"I'm surprised you weren't murdered years ago!"
―Quorl Matrin, to Rik Duel[src]

Quorl Matrin was a male Human Senator of the Galactic Empire who represented the Gordian Reach.[source?] When Luke Skywalker, hero of the Rebel Alliance, discovered the lost statue of the Stenax deity named Vol, he was betrayed to Matrin. The governor tried to purchase the statue, but was ultimately ripped in pieces by Stenaxes who regarded him as a blasphemer.


"That man over there! It's Quorl Matrin. He's an Imperial governor. We served in the Senate together."
Leia Organa[src]

A male of the Human species, Quorl Matrin was allied with the Galactic Empire, the galactic government that had been established by Supreme Chancellor Palpatine to replace the Old Republic and let the Sith rule the Known Universe. Initially, Matrin represented the Gordian Reach[source?] sector of space in the Imperial Senate, the puppet legislative council of the Empire.

In the third month of the year 0 BBY, the Galactic Emperor Palpatine decided to shut down "for the duration of the emergency," ostensibly due to the Rebel Alliance having penetrated the highest levels of the government. To fill the open void in the Imperial government, the regional governors were given direct control over their territories.

Under those circumstances, Quorl Matrin lost his status as a senator, but was made Governor of the planet Stenos, in the Outer Rim Territories. He answered to Grand Moff Bertroff Hissa, a part-Human, part-Sephi hybrid who had risen within the ranks in spite of the Empire's speciesist policies. Matrin and Hissa became close friends, driven by their shared passion for archaeology. Matrin referred to Hissa by his nickname, "Troff," and would often perform impersonations of his superiors, to Hissa's amusement. Even when Matrin was away, he kept contact with his Grand Moff friend, including when he started studying the Stenax species on their homeworld of Stenos. Matrin had promised he would keep Hissa up to date during the expedition, including his difficulty getting the attention of the autochthons. Their relationship, however, met an untimely end when Matrin died only a few months after the disbanding of the Senate.

When a Rebel hero named Luke Skywalker found the statue of Vol, a ancient Stenax deity, he was betrayed to Matrin. The governor, still keenly inteested in archaeology, paid a generous amount to have the relic recovered. Unfortunately for Matrin, the local Stenaxes tore him to shreds for having violated the statue in their eyes.



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