The QuietSnipe was a sniper rifle model that fired mag-pellet projectiles and featured a telescoping barrel. Jedi Knight Jaina Solo utilized a QuietSnipe in the Second Battle of Roche during the Second Galactic Civil War, when she attempted to assassinate her brother, the Sith Lord Darth Caedus, in the Strategic Planning Forum on the asteroid Nickel One.


The QuietSnipe was a magrifle that used magnetic acceleration to fire mag-pellet projectiles. Classified as a sniper rifle, the QuietSnipe featured a telescoping barrel, a front sight, and a trigger. The weapon could hold one magazine of a hundred mag-pellets at a time, which had to be attached to a feeder on the rifle. The entirety of the QuietSnipe's mag-pellet magazine could be expended in three seconds if one fired continuously, and the sniper rifle could fire mag-pellets fast enough as to tear through seats or spin around a man if he was hit.[1]


The QuietSnipe was in circulation amidst the Second Galactic Civil War, a chaotic conflict that saw the Sith Lord Darth Caedus lead elements of the Galactic Alliance and other forces loyal to him against the Jedi Coalition.[1] In 41 ABY,[2] with the aid of the Mandalorians, the Jedi assaulted the Roche system, where Caedus resided on the asteroid Nickel One, guarded by Galactic Alliance and Imperial Remnant forces. During the fighting, Jedi Knight Jaina Solo, Caedus' sister, infiltrated the asteroid's defenses armed with a QuietSnipe in an attempt to assassinate her sibling.[1]

While Caedus fought a Mandalorian team in the asteroid's Strategic Planning Forum, Solo, perched in a nearby projection booth, found her brother within her QuietSnipe's sights. Solo managed to send a mag-pellet through Caedus' shoulder, but the Sith Lord evaded any further projectiles. Solo then resorted to using her lightsaber as she pressed an attack that ultimately saw Caedus lose an arm before he retreated.[1]

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The QuietSnipe appeared in Troy Denning's Invincible, the final novel of the Star Wars: Legacy of the Force series, released in 2008.[1]



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