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"When the war is over, the map of the galaxy will look very different."

Quille was a male Imperial Grand Moff serving on the Imperial Remnant's Council of Moffs in 41 ABY. A rival to Imperial Supreme Commander Gilad Pellaeon, Quille led a faction of Moffs on the Council in opposition to the aged Pellaeon. An expansionist Moff, Quille wished to see the Remnant transformed into a new Galactic Empire, one that would potentially rival the incumbent galactic government, the Galactic Federation of Free Alliances.

During the Second Galactic Civil War between the Galactic Alliance and the breakaway Confederation, Alliance Joint-Chief of State and Sith Lord Darth Caedus sent a communique to Pellaeon regarding a potential military pact between the Alliance and the Remnant for an attack on the Confederation world of Fondor. When Pellaeon refused, Caedus contacted Quille and offered him the same deal—in exchange for the Remnant's naval forces, Caedus would hand over control of Bilbringi and Borleias to the Remnant. Faced with the chance of expanding the Remnant's borders, Quille presented the offer at a meeting of the Council. After Pellaeon and the Moffs discussed the proposal, the Moffs unanimously agreed to accept the offer and assist the Alliance in capturing and holding Fondor.

During the Second Battle of Fondor, Quille and a group of his Moffs accompanied Pellaeon into the battle aboard the Turbulent-class Star Destroyer Bloodfin. As the battle progressed, Pellaeon was assassinated by aspiring Sith apprentice Tahiri Veila. Quille and his faction quickly assumed command of the Star Destroyer, but a mutiny led by Pellaeon's aide, Vitor Reige, forced the traitorous Moffs to barricade themselves within the warship's command citadel. A boarding party of Mandalorian soldiers led by Mandalore Boba Fett advanced on the citadel and quickly broke in, laying waste to the trapped Moffs inside. Quille, along with his entire faction, perished in the attack.


Caedus's offerEdit

"Admiral, something significant has come to our attention. I wonder if we might discuss it in the wider context of the war."
"The Empire has managed to stay out of the conflict so far. What do you mean by context?"
"Threats and opportunities, Admiral. The war is sucking in more worlds, and the Jedi Council has upped sticks and moved out of Coruscant, which is a worrying development. It suggests more fragmentation in existing alliances, and that might make our neighboring sectors unstable. But it might also give us an opportunity to expand our sphere of influence."
―Quille and Pellaeon, during a meeting of the Moff Council[src]

Gilad Pellaeon, Supreme Commander of the Imperial Remnant

Quille was a male Grand Moff of the Imperial Remnant who, by 41 ABY, had a seat on the ruling Council of Moffs. The leader of a faction of Moffs in opposition to Imperial Supreme Commander Gilad Pellaeon, Quille was an influential member of the Council and was almost constantly surrounded by an entourage of Moffs who also opposed Pellaeon. Additionally, Quille was one of many Moffs who possessed ambitions of expanding the Imperial Remnant's borders.[1]

In 41 ABY, as the Second Galactic Civil War raged on between the Galactic Alliance and the breakaway rebellion known as the Confederation, Galactic Alliance Joint-Chief of State Darth Caedus sought to attack the Colonies world of Fondor, a key member of the Confederation. To ensure an Alliance victory, Caedus sought the aide of the Remnant for the engagement and sent a formal request to Pellaeon. The Supreme Commander, however, had no desire to ally the Remnant with Caedus's government and initially refused the offer. Caedus was set on gaining the Remnant's aid, so he decided to bypass Pellaeon and introduce the offer directly to the Moffs. To do so, he informed Quille of the offer.[1]

The Council of Moffs met in the city of Ravelin on the Remnant capital of Bastion shortly thereafter. As the meeting commenced, Quille revealed the proposal to his fellow Moffs, proving Pellaeon's theory that the Grand Moff had been informed of the same offer from Caedus. When Quille announced that the opportunity had presented itself to expand the Remnant's borders, Moff Drikl Lecersen—one of Pellaeon's allies—encouraged Quille to continue. The Moffs briefly discussed the issue, weighing the pros and cons of allying with the Galactic Alliance. When one Moff inquired as to the details of the offer, Pellaeon intervened and announced that Caedus was fully prepared to hand over the systems of Bilbringi and Borleias in exchange for access to the Remnant's forces. When other Moffs brought up the possibility that Caedus might lose the war, Quille noted that the Alliance Chief of State had already won many battles. However, as there was no formal offer, the Moffs did not vote on the matter and promptly filed out of the room.[1]

At a later meeting, the Moffs again brought up the proposal. Pellaeon was under the assumption that it would take an effort to hold both Bilbringi and Borleias, but Quille, for the most part, was convinced otherwise. Moff Rosset suggested the Remnant forces could easily take both systems without accepting Caedus's offer, but Quille believed that, should the Remnant accept the offer and aid in the capture of Fondor, the Alliance would be too preoccupied to hold the world and request further Remnant assistance—which would allow the Remnant to annex Fondor unopposed. Even Pellaeon was willing to agree with that point. When the Supreme Commander asked the Moffs if they were all agreed in accepting the offer, they applauded enthusiastically.[1]

Events above Fondor and deathEdit

"They're in disarray, and Fondor is still restorable, even if it's crippled in places. I'd trade a couple of B-list planets for this."
―Quille, during the Battle of Fondor[src]

The Remnant having accepted Caedus's offer, a flotilla of Imperial warships was assembled to aid in the Galactic Alliance assault on Fondor. Quille and his faction of Moffs accompanied Pellaeon into the engagement aboard the Turbulent-class Star Destroyer Bloodfin. As the battle progressed and Fondor's defeat seemed imminent, Caedus ordered the orbital bombardment of the Fondorian city Oridin. Admiral Cha Niathal, the other Alliance Chief of State, was appalled by Caedus's tactic and, via comlink, informed Fondorian President Shas Vadde that if he surrendered, she would personally see to it that the world was granted special status in the Alliance and given aid in recovering from the bombardment. Though Vadde accepted the offer and called off his fleet, Caedus insisted that the Alliance forces seize the opportunity and destroy the Fondorian fleet. In the tense seconds that followed, the four elements of the battle—Caedus's forces, Niathal's ships, the Remnant flotilla, and the Fondorian fleet—waited for someone to make a move.[1]

Caedus EA

Darth Caedus, Galactic Alliance Chief of State

The standoff fueled Quille's ambitions. As the Moffs and Pellaeon discussed their course of action, Quille suggested that the Imperial forces seize the moment to capture Fondor for themselves. Pellaeon scolded the Grand Moff for the idea—secretly hoping that Tahiri Veila, Caedus's liaison aboard the Bloodfin, had overheard Quille and would inform Caedus of the Grand Moff's intentions. Quille backed down when Pellaeon pressed him further. Meanwhile, Caedus made his move and resumed the battle, prompting Niathal and Pellaeon to order their respective fleets to side with Fondor. Pellaeon's decision unsettled the Moffs slightly, but even Quille agreed that they would honor the surrender. As Pellaeon left the Moffs and adjourned to his cabin, he wondered what he would do with Quille once the battle was over.[1]

When Veila attempted to change Pellaeon's mind and have him stand down against Caedus's forces, Pellaeon refused and promptly ordered his commanders and ships to place themselves at Niathal's disposal. For this, Veila shot Pellaeon with her blaster. Quille cast a cursory glance into the cabin to see what had happened; when he noticed Pellaeon on the ground, he withdrew his head from the cabin. As Pellaeon lay dying, he heard Quille and his Moffs conversing just outside the cabin, with Quille telling the others to wait until they were sure Pellaeon was dead, lest they become involved in the murder. Before the Supreme Commander died, he whispered his last word—"Quille"—into a comlink, hoping his ally Admiral Natasi Daala would hear the name and add it to her list of traitorous Moffs to kill. With Pellaeon gone, Quille became the senior Moff aboard the Bloodfin.[1]

Seizing the opportunity, Quille and his Moffs attempted to take control of the Bloodfin. However, when the ship's personnel learned of the Supreme Commander's death, one of Pellaeon's aides, Vitor Reige, led the crew in mutinying against the Moffs.[2] Quille and his allies were forced to barricade themselves inside the hardened citadel that was the Star Destroyer's command center. A boarding party of Mandalorian Supercommandos under the command of Mandalore Boba Fett and in the employ of Daala fought their way toward the citadel, wiping out any resistance that stood in their way. When the fighting was over, the traitorous Moffs—Quille included—lay dead throughout the command center. Daala walked through the carnage and personally inspected the bodies, proud to see that Pellaeon had been avenged.[1]

Personality and traitsEdit

"But the GA isn't going to be able to hold Fondor without us, because that'll require an occupying army after it surrenders. Poor old GA, short of hands—and we offer to look after the place while it's busy hammering more wayward systems back into the Alliance fold. We end up staying. And… possession is nine-tenths of the law, after all."

Quille, like some of his contemporary Moffs, was an expansionist who wished to see the Imperial Remnant grow and transform into a new Galactic Empire. The Grand Moff held considerable power on the Council of Moffs, as he was the leader of a faction of Moffs in opposition to longtime Supreme Commander Gilad Pellaeon. Pellaeon did not underestimate the Grand Moff or his faction. As the events above Fondor unfolded, Quille's willingness to use the situation to further his own ambitions led Pellaeon to believe that the man lacked loyalty—the Grand Moff had betrayed the Supreme Commander, and was ready to betray Caedus as well. When Pellaeon was murdered, Quille decided against touching the corpse, lest he become "unclean" and therefore a conspirator in the Supreme Commander's death.[1]

Behind the scenesEdit

Grand Moff Quille first appeared in Karen Traviss's 2008 novel Legacy of the Force: Revelation, the eight novel in the Legacy of the Force series. In the book, he played a relatively minor role as Gilad Pellaeon's chief opponent on the Council of Moffs and a key supporter of Darth Caedus's proposal of Alliance-Remnant unification. He was later given an entry in The Complete Star Wars Encyclopedia.



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