"Its core identity only speaks the R&D language of the base—that disappeared along with it."
"Ah! And I was also a product of good Sir Tarkin's initiative, and so am entirely fluent with all internal test languages."
Dr. Chelli Aphra and 0-0-0 discuss the R&D language[src]

This R&D language was an internal test language used by the Tarkin Initiative base where the BT-1 assassin droid was created. As a result, the blastromech prototype's core identity only spoke this droid language and could not be activated without it. It was seemingly lost when BT-1 destroyed the base after killing the personnel in a homicidal rampage. However, the assassin droid 0-0-0, another product of the Tarkin Initiative, was fluent in all its internal test languages, including the base's R&D language, and was able to reactivate BT-1.[1]



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