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Réillata was a human female from Naboo.[1] Born circa 51 BBY,[2] she twice served as the monarch of her people, the Naboo. The first time was a two-year term[1] in around 36 BBY,[4] when Padmé Amidala—a future queen of Naboo herself—was still a young girl. Upon stepping down, she became a moderately successful opera singer. Her second term started in 28 BBY, after Amidala's four-year reign ended. Réillata ran again for the election, campaigning on the experience and stability her years afforded her. Although she was an older candidate than tradition dictated, she was elected queen once again, beating Jamillia.[1]


"I was relieved when my two terms were up. But when the Queen asked me to serve as Senator, I couldn't refuse her."
―Padmé Amidala[5]

When future handmaiden Eirtaé was just a girl, Réillata was elected Queen of Naboo. After serving two years, Réillata decided to not run again, instead turning her focus towards opera, and went on to be a moderately successful opera singer.[1]

After Queen Padmé Amidala served two two-year terms, Réillata campaigned again to be elected Queen. She was elected again, beating Jamillia.[1]

During the ceremony in which political power was passed from Amidala to Réillata, Réillata revealed that Senator Oshadam was retiring from the Galactic Senate, having served after Palpatine had been elected Supreme Chancellor. She asked Amidala to serve in the Senate for Naboo and the other worlds in the Chommell sector.[1]

Behind the scenes[]

Réillata first appeared within the Star Wars canon in the 2019 novel Queen's Shadow, where she is established to have reigned after Padmé Amidala and before Jamillia.[1] In Star Wars Legends, Jamillia started her reign immediately once Amidala ended hers.[6]

The actress Arden Cho served as Queen's Shadow author E. K. Johnston's inspiration for Réillata's physical appearance.[7]



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