"No, it's not made from Quor'sav, so don't get any funny ideas."
―Part of the description of the dish at Dex's[1]

Quor'sav-fried steak was a type of steak consisting of a large Nerf steak that was coated in seasoned pom seed flour and then pan-grilled. The recipe for the meal originated on the planet Uaua,[1] the homeworld of the Quor'sav species.[2] Quor'sav-fried steak was served on the planet Coruscant as part of the breakfast menu at the eatery known as Dex's Diner, where it cost 12.7 credits. Dexter Jettster, the Besalisk chef and owner of Dex's, served the steak with white dwarf gravy, a side dish, and two gartro eggs made to order, describing it as mouth-watering and delicious. The dish was served at Dex's sometime[1] prior to the diner's destruction in the first two years of the Galactic Empire's reign.[3]

Behind the scenes[]

Quor'sav-fried steak was first mentioned in the 2009 StarWars.com Hyperspace exclusive article, "Dining at Dex's," which was written by Gregory Walker in the style of an in-universe menu.


Notes and references[]

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