Advertised as a safe, non-lethal way to subdue a fleeing target, the R-TechApp Man Trap was a device developed by Ubrikkian Industries. It was a one-meter square metal slab rigged with gravfield generators that could intensify local gravity by a factor of eight. It was so strong that not even a Wookiee could escape. The R-TechApp had a remote activator that came with a 10-meter cord.

The R-TechApp model had a number of detrimental side effects, however. A pinned subject's heart and lungs often struggled due to the heavy gravity, while vital fluids that were forced through grav-compressed passages could burst from the strain. Blood would pool in abdominal organs, which would cause the brain to starve from lack of oxygen. If the subject was not freed from the man trap, cardiac arrest was a likely outcome. Bounty hunters who didn't frequently check their man traps often found a dead mark when they returned.

The Krish business magnate Tyro Viveca had a R-TechApp hidden on the grounds of his estate, which he used during his hunting excursions. In 0 ABY, the thief Cecil Noone was caught in one and barely managed to survive.

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