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Qyzen Fess was a male Trandoshan hunter during the time of the Cold War. Unlike many of his kin, he did not become a mercenary, but instead chose the traditional path of a big game hunter, pitting his skills against the deadliest predators the galaxy had to offer. As such, he became a famed hunter and tracker, with his travels taking him from the swamps of Belkadan to the deserts of Tatooine in search of prey. He lost his right eye during one such hunt, and replaced it with a cybernetic prosthesis. Fess bartered his trophies in exchange for supplies and passage to new hunting grounds, and carried few personal possessions. Instead, he kept hold of only his weapons and a tally of his kills that he offered to the Scorekeeper. His hunting trips occasionally brought him into conflict with other sentient beings, including criminals, Mandalorians and even Jedi Masters, with such experiences making him slow to trust outsiders. However, whenever he did make a friend, Qyzen would defend such individuals with his life.



Qyzen Fess was the son of an unknown Trandoshan big game hunter who died in the sands of Tatooine while hunting his prey. Unlike many of his fellow Trandoshans, Fess rejected the life of a mercenary and instead chose to honor both his father and The Scorekeeper, the Trandoshan goddess, by choosing the path of a big game hunter. Fess took great pride in pitting his skills against some of the galaxy's most dangerous creatures and racked up a lot of Jagannath points to honor his goddess. His travels have taken him to Tatooine, Kashyyyk, where he spent three weeks in the Shadowlands and encountered a beast that cost him his eye, and Belkadan, where he met Jedi Master Yuon Par.

A Jedi Master's friend

Fess became close to Master Par, and he would often travel to the Jedi Temple on Tython to visit his friend. Par's friendship with Fess was not universally accepted by the rest of the Jedi Order; some members even called him a beast and refused to tolerate his presence on the Temple grounds if Par was not at the Temple.

During 3,641 BBY Fess visited Master Par on Tython at the same moment that Par had received her new Padawan learner, a promising young Jedi consular who had received the assignment to track down four lost Jedi Holocrons. The Padawan could only recover three of the four recordings; the fourth was taken by a Force-sensitive Twi'lek named Nalen Raloch. Through the missing holocron, Raloch had discovered the same secret that the Padawan had uncovered from his investigations: that a man named Rajivari had turned on the newly-formed Jedi Order and created a powerful artifact called the Fount of Rajivari. Raloch was slowly being corrupted by the dark side through this discovery and was opposing the Padawan's attempts to find the Fount of Rajivari and use it for himself.

Willing to help Par and her Padawan stop Raloch from finding and using the Fount, Fess offered to help the Padawan to locate Raloch and his followers by scouting a network of caves he had traveled before. It was here tragedy struck for the Trandoshan. Overcome with enemies, Fess was captured and held prisoner by several or Raloch's followers and held in a cage. Fess's capture meant that his points, kills gathered from his hunting were lost to him, and this caused him great shame and embarrassment. Fess was rescued by the Padawan, who went to search for Fess after Par expressed concern that Fess had not yet returned from his scouting trip. Impressed by the Padawan's ability to empathize about his shame in his capture and lost points, Fess came under the impression that the Padawan was the Scorekeeper's Herald, a physical avatar of The Scorekeeper herself. Fess pledged his loyalty to the newly-dubbed Herald and decided to accompany the Herald in order to start the process of regaining his lost points. The duo tracked down Rajivari's fount, which ended up being the Force Ghost of Rajivari himself. Rajivari explained that he was the one that corrupted and manipulated Nalen Raloch to use as his tool to destroy the Jedi Order, and because he deemed Raloch too weak for his purposes, he tried to corrupt the Herald's way of viewing the Jedi Order as well.

Having gotten the information they needed, the pair eventually confronted and defeated Raloch at the Forge, then returned to the Jedi Temple. For dealing with Raloch's threat, Yuon Par swore in her former Padawan as a Jedi Knight in front of the Jedi Council, but promptly fainted.

The Dark Plague


While the Jedi Council and the Herald were wondering what caused Par's sudden collapse, Fess stated that he knew something was wrong with her, and that she had said she was determined to train one last Padawan before her illness overtook her. The Jedi demanded to know why Fess never divulged this information, and he stated it was because every Jedi except Par and the Herald treated him poorly in the past, and so he had no reason to tell them anything. Par was sent to Coruscant by the Jedi Council to recieve medical care and figure out the cause of her illness; Fess and the Herald were determined to accompany Par on her journey.

On Coruscant, Par was turned over to a scientist in the Senate Building for observation. Par began exhibiting strange behavior and delusions, such as coming under the belief that Fess and the Herald had been killed by Flesh Raiders on Tython, her repetition of the phrase "The darkness is coming..." and at one point, she even physically attacked Fess and the Herald with her lightsaber. The Herald deduced that the disease was borne through the Force, and the scientist instructed the Herald and Fess to embark on a mission to find the three Noetikons: the Noetikon of Science, the Noetikon of Secrets, and the Noetikon of Light. The scientist hoped that the secret to whatever illness Par was suffering could be found inside at least one of the Noetikons.

Fess and the Herald tracked down each of the three Noetikons, but individually, they did not have the answer to diagnose Par's illness. Fess and the Herald were instruced by the Noetikons to go into the abandoned Jedi Temple and place the three Noetikons on a specially made machine that will link the knowledge between all three in the hopes that it would provide a cure. Fess and the Herald fought through several Imperial troops that were guarding the Temple to reach the machine that would unite the knowledge of the Noetikons. Once placed into the machine, all three Noetikons diagnosed par's illness as a dark side mind control technique and instructed the Herald on how to use a force shielding technique to shield those affected from dark side control. The Noetikons warned that the last person who used this technique died; Fess expressed confidence to the Noetikons in the Herald's ability and loyalty to Par.

Shortly after the Herald learned the shielding technique, a Sith Lord entered the temple in an attempt to stop the Herald from learning the technique. While he was too late in stopping the Herald from learning it, he used Force Lightning on the machine housing the Noetikons, destroying it so that no one else could learn the technique. To prevent the knowledge of the shielding technique from leaving the temple, Fess and the Herald were attacked by the Sith Lord and two of his acolytes. The pair emerged victorious and returned to the Senate Building and performed the shielding technique on Par, which drained a lot of life energy out of the Herald. News of Par's cure reached the Jedi Temple on Tython, and the Council informed the Herald and Fess that reports had been coming in from Taris of another Jedi Master with similar symptoms to those displayed by Par.

Personality and Traits

Qyzen Fess is a hunter, tracker, and trapper. He had been hunting prey for years, often going from planet to planet in search of prey. Unlike many other Trandoshans, Fess disliked mercenary work; this is due to a conflict with his sense of honor. He does not kill weak prey, as he deems them unworthy of his skill, and does not like strong enemies being left alive.

Fess was strictly devoted to his goddess, The Scorekeeper, and viewed the loss of his eye during an encounter with a beast in the Shadowlands as The Scorekeeper's lesson on humility and overconfidence. He felt great shame in having been captured on Tython and losing all of his points, and the shame of his capture lingered until he visited his father's remains on Tatooine.

From the various types of people he encountered on his travels, not all of them honorable, Fess was hesitant to make friends. Once he found someone he liked and trusted, he was loyal and defended them with his life.

Behind the scenes

Qyzen is the starting companion character for the Jedi Consular class in Star Wars: The Old Republic,[1] acquired near the end of the starting experience. In-game, he functions as a melee tank.

While his official art has him depicted as holding a gun, in-game he uses a techblade and a shield generator as his weapons.

Three phrases of Aurabesh are written on Qyzen's biography page on the official Old Republic website; when translated, they say "Shadowlands beast", "Herald of the Scorekeeper" and "Bones in the desert".



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