"I don't know. I've never been back this far. But they say there's a Sith principality that's run by children."
"Children? You don't mean that."
"Well, I don't much about it. I always imagined it was some kind of regency deal, with the power behind the creche and all of that."
―Jarrow Rusher and Kerra talking about the Dyarchy[src]

Quillan, a male Human Sith, was the twin brother of Dromika and one of the youngest children of Sith Lord Chagras and the younger siblings of Arkadia Calimondra. During the New Sith Wars, Byllura was controlled by the Chagras Hegemony. Following the death of Chagras, the ruler of the hegemony, Byllura became the capital of the Dyarchy and was governed by the Sith Lord twins Dromika and Quillan with Saaj Calician serving as its Regent. Their reign ended in 1032 BBY when Byllura fell to the forces of the Arkadianate.


Early lifeEdit

"Chagras dotted on the twins so... It was so hard, when he was taken away from them."
―Vilia Calimondra[src]

Quillan with his twin sister Dromika were the youngest children of the Sith Lord Chagras, ruler of the Sith realm known as the Chagras Hegemony during the New Sith Wars. In 1040 BBY, Chagras died which sparked a second series of clan warfare among the Sith clan ruling the Grumani sector. At that period, Quillan and Dromika were only five years old. They became rulers of a rump state known as the Dyarchy which was governed on their behalf by their Krevaaki Regent Saaj Calician. They lived on the planet Byllura, residing on a mesa situated above the capital city of Hestobyll.[2]

During his childhood, Quillan specialized in using the Force to manipulate their surrounding environment, making all other sentient beings and droids de-facto extensions of their will. With the assistance of Calician, Quillan and Dromika employed a network of Celegians to transmit mental suggestions which enthralled the population of Byllura in functioning like a single living organism. To maintain their control over the Dyarchy, Calician employed a force of red-clad Unifiers to enforce compliance among the population by using Force persuasion. This feat was unparalleled elsewhere within the Grumani sector since even Sith Lord Daiman, who regarded himself as the omnipresent Creator of the universe, was unable to exert the same level of direct control over the daily affairs of his own subjects.[2]

During their rule, they stayed within their mesa as Quillan suffered from an powerful farsight ability while he was taken care of by Dromika, Calician, and a large retinue of servant droids. Quillan's Force perceptions were so strong that all other sentient beings had to address them from a dais situated at some distance from their throne, which consisted of a pile of orange pillows. Since Quillan perceived living beings as mere phantasm shining radiantly through the Force which blinded his physical senses, only servant droids were allowed to physically approach the twins. Throughout much of his life, Quillan dwelled almost entirely within his expansive mind and preferred to delegate much of his interaction with the outside world to his twin Dromika and their Regent Calician.[2]

Their Regent Calician intended to use the twin siblings' mental Force powers to further his own grandiose ambitions of galactic domination. Calician himself believed that for one Sith to rule the entire galaxy, all other beings had to be constituent parts of the "self". Five years before the fall of the Dyarchy in 1032 BBY, Calician himself commissioned the creation of a fleet of fourteen large battlecruisers with a single Force-sensitive Celegian onboard each one that would receive orders directly from Byllura itself. These battleships were constructed within hidden hangars beneath the capital Hestobyll's large reflection pools. By 1032 BBY, this fleet was ready for operations and Calician intended to use them to invade the Daimanate's rearward systems as his first step towards galactic domination.[2]

The Jedi IntruderEdit

"You will destroy the Jedi! You will destroy the Jedi! "
"Yes—I will destroy the Jedi. Not you! Me! Release me! You will release me!"
―Dromika and Saaj Calician, as Calician protested that he be permitted to fight Kerra Holt by himself, and not under the twin's Force influence[src]

Following the Battle of Gazzari, the Jedi Knight Kerra Holt along with the mercenary Jarrow Rusher and several refugee children whom she had rescued on Gazzari traveled on the Diligence to Byllura, while en route to the Galactic Republic. Quillan immediately sense Kerra's presence through the Force and ordered Calician to monitor the newcomers and include them. Calician ordered the Celegian known as "One" to contact the orbital defense stations and to report the appearance of any strangers immediately. The Diligence was allowed to dock at a landing platform in Hestobyll's spaceport. Upon arrival, "One" directed people to move the refugees into a center where they would then be assigned living quarters and then "integrated" into the population.[2]

Kerra quickly sensed that the entire population of Byllura was being controlled by an unknown force (revealed to be the Celegian "One") through Force Persuasion, noting that everyone moved by one accord. In an attempt to save two of charges the Sullustan Tan Tengo and the Duros Beadle Lubboon from being forcibly "integrated" into Dyarchy subjects, Kerra quickly started a fight with several Unifiers who were mounted on speeder bikes. Meanwhile, Jarrow and the rest of Rusher's Brigade took on a party of Unifiers attempting to seize control of the Diligence. During the ensuing Battle of Byllura, Kerra pursued Tan and Beadle's captors through the streets of Hestoybyll across the bay into the mesa, where the Force presence controlling the people of Byllura was emanating from. Kerra succeeded in infiltrating The Loft through the airspeeder hangar bay, fighting off several Unifiers along the way.[2]

Quillan and Dromika also sensed Kerra's presence through the Force and forced Calician to destroy the Jedi intruder. Kerra by then had realized that the Sith were using Celegians to control the populace through mental suggestions. She infiltrated the chamber where the Celegian "One" was being housed within a large transparisteel cylinder at the center of the room. Kerra was able to communicate with "One" and convince him to work against his Sith overlords by sending confusing signals to the other Celegians and their charges. She commanded him to order the guards to return to their barracks and then to command another guard to bring the prisoners Tan and Beaddle to the hangar bay. Finally, she order "One" to order the people of Hestobyll to return to their homes and to stop sending messages for his Sith overlords.[2]

Using mental suggestions, Quillan and Dromika ordered the Krevakii Regent Calician to fight with Kerra, leading to a brief lightsaber duel. Calician was able to end the duel by luring her into a turbolift, under the pretext of rescuing her two young charges. Upon arriving up the top floor of the Loft, the twins used mental suggestions to order their nanny droids to attack Kerra, hurtling themselves at the Jedi woman. Kerra entered the half-black dome housing their throne room and confronted the twins. While she initially mistook them for captives, she quickly realized they were the focus of the dark side energy she had felt. They were joined by Calician who introduced Kerra to the Sith twins, explaining their philosophy of including all life under their control. The Regent tried to coerce Kerra into joining the Dyarchy by threatening her with death.[2]

The End of the DyarchyEdit

"He's just a kid! And you're telling me he's Sith?"
"A Sith Lord."
"Oh, well that makes sense. We didn't have a Sith Lord in the collection. Glad you brought him on board!"
―Jarrow and Kerra[src]

Having trapped and cornered their first major Jedi enemy, Quillan ordered his sister Dromika to order Kerra to kneel. When Kerra refused to submit to the twins, Dromika used her powers of force persuasion to compel Kerra to kneel. However, the twins quickly became embroiled in an argument with their Regent over who would have the pleasure of executing the "Jedi aspect."[2]

Calician wanted to kill Kerra with his lightsaber-batons but Dromika wanted to do it herself. The twins used their Force powers to physically bind Calician to his position. As Calician argued with the twins and demanded that they release him, Kerra was able to reignite her lightsaber and then attack the Regent, severing one of his tentacles. She then engaged the twins in a mental battle of using telepathy to hurl objects across the room at each other.[2]

The ensuing duel was interrupted by the arrival of the Diligence which breached through the Lodge. During the fighting, Kerra quickly realized that Quillan was using his sister Dromika as a puppet to carry out his bidding. In the ensuing chaos, Kerra took Quillan hostage and brought him onboard the Diligence, fleeing Dromika who had picked up one of Calician's lightsabers. Meanwhile, Jarrow had already picked up Tan and Beadle from the palace's airspeeder hangar bay. Once aboard the Diligence, Quillan was detained on the nook of the warship's command bridge and guarded by two armed mercenaries. During his captivity, Quillan descended into a tantrum of howling fits since he had never been out of his room in the Loft before.[2]

Despite Quillan's helpless state, Jarrow was angered by Kerra's decision to bring a Sith Lord aboard, citing Admiral Telettoh's maxim never to let a Sith Lord aboard a Republic vessel. Telettoh had been a Republic Admiral during the Mandalorian Wars centuries earlier who had made the mistake of allowing a secret Sith known as Malak aboard his ship Testament. With the Dyarchy's ruler in captivity, his sister Dromika no longer had commands to relay to their Celegians. Unable to cope with the kidnapping of her twin, Dromika had collapsed into a coma. Within minutes, the twin's intricate command system on Byllura had collapsed as the population emerged from their mentally-induced thralldom and rebelled against the Dyarchy. Riots quickly broke out across Byllura's surface including the capital city Hestobyll. This situation was further complicated by the rebellion of the Celegians themselves after "One" had successfully convince the others to rebel against their Sith overlords and to cease sending transmissions.[2]

Under the Quillan's rule, Byllura had been a model of Sith centralization, with a non-electronic system centered on the will power of one Sith Lord. Ultimately with the loss of their ruler, centralization proved to be the Dyarchy's archilles heel. A desperate Regent Calician contacted Kerra via intercom, inquiring about whether Quillan was still alive and explaining the full of extent of the impact of Quillan's kidnapping on the Dyarchy. With Dromika trapped in a coma, Calician tried to get Kerra to kill Quillan since he wanted revenge for the thralldom he endured at the hands of the twins. In return, Kerra also got Calician to free the captive Celegians. As the Diligence was exiting Byllura's upper atmosphere, the Dyarchy was invaded by a fleet of Arkadianate warships led by their older sibling and Sith Lord Arkadia Calimondra. Arkadia's warfleet quickly neutralized the Dyarchy's battleships and captured the Diligence in their tractor beam projector.[2]

Escaping the ArkadianateEdit

"How could you? You sent your own brother to die—in a trap against your grandmother? How could you?"
"There can be only one Sith Lord. And no Jedi."
―Kerra confronting Arkadia Calimondra about her fratricidal plot to kill bother Quillan and their grandmother Vilia[src]

Following the Battle of Byllura, Quillan was taken into the custody of his older sister and brought to her capital Syned, a barren and frozen world. Arkadianite forces also found Calician and executed him, and according to a report received by the Bothan spy Narsk Ka'hane, Calician met his end quietly. Ultimately, Byllura fell and the Dyarchy was subsumed into Arkadia's territories. Meanwhile, his sister Dromika still remained within their mountain top palace but was also placed under the custody of Arkadianate guardians. Since Quillan had completely enthralled his twin sister through their telepathic bond, Arkadia took steps to ensure that the two siblings remained separated for the rest of their lives. She hoped that Dromika would be able to lead a better quality of life following her separation from Quillan.[2]

Throughout his time on Syned, Quillan remained immersed in his mind, appearing to outsiders to be in a catatonic state. He thus had to be transported on a special brown repulsorlift chair. Quillan was also present at a holographic Bequest session convened by his grandmother and family matriarch Vilia Calimondra. Vilia allowed her older grand daughter Arkadia to take possession of the former Dyarchy. Concerned at her grandson's well-being, Vilia arranged for Quillan to be transported to her secret residence, with its coordinates being sent via a secure channel. The Bothan spy Narsk would be assigned with ferrying Quillan on a shuttle transport to Vilia's secret location.[2]

However, Arkadia sought to use this as an opportunity to kill both her grandmother and her younger brother, subscribing to the Sith credo that there could only be one Sith. She prepared a special repulsorlift chair for Quillan which had a concealed nerve gas canister. Arkadia intended to kill Quillan while en route to Vilia's location. She also attempted to recruit the Jedi Knight Kerra Holt as an assassin to kill Vilia; seeking revenge for the death of their father Chagras and to end the stalemated Second Charge Matrica, a series of feudal Sith conflicts. When Kerra objected, Arkadia had her imprisoned but the Jedi woman managed to escape with the help of Narsk, who had been a secret agent for Vilia.[2]

Narsk also swapped Quillan's repulsorlift chair, leaving the deadly one carrying nerve gas with the ground technicians. The shuttle departed amid the Siege of Calimondretta, which had been staged as a diversionary escape by Kerra and mercenary Rusher and damaged large areas of the Calimondretta. During the journey, Narsk's ears were permanently destroyed by the impact caused by sonic bombardment during the fighting. However, he succeeded in delivering Quillan safely to Vilia who assumed ultimate custody of both her younger grand children. Meanwhile, two of Vilia's other agents had spirited his sister Dromika away from Byllura, bring her into Vilia Calimondra's empire. Knowing the dynamics of the close albeit abusive bond between the twins, Vilia also ensured that the twins were kept far apart from each other. She did not want Quillan and Dromika's Force powers to be exploited by older opportunists like Calician and Arkadia.[2]

Personality and traitsEdit

"Yes, Quillan. Grandmother understands."
―Vilia reading Quillan's thoughts[src]

Quillan held a powerful affinity with the Force, holding a powerful farsight ability that allowed him to accurately see the future in great detail. However, due to this ability he suffered from fever, headaches and the need for everyone around him to wear dark colors in order to keep him from hurting. As with the Sith Lord Odion, Quillan's had hypersensitive Force perceptions which caused all other sentient beings shine brightly through the Force from his perspective. He spent most if not all of his life on Byllura kept away from everything that could harm him including colors. Whenever he was confronted by something new, Quillan would often go into a corner and enter a fetal position while Dromika tried to calm him down.[2]

Quillan and his twin sister Dromika regarded all other agencies outside themselves including both sentient beings and droids as aspects. While the twins were separated physically in body, they were conjoined through the Force which made them one inseparable being. Dromika was the only person able to contact him since she only she shared the same Force plane that he dwelled within According to Regent Calician, this Force bond was so strong that no form of science or Sith alchemy could separate them. Calician also recalled that Quillan had never spoken a word prior to the Battle of Byllura when he was around fourteen years old.[2]

Powers and abilitiesEdit

"An error of youth and inexperience, Quillan always would have been dependent on a physical linkage, somewhere. And that linkage could be attacked"
―Arkadia Calimondra describing the "archilles' heel" of her younger brother's powers[src]

Quillan lived entirely within his expansive mind, preferring to use mental Force suggestions to manipulate other sentient beings into doing his will. Due to his mind powers, Quillan succeeded in controlling the minds of all the inhabitants of Byllura, making the planet's population almost like a single-celled organism. He also had a natural talent of far-seeing into the future. Due to his deep afinity with the Force, Quillan rarely spoke and instead delegated the tasks of communications to his twin Dromika and their Regent Calician.[2]

Unlike most other Sith however, Quillan and his twin sister Dromika lacked any discernible combat skills since they preferred to act through their environment, using other beings as extensions of their will. Quillan had lived in the Loft for much of his life and had never engaged in physical exercise or labor. Even as a teenager, Quillan always donned pyjamas and rarely left his throne room. In terms of physical appearance, Quillan had sandy hair and had dark, saggy eyes.[2]

Behind the scenesEdit

Quillan first appeared as a minor antagonist in John Jackson Miller's novel Knight Errant, which was first released on January 25, 2011. While this was Miller's first published novel, he also developed the script for the Star Wars: Knight Errant comic series, which is closely tied to the novel. To date, he has not appeared within the comic series.

On his personal website Faraway Press, Miller commented that he wanted to use Quillan and his sister Dromika to show how the accident of being born into Sith Space could have tragic results on the lives of Force-sensitive children living under Sith rule. He argued that Quillan had been forged into a weapon under his Sith mentor Saaj Calician. Miller also hypothesized that had Quillan been born under better circumstances in the Galactic Republic, the Jedi could have helped them to lead normal lives.[3]



Notes and referencesEdit

  1. Page 181 of the novel Knight Errant mentions that Quillan was 14 years old during the events of the book. As the article Engineering with LEGOs: Creating the Ships of Knight Errant states that Knight Errant is set in 1032 BBY, this places Quillan's birth in circa 1046 BBY.
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