"Old Hutar was a good soldier, once—faithful to the Prince's father. If Hutar turned traitor, this new Prince of Lannik must indeed be a bad one!"
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R'cardo Sooflie IX was the Prince of the planet Lannik and the head of the House of Lannik. He was known as an arrogant, uncaring monarch, and was very unpopular on his planet. This gave the planetary insurgents more and more support.



Sooflie holds court on Malastare

Sooflie's kingship appears to have exacerbated the planet's long-term civil strife, and the planet quickly became engulfed in civil war, incited by the violent Red Iaro terrorist group. The Prince appeared blithely ignorant of his responsibilities as a ruler, or his failure to fulfill them. When Jedi Master Even Piell introduced himself as the Jedi who had foiled an assassination attempt on Sooflie's parents, the King and Queen, Sooflie, far from being grateful, complained that Piell had delayed Sooflie's own ascension to the throne by saving his parents' lives.

Several months after the Invasion of Naboo, peace-talks were held between the two factions on the planet Malastare. Little progress was made because of the Prince's inflexible attitude. When the first round of talks failed, Hutar Zash, Sooflie's military advisor and a long-time servant of the royal family, despaired and aided the Red Iaro in a plot to frame the Prince for an assassination attempt on the Jedi mediators. The plan eventually backfired, so the Iaro went straight for Sooflie.

When Sooflie was captured by the Red Iaro in his chambers on Malastare, he timorously asked if they were going to hold him for ransom. Myk'chur Finux Zug, the Red Iaro leader, retorted that while this would usually be a good plan, Sooflie was so universally hated on Lannik that its people would probably pay him exorbitantly to keep Sooflie for the rest of his life—and, that being the case, it was simpler to just finish him off then and there. As Zug forced Soofie closer and closer to the mouth of an akk dog, the Jedi flew through the building and fought off the Red Iaro. Yaddle killed an akk dog while Mace Windu befriended the other through the Force.

Characteristically, Sooflie fled Malastare without so much as a thank-you to his Jedi rescuers.



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