"Okay, Goldie. My name is Man with a Blaster About to Cook You. Either you open the door or your busy Bothan is going to have to get himself a new receptionist."
"Oh, dear."
"And no security alarms, either. I'm watching you real carefully. Up, and do the door manually."
"Very well, Man with a Blaster About to Cook You."
―Dash Rendar and R0-4[src]

R0-4, or R-Zero-Four, was a protocol droid working as secretary of Koth Melan on the Bothan home-world of Bothawui. His metal skin was polished to a gleaming gold. Like all protocol droids, R0-4 could be very literal and inconvenient.

When Dash Rendar and Luke Skywalker visited Koth Melan to discuss the message he sent to Leia, R0-4 could not allow them to enter since they were not either Leia herself or had an appointment to visit Melan.

Seeing that this would lead them nowhere, Dash pointed his blaster on him and introduced to him as the "Man with a Blaster About to Cook You". R0 brought them to Koth.



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