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"When I said that would be all Admiral—I meant it!"
―Darth Vader[src]

Quist was an Admiral in the Imperial Navy and head of the fleet which succeeded in pushing the Rebellion off of Yavin 4. His ship was frequented by Darth Vader during this time, and he had his own meditation chamber aboard the vessel. Following the retreat of the Rebel fleet, Quist and the Imperial ships under his command remained in orbit over Yavin 4 to pick up any stray Rebels that might wander into the system. Lying in wait, the ships eventually detected the arrival of the Millennium Falcon piloted by Han Solo enter into the orbit above the Yavin moon.

Quist informed Vader that a ship had arrived, and the Dark Lord commanded that the Rebel ship be brought aboard with a tractor beam at once. Quist sent a group of TIE fighters to ensure the capture of the ship, but at that exact moment, a meteor shower crossed the path of the Millennium Falcon. Several of the Imperial fighters were destroyed by the space debris, and the group commander eventually requested to abort the mission, as the Rebel ship had most likely been destroyed by the same onslaught, being of larger construct than the TIEs.

Quist authorized the end of the mission, disappointed that they had been unable to capture the craft. In reality, Solo had been able to hide behind several asteroids as the TIE fighters approached, leaving the Rebels free access to Yavin IV's surface after the Admiral called off the attack. Quist was forced to come before Darth Vader to ask for forgiveness for the failure. However, Quist suffered the same fate as all those who had failed Vader, and the Dark Lord of the Sith strangled the man with the Force on the bridge of his ship.