members escaped. Jinn then quickly reacted and destroyed the droids. In need of medical attention, Tyvokka planned to board the ships the delegations had used to reach Troiken and join with Tarkin's navy in space. Despite Gunray's cowardice, Jinn was still determined to protect him, although he explained to the representative, in no uncertain terms, that if he slowed them down, he would be abandoned to Stark.[59]

The Jedi, Valorum, and Gunray reached the Republic ship, where Valorum was able to contact Tarkin and send him landing coordinates, ordering him to land his forces on Troiken, more specifically, on the Lycinder Plain at the foot of the Hormick Range. There, in the abandoned spice mines within Mount Avos, Tarkin's forces would have a defensible position against the Stark Combine's soldiers. Tarkin was reluctant to take orders from Valorum, but when his ship received heavy damage, he gave an evacuation order and ordered all his troops to escape pods so that they could land at the given coordinates. Meanwhile, aboard the Republic cruiser, Gunray requested to be transferred to his own ship, but his point became moot when the Trade Federation vessel was destroyed by Stark's forces.[59]

Jinn then joined the Republic cruiser's pilot in the cockpit, telling her to take off. However, the consular ship, which had no defensive capabilities, was pursued by a lone Combine starfighter. While the pilot tried to outrun the fighter, Jinn went to the other Jedi to find a way to stop the attacker. He and Gallia soon felt in the Force as Tyvokka had succumbed to his wounds and died. Koon, who had been at his former Master's side in the final moments, then joined Jinn and Gallia. The three Jedi joined minds in meditation, and, using Koon's telepathic ability, confused the enemy pilot, making him eject from his craft when he witnessed a squadron of non-existent enemy fighters. The group then set off to join with Tarkin's surviving forces on Troiken.[59]

The carnage at Troiken

"We were out of bacta, low on food, and running out of ammunition. Enemy troops, though, we had big time!"
Jace Dallin, describing the Republic's situation on Troiken[src]

Jinn fighting side-by-side with other Jedi and Republic forces on Troiken

Jinn's group crash-landed their damaged ship in the midst of Tarkin's forces and quickly abandoned it right before it exploded, serving as Tyvokka's funeral pyre. Jinn once again protected Gunray by shoving him into the mud and shielding him from the blast; however, Gunray did not feel very grateful. Tarkin and Valorum engaged in an argument, accusing each other of being responsible for such a turn of events, but the Republic forces were then bombarded from orbit by Stark's fleet. Koon quickly rallied all forces and led them into the caves. There, they had enough of water, but their medical and food supplies were limited. Both Tarkin and Gunray wanted to sue for peace with Stark, but Valorum disagreed with them. Meanwhile, Koon, having entered Stark's mind with the Force, discovered that the pirate captain barely held his own forces together.[60]

Stark managed to rally his Combine for a full-scale assault on the Republic forces, but Koon read that from his mind as well, and the Republic troops were prepared. The following battle raged for a long time, with Stark's forces constantly retreating, only to regroup and attack again, while the holed-up Republic defenders rained fire on them from the caves. Koon was always aware of the next direction of attack; when Stark's men attempted a final push and nearly overwhelmed the caves, Koon brought Jinn and the other Jedi to assist, helping Tarkin's men to push back the attack. When Stark's forces retreated, Jinn and the other Jedi tended to the wounded Republic soldiers. Koon once again read Stark's mind, discovering that the latter was now planning to wait until the Republic forces ran out of supplies. The Kel Dor Jedi remembered Tyvokka's final order to get Valorum back to Coruscant, and he came up with a plan to steal one of Stark's ships. When Tarkin's aide Jace Dallin begged Koon to stay to support the morale of the troops, Jinn volunteered to go and make sure that Valorum and Gunray—who had demanded to be delivered to safety as well—got off planet.[60]

Dallin launched a diversionary attack, allowing Jinn, Kenobi, Gunray, Valorum—along with the Republic pilot who had piloted the consular ship, and Gallia, who was also a capable pilot—to slip from the caves through a small access shaft on the other side of the mountain. Once outside, Jinn and Gallia hijacked one of Stark's airspeeders, and the group used it to travel to the spaceport. There, the Jedi found Stark's personal starship, fueled and immune to the navicomputer virus. However, it was guarded, so Jinn decided that the group needed a diversion. As soon as he said that, one of the freighters stationed in the spaceport exploded, providing the necessary distraction that allowed Gallia, Valorum, Gunray, and the pilot to board the ship and escape from the planet. Jinn and Kenobi, meanwhile, were joined by two unexpected arrivals—Jedi Master Tholme and his Padawan Quinlan Vos.[60]

The two of them had been sent concurrently with the negotiations to Thyferra by Tyvokka, who had suspected that the shortage of bacta had been faked. Tholme and Vos then escaped from the planet on a bacta freighter, but it was hijacked by Stark's forces and brought to Troiken. Hoping to deny Stark the bacta, Tholme blew up the freighter. Tholme was sorry to find out that he did not have the chance to meet Valorum, as he had important information for him; just as Tyvokka had suspected, the bacta shortage had been faked by the Trade Federation and the local Xucphra Corporation in order to boost the bacta revenue. After the four Jedi reached the caves on the stolen airspeeder, Tholme and Vos found out about Tyvokka's death. Vos, who had trouble accepting the Jedi Code's fourth precept—which stated that there was no death, only the Force—retreated deep into the caves to grieve, and Jinn sent Kenobi after him to ensure that Tholme's Padawan would find his way back.[60]

At that moment, Dallin escorted a native Xexto called Billibango to the Jedi. Billibango revealed that all the fighting near the mountain had disturbed challat eaters, a dangerous species of carnivorous insects that lived in the caves.[60] Koon then sensed that Kenobi and Vos were in distress. The two Padawans soon run out of one of the tunnels, chased by a swarm of challat eaters. As soon as the Padawans reached safety, Jinn, Koon, and Tholme used the Force to collapse the tunnel. The Jedi and the Republic troops soon found themselves fighting in yet another heavy fight, during which Dallin was gravely injured. When the battle was over, Jinn tended to him, using the last supplies of bacta to heal his wounds. Meanwhile, Koon's telepathic abilities allowed him to discover that Gallia, Valorum, and Gunray had successfully reached Coruscant; however, the Senate had decided against sending any help to Troiken once they had replaced the infected navicomputers. Koon knew that the patch was located in Stark's headquarters, and he dispatched Jinn and Kenobi there, while Tholme and Vos infiltrated the Raptor, the flagship of the Stark Commercial Combine, with the purpose of using it to broadcast the patch to the Jedi ships.[61]

Jinn levitates Kenobi and Vos out of the water.

Jinn and Kenobi, however, experienced a setback, as the patch was held by a protocol droid, which had been programmed to release it only upon the receipt of a codeword, and the scientist whom Jinn found in the room with the droid did not know the codeword. Koon then gathered Jinn and the other Jedi, using their help to amplify his telepathic powers, allowing him to contact his niece, Sha Koon, in the Jedi Temple. Through Sha Koon, he coordinated his plans with the Jedi Council, proposing them to assemble a Jedi strike team which would assist the trapped forces on Troiken. However, even if the strike team obtained starships, they would be useless unless a patch was used to deactivate the virus. Stark and two of his accomplices soon entered the room, but Stark suddenly turned against his men and killed them; he had realized that the control of his organization had been slowly slipping out of his hands, so when Koon telepathically contacted him and offered amnesty if he helped the Republic, Stark accepted the offer.[61]

The pirate tried to negotiate even better terms for himself, but Jinn and Kenobi silently denied him by activating their lightsabers. Stark then said the codeword to the droid, and it released the patch to the Reaper, which transmitted it to the Jedi. The strike team—using starships provided by Gunray after the Jedi threatened to reveal the Federation's part in the bacta shortage—arrived at Troiken and engaged Stark's fleet. Jinn, Kenobi, and Stark secured Stark's compound, while Koon lured the remaining Combine forces into the caves and trapped them there along with challat eaters, although Tarkin was also killed in an explosion when he tried to finish off Stark's forces. That way, the conflict that came to be known as the Stark Hyperspace War came to an end. Stark became a member of the influential Commerce Guild; Gunray was recognized for his decision to provide starships to the Jedi and made viceroy of the Trade Federation[61]

Valorum's bravery in the face of danger during the conflict would play a substantial part in him becoming the Supreme Chancellor of the Republic[61] four years later,[62] and Koon was granted Tyvokka's lifetime seat on the Council.[61] Shortly after the war, a holoimage was taken, showing Jinn, Koon and Gallia standing beside a YT-1300 light freighter resembling the one previously owned by the smuggler Kal Brigger, who perished on Troiken during the Stark conflict. The starship possibly ended up in Koon's possession for a time.[63] Around this time, Master Tholme went away on an important business, leaving Vos under Jinn's care. Jinn and the two Padawans went on a training mission to Ragoon VI, where Jinn left the two boys alone for some time. Kenobi and Vos started showing off their skills to each other, which resulted in Vos receiving a head injury, losing consciousness, and falling into the water. Kenobi dived in to rescue the fellow Padawan, but the current instead sank them both, and Jinn's Padawan started panicking. Jinn then telepathically contacted Kenobi, calming him down, and the Jedi Master then used the Force to pull both Padawans out of the water. Vos healed, but he refused to speak of that accident for many years afterward.[64]

Test subject

Helping a friend

"Master, it is not for me to question your decision. But it seems to me that you are involving us in something that is bound to be dangerous and is none of the Jedi's concern. Here is a man who seeks out criminals and the dregs of the galaxy in order to get information, which he then sells to the highest bidder. If you live in that sort of world, you deserve whatever bad luck comes your way."
"I don't understand why you're helping him."
"It's because he is my friend."
―Kenobi questioning Jinn's decision to help Didi Oddo[src]

In the year 43 BBY, after having travelled across the galaxy for some time throughout the course of their continuing training, Jinn and Kenobi returned to Coruscant, brought there by a space hauler pilot. Instead of returning to the Jedi Temple immediately, however, Jinn decided to pay his old friend Didi Oddo a visit. The two soon reached Didi's Café, where Jinn introduced Kenobi to Didi. During that time, Oddo was a notorious information broker. Jinn noticed that Oddo's establishment looked much cleaner, a result of Didi's daughter's, Astri Oddo's, work. Didi was pleased to see the Jedi Master, but he also informed Jinn that he needed help. Didi informed the Jedi that two days ago, a female bounty hunter riding a swoop bike had tried to kidnap him in the middle of the street. However, her attack with a whip had knocked a visor off a passing Cavrilhu Pirate, who had given chase to her with a vibroblade, forcing the bounty hunter to release Oddo and abandon the attempt. Oddo did not know why the woman had been hunting him, and nobody that he asked knew anything about her identity. However, Oddo knew that she was staying at the nearby Soft Landings Inn, and he asked Jinn to talk to the bounty hunter to convince her that she had been hunting the wrong target.[19]

Jinn and Kenobi tried to save Didi Oddo from the bounty hunter on Coruscant.

Jinn agreed to help his old friend. Soon, he and Kenobi arrived at the inn and went to the bounty hunter's apartment, finding her there, sitting silently. Jinn asked the woman to review her contract to see that Oddo was not a criminal, but she did not respond. The bounty hunter then pulled her whip and attacked the two Jedi. She proved to be a formidable opponent, with her whip also doubling as a laser, inflicting a minor wound to Jinn. After a heated fight, the woman escaped though a small crack in the barely opened window. This revealed to the Jedi that the woman was a Sorrusian, a species with a flexible skeletal system. Returning to Didi's Café, where the man took care of Jinn's wound, Jinn decided to find out who had hired the bounty hunter and contacted Tahl so she could use the Temple resources to do so. Tahl did not know the bounty hunter's identity, but she had heard reports of her activity and warned Jinn that the woman was very dangerous.[19]

Jinn suspected that the bounty hunter could have been hired in relation to one of the pieces of information that Oddo had recently obtained. Oddo revealed that he had only heard two pieces of news: one was about Senator Uta S'orn from the planet Belasco resigning, and the other was related to the Tech Raiders—a band of black-market traders—moving their headquarters to Vandor-3. Astri then entered the café, informing her father that a famous scientist, Jenna Zan Arbor, had booked their café for a party. Although Yoda requested their presence at the Temple, Jinn decided to investigate the two leads that Didi had provided them with, instructing the man himself to stay safe at the café. Jinn and Kenobi went to search for the man who had sold the information to Oddo, a man named Fligh, finding him in one of the local cafés inside the Senate building. Fligh told the two that he had merely overheard the information about the Tech Raiders, while the information about the Senator's resignation came from a confidential memo which he had taken hold of.[19]

With Fligh not telling them anything else, although he did promise to cooperate in the investigation, Jinn decided to go to Senator S'orn. The Senator informed the Jedi that the memo about her resignation was on her datapad, which had been stolen at the Senate commissary, which indicated that Fligh had been lying. Jinn did not ask her about Oddo, believing that if she had been the one who had hired the bounty hunter, she would not tell them the truth regardless. However, the Senator seemed genuinely distraught at the fact that the news of her resignation was out there, since the reveal of that news could hinder her support in an upcoming Senate matter. Leaving the Senator, Jinn and Kenobi went to investigate the Tech Raiders rumors, going to the Splendor Tavern, a place where black-market deals were regularly conducted. There, they met with a Neimoidian named Helb, a member of the gang, asking him if the Tech Raiders had hired the bounty hunter to go after Oddo. Helb told Jinn and Kenobi that the only person the Tech Raiders would put a bounty on would be Fligh, who owed them money, but not Oddo.[19]

During their conversation, Jinn also learned that Helb had recently lost at sabacc to Oddo, but he had just won a major prize from another player. At that point, Kenobi noticed the bounty hunter, disguised an old man, at the Tavern. The bounty hunter also noticed the Jedi and tried to escape, shedding her guise. Jinn and Kenobi chased the woman, but they were unable to catch her. The two returned to Oddo's café, just as Zan Arbor arrived for her party. Finding Oddo in his private office, stricken with grief, the two learned that Fligh had been murdered, Oddo blaming himself for the man's death. Instructing Oddo to lock every door and window once the party had started, the two went to investigate the site of Fligh's murder, the Lane of All Worlds. Fligh's body was still lying there, being investigated by the Coruscant Security Force led by the Bothan Yur T'aug. Jinn expected the body,[19] which indeed looked like Fligh, although Jinn had his suspicions that it was not him.[65]

Fligh had apparently been strangled. Moreover, T'aug revealed that his body had been drained of all blood and that he had not been killed there, but had been placed there after his death. This was not an isolated case, either, as several such drained victims had been found earlier, mostly wanderers and lost beings. Jinn instructed the Coruscant Security Force to be on the lookout for the female bounty hunter in regards to the murders, while the Jedi went back to the inn to have another talk with the woman. However, the bounty hunter had already left the inn, and the Jedi decided to go back to Oddo's café, afraid for his life. Once there, they indeed found the bounty hunter, who had knocked out Astri and had captured Didi with her whip. Jinn and Kenobi fought the woman, but she escaped yet again, although without her prey. The Jedi learned that the bounty hunter had attacked as soon as the party had been canceled early and all the guests had left. As Astri came to her senses, she was furious at her father for putting them in danger yet again with his underworld activities, and the Oddos agreed to temporarily leave Coruscant after Didi revealed that he had recently acquired a property in the Cascardi Mountains on the planet Duneeden.[19]


"Don't lose heart, Qui-Gon. I'll find you. Hold on."
―Kenobi, making a promise to himself to find Jinn[src]

Returning to the Jedi Temple, Jinn conferred with Tahl and Yoda, telling them about the attacks on Didi and the murder of Fligh. After Jinn told them that Fligh had been involved in the theft of Senator S'orn's datapad, Yoda and Tahl informed Jinn that Senator S'orn had had a son named Ren S'orn, who had been a Force-sensitive. The Jedi were ready to accept him for training, but his mother refused to give up Ren. Instead, S'orn had become a wandered, roaming the galaxy and losing contact with his mother. When the Senator asked the Jedi for help in finding her son, the Jedi found his body six months ago on the planet Simpla-12, strangled and drained of all blood. Trying to investigate the connection between the deaths of Ren and Fligh, Jinn and Kenobi went to the now-resigned S'orn's office, asking her about her son and why she had not reported the theft of her datapad. S'orn confirmed that Fligh was the thief by remembering seeing him, posing as a Senatorial aide, during the time when her datapad was stolen.[19]

She also revealed that she had been accompanied by her friend Jenna Zan Arbor at the time, whose datapad had also been stolen. Zan Arbor had decided not to report the crime, and so S'orn had done the same. Fligh had also been the one who had given Zan Arbor the card to Oddo's restaurant, praising it to her. With that information, Jinn and Kenobi went to talk to Zan Arbor herself in her apartment. From the conversation with Zan Arbor, they learned that Senator S'orn had been trying to pass a law battling the Tech Raiders, connecting the two rumors and giving a reason for the Tech Raiders to want to obtain her datapad, containing a draft of the proposed law. The two decided to talk to Helb again, but as they were leaving Zan Arbor's hotel and were trying to get into their airspeeder, the bounty hunter, disguised as a parking attendant, attempted to ram their speeder with another vehicle. Jinn avoided the attempt by leaping out of the vehicle in time, but Kenobi was knocked over the safety railing of the parking lot, having to use his grappling spike launcher to scale back up.[19]

Jinn was captured on Duneeden by the bounty hunter Ona Nobis.

Jinn and Kenobi then returned to the Jedi Temple. That night, Jinn tried to connect the pieces of the information that they had together, believing that Fligh had hidden the datapad inside Didi's Café, which had made Didi the target of the bounty hunter. However, two pieces of the puzzle seemed to not fit in the overall picture: Zan Arbor's exact reason to come to Didi's Café, and the brutal murder of Fligh, which did not fit the Tech Raiders' style. The next day, not finding Helb on Coruscant, Jinn and Kenobi left for Vandor 3 to look for him at the new Tech Raider base. Helb assured them that the Tech Raiders had not put any bounties on either Fligh or Didi. However, Jinn learned that the property in the Cascardi Mountains that Didi had acquired had been given to him by Helb as a way to pay off the sabacc debt. Helb, in turn, had won the deed to the property from the old man in the Splendor Tavern—the disguised bounty hunter. Realizing that the bounty hunter had deliberately lost to Helb to lure the Oddos to Duneeden, Jinn and Kenobi immediately went there themselves.[19]

They found Didi and Astri in their residence, unharmed, but Jinn believed that the bounty hunter would strike soon. He asked the Oddos to tell them the truth about any of the two datapads that Fligh had stolen. Astri then confessed that she had also had deals with Fligh behind Didi's back and that he had given her a datapad for safekeeping which she had now brought with herself. The datapad, belonging to Zan Arbor, was encoded. As the Jedi tried to escort the Oddos away to their cruisers, the bounty hunter sprang her trap, blocking all the windows with durasteel sheets. Jinn turned off the lights in the house, instructing Kenobi to stay close to Astri and Didi, realizing that the bounty hunter would target them first. During the fight, the bounty hunter hit Astri with her boot, hearing a crack and realizing that Astri was keeping the datapad in her tunic. In an attempt to escape, Jinn instructed Kenobi and the Oddos to go up a ramp to the upper level of the building, where they could attempt to cut through the durasteel sheets on the windows with their lightsabers.

The Jedi eventually stopped the bounty hunter's advance when Kenobi knocked her down a ramp. After cutting through the windows, Jinn and Kenobi took the Oddos and escorted them away from the residence to their ships, only to find that both of them had been sabotaged by their enemy. The Jedi realized that the bounty hunter must have had her own ship hidden nearby, and they soon saw it further down the mountain, just as the bounty hunter emerged from the building. Astri and Didi left toward the starship, while Jinn and Kenobi tried to cover their retreat, engaging the bounty hunter. After a brief fight, however, the bounty hunter ran past them, activated a device on her belt that formed a makeshift sled around her, and used it to slide down the mountain slope toward her ship, attempting to intercept Astri and Didi on her way. Jinn realized what her plan was, and he and Kenobi chased her.[19]

The bounty hunter used her whip to capture Astri, knowing that she had the datapad, using the weapon to pull the girl toward her. At the same time, she shot Didi with a blaster. Instructing his Padawan to tend to Didi, Jinn continued to pursue the bounty hunter, but before he could reach her, the bounty hunter had dragged Astri to her and retrieved the datapad and was attempting to execute Astri. In an effort to defend Astri, Kenobi used the Force to leap a great distance from the mountain toward the bounty hunter, injuring her in the hand. Realizing that it was time to retreat, the bounty hunter fired a line cable which attached to her starship and pulled her toward it. Jinn, who had finally caught up to the scene, instructed his Padawan to stay with the Oddos, while he gained on the bounty hunter, managing to leap into her ship before she was able to fully raise the boarding ramp. However, the bounty hunter surprised Jinn by firing a blaster shot in his chest, rendering him unconscious, as she lifted off, the Jedi Master now her captive.[19]


"You are a subject of scientific experimentation. You will not be hurt, only studied."
―Jenna Zan Arbor, to a captive Jinn[src]

Jinn was taken to a secret lab belonging to Zan Arbor, who was revealed to be behind the bounty hunter's attacks. Jinn was kept in isolation, in a room filled with strange vapors, tied to a torture device that kept his blood constantly drained. Zan Arbor revealed that her goal was to study the Force, encouraging Jinn to use it to heal himself. Jinn negotiated with the scientist, demanding to be let out of his cell for two hours a day, else he would refuse to use the Force to heal himself and die. Not willing to lose her test subject, Zan Arbor gave in to Jinn's demands but for one hour only, just as Jinn had expected her to do. When his hour of freedom finally came, Zan Arbor released Jinn from the device's restraints and vented the vapors, allowing Jinn to take a look around and examine his surroundings looking for a way to escape. Zan Arbor then instructed her aide, a Quint named Nil, to watch over him.[66]

Jinn noticed that Nil was jealous of Zan Arbor's fascination with the Jedi, and believed that he would be able to exploit that feeling. When Zan Arbor ordered Jinn to use the Force so she could study him, Jinn used a little Force effort to lift himself from the torture device, telling Zan Arbor that it would be all she would get. Angered, Zan Arbor had Nil restrain Jinn again, telling him that the amount of freedom he would get would be directly equal to the amount of the Force he would use. During the next hours of freedom, Jinn spoke with his captor, discovering her motives. Zan Arbor, renowned for finding cures to a number of viruses across the galaxy, revealed that she had been the one who had introduced those viruses in the first place in an attempt to get the reward for the cure. When no reward had been given to her, she had shifted her research to the study of the Force, hoping to harness its power. When she had discovered that her friend Senator S'orn's son was Force-sensitive, she had hired him to be a part of her research program, research that had culminated in the young man's death. When Zan Arbor demanded Jinn use the Force again, however, Jinn sensed that the woman was keeping another Force-sensitive in the facility.[66]

Qui-Gon Jinn captive of Jenna Zan Arbor

The next time he was released, Zan Arbor was not present, and Jinn was only watched by Nil. Nil revealed the name of the bounty hunter who had captured Jinn—Ona Nobis—and he also told Jinn how he admired Zan Arbor for her scientific achievements. Realizing it was time for him to attempt to escape, Jinn used the Force to great extent, triggering a signal from the machinery that monitored him. The signal distracted Nil, allowing Jinn, who had already regained some of his strength, to launch an attack. Jinn subdued Nil, took hold of his blaster pistol and used Nil's fingerprints to open the door of his cell. Using the Force to ravage through the facility, Jinn tried to locate the second Force-sensitive being held at the facility, but he was eventually caught by Zan Arbor and Nil inside a supply room, who fired a paralyzing dart at him and restrained Jinn once again. After the attempted escape, Zan Arbor did not give Jinn any more windows of freedom and kept him under constant watch.[66]

Jinn tried to convince her that she would never be able to understand the Force through science alone, but Zan Arbor did not listen to his arguments and continued her experiments on him. Eventually, Kenobi located his Master, who was being kept on Simpla-12. He and Astri Oddo—disguised as Nobis—infiltrated the facility and subdued Nil, releasing Jinn and informing him that the blaster shot that Nobis had fired at Didi on Duneeden had poisoned him and that they needed to find an antitoxin to save Jinn's friend. Believing that he would be able to locate the chemical inside the supply room he had seen during his attempted escape, Jinn led Kenobi and Astri there. They indeed located an antidote before hearing the real Ona Nobis arriving at the facility via intercom. Nobis decided to sever her ties with Zan Arbor and had come to collect her payment. Deciding to make their escape and come back for the other prisoner later, Jinn and his rescuers ran toward the exit, hiding as they saw Zan Arbor conversing with Nobis and paying the bounty hunter.[66]

After the women had parted ways and Zan Arbor went back deep inside the facility, the two Jedi and Astri attempted to open the main door, but Zan Arbor had noticed the signs of infiltration at the facility and made video contact with the escapees. She claimed that as an additional layer of security, Jinn had been implanted with a device that kept track of his location. The device was connected to a similar one inside the second prisoner. Should Jinn ever leave the laboratory, the second device would trigger, releasing poison into the prisoner's system and killing him. Not knowing whether Zan Arbor was bluffing, Jinn was unwilling to take his chance at escape if it meant harming the other prisoner. Therefore, he instructed Kenobi and Astri to leave him inside the lab and deliver the antidote to Didi. Meanwhile, he would wait for a Jedi rescue team that was due to arrive at Simpla-12, so that they could mount an escape later. Kenobi provided Jinn with his comlink and his own lightsaber and did as instructed. Being so close to freedom, Jinn then walked back inside the facility to wage guerrilla warfare against Zan Arbor from within.[66]

Knowing that Jinn would not put another's life at risk, Zan Arbor sealed herself in the room with the other prisoner. Although he did not dare to break in to the room, afraid that the scientist would kill the captive Force-sensitive, Jinn located a ventilation shaft that ran above the room, using it to spy on Zan Arbor as she tortured the man, although Jinn could not see who the man was. At one point, Zan Arbor was intent on killing the prisoner, and Jinn was ready to intervene, but Zan Arbor was interrupted when a droid shipment arrived at the facility. Soon after Zan Arbor had left the room, Jinn heard the sounds of battle, realizing that the Jedi strike team had arrived to rescue him. Jinn cut an opening in the ventilation shaft and dropped down, racing toward the hallway where the battle was taking place. Once there, Jinn witnessed his Padawan—armed only with a vibroblade—fighting Zan Arbor and her escort of droids.[65]

Kenobi was accompanied by Adi Gallia, Siri Tachi, and three thieves who assisted the Jedi—Cholly, Weez and Tup. The thieves, who had been hired by Zan Arbor to deliver a shipment of assassin droids to her, had snuck the three Jedi inside the crates with droids. Jinn joined the battle, and the four Jedi quickly dealt with the droids, but Zan Arbor escaped during the fight. Gallia and Tachi informed Jinn that the captive was an elderly Jedi Master, Noor R'aya, who had disappeared several weeks ago. Jinn and his fellow Jedi went to R'aya's cell to release him, but the Jedi was not there, having been taken by Zan Arbor. Kenobi suggested that Zan Arbor would try to escape to the launch pad located on one of the base's sub-levels, but Jinn, knowing the scientist's mind, knew that she would try to mislead the Jedi and go in the opposite direction. Therefore, Jinn led Kenobi, Tachi and Gallia to the roof. Jinn's guess was right, but the Jedi were too late, as they witnessed Zan Arbor escaping on a starship along with the captive R'aya.[65]

Tracking Jenna Zan Arbor

"I just want things clear between us. Here is what I see. You are pretending to have made a full recovery, but you have not. You compensate for your weakness by demonstrating your strength in strategy and decision-making. You should have consulted me before ordering Siri and Obi-Wan to Sorrus, Qui-Gon. I am your comrade. Not your enemy. If you have weakness, I should be aware of it."
―Adi Gallia, worrying about Jinn's health after his rescue[src]

After the fight was over, Jedi medic Winna Di Yuni arrived at the facility and extracted the implant from Jinn. Jinn reclaimed his lightsaber, which had been confiscated from him during his kidnapping and which Kenobi had located in the facility, and he was relieved to discover that Didi was safe and was recovering. Tachi and Gallia searched the lab's computer systems, but they found nothing that pointed at Zan Arbor's direction. Jinn wanted to question Nil, but Tachi and Gallia informed him that they had found the body of Nil, who had been killed by Zan Arbor before her escape. Jinn was then contacted by Tahl, who was glad to know that he was safe, and who informed Jinn that Astri had gone after the bounty hunter Ona Nobis in an attempt to collect a reward on her head. Jinn was worried for Astri, but he realized that his first priority was tracking Zan Arbor and R'aya, although they did not have any leads on them.[65]

Kenobi was then contacted by Ivo Muna, a medic at the Med Center from the planet Sorrus, Nobis's homeworld. She informed the Jedi that Astri had suffered an accident that rendered her unconscious and was being treated at the hospital; she had given Kenobi's frequency to Muna before she passed out. Kenobi wanted to go check on Astri, and Jinn let him do so, telling him to take Tachi with him. With the Padawans embarking on their own mission, and Cholly, Weez and Tup also leaving, Jinn and Gallia began their search for any clues to Zan Arbor's destination on Simpla-12. A short time later, Kenobi contacted Jinn, however, informing him that the call was a setup by Nobis, and Astri was not at the clinic. Instead, the bounty hunter had attacked Jinn's Padawan, but Kenobi had managed to escape. Kenobi wanted to continue his search for Astri, but Jinn instructed him and Tachi to return to Coruscant, believing that Astri had made her choice. However, Jinn was contacted by Kenobi yet again. The Padawan had disobeyed his orders, and he and Tachi—after another run-in with Cholly, Weez and Tup—had gone to the Arra Desert on Sorrus, following clues that pointed at Astri and Nobis heading there.[65]

Jinn and his fellow Jedi focused their efforts on stopping Jenna Zan Arbor.

Kenobi had indeed located Astri, and he had also discovered that Nobis was headed to the planet Belasco to rendezvous with Zan Arbor, who had rehired the bounty hunter. Jinn was displeased with Kenobi's disobedience and ordered him and Tachi to meet them at Belasco, the homeworld of the resigned Senator Uta S'orn. Jinn and Gallia arrived at Belasco, meeting with their Padawans, Astri and the three thieves. Belasco was a wealthy world with a rigid class system. The planet at one point was ruled by a royal family, but now it elected a leader, who then elected his own Council. Senators were greatly revered among the population, and S'orn was a favorite of the current leader, Min K'atel. The Jedi were afraid for S'orn's safety, believing that Zan Arbor's arrival at her friend's home planet alongside Nobis meant that the former Senator was in danger. Remembering Zan Arbor's schemes in infecting entire worlds to cure them later, Jinn suspected that she had already infected the population pf Belasco.[65]

The Jedi and their companions went to one of the local clinics and asked one of the patients if some epidemic had broken out on the planet. Indeed, the man told them that Belasco's entire water supply, taken from the Great Sea, was contaminated by a bacteria, with many falling victim to it, including the leader's own daughter, Joli K'atel. Jinn and his companions found Senator S'orn inside one of the med wards, which had been organized at the royal grounds by the leader for the victims of the disease, tending for the sick children. S'orn, who was in fact aware that Zan Arbor had been behind her son's death, told Jinn that even if she were on the planet, Zan Arbor had not contacted her. Jinn informed her of Nobis, but S'orn believed that K'atel's personal guard would be adequate protection. Jinn was not so convinced, and he instructed Astri, Cholly, Weez and Tup to discreetly look after S'orn, watching for any signs of Nobis. In fact, Jinn knew that the three petty criminals would be extremely obvious and Nobis would spot them but would hesitate to strike because of that, giving Jinn, Gallia and their Padawans time to prove that Zan Arbor was behind the contamination of Belasco's water supply.[65]

Kenobi soon noticed that someone was following them, and the four Jedi captured the man, surprised to find that it was Fligh. The man had become the victim of an attempt on his life by Nobis back on Coruscant. He had decided to disappear, using a dead body from the morgue to fake his death, just as Jinn had suspected, even leaving his prosthetic eye and documents at the scene to prove his identity. Since the body had been drained of blood, Jinn realized that Fligh had been aware of Zan Arbor's experiments before they had found out about them. Fligh confessed that that was indeed the case and that the whole reason he had stolen Zan Arbor's datapad was because she had tracked six of his fellow riffraff to Zan Arbor before they had been found dead. Fligh also still had S'orn's datapad, and Jinn convinced him to hand it over before letting the man go. The datapad contained transcripts of several speeches that S'orn had made in the Senate.[65]

Acting on a hunch, Jinn contacted Tahl and asked her to search the official Senate transcripts of those speeches, in order to see if they matched the transcripts on S'orn's datapad. Jinn, Gallia, Kenobi and Tachi then went to the spaceport to find out about any recent arrivals in search of Zan Arbor. The spaceport's officials and mechanics confirmed that since the contamination had begun, a V-wing cruiser had arrived at the planet, carrying a woman calling herself "Cir L'ani" and her "father" who was ill according to her. The two had been met at the spaceport by a medic. The description matched Zan Arbor, the unconscious R'aya and Nobis in another disguise, but there was no definite proof. However, Kenobi saw a spaceports mechanic's son, Ned, holding a toy V-wing cruiser. Upon inspecting the toy, the Jedi found that it had been fashioned from strands from a Jedi robe. R'aya, who had chosen a life of seclusion before being kidnapped, and who had spent a lot of his time making toys, had been faking being unconscious and had left Jinn and the Jedi a clue.[65]

The Force triumphs over science

"After all your experiments with the Force, in the end you failed to understand its power."
"I should have killed you when I could."
"That was your other mistake."
―Jinn and Jenna Zan Arbor[src]

Examining S'orn's datapad and the official Senate records, the Jedi discovered that S'orn had altered several records regarding the regulations on the planet Mindemir. Zan Arbor had planned to conduct experiments on water there, but endangering the whole system had been against Senate regulations. The Senate had voted against allowing Zan Arbor's experiment, but S'orn had altered the official records, making it appear that the notion had been passed. She had then decided to keep the real records on her datapad, in order to blackmail Zan Arbor if an opportunity arose. This revelation tied Zan Arbor and S'orn, and it even suggested that the Senator had been aware of the experiments performed on her son, while she had been working with Zan Arbor. The Jedi confronted S'orn again, who confessed on her crimes, saying that she had done so to secure her son's release from Zan Arbor. However, Zan Arbor had claimed that her son had broken into her lab and had been killed by Nobis.[65]

Jenna Zan Arbor

Jinn and the Jedi were then asked to leave S'orn alone by leader K'atel. The Jedi left, although Gallia sensed that S'orn had been lying and that R'aya was somewhere on the royal grounds. Realizing that K'atel would not allow them to search the grounds without proof of Zan Arbor's crimes, the Jedi decided to break into Belasco's water purification facility to find answers there. Since the facility was under high security, the Jedi used their breathers to infiltrate the facility through the water. Arriving there, Jinn extracted the recent supplies of water, before their intrusion triggered an alarm. Jinn and his companions had to fight a large number of security droids, before cutting their way out of the facility with their lightsabers. Gallia ran the samples through an analyzer and then sent the data to Tahl. Tahl confirmed that the bacteria had indeed been bioengineered, causing a natural bacteria that surfaced on Belasco every seven years and was easily combatable to grow rapidly. Moreover, a local company with ties to Zan Arbor Industries had recently revealed that they had found a cure, which was going to bring them a fortune.[65]

Convinced that Zan Arbor was involved in the scheme, Jinn and the others returned to the royal grounds, meeting with Astri, Cholly, Weez and Tup. Believing that S'orn was hiding Zan Arbor and Nobis, Jinn instructed Kenobi and Tachi to go with Astri, who was posing as a nurse, to the kitchen. There, they were to compare the number of trays with the number of children in the medical ward. If there were extras, then it meant that S'orn was using them to bring food to Zan Arbor and Nobis. The Padawans did as asked, indeed finding that there were two extra plates and seeing S'orn bring the food to Nobis hiding in her quarters. Kenobi and Tachi reported the discovery to Jinn, who went to K'atel—who had been preparing a celebration outside in honor of the discovery of the cure—informing him of their discoveries and asking him to search S'orn's apartment. K'atel did not believe any stories of a captive Jedi at first, but the children at the facility had proved the presence of a sick old man who had been dropping toys to them.[65]

K'atel ordered the security droids to search S'orn's quarters, but the droids, reprogrammed by Zan Arbor, turned on the Jedi, opening fire in the middle of the crowd gathered for the celebration. Forced to protect the citizens from the attack, the Jedi slowly made their way to S'orn's apartment. Jinn arrived there first, finding Zan Arbor there, alongside Master R'aya, who still pretended to be unconscious. As Jinn attempted to capture Zan Arbor, Kenobi and Gallia arrived as well. However, Zan Arbor was holding in her arms a datapad with a complete formula to cure the bacteria on the planet, claiming that the scientists at the facility had an incomplete version. She demanded Jinn let her go, or else she would destroy the data and doom the population of Belasco. Jinn, who was still weakened after Zan Arbor's experiments on him, mentally communicated with R'aya. The elderly Jedi Master filled Jinn with some of his own Force, restoring Jinn's strength. Jinn the pulled the datapad from Zan Arbor's arms, jumped into the air, and cut a tapestry hanging above the scientist, trapping her beneath it.[65]

Meanwhile, Kenobi noticed that Tachi had not joined them and went to look for her. He found that Nobis had confronted Tachi on the rooftop, which ended with Nobis being killed. An investigation revealed that S'orn had been backing the company that had "found" the cure on Belasco, and both women were imprisoned with a lifelong sentence. Master R'aya was released from captivity. Having returned to Coruscant, Jinn, Kenobi, Tachi, Gallia, Astri, Cholly, Weez and Tup helped Didi re-open his restaurant—a business he shared with Fligh—and all of them were present to have the first meal at the establishment.[65] Jinn and Kenobi would also go on to visit Splendor Tavern, where they had faced Ona Nobis for the first time, several more times over the years.[67]

As Kenobi approached his fourteenth birthday, Jinn and his apprentice embarked on a field trip to the planet Taanab, stopping at the Ba-Taanab Peninsula. There, Jinn's apprentice had to undergo a test, which involved him navigating the area blindfolded. Eager to impress his Master, however, the boy fell into a nest of firebeetles, a species of flesh-eating insects native to the planet. Kenobi managed to escape alive and learned a valuable lesson about the dangers of overconfidence, although the experience would haunt him for years to come.[68] On another occasion, Jinn and Kenobi found themselves walking through a torrential rainstorm, until finally finding shelter inside a cave. Looking at Kenobi, soaked completely wet from the rain and visibly uncomfortable, Jinn gave him an advice to stop struggling with the rain and simply accept it and let it become and extension of himself.[69] During one of their talks after the mission, Jinn also taught Kenobi that having regrets was a natural feeling for a person, one which he should accept but move on.[70]

Forbidden love

Return to New Apsolon

"Tell me. Did you know that New Apsolon was the subject of that meeting when you arrived?"
"No. I did not."
"Then it is as I thought. You will not allow me to act as a full Jedi Knight. Because I am blind, you think I need a caretaker."
"Then what? Why do you keep insisting on interfering?"
"Then in the name of friendship, dear Qui-Gon, leave me be.
―Tahl argues with Jinn to let her to New Apsolon alone[src]

At some point before 41 BBY, Tahl finally decided to take Eerin as her Padawan. Although she was a great teacher, who respected her Padawan, she often left the young Mon Calamari behind and went on short missions alone. Jinn, disagreeing with Tahl's decision not to take Eerin with her, debated with his friend. For months, that topic became the subject of arguments. At one of his moments of quiet in the Star Map Room in the Temple, Jinn was approached by Tahl, who told him that she did not need his constant protection and that she would find her own way with her Padawan. The two friends made peace, but it was short-lived. The next morning, Tahl decided to go to a mission to Vandor 3, leaving Eerin behind, and Jinn and Tahl were arguing once again.[15]

As Jinn continued training Kenobi, he took the boy on another trip to the planet Ragoon VI in the year 41 BBY. There, they were supposed to test Kenobi's tracking and survival skills. A Jedi pilot named Rana dropped them off on the plains of the planet and left, and Jinn and Kenobi were supposed to track her. After ten days of pursuing Rana, the Jedi sensed that they were being pursued by a pack of native Force-using beasts called the malia. Following Rana's trail, they soon came at an intersection of two paths. With the malia close behind them, Jinn and Kenobi could not go back, so they had to trust Kenobi's feelings and choose the right path. Not finding any traces of Rana, the two stopped for the night, but they were attacked by the malia during their camp. The Master and the apprentice managed to kill one of the beasts, and the second one was killed by someone else, forcing the rest of the pack to retreat.[37]

Jinn and Kenobi around the time of the mission to New Apsolon

A group of native Ragoon hunters, who had killed the second malia with blowdarts, emerged, threatening the Jedi. Realizing that the hunters only wanted the malia meat, Jinn assured them that he and Kenobi laid no claim to the meat, and the hunters let them pass. As the Jedi continued their mission, Jinn was suddenly struck with a Force vision showing him Tahl in great distress. Worried for his friend, he and Kenobi aborted their training exercise and made their way back to the transport and then back to Coruscant. Arriving at the Jedi Temple, Jinn asked the Jedi Cal-i-Vaun of the Temple Security Force about Tahl's location. The Jedi Knight responded that Tahl was still at the temple, but she was not in her quarters and was not responding to her comlink. Realizing that Tahl was probably attending a Jedi Council meeting, Jinn barged in the Council chambers in the middle of Tahl's briefing, explaining to the Jedi Masters that he had felt that his presence was needed. The Council allowed Jinn's presence and Tahl resumed her briefing.[37]

She informed them that she had recently received a call for help from Alani and Eritha, the two sisters from the planet New Apsolon, where Jinn and Tahl had been on a mission six years ago. The girls' father and the leader of the planet, Ewane, had been murdered, and his close associate and a former Civilized, Roan, had become his successor. However, many of the Workers suspected that Roan had been behind Ewane's assassination and had usurped the office. The planet had been plunged into instability once again and the girls were now in hiding, requesting Tahl to come to New Apsolon and escort them to Coruscant. The Jedi Council gave their approval to Tahl's mission. Jinn insisted on accompanying her, but Tahl was adamant on going on the mission alone, not even taking her new Padawan, Eerin, with her. Believing that the mission would be short, the Council agreed with Tahl's decision to go alone. Tahl believed that Jinn wanted to go with her because he once again thought that she required protection because of her blindness, and she once again reprimanded Jinn at thinking that way, before she left.[37]

In the days after her departure, troubled by the vision he had had on Ragoon 6, Jinn became restless, distancing himself from Kenobi and putting himself through endless physical exercises, driving his mental and physical abilities to the limit in attempt to distract himself from the thoughts of Tahl. As three weeks passed after Tahl had left, the Jedi had not received any word from her even though the mission was supposed to be over in under a week. One night, Jinn received another vision of Tahl, saying that it was too late for her. Making up his mind to follow Tahl to New Apsolon, Jinn went to the Jedi Council and informed them of his decision. The members of the Council, especially Mace Windu, were not worried about Tahl, believing that her silence was necessitated by the secrecy of her mission and that she had run into some difficulties that had extended the mission. As such, the Jedi Council did not give Jinn their approval to go on the mission, but they did not explicitly forbid him from doing so.[37]

Jinn wanted Kenobi to stay at the Temple, promising to keep contact with him, but the sixteen-year-old Padawan, believing that his place was by his Master's side, decided to accompany Jinn. Leaving Coruscant immediately, Jinn and Kenobi disguised themselves as common travelers and arrived on New Apsolon, landing in the Worker sector of the capital city, also called New Apsolon. The Worker sector was in a state of poverty, while the bordering Civilized sector showed no sign of the devastation of the conflict six years ago. The two sectors had been formerly separated by an energy wall, which had been breached by forty Workers throwing themselves at the wall, only to be killed by the Absolute forces. Now forty commemorative columns stood in the place of the wall, one for each of the fallen workers. As Jinn and Kenobi moved into the Civilized sector, they observed signs of unrest in the city, with graffiti sprayed on the walls claiming Roan to be a killer.[37]

Knowing that all visitors were required to pass a security check, Jinn and Kenobi reported to Balog, the Chief Security Controller of the government, who informed them that Eritha and Alani were not in hiding, but were safe with Roan, although the leader had been under siege. Believing that the call for help from the sisters was a ruse, Jinn and Kenobi went to visit them. The twins were glad to see Jinn, and they did confirm that they had not sent any calls to Tahl and were not aware that she was on the planet. With no leads to Tahl's location, Jinn and Kenobi decided that their best course of action was observation. Trying to find out if the Absolutes still had any power on the planet, Jinn and Kenobi went to check the former headquarters of the Absolutes, which had been converted into a museum.[37]

Their tour guide, Irini, showed them around, telling them about the Absolute rule of the planet and showing many of the torture devices that had been used by the organization, including the one remaining sensory deprivation containment device. Irini also revealed that no Absolutes had been arrested in the wake of the government changes. Many of them had gone underground, their location and identities protected by some of the Civilized. Recently, records about the Absolutes had surfaced, but the government had sealed the records, claiming to have done so to preserve the integrity of the investigation. As the Jedi left the museum, Jinn noticed that a surveillance probe droid was following them. Jinn and Kenobi tried to lose the droid by diving in an adjacent alley, but the droid followed them. Jinn then decided to destroy the droid, using his lightsaber to do so. However, the Jedi were then pinned down by blasterfire. Escaping from the trap, the Jedi jumped to the rooftops and made their way to the location from which they had been attacked from, but the attacker was already gone. They did found a transmitter for the probe droid and an ammunition pack for a blaster, the pack bearing a symbol that Kenobi had seen on a necklace that Irini wore.[37]

Love found and lost again

"I have come to know something. I cannot let you go, I cannot let another minute pass, without telling you this. I did not come to New Apsolon only because you are my friend. I did not remain because you are a fellow Jedi. I have come to see that you are not just a friend and a fellow Jedi, Tahl. You are necessary to my life. You are necessary to me. You are my heart."
"You are not speaking of friendship."
"I am speaking of something deeper. I am speaking of everything a being can give another. This is what I offer you. I offer myself."
―Jinn, expressing his feelings to Tahl[src]

At dusk, Jinn and Kenobi returned to the Museum of Absolutes and discreetly followed Irini as she took an airbus and went to one of the buildings in the Workers sector, spying on her. There, she met with a group of Workers, who were seeking to overthrow Roan, believing him to be the murderer of Ewane. As Irini reported to her co-conspirators on the arrival of the Jedi to the planet, the building was raided by the Absolutes. The Workers escaped through a secret passageway to the roof, but the Jedi were surrounded. Kenobi wanted to put up a fight, but Jinn, realizing that they were outnumbered, told his Padawan to stand down and surrender. Jinn and Kenobi were captured and escorted by the Absolutes to an unknown location and were locked in a warehouse, tied and blindfolded.[37]

However, as several beings came to interrogate them, Jinn recognized a woman's voice—it belonged to Tahl. As the voices argued between themselves, it became apparent to Jinn that Tahl had infiltrated the highest levels of power in the Absolutes, and she tried to convince the other leaders to led the Jedi go, believing that if the population of the planet found out that they had killed the Jedi—who were still respected for the efforts six years ago—the Absolutes would lose popular support. After the other Absolutes left, Tahl released Jinn and Kenobi and explained them the current situation. Tahl said that the twins had indeed sent for her, embellishing their plea by saying that they had been in direct danger. Alani and Eritha shared the suspicion that Roan had been behind the murder of their father, and they believed that they were in danger. Tahl and the twins had then agreed to keep Tahl's arrival to the planet a secret, while she began her investigation and had infiltrated the underground organization, which had access to a large treasury.[37]

Jinn confessed his love for his lifelong friend Tahl on New Apsolon.

Jinn wanted to proceed with their original plan and take the girls to Coruscant, but Tahl insisted on helping them find safety on their own planet. Jinn and Tahl then achieved a compromise. Tahl would remain undercover for one more week, while Jinn and Kenobi would investigate the murder of Ewane. If they would not have uncovered any evidence by that point, then Tahl would proceed with Jinn's plan. With that, Jinn and Tahl parted ways, Jinn and Kenobi going to the government center, and Tahl returning to the Absolutes' hideout. The night after they parted, Jinn was still not at ease, still worrying for Tahl's safety. On Tahl's advice, Jinn and Kenobi started their investigation with Roan's brother, Manex, a wealthy individual who was suspected of corruption. Manex denied any accusations of himself or his brother being involved in Ewane's death. Deciding to head to Roan himself next, Jinn and Kenobi found that his residence was under surveillance by probe droids. Deciding that something was amiss, Jinn and his Padawan infiltrated the compound through the gardens, avoiding detection by the droids.[37]

Inside, they found a group of masked intruders carrying two sensory deprivation tanks, which held Eritha and Alani, as Jinn realized when he saw a strand of one of the girls' blonde hair sticking out of the containment device. The Jedi tried to pursue the infiltrators, but they were halted by the probe droids that opened fire at them, allowing the attackers to take the girls away via speeder bikes. The security forces, led by Balog, arrived at that moment. Jinn revealed that he and Kenobi were Jedi to Balog, who went to inform Roan of the kidnapping. Conferring with Tahl, the two learned that she believed that the Absolutes had not been the ones behind the kidnapping, and Tahl suggested to Jinn to speak with Roan. Roan welcomed the Jedi's help, officially sanctioning their mission and asking them to find out who had been spreading rumors about his involvement in Ewane's death. During their meeting with Roan, a transmission came through from the kidnappers, who demanded Roan to step down from his post of Supreme Governor if he wanted to see the girls alive.[37]

Jinn instructed Roan not to go to the meeting with the kidnappers alone, and Roan agreed. Jinn was then contacted by Tahl, who told him that the Absolutes had seen through her cover and she was being pursued by probe droids through the Worker sector. Afraid that his vision was about to come true, Jinn rushed to Tahl's aid with Kenobi, and the three Jedi took shelter in Roan's office in the Institute of Government Service. There, they were informed that Roan had gone to the meeting with the kidnappers alone, despite Jinn's warnings. After staying for a few hours at the office, the Jedi were escorted by Balog to the Governor's residence. On the steps of the residence, however, they found the dead body of Roan. A grieving Manex arrived shortly thereafter, as well as, surprisingly, Eritha and Elani, who said that their kidnappers had let them go. The Jedi agreed that the twins needed to be taken to Coruscant for their own safety.[37]

Balog later informed Jinn that he had arranged a peace summit between the Workers, the Civilized and the Absolutes. Each of the parties agreed to send one representative, with Balog acting as the representative of the Civilized and Irini representing the Workers. It had also been agreed that a Jedi representative must be present at the talks as a neutral party. Jinn and Tahl both wanted to go, Tahl claiming she would be a better choice, as she had been aware of how the Absolutes thought. Jinn then excused himself and Tahl and took her to speak in private. Jinn had realized during the course of his mission that he had been harboring a deep feeling of love toward Tahl for a long time, and he found the courage to express his feelings to her. Tahl responded to his confession likewise, and the two pledged themselves to each other. Jinn agreed to let Tahl go to the meeting, but he refused to leave New Apsolon with the girls until she returned.[37]

Alternatively, if the newly elected government of New Apsolon would ask them to stay, they would do so, together. Tahl then left with Balog, while Jinn relayed their plans to Kenobi. The next day, however, Irini came to the residence, explaining that the symbol that Jinn and Kenobi had found at the site of the attack on them was not hers alone, it was a symbol of the Workers. Irini had not been behind the attack; she had been framed. She also told the Jedi that the Workers had been accused of Roan's murder and the kidnapping by the girls by the Civilized and she had come on behalf of the Workers to tell the Jedi that it was not true. Irini also revealed that the Workers had a spy within Roan residence, who provided vital information that it was someone in Roan's inner circle who had been behind both crimes. The Jedi suspected that it could be Balog, and when Irini revealed—in response to the question why she was not at the meeting—that she was not aware of any meeting, it proved their suspicions. Rushing to a secret meeting room in the Institute for Government Service building, where the meeting had been supposed to take place according to Balog, Jinn found it empty, Tahl's lightsaber, which she had given up before the "meeting," laying in a nearby bin. Jinn remembered his visions once again, as he realized that Tahl had been kidnapped by Balog.[37]

Rescue mission

"Obi-Wan, I cannot abandon her."
―Qui-Gon Jinn, regarding Tahl[src]

Kenobi wanted to contact the Jedi Council so that they could send reinforcements, but Jinn believed that the presence of more Jedi could stir more unrest, and he decided to take twenty-four hours to search for Tahl before notifying the Order. Jinn and Kenobi then tried to develop a plan how to track Balog, remembering that the Absolutes had used probe droids to track the Workers using vital information of all Workers that was kept in archive files. Since Balog was a Worker, if Jinn and Kenobi obtained a probe droid, they could use it to track him. Alani, overhearing their conversation, suggested to Jinn that they could obtain a probe droid from Lenz, the leader of the Workers. Jinn and his Padawan then went to Irini in the Absolutes Museum, hoping to learn from her how to find Lenz. Irini revealed to the Jedi that she knew that Tahl had infiltrated the Absolutes, and she agreed to assist them and took them to Lenz.[15]

The leader of the Workers told Jinn that Balog, who had joined the Absolutes, was looking for a list of secret informers that the Absolutes had employed during their time in power. The list had been once in Roan's possession, but it had been stolen by the Absolutes at one point. Balog was one of such informers on the list, and he supposedly believed that once her cover had been blown, Tahl had escaped with that list. Lenz also suspected that Balog had used an Absolute paralyzing drug to subdue Tahl and keep her sedated. Continued injections of the drug could cause permanent muscle deterioration, however. Lenz and Irini led the Jedi to the outskirts of the Worker sector, where they introduced them to a black-market trader named Mota. From him, Jinn purchased a probe droid, the vital information on Balog and a pair of transports—a landspeeder for himself and a swoop bike for Kenobi. When the probe droid informed them that Balog had left the city, Jinn and Kenobi followed suit, promising Lenz and Irini to keep the list safe if they found it.[15]

Jinn and Kenobi tried to rescue Tahl from the clutches of Balog.

Arriving at Balog's last known coordinates provided by the droid, Jinn and Kenobi decided to track Balog by themselves instead of waiting for the droid to return and relay Balog's new position. According to the droid's reports, Balog was traveling in an armored hoverscout vehicle and was headed east. Following his trail, Jinn and Kenobi tracked Balog for days, not taking any stops to rest. Balog was aware of his pursuers and he left traps behind him, tricking the Jedi's droid by leaving a pile of clothes near a burning fire. The droid's infrared sensors believed that the figure was Balog, and it led the Jedi into a canyon where Jinn and Kenobi were attacked by a pair of Balog's own probe droids. The encounter left Kenobi's swoop damaged, forcing Jinn and his Padawan to take a break to make repairs and lose precious time in saving Tahl. Once the swoop was repaired, the Jedi continued their pursuit, steadily gaining on Balog, as their Jedi training allowed them to travel long distances without breaks, while Balog had to make stops to rest.[15]

During their journey, however, Jinn sensed that someone was also following him and his Padawan. Ambushing the pursuer, the two were surprised to discover that it was Eritha. The girl informed Jinn that she had discovered that her sister, Alani, had been in league with Balog and was supplying him with information. Alani wanted to become the ruler of New Apsolon[15] and had arranged her and her sister's kidnapping to gather public sympathy and support.[71] Eritha confirmed that Tahl was still alive, but she was being kept in a sensory deprivation tank. Eritha decided to accompany the Jedi to rescue Tahl, but at that moment, the three were attacked by a group of beings who used mining equipment to create rock slides. Jinn's probe droid was destroyed during the encounter an Kenobi injured his leg. However, Eritha, realizing that their attackers were miners, went to negotiate with them, introducing herself as a daughter of Ewane. Apologizing for the attack, as they thought that the Jedi were an Absolute patrol, who had raided them recently, the miners introduced themselves as Rock Workers.[15]

With Kenobi unable to walk, Jinn had to make a detour to the Rock Workers' settlement, where Jinn's Padawan was being taken under care by a medic named Yanci. The Rock Workers told Jinn that they had been recently attacked by a large detachment of Absolutes, but they did not know where the attackers' base was, and the Rock Workers did not have another probe droid to help track Balog. Yanci promised that Kenobi would be able to walk in the morning, and Jinn reluctantly stayed to spend the night, delaying him even further. The next morning, Jinn, Kenobi and Eritha left the settlement, Kenobi still not fully healed, but able to walk. Believing that Balog was heading to the Absolutes' headquarters from where the attacks had been performed, they started their search at the mark where the Rock Workers' patrols had lost track of the Absolutes. Using their tracking skills, Jinn and Kenobi were able to uncover the traces of Balog's vehicle and followed his tracks.[15]

However, they were soon approached by Yanci from the camp, who said that the Rock Workers' camp was under attack once again and requested help. Unwilling to give up his search yet again when he was so close to Tahl, Jinn instructed Kenobi to go with Eritha to help the Workers. The Padawan openly spoke against Jinn's decision, believing that their first priority was to help those in need, but he did as his Master instructed him. Jinn soon realized that the boy was right to reprimand him; he turned his landspeeder back and caught up with Kenobi and Yanci. Eritha had been left behind at a safe place to avoid putting her life in danger during the battle. Yanci led the Jedi to the camp through a back way, but they were too late. The entire camp had been devastated and all inhabitants slaughtered, their mining equipment taken by the raiders. As the Jedi looked for clues, they found footprints belonging to the Absolutes that carried soil traces brought from another area. Yanci, an expert on the local quarries, told Jinn that she knew where the soil had come from, thus discovering the location of the Absolutes base.[15]

Traveling to Yanci's provided location, Jinn, Kenobi and Eritha found the base, hidden deep underground, its entrance disguised as a cave. Jinn was convinced that Tahl was there, as he faintly sensed her responding to his Force calls. Entering through the cave, they found themselves in an access tunnel and found a transport pen with some Absolutes tech workers' suits, offering them disguise. Moving further into the compound, they had to split up with Eritha to avoid a grid of sensors, as they explored a tunnel filled with explosives, some stolen from the Rock Workers, others purchased from Mota. Realizing that the Absolutes were planning a hostile takeover of New Apsolon, Jinn and Kenobi decided to return to Eritha, but on their way there they saw that the girl's cover was blown and she was detained. Deciding that they needed to create a diversion so that they could use the panic to rescue Tahl and Eritha, Jinn and Kenobi took some explosives from the weapons tunnel and planted it inside the transport pen, creating a big explosion.[15]

Panic began at the facility, and the Jedi spotted Balog himself, first going to the weapons room, then toward a security door. Believing that Balog was trying to evacuate Tahl, Jinn and Kenobi followed him. When Balog went to the door and passed a retinal scan, Jinn quickly followed him inside before the door shut down, forcing Kenobi to cut through it with his lightsaber to join his Master. Inside, Jinn and Kenobi indeed found Tahl's sensory deprivation tank, but Balog threatened to kill her by releasing a fatal dose of sedative in her system by using a transmitter in his hands. Jinn realized that Balog had rigged the entire weapons room to explode, and he was planning to escape[15] on an underwater aqua skimmer[71] located at the end of the room. As Balog retreated toward the transport, Jinn leaped toward him, slicing off his finger and making him drop the transmitter. Balog, firing back with a blaster, retreated to the transport and opened the room's gates, flooding it. Leaving the traitor to escape, Jinn focused his efforts on Tahl, releasing her from the sensory deprivation tank.[15]

With the base being shattered with explosions around them, the weakened Tahl suggested to evacuate to an underwater portion of the facility. While approaching the entrance to it, Jinn ordered Kenobi to go look for Eritha before they escaped, but the girl found them herself, saying that the Absolutes had forgot about her in the confusion. Jinn—who had to carry Tahl, weakened from Balog's injections of the drug—Kenobi and Eritha made their way through the underwater base, but they were unable to raise a bridge connecting it to the shore where their transports were waiting, as they did not have the appropriate clearance. Realizing that they would have to swim, Jinn channeled all his strength into Tahl through the Force, allowing her to make the journey. Taking Eritha's speeder—which was faster than Jinn's—Jinn departed for New Apsolon with Tahl.[15]

Seeking vengeance

"There is no help for me now. There is only revenge."
―Jinn directly after Tahl's death[src]

On their way there, Tahl told him that Balog had indeed kidnapped her because he had thought that she possessed the list of traitors. Tahl did not have it, but she had decided to play along to Balog so he kept her alive all this time. When Jinn informed Tahl that Alani was trying to usurp power and become the Supreme Chancellor, Tahl realized that Alani had helped her infiltrate the Absolutes in the first place so that she could locate the list. Finally, Tahl remembered that the night she had escaped from the Absolutes in the city, a man named Oleg had helped her, indicating that he probably had the list; since the Absolutes had seen Tahl near him, they believed that she knew how to find him. Arriving at New Apsolon, Jinn was greeted by Manex, who had been contacted by Eritha regarding Jinn's arrival and who offered his best medical laboratories to treat Tahl. As the medics tried to treat Tahl, Kenobi and Eritha caught up to Jinn, and the Jedi Master relayed Tahl's information to Kenobi.[15]

Eventually, the doctors emerged from the operation room, telling Jinn that the damage from Balog's drug to Tahl's internal organs was too severe and they were unable to help her. Jinn went to see Tahl, sitting at her side and holding her hand as she passed away. Tahl's death struck a devastating blow at Jinn and left his heart empty and desiring of only one thing: revenge. Jinn remained beside Tahl's body for many hours after her death, not bothering to contact the Jedi Council and inform them what had happened, so Kenobi did that for him. Jinn only left Tahl's side once, procuring two more probe droids and setting them to find Balog, hoping to exact his revenge to the man. Meanwhile, Eritha returned to her sister's side, concealing the fact that she knew of her ties to the Absolutes and hoping to find more about it. To honor Tahl's sacrifice, a commemorative column was placed in New Apsolon's capital.[15]

Jinn sitting at Tahl's deathbed

The Workers had investigated the files in the abandoned Absolutes hideout in the city, but the records had been wiped clean and no leads could be obtained on Balog. Kenobi wanted to investigate several other matters—Alani's connection to Balog, Manex's suspicious kindness toward the Jedi, the disappearance of Oleg and the list—but Jinn only wanted to wait for the probe droids and start looking for Balog. Soon, a Jedi rescue team consisting of Tahl's orphaned Padawan, Bant Eerin, and Master Windu arrived in response to Kenobi's call. Windu offered Jinn to relieve him of his duties, while Jinn escorted Tahl's body to Coruscant, but Jinn declined. Manex, who had been appointed Acting Supreme Governor, then arrived, telling Jinn and Windu that Balog had leaked records during Tahl's time undercover among the Absolutes, making it appear that she had been conspiring in the takeover of the planet, giving the Jedi another reason to find Balog—to clear Tahl's name. Manex also made an official request to the Jedi to oversee the elections of the permanent Supreme Governor in three days. Jinn believed that overseeing the elections would distract them from searching for Balog, but Windu accepted the request.[71]

Later, the Jedi were visited by Yanci from the destroyed Rock Workers settlement. She informed Jinn that she had been aware of Oleg, who was a Worker who had infiltrated the Absolutes at the same time as Tahl, seeking to obtain the list and sell it for a fortune. The Workers in the city had contacted the Rock Workers, asking them to provide refuge for Oleg once he escaped, but the man never arrived. The reason the Workers had asked Yanci's settlement to shelter the man was because Oleg had a unique form of hibernation sickness that he had developed while being a prisoner of the Absolutes years ago, and Yanci knew how to treat it. Yanci provided Jinn with a list of clinics in the city where Oleg could have gone to receive treatment, and Jinn immediately went to search, leaving Kenobi behind. After visiting three clinics and not finding Oleg, Jinn arrived at the last clinic, finding a blind woman struggling to find the access panel.[71]

Reminded of Tahl and her annoyance at his attempts to protect her, Jinn helped the woman by simply telling her where to look instead of opening it for her, and then tried to find information about Oleg from the clerk Vero, who refused to give him access to restricted information. However, the woman, grateful for Jinn's help, feigned clumsiness and stirred havoc at the clinic, distracting Vero and allowing Jinn to access his files. Jinn indeed found the mention of Oleg being treated there, as well as his address. Thanking the woman, Jinn left to find Oleg at his apartment but was informed that Oleg had moved out; Jinn was advised to try a café around the corner. Jinn indeed found Oleg there, who mistook him for a buyer of the list he had. In the middle of the conversation, Oleg was contacted by another bidder, an Absolute. Suspecting that the buyer was Balog, Jinn said that he would not be buying the list and left the café, spying on Oleg as he left the café and went to meet the other customer. Jinn soon noticed that he was not the only one trailing Oleg and soon saw Balog following the man. Rage boiled within Jinn, and he barely withheld himself from jumping at the man and killing him. Instead, he followed both Oleg and Balog to a warehouse.[71]

Once inside, Jinn was attacked by several probe droids set as a trap by Balog. Jinn destroyed them, but as he moved further, he discovered that Oleg had been killed, discovering a broken chain and a pendant, which he recognized as belonging to Irini. Knowing that she had been at the meeting, Jinn arranged a meeting with her. Irini admitted that she had posed as a buyer, but Oleg did not have the list on him. Irini and Oleg had been attacked by two of Balog's probe droids and she had retreated from the site. Surmising that Oleg had already sold the list by the time he had met Irini and had been trying to get money from multiple buyers, Jinn believed that in light of the coming elections, the people who would benefit the most from the list would be politicians, so he headed to the Unified Legislature. Jinn spent the entire evening going from café to café in the Civilized sector, but he did not find any clues that could led him to the list and Balog.[71]

The next morning, however, he overheard a conversation between two aides, discovering that one of the probe droids he had sent out to find Balog had attacked and killed Legislator Pleni. Moving inside the legislature, Jinn was spotted by Eritha. Meeting inside an empty cabinet, Jinn was informed by Eritha that Manex was in possession of the list. Eritha then excused herself, telling Jinn that she was close to finding Balog's location and that she would return with the information soon. While she was gone, Jinn was spotted by the building's guards, forcing him to escape from the Legislature. Acting on Eritha's tip, Jinn moved to Manex's residence, but as he arrived there, he found Kenobi, Eerin and Windu already there, having been conducting their own investigation. Manex did not have the list, but the residence was raided by security guards, who tried to break into the doors, stating that they knew that Jinn was there and intending to arrest him for the murder of Pleni. Kenobi and Windu, believing in Jinn's innocence, let him escape.[71]

Facing inner demons

"We want information."
"Information has a price, too."
"The price will be that I do not break apart every item in this warehouse."
"N-now, relax, we're all friends here."
"I'm not your friend, and I'm not here to relax!"
―Jinn, letting out his emotions while questioning Mota during the search for Tahl's killer[src]

As he escaped from Manex's residence, Jinn realized that he was being followed and confronted the pursuer, who was revealed to be Eritha. The girl claimed that she knew where to find Balog and she promised to take Jinn to his hideout. As they approached the supposed hideout—the World Security headquarters, Jinn witnessed Kenobi rushing to his aid. A security force consisting of officers and droids confronted them, and Jinn's first instinct was to protect Eritha, but Kenobi told him that she was a traitor. After destroying the security droids, making sure not to harm the living officers so as not to make Jinn's criminal record even worse, Jinn and Kenobi escaped. Jinn's Padawan explained that he had discovered that Eritha had been in league with Alani all along and they both were allied with Balog and the Absolutes.[71]

During their meeting at the Legislature, Eritha had planted a tracking beacon on Jinn's clothes, which was how the security forces had been able to track Jinn to Manex's residence and to the World Security headquarters. Removing the tracker, Jinn decided that he and Kenobi should next visit Mota, the black-market seller who had sold Jinn the probe droids, one of which had killed Legislator Pleni. Confronting Mota inside his shop, Jinn let out his rage, angrily asking him why the droids had been reprogrammed and how the police had known that they belonged to Jinn. According to Mota, hours after Jinn had purchased the droids, someone else had broken into Mota's computer system and had reprogrammed them. When the police had been investigating Pleni's death, Mota, for fear of imprisonment, told them that the droids belonged to Jinn, although he forgot to mention that their programming had been tampered with. Analyzing Mota's records, Jinn discovered that the droids had been reprogrammed by Lenz and Irini.[71]

Jinn driven close to the dark side by Tahl's death

Taking one of Mota's landspeeders, Jinn and Kenobi went to Lenz and Irini's hideout, finding Irini recovering from a blaster shot. The Workers finally told the truth to Jinn. Irini had been trying to obtain the list because it contained Lenz's name, who had been an informant at one point. When she had found out that Oleg had had the list, she had lured him into the warehouse and had killed him. Discovering that Oleg had not had the list on him, she traced the list to Oleg's buyer, Senator Pleni, reprogramming Jinn's droids to kill her, retrieving the list and framing Jinn for the murder. However, Irini had been recently attacked by Balog, who now had the list and had brought it to Alani and Eritha, planning to use its influence to secure Alani's win in the upcoming election.[71]

Trying to right his wrongs before Jinn, Lenz revealed that he knew of a secret tunnel connecting the government residence and the Museum of Absolutes, believing that the Museum was the new Absolutes' hideout. Arriving at the residence, the Jedi contacted Windu, who promised to be there soon, and they also met the Workers' spy there, a male posing as a security guard, who had informed Lenz of the tunnel in the first place and who disabled the security systems of the residence, ensuring that the Jedi would not have to fight any reinforcements. Inside the residence, Jinn and Kenobi were confronted by Eritha, armed with blasters, who revealed her and her sister's complete scheme to Jinn and Kenobi. The kidnapping scheme had been their original plan all along. However, once they knew that Roan had the list with Balog's name on it, they had to obtain it, as the exposure of Balog as an Absolute collaborator could seal their hopes of winning the election. When the list had been stolen from Roan, the girls had decided to employ Tahl and retrieve it from the Absolutes, but the list had fallen in Oleg's possession instead. Once the girl ended her speech, Kenobi quickly disarmed her, however, and Jinn and his Padawan continued on their mission, moving through the secret tunnel.[71]

The Jedi arrived at the Museum of the Absolutes, only to be attacked by security droids sent after them by Eritha through the tunnel, as well as those stationed inside the Museum. Jinn and Kenobi engaged in a fierce battle, with Jinn letting his emotions take control of him. His rage at the unfairness of Tahl's death and the knowledge that Balog was nearby drove him into a sense of unprecedented sharpness of mind. Jinn did not care for his dark thoughts and feelings, drawing from them to aid him in his fight. Remembering from his previous visit to the Museum that there a was a data center nearby and realizing that Balog, now in possession of the list, would be trying to access it from there, Jinn went ahead of Kenobi and sliced his way through the droids all the way to the center. Inside, he found Balog, quickly disarming the man. As he was prepared to kill the traitor in cold blood, however, Jinn heard a voice in his mind telling him to stop, and he saw Kenobi watching the scene.[71]

The voice brought clarity to his senses, and Jinn was horrified at him being so close to falling to the dark side. Jinn then took Balog prisoner, just as Windu and Eerin arrived at the scene. With the arrest of Balog and the retrieval of the list, Alani and Eritha were exposed as traitors and arrested as well. Charges were also filed against Lenz and Irini. The planet was still in disarray, with new elections scheduled to take place in four weeks, but there was nothing else that Jedi could do. Manex provided the Jedi with one of his finest space yachts, placing Tahl's body there. Jinn swore that he would never go back to New Apsolon, even as Windu promised Manex that he could count on the Jedi for help. As they were leaving the planet, Jinn thanked his Padawan for stopping him from killing Balog, but Kenobi revealed that he had not said anything there. At that moment, Jinn realized that the voice he had heard was not Kenobi's—it had been Tahl's. As he moved to Tahl's room aboard the ship to say his last goodbyes. Jinn realized that the pain of the loss of his loved one would never leave him, but one day he would learn to accept it and live on his solitary life as a Jedi.[71]

A Padawan's progress

Witness protection

"I, too, have wished I could have given my life to save another, one whom I had loved. But now I know that it is often harder to be the one left behind. I would not have wanted her to feel such loneliness, to go through the pain I have gone through."
―Jinn comforting Lena Cobral[src]

For the next few months, Jinn became mostly inactive in the Jedi Order as he mourned the death of Tahl. Although he and Kenobi were still close to each other, Jinn largely abandoned teaching his Padawan, and they did not go on any major missions together. The Jedi Council was patient with Jinn, understanding his need to grieve, but in 40 BBY, they decided that it was time for Jinn to resume his duties. Jinn and Kenobi were summoned before the Council, with only Windu, Yoda and Koon present. The Masters informed Jinn that he and Kenobi were assigned to go to the planet Frego to pick up a witness there and transport her to Coruscant. The Council directed Jinn to speak with Jedi librarian Jocasta Nu to learn about the details of the task. The witness was Lena Cobral, the widow of Rutin Cobral, who had been killed and whose murderer was not yet found.[72]

Jinn's Padawan became infatuated with the woman they were assigned to Protect on Frego.

Jinn was not surprised, as he knew that Frego was a planet ruled by criminals. In fact, the Cobral family was in charge of a crime ring that had been controlling the government for twenty years and it was unusual for a crime to be committed against one of its members and not be investigated thoroughly. Rutin had been the youngest of three sons of the leader of the Cobral family and had been groomed to take over the family. However, when the father had died, the oldest brother, Solan, had taken over. Lena had married Rutin three years ago. According to Frego's Senator Crote, Rutin had wanted to quit criminal activities and had wanted to testify before the Senate on the Cobrals' criminal activities, but had been killed shortly thereafter. With his death, Lena wanted to take on her late husband's duty and testify instead of him, but she required the Jedi to escort her from Frego to Coruscant.[72]

Arriving on Frego, Jinn and Kenobi were met by Lena's cousin named Mica, who took them through the streets of the city of Rian to Lena's hideout in a warehouse. Lena told Jinn and his Padawan that she had married Rutin before she knew that he was a Cobral. Rutin had first tried to convince his family to cease their criminal activities, but when Solan had discovered his plans, he had told their father, which put a stop to Rutin's plans to change his family's ways from the inside and had caused him to develop an idea to testify before the Senate. Lena also told the Jedi, however, that she did not have any solid evidence implicating the Cobral; all she had was her word, so she asked Jinn and Kenobi to stay on the planet until she could find some proof. Jinn, not satisfied with the fact that Lena had lied to them, wanted to leave, but Kenobi, clearly infatuated with the beautiful Lena, who was around his age, convinced Jinn to give her at least two days.

Jinn agreed but insisted that he and Kenobi would only provide protection for Lena and would not gather any intelligence themselves. Satisfied with the compromise, Lena led the Jedi to her apartment, finding that it had been searched. When she tried to access Rutin's computer containing the evidence he had collected, she found that the evidence had been erased and a message threatening to kill Lena unless she stopped the investigation appeared on the screen. Believing that their best bet would be to talk to Lena's mother-in-law, Zanita, Lena led the Jedi to the Cobral Estate. Jinn, however, began to suspect that the girl was lying to them, as she seemed to take her husband's death very lightly. At the Cobral Estate, the entire family was gathered to celebrate the birthday of the middle son, Bard, but Jinn, Kenobi and Lena managed to sneak past the guards and the family members and meet with Zanita, who was not involved in the crime business and was on good terms with Lena. When Lena informed her of her plans to testify to the Senate and told Zanita that she suspected Solan to be involved in Rutin's murder, Zanita agreed to help her daughter-in-law by acquiring a set of documents by the next day.[72]

At that moment, Jinn and Kenobi sensed danger as a large statue fell on their landspeeder, destroying it, but Zanita was kind enough to give them her own vehicle. Lena piloted the vehicle toward her apartment but stopped it several blocks away, exited and led the Jedi on foot through the apartment, taking another secret exit. Once outside, she called an air taxi and the three rode it to Lena's warehouse hideout. Lena explained that she believed that the statue falling on their landspeeder had not been an accident; it had been one of the many traps spread throughout Cobral estate, activated by someone who wanted Lena dead, possibly Juno, an assistant to the Cobral who had seen her and the Jedi inside the estate. Lena had taken such a long route to her warehouse because she believed that Zanita's speeder had been outfitted with listening devices placed by the rest of her family. Finally arriving at the warehouse, Lena was handed a package by Mica, which had arrived recently and bore Rutin's handwriting of Lena's name.[72]

As Kenobi and Mica left to prepare food, Jinn question Lena, asking her who else knew about her hideout. Lena told Jinn that only Mica knew about it, also revealing that Mica's mother had been killed by the Cobral. Jinn believed that Mica had revealed the location of the hideout to the sender of the box, a theory that was seemingly proven true when Mica tried to escape. However, Kenobi caught her and brought her back, and Mica told the Jedi that she had snuck into Lena's apartment while the Cobral had been searching it. Afraid for Lena's safety should she ever testify, Mica had been the one who had erased the evidence from Rutin's computer, but she had not left any messages and had not told anyone about the hideout. When Mica told Lena about what she had done, Lena took the contents of the package and ran away while Jinn and Kenobi were not paying attention to her. Asking Mica where Lena might have gone, Jinn and Kenobi followed her directions to the Tubal Park, which had been Rutin and Lena's favorite getaway spot.[72]

Not knowing where exactly to look for Lena, the three split up to search the park, Jinn taking Mica with him. The Jedi and Mica searched the entire park but were unable to find Lena, so they returned to the warehouse. To their surprise, Lena had been waiting for them there, saying that she had been wandering alone, trying to prove that the package was from Rutin. She believed that that Rutin, who had been aware of the warehouse, had taken precautions in case of his death and had sent her directions to where she could obtain the evidence. However, Rutin's package only contained a seemingly random assortment of items: a pair of waterproof boots, a small light, a beam drill and a vial of dirt. As Jinn tried to decipher the mystery of the package, Lena told him that she had also checked on her apartment, finding a message from Zanita asking Lena to meet her at Dock 12, alone. Jinn and Kenobi insisted on going with Lena, saying that they would stay in hiding as she conducted her business with Zanita, and the three left the warehouse, leaving Mica behind.[72]

As they arrived at the Dock, Lena went to meet Zanita, while Jinn and Kenobi remained in hiding. However, Lena was confronted by Solan, Bard and two droids, who had captured Zanita and held her at blasterpoint. When Mica also appeared at the scene, having followed them, Lena tried to bluff her way out of the situation, telling Solan that she had changed her mind and would not testify before the Senate, but the brothers did not believe her and moved in to attack. Jinn and Kenobi emerged from their hiding place, protecting the two girls. During the fight, both droids were destroyed, but Solan and Bard retreated with the captive Zanita, while Mica was killed. Grieving for the loss of her cousin, Lena, however, focused on the mission and led Jinn and Kenobi back to the Tubal Park, where she believed Rutin had wanted her to go to their favorite hiding spot. Trying to find use for the strange items in Rutin's package, Lena realized that the vial of dirt indicated that the place around them was Human-made and not natural.[72]

Qui-Gon Jinn began coming to terms with Tahl's death thanks to Kenobi's support.

Uncovering a hidden panel beneath a patch of fake ground, she found a use for the beam drill to force the panel open, which opened into a dark water-filled tunnel. Making use of the boots and the light, Lena descended into the tunnel and emerged with a small package, containing a datapad. Returning to the warehouse, Lena analyzed the datapad, confirming that it contained enough evidence to strip the Cobral from power. Jinn the contacted Senator Crote with the update on the mission, and the Senator advised the Jedi to take one of his fastest ships, the Degarian II, to deliver Lena and the datapad to Coruscant. That night, Jinn sensed that something was amiss and he went to check on Lena, finding her bound and Kenobi confronting an intruder who was trying to escape with the datapad. Quickly disarming the thug, Jinn retrieved the datapad as well as a travel order bearing the official seal of Senator Crote.

Believing that Crote was in league with the Cobral, Jinn made an adjustment to their plans. He, Kenobi and Lena boarded the Degarian II, but got off minutes before it left the planet. Instead, Jinn secured their passage to Coruscant from an independent pilot. His suspicions were proven right, as Yoda contacted Jinn in the middle of the journey, telling him that the Degarian II had been ambushed mid-flight and destroyed. The Jedi safely brought Lena to Coruscant, where they were met by Master Windu, after which Lena testified in an emergency session called by the Supreme Chancellor. Her evidence led to Senator Crote's removal from office and arrest warrants issued against members of the Cobral family. Many senators were impressed by Lena's bravery and suggested her to run for the post of Frego's Senator to replace the corrupt Crote. Believing that their mission was over, Jinn left with Windu toward the Jedi Temple to attend to business there, leaving Kenobi with Lena at the Fregian consulate chambers.[72]

However, sensing danger, Jinn soon returned to his Padawan, finding that Zanita Cobral, the true leader of the crime family and the one responsible for Rutin's death, had arrived on Coruscant and had attempted to kill Lena. Lena had been injured in the attack, but Kenobi had disarmed Zanita of her blaster. As Jinn arrived at the scene, he saw Zanita pull out a vibroblade, and warned Kenobi of an impending attack. However, instead of attacking Kenobi, Zanita used the weapon to commit suicide, accepting her family's defeat. Lena survived the attack and was treated for her wounds. Remembering how patient and understating Kenobi had been to him in the recent months and especially during the mission to Frego, Jinn realized that Kenobi was getting closer to being ready to become a Jedi Knight, and he thanked him for his comforting words, which had helped Jinn find the strength to go on after Tahl's death.[72]

Mission to Vorzyd IV

"I know. I still have much to learn."
"Yet you have already grown so much. I am proud of you, Obi-Wan. Proud of what you have become. It is an honor to teach you, to work with you. I could not ask for a better Padawan learner."
―Jinn and Kenobi on Vorzyd IV[src]

Returning from one of the missions later that year, Jinn and Kenobi found themselves on a prolonged period of time without any other assignments. After two months spent in physical exercise and meditation, Jinn and his Padawan were finally summoned before the Jedi Council, who dispatched them on a mission to the Vorzyd system, where a feud was growing between the fourth and the fifth planets of the system. According to the briefing provided by Master Nu, the native Vorzydiaks of Vorzyd IV were a very work-centric species. Every member of their society was required to work starting from age ten until mandatory retirement at the age of seventy, although most of the retirees died shortly afterward despite being in good health. Due to such hard-working population, Vorzyd IV was producing most of the food and other goods used by the five planets of the system. Their neighbors, Vorzyd V, on the contrary, produced only half of its planetary needs and depended on the trade with Vorzyd IV.[73]

In the past, the fifth planet had often been indebted to the fourth one, but it had never hurt their relations. However, recently Vorzyd V had opened a series of casinos that had brought them big profits and had allowed them to pay off their debts. Meanwhile, a series of sabotage attacks had struck the production facilities on Vorzyd IV. Claiming that Vorzyd V attempted to achieve power in the system and had been responsible for the acts of sabotage, all Vorzyd V diplomats had been expelled from the fourth planet, and the Chairman of Vorzyd IV, Port, had personally contacted the Jedi Order for help, which was highly unusual for the generally isolationist Vorzydiaks.[73]

Jinn in a sparring duel with Kenobi on Vorzyd IV

Jinn and Kenobi traveled to Vorzyd IV, where they were met by a Vorzydiak guide and escorted to a factory operated by Multycorp, one of the largest corporations on the planet. There they met Port, discovering that the Vorzydiaks spent their entire lives working, and fun and games were strange concepts to them. According to Port, no one had been hurt in the sabotage attacks, and they had been strictly aimed at slowing production rates. Port did not give Jinn any reason that he suspected Vorzyd V's hand in the attacks, so Jinn asked to inspect the sabotaged areas. At that moment, however, another sabotage attempt occurred, the factory's computers showing erroneous data regarding production rates of hard goods. Kenobi looked at the computers but was unable to find the source of the problem as the Vorzydiaks' workday came to a close. Chairman Port invited the Jedi to have a meal at his home, introducing them to his wife, Bryn.[73]

According to the Chairman and his wife, their son, Grath, was supposedly delayed on his work, and he did not join Jinn and Kenobi for the meal with the family. The next day, Port showed the Jedi Vorzyd's retirement home, where his mother used to live before she died a month ago. Port allowed the Jedi to stay in his mother's room, and Jinn and Kenobi decided to meditate. During his meditation, Jinn saw visions of an older Kenobi, who had attained the rank of Jedi Master, and he was proud of what his Padawan had accomplished. Meanwhile, Kenobi, too restless to meditate, left the room. When he did not return after a long time, Jinn initially wanted to contact him via comlink, but believing that his apprentice had grown enough, he gave him more time to conduct his own investigation. When Kenobi returned, he told Jinn that he had uncovered two important pieces of information; firstly, the Vorzydiaks could share emotions with each other through their antennae. Second, Vorzyd V was not responsible for the attacks. It was a group of Vorzyd IV's children, who called themselves the Freelies, and who did not share their parents' workaholic attitude and attempted to make them work less.[73]

Kenobi suggested to Jinn that he would be able to infiltrate the Freelies by disguising himself as a Vorzydiak. Jinn hesitated at first, but seeing Kenobi's calm and collected demeanor, he realized how much his Padawan had matured, and he gave him three days to carry out his plan. The next day, Port summoned the Jedi to be present as he contacted Vorzyd V. As Jinn went to the meeting with Port, Kenobi infiltrated the Vorzyd school. Port told Jinn that another sabotage had occurred: the central operations computer, controlling Vorzyd IV's entire power grid, had gone out of commission. Jinn asked to take a look at the problem and descended to the sublevel containing the computer. Seeing the Vorzydiak workers affected by a high-pitched sound it emitted, he realized that the computer had not been broken but had been programmed to play music. Jinn deactivated the program, but the power was still rapidly going out throughout Vorzyd, with the next building to lose power being the children's hospital.[73]

Jinn rushed back to stop the disaster, overriding a network shutdown and flushing the system, preventing the deaths of the children. Jinn then went to inform Port of the averted tragedy, finding him in holographic communication with the leader of Vorzyd V, Felana, accusing her planet of the terrorist attacks. Jinn diffused the situation, but Felana promised that if Vorzyd IV continued their accusations, there would be war. Returning to their apartment in the retirement complex, Jinn conferred with Kenobi, who had returned from his first day undercover. Kenobi informed Jinn that the Freelies were planning to sabotage the shuttles carrying the workers to work, but only when nobody was present there. However, early in the morning, Port arrived to the Jedi's room, informing them that the shuttles were exploding with people in them; the Freelies had struck earlier. Jinn and Kenobi helped to stop a large loss of life by stopping most of the people from boarding the shuttles and disarming the explosives.[73]

Believing that the Freelies' attacks had become too serious, Jinn asked his Padawan to convince the children to come out as the perpetrators, before the shuttle attack could be blamed on Vorzyd V and lead to a war between the two planets, a notion which Felana reaffirmed when she personally arrived to the planet. Jinn tried to prevent the conflict by telling Port to wait with the accusations until the sabotaged shuttles were expected. He did not reveal anything about the Freelies, giving his Padawan more time to act on his own. However, when they met in their apartment, Kenobi told Jinn that he had been discovered as a Jedi and that the Freelies' meeting place had been raided by the Vorzydiaks acting on someone's tip, although the children had escaped. Hoping to ease his Padawan's mind, Jinn proposed to Kenobi to head outside for a practice lightsaber fight. During the fight, Jinn felt how much his Padawan's skill had developed, and he was nearly a match for him in lightsaber combat.[73]

After the fight, Jinn suggested Kenobi speak directly to Grath, the leader of the Freelies, offering him to start negotiations with the adults. Kenobi succeeded in convincing the Freelies, who had also exposed the traitor within their ranks, Flip. As Kenobi went to the Freelies to negotiate, Jinn spoke with the workers and Chairman Port, helping to achieve peace with Vorzyd V and gather a large meeting of adults and retirees in the Multycorp complex annex. However, Jinn received a call through the Force from his Padawan, telling him to evacuate everyone from the annex. Trusting his Padawan, Jinn did as he asked, evacuating those present at the meeting in time before the annex exploded; it had been rigged with explosives by Flip, who had advocated for the violent ways of the Freelies, although he had not expected anyone to be inside the annex when it exploded. Kenobi had learned about the attack from a Freelie named Tray, who had conspired with Flip, but once he had found out that his retired grandmother Ina was at the meeting, he had revealed Flip's plans.[73]

Kenobi and the Freelies soon arrived at the destroyed building, and Jinn thanked his Padawan for his warning that had saved so many lives. Knowing that Flip had still been inside the building, the Freelies and the workers searched for him among the rubble, finding him, yet Flip died shortly afterward because of his wounds. Jinn and Kenobi then helped the Freelies and the adults to come to peaceful terms, making the workers realize that there was more to life than just work. The retirees had been dying because they did not have anyone near them to share emotions with. In the aftermath of the events at Multycorp, the population of Vorzyd IV reevaluated their views on work. The work week was shortened by a day, and the generations started to spend more time with each other, with the children and the laborers coming to visit the retirees and building outdoor space for them. As they were thanked by the Vorzydiaks, Jinn and Kenobi left the planet, headed toward Coruscant. On their way, Jinn told Kenobi how proud he was of his progress as a Jedi and admitted that he was the best Padawan he could ever wish for.[73] Still keeping some semblance of contact with Dooku, Jinn shared his pride in Kenobi, speaking very highly of the boy to his former Master.[74]

Lundi's obsession

"In my hand! In my hand! I held it in my hand!"
―Murk Lundi's mad ramblings[src]

The next year, Jinn and Kenobi were at the Jedi Temple when they were summoned by the Council, who then established contact with Master Kit Fisto, who had taken Bant Eerin as his Padawan after Tahl's death. Fisto and Eerin were on a mission on the Sith homeworld of Korriban at the time. Although the Sith were believed to be extinct, Fisto and Eerin had located a recently abandoned dwelling on the planet, which belonged to someone who had been collecting knowledge about the Sith. A drawing of a Sith holocron was scribbled on the wall, with the text that it had been located. Jocasta Nu told Jinn and Kenobi that a number of cults worshiping the Sith were known to be active across the galaxy, and that recently, a Quermian historian named Murk Lundi had shifted all of his university courses toward the topic of the Sith. Among the tomes discovered by Fisto and Eerin had been several published by Lundi, leading the Jedi Council to believe that Lundi was involved in a Sith cult and one of his men had operated on Korriban and had located the holocron.[75]

Murk Lundi, the historian obsessed with the Sith

Trying to stop him from obtaining the powerful Sith holocron, Jinn and Kenobi attended one of Lundi's lectures, listening as he talked about the Sith with fascination and admiration. The Jedi originally planned to talk with his students afterward, believing that they were involved in the cult, and that one of them had compiled the cache of Sith knowledge on Coruscant. However, when Lundi announced that he would be taking a sabbatical for the next week, Jinn and Kenobi followed him to a transport bound for the planet Lisal. Jinn used a mind trick to convince the ship's attendant to sell them two tickets at a regular price despite them running late, and he and Kenobi boarded the ship. Right before takeoff, however, one of Lundi's students named Norval attempted to board the ship, trying to convince Lundi to take him with him. Norval spoke loudly that he had been the one to discover the holocron's location and that Lundi would need him to access its power, providing definite proof of Lundi's intentions. However, Lundi did not heed Norval's words and had his guards escort the man off the ship.[75]

Jinn and Kenobi hid themselves in an unused room on the ship, reporting to the Jedi on their discovery, and Nu confirmed that there were rumors of a Sith holocron on Lisal. Deciding to give Lundi time to relax and drop his guard, Jinn and Kenobi spent the night inside the room. That night, Kenobi had a strange dream of a holocron, which Jinn interpreted as a warning telling them to proceed on their mission with caution. Later, believing that Lundi was staying in a private cabin, the two disguised themselves as ship's staff and went to look for the professor, but they spotted him at the bridge, demanding the captain to take him to the planet Nolar instead of Lisal, promising him a valuable glinting object as a reward. Disembarking on Nolar as well, Jinn and Kenobi trailed Lundi as he booked passage with another pilot and then went through the city of Nolari. Pursuing him, Jinn and his Padawan noticed that they were being trailed as well by a humanoid figure wearing a cloak and a helmet.[75]

Jinn instructed his Padawan to try to discover the identity of the man, while Jinn continued to track Lundi. Eventually, the Quermian arrived at a storehouse, where he attempted to buy a Nolarian 6000 drill, but the store dealer said the they did not have one at the moment. Lundi was angered by the setback, and through natural Quermian telepathic abilities, his anger started to affect Kenobi, who had arrived at the storehouse shortly after Jinn, making him restless and agitated. Kenobi told Jinn that while he had been trying to follow the cloaked figure, he had been attacked by a street gang, sustaining a minor injury to his shoulder. As Yoda contacted Jinn with the information that another cache of Sith items had been found on Umgul, Jinn and Kenobi decided to go to Lundi's new ship to intercept him there. On the way to the hangar, however, they came under attack. Escaping from the ambush, the Jedi found that the ship that Lundi had hired was gone, and its Ithorian pilot was laying inside the hangar, drugged.[75]

After the pilot woke up, he told them that he did not know if it was Lundi who had stolen the ship, but he revealed to the Jedi that Lundi had hired him to go to the planet Kodai. Jinn and Kenobi then secured passage to Kodai from a female pilot named Elda. According to Nu's information, Kodai was a planet mostly covered by sea, which at one point had drowned most of its population. Now, only a small patch of land remained among the sea, with a small number of native Kodaians living there. Every ten years, when the two moons of the planet synched up, the sea experienced a particularly low tide. One of such occurrences was going to occur in two days, indicating that Lundi was planning to retrieve the holocron from the bottom of the ocean. In the meantime, the Sith cult's activities continued to spread, as another cache had been uncovered on Tynna and an explosion had occurred on the planet Nubia, with a drawing of the Sith holocron found on the site of the explosion.[75]

After finding a bomb aboard Elda's ship and successfully disarming it, the Jedi arrived on Kodai and went to the local lodging quarters, from where they were directed to an apartment that Lundi had rented, finding it locked. Deciding to look further, the Jedi asked the local populace about the Quermian, and a boy directed them to a cantina where they could talk to a Koda named Reis, who confirmed that the holocron was indeed on the planet, hidden beneath the sea. Inside the cantina, Kenobi spotted someone whom he believed to be Omal, another one of Lundi's students, but the figure slipped away. Jinn and Kenobi returned to the lodging, watching in shifts at Lundi's locked door. During Jinn's shift, however, he left his post for a moment to receive a communication from Nu, and it was at that moment that Lundi left his cabin. Jinn followed the Quermian, rendezvousing with his Padawan, who had been talking a walk before his shift.[75]

As the water ebbed, Jinn and Kenobi saw many Kodaians in the area searching for the artifact. The Jedi used the Force in attempt to located Lundi, finding that a dark presence prevented the Kodaians from searching a particularly deep chasm. Jinn and Kenobi used their cable launchers to descend the crevasse, although a mysterious figure above tried to stop them by cutting Kenobi's line. Kenobi survived, and he and Jinn made their way further into the chasm, where they found a maddened Lundi, frantically rambling that he had held the holocron,[75] which had been made by the Sith Adas millennia ago,[76] within his grasp but he had lost it. The Jedi could not understand where the holocron had disappeared, but they could feel its dark side power affecting them.[75]

At that moment, the sea started to regain its territory and the Jedi had to retreat from the chasm, a task made difficult by the fact that Lundi tried to pull them back toward the holocron. As the water almost drowned them, the Jedi and the mad professor were only saved by Elda who came to their rescue and picked them up on her ship. With most of what had happened on the planet still a mystery to Jinn and Kenobi, they returned to Coruscant with Lundi, who was imprisoned in a mental hospital. Unbeknownst to the Jedi, Lundi had been followed to Kodai by two of his students—Norval, who wanted to obtain the holocron for himself, and Omal who wanted to prevent the holocron from falling into Lundi's hands. A skirmish had erupted between the three of them, resulting in the holocron falling deeper into the chasm.[75]

Extracting Talesan Fry

"You must come with us. To stay is too great a risk."
―Qui-Gon Jinn to Talesan Fry[src]

The same year, memories of Tahl still hurting him, Jinn was recalled to the Jedi Temple by Yoda, who then dispatched him on a mission to ease his mind off of Tahl. The mission was to protect a boy named Talesan Fry, a ten-year-old boy genius from the planet Cirrus, who had a talent for building things. He had recently tapped into his planet's communication system, where he overheard a band of five bounty hunters discussing a future assassination. News of Fry's discovery had reached the Senate Investigating Commission on Crime Syndication, Dissemination, and Proliferation in the Core and Mid-Rim Systems, and his parents Nelia and Grove had attempted to bring the recording of the conversation and Talesan to Coruscant so that he could testify.[77]

Jinn encountered the bounty hunter "Gorm the Dissolver" during the mission to protect Talesan Fry.

However, news of Fry's recording had reached a corrupt Senator who had placed a bounty on his head. One of the five bounty hunters had attacked the Frys at night, but had been stopped by a security system created by Talesan. The family had escaped, but the bounty hunter had destroyed the recording, along with their house, and they had gone into hiding. Jinn and Kenobi were assigned to protect Fry, alongside Gallia and Tachi, arriving in Cirrus' capital city of Ciran. The Frys were hiding in one of the hotels, under the alias Yanto, and they expected the Jedi. Jinn and his companions arrived at the inn and made their way to the Frys' room, finding it deserted. Jinn, however, believed that the clerk who had let them in had been acting suspiciously, and the latter soon attacked them, revealing himself to be one of the bounty hunters in disguise. Failing to kill the Jedi, the bounty hunter retreated from the inn, but Jinn had noticed during the fight that the bounty hunter had somehow realized mid-battle where to find the Frys. Checking the room, he concluded that the manan had seen an access card containing a code to enter the room, 2N533, which Jinn believed was a hint left to them by the Frys.[77]

Accessing the map of the city, the Jedi deduced that the code corresponded to District 2, 533 North Ascin Street of Ciran, and they followed the bounty hunter, who had a head start. Once there, after encountering several of Talesan's traps, they met with the boy and his parents. The Jedi decided to evacuate the family to their cruiser using three swoop bikes hidden by the Frys on the roof. However, realizing that the bounty hunter was gaining on them, Nelia and Grove decided to stay behind to distract him from their son, who would leave with the Jedi. The Jedi and their charge made their way to the cruiser and left the planet, but they were pursued by the heavily armed ship of the bounty hunter. Unable to shake him, and knowing that their ship had a reinforced hull, Jinn came up with a plan to fake their ship's crash. The Jedi deliberately took a heavy hit from the bounty hunter and released an escape pod, and the bounty hunter took off after it.[77]

In fact, the Jedi remained aboard the ship, crashing it into the surface of the planet Quadrant Seven, cushioning the impact with whatever soft material they could bring to their cabin. Leaving their Padawans to hide with Fry in one of the caves near the site of their crash-landing, Jinn and Gallia went to the nearby town called Settlement 5 to find new means of transportation, but one of the dealers informed them that the only way to get off the planet from Settlement 5 was by a freighter that was due to arrive in five days. Alternatively, they could hire a spaceship in Settlement 23, but they could not contact that settlement, as comlink communications were being blocked throughout the planet. They could not buy a landspeeder to go to Settlement 23 either, since it would require a permit which could take anywhere from a week to a month to be given to them. Since the assassination was supposed to take place in a week, Jinn decided that they had to wait for the freighter while trying their luck to find some locals who possessed a ship and could give them a ride.[77]

They then spotted the bounty hunter who was trailing them moving through the streets. Jinn and Gallia followed the bounty hunter to a ship, where all the bounty hunters were gathered. Listening to the meeting, Jinn and Gallia discovered the identities of the bounty hunters—Gorm the Dissolver, Pilot, Raptor, Lunasa and their leader Magus—they also found out that not one but twenty planetary leaders were being targeted. Four of the hunters decided to leave Talesan alone and proceed with their mission, but Magus was adamant about killing the boy, and he slipped from the ship as his companions took off. Deciding that it would be more efficient for them to follow the four assassins, Jinn and Tachi remained on the bounty-hunter ship, leaving their Padawans behind. Once they left the planet's jamming field, Jinn could only send a barely comprehensible transmission to Kenobi and Tachi, informing them of Magus and telling them to stay safe until he and Gallia returned.[77]

If they had not returned in five days, then the Padawans were to take the freighter arriving at Settlement 5. After three days of staying aboard the ship, Jinn and Gallia did not learn anything about their destination or the identities of the twenty targets, so they decided to act. Having overheard that Pilot was keeping files on Magus and their employer, Jinn and Gallia snuck into Pilot's cabin while he was sleeping and accessed some of the data. However, as they were leaving, Pilot awoke and tried to stop them. Gallia knocked him out, but he had been able to push an alarm button, notifying the other bounty hunters of the intruders. Jinn and Gallia had to fight their way through the three remaining bounty hunters, as well as droidekas, but they made their way to the ship's escape pod and successfully escaped.[77]

Making their way to the planet Haven, Jinn and Gallia stopped at the Landing Lights café to analyze the data that they had on the assassination. Piecing together information gleaned from the overheard conversations of the bounty hunters and the files they had seen, the Jedi Masters concluded that the assassination was supposed to take place during a meeting somewhere outside the Core Worlds, with twenty planetary leaders present there. Consulting via comlink with Nu, they found out that Magus had ties to the Corporate Alliance Magistrate, Passel Argente and that there was an unofficial meeting of twenty Senators with grievances against the Alliance planned to take place in the Ulta Center on Rondai-2.[77]

Kenobi's girlfriends

"What were we thinking? That we would find a way. That we were Jedi, and we would be apart much of the time. Yet we wouldn't deny the feeling."
"You would break the rule. You would have kept it secret."
"No, I don't think either of us wanted that. I think we felt that we would work something out somehow."
"The same way I feel now!"
"Here is the difference between us. I did not get a chance to examine my decision. To see its pitfalls and its faults. I do not know what would have happened if Tahl had lived. We might have decided to put our great love aside. We might have left the Jedi Order. I do not know. I will never know. And I live with the heartbreak of losing her. But I am living, Obi-Wan. I am continuing to walk the Jedi path. What I'm saying to you is that once in a great while we have a chance to look at our lives and make a choice that will define us. You have that choice. It is ahead of you. Do not make it in haste. Use your head as well as your heart. Remember that you have chosen a life that includes personal sacrifice. This is the greatest sacrifice you can give.
―Jinn trying to convince Kenobi to give up his love for Siri Tachi[src]

Siri Tachi, Kenobi's love interest

Arriving there, Jinn and Gallia surveyed the upcoming meeting place from a nearby café, concluding that it possessed great security and the Senators would feel safe there, which was why Argente had hired five bounty hunters each specializing in different areas. Remembering that Lunasa, the impersonation specialist among the bounty hunters, had changed her hair color to black aboard the ship, and noticing that the inhabitants on Rondai-2 were predominantly black-haired, Jinn realized that she was planning to impersonate one of the natives. Since prestigious establishments such as the Ulta Center prided themselves on not using droids for service needs, Jinn concluded that Lunasa would be impersonating one of the staff members. Indeed, they soon noticed Lunasa arriving at the building, and they also spotted a cloud car piloted by Raptor and Pilot, who had captured Talesan from under the care of their Padawans. Jinn believed that Lunasa was responsible for smuggling the rest of the band in and that Raptor would be that last one, Pilot remaining behind as a getaway driver and to watch over Fry.[77]

The two soon witnessed Pilot creating a traffic accident near the Ulta Center, distracting the attention of the Center's guards. This allowed Raptor, a fish-like bounty hunter with gills, to dive into a central water supply that provided water to the pools inside the suites of the building. Using their aquata breathers, Jinn and Gallia followed the bounty hunter through the maze-like passages of the pipes, emerging near the gathering of the four bounty hunters, all except Pilot. The bounty hunters, all heavily armed, split up, and the Jedi decided to take them out one by one. While Gallia went for Lunasa, Jinn followed Raptor to the laundry. Raptor attacked the Jedi, firing heat-seeking rockets from his rocket launcher, but Jinn caused several bins and sheets to fall from an overhanging conveyor belt, interfering with the rocket's homing device and making it explode on contact with Raptor.[77]

Jinn rejoined Gallia, who had Lunasa pinned by the security of the building, and the two pursued Gorm and Magus to the Constellation Suite, where the meeting was to take place. The Senators were already gathered there, protected by a small security team, several members of which had been killed by the bounty hunters. As Jinn and Gallia arrived inside the room, Magus attacked the remaining guards with poison darts, while Lunasa descended from a floor above on a line beside the window and threw a grenade in the room, Jinn helped the Senators take cover and then jumped at Lunasa, slamming both of them down into one of the pools below. Telling one of the shocked security guards to keep her under guard, he went to assist Gallia, who had engaged Magus in a fight on the roof. As Jinn joined Gallia, however, Magus escaped by jumping off to a rooftop below, leaving Jinn and Gallia with a choice to follow him or to defend the Senators against Gorm, who was still on the loose.[77]

However, Kenobi and Tachi then appeared at the scene, telling their Masters that they would chase Magus. Jinn and Gallia returned to the Senators, engaging the half-machine, flamethrower-using Gorm in battle. After a brief fight, Jinn and Gallia incapacitated the cyborg by damaging his head. Jinn then spotted Magus at the end of a hallway above, diving into a turbolift to the rooftop. As Kenobi and Tachi rejoined their Masters, the four Jedi used their cable launchers to ascend to the roof, where Pilot was waiting for Magus in an escape vehicle, holding Fry hostage. Magus ordered Pilot to come out from the vehicle with Fry and drop him off the roof if the Jedi did not let them go. Not willing to cause harm to the boy, Jinn agreed. However, Magus did not wait for Pilot, jumped into the airspeeder and left, knocking Pilot and Fry off the roof in the process. Tachi was quick to react, as she leaped off the roof, caught Fry and used her cable launcher to stop their fall and climb back.[77]

In the aftermath of the attack, two Senators had been badly wounded, but none were killed. Pilot and Raptor were dead, Gorm and Lunasa were captured, while Magus had escaped. Fry told the Jedi that the bounty hunters had kept them alive because he had lied to them about having another copy of the original recording that would be transmitted to the Senate in case of his death. Jinn did not have any proof that Argente had been behind the attack, but he suspected that Fry had some evidence against the Magistrate, although whether he would reveal that was unclear. At the end of the mission, as Jinn looked at Kenobi and Tachi, however, he realized that they treated each other with unusual affection, and Jinn realized that his Padawan had fallen in love after spending so much time with Gallia's Padawan and surviving a near-death experience together on their way to Rondai-2.[77]

Jinn and Kenobi protecting Duchess Satine

After bringing Fry to Coruscant, Jinn informed Yoda about Kenobi's secret love. After they escorted Fry to the Senate for his testimony, Jinn and Yoda spoke with the boy at the Room of a Thousand Fountains, where the two Jedi Masters tried to convince Jinn's Padawan that it would be better for him to let go of his feelings for Tachi. Jinn and Yoda insisted that their love could lead them into leaving the Jedi Order, which would be detrimental to the Order and that they would never rest easy with that. Kenobi protested, remembering Jinn and Tahl's own romantic experience, but Jinn explained to his Padawan that his situation was different, as he had never had the time to analyze his decision before Tahl's death, and they might have eventually decided to abandon their love altogether. Tachi arrived in the room, informing those present that Fry had given the testimony against the bounty hunters, but he had not revealed the identity of their contractor. Also, Magus had struck and had killed the boy's parents, orphaning him. Jinn and Yoda then left Kenobi and Tachi alone to have a hard talk regarding their future. The Padawans did as the Masters had suggested, burying the love for each other deep within themselves and never speaking of it again.[77]

At some point during Jinn's time as Kenobi's Master,[78] the two were dispatched on an extended mission to the planet Mandalore, where a devastating conflict known as the Great Clan Wars was raging between multiple warlike Mandalorian factions that opposed the leadership of the New Mandalorians, a pacifist faction that had the de facto rule of the Mandalore sector.[79] Jinn and his Padawan were tasked with protecting Satine Kryze, who had become the leader of the New Mandalorians after her father's death during the conflict[80] and who had been elected the Duchess of Mandalore.[81] The two Jedi spent a full year on Mandalore, protecting the Duchess from the hostile insurgents who opposed her rule and who sent bounty hunters after her. At times, Jinn, Kenobi and their charge were forced to take refuge on other worlds of the Mandalore sector, such as Draboon, in order to evade the assassins. During that time, Kenobi and Kryze developed romantic feelings for each other, and Kenobi nearly left the Jedi Order to be with her, but he ultimately stayed true to the Jedi path.[82] During their travels, Jinn and Kenobi also met Harko and Elodore Vane of the House of Vane, the ruling house of the planet Valahari, known for being a home to one of the best starship engineers in the galaxy. The Vanes grew very fond of Jinn.[83]

Later missions

The Aurorient Express

"You must learn, as I did from my own Master, that the true moral value of an act can be calculated by weighing the spirit of the motivation against the benefit of the result."
"He actual